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MGT115: 5-Phase Plan For Making Money At Every Gig You Play – Greg Wilnau

Greg Wilnau is the founder of Musician Monster, where he teaches independent artists how to brand themselves and earn sustainable income through live shows, among other music marketing and business topics. Two years ago Greg and his wife sold their house in Florida to start travelling the world and working remotely full-time. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Greg talked about his new lifestyle and finding the reason he was not making money with his own band, and how he acted upon the...


MGT114: Finding Or Becoming An Artist Manager – Jamie New Johnson (SmartistU)

Jamie New Johnson is a retired artist manager, author, and educator from Toronto, who started her music industry career planning educational workshops with some of North America’s top artist managers. She then moved on to manage internationally touring artists independently, before shifting her focus back to education and starting Smartist University a.k.a. SmartistU (formerly Smart Band Management). SmartistU is a resource built for aspiring artist managers, self-managed artists, and...


MGT113: The Rediscovered Power Of An Indie Label – Tom Sarig (AntiFragile Music)

Tom Sarig is a music business veteran of over two decades, who has helped a number of acclaimed music artists sell millions of records, either as their manager or as a label A&R, in genres ranging from electronic to rock, pop, and hip hop. Prior to launching the AntiFragile Music label, Tom has run Esther Creative Group, where he's managed the careers of artists such as Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Rickie Lee Jones, CAKE, Against Me!, Blonde Redhead, and many others. For the 11 years...


MGT112: Promote Your Band By Promoting A Brand – Nathan Hanks (Music Audience Exchange)

Nathan Hanks is the Founder and CEO of Music Audience Exchange (MAX), a company whose mission is to connect brands and artists "to engage fans together". MAX has built a platform for brands to reach their target audiences through "breakthrough" artists, who have growing and loyal fanbases yet who may not be signed to a major label, or selling out stadiums. This new model helps brands reach potential customers in a more authentic and human way, while allowing artists to grow their careers...


MGT111: The Man Behind In-Store Playlists That Reach 150M People Per Day – Danny Turner (Mood Media)

Danny Turner is a Global Senior Vice President of Creative Programming at Mood Media. Danny has over 25 years of experience in the industry, including helping launch XM Satellite Radio, or creating programs for the likes of Starbucks, MTV, VH1, United Airlines, and Oprah. At Mood Media (a company which acquired Muzak, the inventor of background music), Danny and his team of over 65 music curators design custom playlists for some of the biggest brands, like Target, CVS, McDonald's, Whole...


MGT110: The Most Important Live Music App You've Never Heard Of – Shawn Wilson

Muzooka is a free app allowing artists and their teams to manage their media assets across various platforms, such as festival, venue, or ticketing websites (i.e. no more ancient photos and outdated bios), as well as to report setlists to performing rights organizations for proper distribution of live performance royalties. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Muzooka's founder and CEO Shawn Wilson shared his story of building a product based on real needs of the industry, and explained in...


MGT109: The Things You Wish You Knew Before Joining The Music Industry – Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell

Elroy "Spoonface" Powell (Spoon) is a British voice artist, actor, music publisher and social entrepreneur. After achieving international success as the voice behind a Black Legend hit, "You See The Trouble With Me", he experienced all possible ups and downs the music industry has got to offer. He shares his experience in a new short book he wrote, to offer fellow artists and musicpreneurs support with a focus on balance and wellness. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Spoon talked about...


MGT108: Building A Healthy And Productive Music Career – Suz Paulinski

Suz Paulinski is "a mindset coach for musicpreneurs", helping musicians and other music industry professionals reach their goals with custom time management solutions. Suz wrote and published The Rock/Star Life Planner, a tool for creatives to find focus in their daily lives. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Suz shares her journey from working at major record labels (and hating it), to getting a masters in psychology and becoming the Rock/Star Advocate. We talk about musicpreneurs...


MGT107: Musicians Marketing Themselves Like Tech Products – Cherie Hu

Cherie Hu is a music tech columnist for Billboard and Forbes, who also contributes to publications like Music Ally, Cuepoint, Inside Arts and the Harvard Political Review. A musician passionate about technology, Cherie has written numerous impactful pieces about technology in the music industry. Her work was acknowledged at the Reeperbahn Festival last year, where she got the Music Business Journalist of the Year award. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Cherie comments on her Forbes...


MGT106: A Story Of An American Hip Hop Artist Travelling To North Korea To Play Hockey – Alex Frecon

Alex Frecon is a hip hop artist and a media producer turned copywriter from Minneapolis. With many funny and experimental projects behind his back, the biggest one so far is a trip Alex made in March 2017... The trip was to North Korea. To play hockey against the North Korean Men's National Hockey Team. Alex brought his GoPro along for the ride, and created a video about the trip. Listen to this Music Growth Talks episode to find out more about Alex' experience in North Korea and how it...


