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A podcast for music artists, record labels, start-ups, and industry professionals. Hosted by Andrew Apanov, the founder of the Dotted Music marketing agency. On each episode, the world's smartest representatives of the music business share tactics and strategies you can use to grow your own music brand.


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A podcast for music artists, record labels, start-ups, and industry professionals. Hosted by Andrew Apanov, the founder of the Dotted Music marketing agency. On each episode, the world's smartest representatives of the music business share tactics and strategies you can use to grow your own music brand.






MGT155: Turning Artists Into Pearls – Jason Davis (One One 7)

Jason Davis, described by The 700 Club as “a music mogul,” has been in the music industry for more than two decades as an award-winning songwriter, author, president of a record label, executive TV producer, and entertainment consultant. Davis has worked with numerous worldwide stars, including Boyz ll Men, Sugar Ray, P. Diddy, Alabama, Lonestar, Dolly Parton, among many others. He has secured record deals with CEOs of companies like Capitol Records, Sony, Interscope, Island / Def Jam, Epic,...


MGT154: On Raising 30k Through A Crowdfunding Campaign – The Portnoy Brothers

The Portnoy Brothers (also known as PORTNOY) is an Israeli duo, Israel & Mendy, who recently released their new album called No Complaints. They successfully raised over $30,000 in an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the record. On this Music Growth Talks episode, The Portnoy Brothers reveal which tactics were most impactful for their crowdfunding success, share how they almost launched the campaign on PledgeMusic (right before the company ceased their operations), and give content and networking...


MGT153: The Original Songs Marketplace – Jonathan Stone (Rocket Songs)

Jonathan Stone is a highly regarded music-publishing professional and co-founder of Rocket Songs. Jonathan’s career highlights include executive positions at ATV Music, MCA Music, Quincy Jones Productions (where he handled A&R for the likes of Michael Jackson, Patty Austin, and James Ingram), and Windswept Pacific Music Publishing, a company that published the works of Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, Beyonce, The Spice Girls, Snow Patrol, and many more. On this Music Growth Talks episode...


MGT152: Thriving as an Artist in the Face of Adversity – Muyinza

This week’s Music Growth Talks guest – an artist, songwriter and producer Muyinza – shows how he has been using his creativity to overcome hard times and succeed in business. Muyinza’s family emigrated from Uganda to Canada in the mid-90s. After losing his mother to cancer in 2001, Muyinza and his family relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. Living in a dangerous neighborhood, Muyinza stayed home a lot to make music. Starting to work at 13 years old to pay for studio time, eventually he...


MGT151: How To Make Music Greener – Bas Grasmayer

Bas Grasmayer is a digital strategist who has held various roles in music & tech over the last decade, most recently as Product Director at IDAGIO, a music streaming service dedicated to classical music. He’s the founder of the MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE newsletter and the