MGT105: The AI Tool Label A&R Use To Sign Artists – Sony Theakanath (Asaii)

Sony Theakanath is the CEO and Founder of Asaii, an automated machine learning lead generation A&R platform serving record labels, Fortune 500, booking and promoting agencies. Coming from Apple, Facebook, Uber, Salesforce, and Yelp, Asaii's team has built a product which focuses on in-depth analysis and prediction, instead of simply aggregating data across multiple sources. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Sony talked about their Discover and Track products, currently in private beta,...


MGT104: Baby Steps Towards A Successful Music Career – Ariel Hyatt

🔓 Get your free physical copy of Ariel's "Crowdstart" book at Ariel Hyatt is one of the world's leading music marketing experts, and has been running the Brooklyn-based Cyber PR for over 20 years. Ariel has worked with hundreds of creatives and entrepreneurs, spoken at more than 75 conferences in 12 countries, and written four books about social media. On this Music Growth Talks episode Ariel exclusively revealed a free giveaway of her latest book, "Crowdstart: The...


MGT103: Declare Your Independence As An Artist – Ryan Kairalla

Ryan Kairalla is a lawyer, author, podcaster, and teacher, helping his clients in the music industry with a variety of entertainment and business matters – from recording and publishing agreements, to music licensing, live performances, copyright counseling, and more. He has represented chart-topping artists and up-and-coming musicians alike. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Ryan talked about his “indie music lawyer” practice, including the Break the Business book and podcast, and...


MGT102: How To Get Featured On Spotify – Janette Berrios (Symphonic Distribution)

Janette Berrios is a marketing director of Symphonic Distribution, a digital music distributor based out of Tampa, FL. Positioning itself as a “One Stop Shop for the Music Industry", Symphonic does more than distribution though, and Janette explains how the company helps their clients on this Music Growth Talks podcast episode. What Janette also talks about in detail is how to communicate about your releases with whatever distributor you're using in order to be considered for a feature by...


MGT101: Fixing Promo Music Delivery For Labels – Paul Hamill (Inflyte)

Paul Hamill is the CEO of Inflyte, a new music promotion platform that allows record labels and PR agencies to send out promo records to tastemakers such as DJs and media publications. The delivery happens through mobile pop-up notifications alongside clean and easy-to-digest emails. The releases then can be accessed and rated offline, and the sender gets detailed analytics on the promos' performance. Paul, an experienced music artist who knows the needs of the market well, talks on this...


MGT100: Making Music Distribution Simple – Philip Kaplan (DistroKid)

Philip Kaplan is a serial entrepreneur whose first widely known project was the Fucked Company blog, mocking failed startups after the dot-com bubble in 2000. Philip has since founded numerous successful companies, including AdBrite, TinyLetter (now acquired by MailChimp), a social networking website for musicians Fandalism, and DistroKid, an independent digital music distribution platform. On this Music Growth Talks podcast, recorded a week before Andrew moderated a fireside chat with...


MGT99: Messenger Bots For Musicians – Tim Heineke

Before launching POP in 2016, Tim Heineke had founded a leading digital music distributor FUGA and a music discovery service Shuffler. POP, "the simplest way to launch your own messenger-bot," allows music artists to reach their fans directly through Facebook Messenger, while giving the ownership of data back to the musicians. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Tim talks about what POP does, explains what a messenger bot is and isn't (hint: don't think of it solely as a chat bot), and...


MGT98: How To Start Licensing Your Music – Joyce Kettering

Joyce Kettering is an experienced full-time musician, and the person to go to if you want to learn about music licensing. In 2016 alone Joyce composed, produced and placed over 50 of her tracks. Naturally, as someone who wants to learn more about music licensing, I talked to Joyce! As the result we've got this Music Growth Talks episode, and here are just some of the topics it covers: how to earn consistently through music licensing, what kind of income to expect, how much time it takes...


MGT97: From DJ Star To Artist Coach – JoeySuki

Joey Lelieveld, more widely known under his stage name JoeySuki, has been a part of an international electronic music scene for over 10 years. He'd played Tomorrowland and Creamfields, produced a track with Hardwell (one of the top 5 DJs in the world), made the Beatport Top 100 several times, made remixes for Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, and hit #1 in a Billboard Chart. Joey had achieved the success so many indie artists desire, in other words. But he discovered the dark side of the...


MGT96: The Price Of Success In Music Licensing – Mike Goudreau

Mike Goudreau, also known as Boppin Bluesman, picked up his first guitar at age 14 and hasn't stopped playing since. A full-time and prolific musician, Mike has made music licensing a key source of his income. Since 2007, Mike's songs have been heard on hundreds of network TV shows and feature films such as Bloodline (Netflix), NCIS Los Angeles (CBS), Life In Pieces (CBS), Gotham (FOX) , "Passengers" (2016), to name just a few. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Mike Goudreau shares what...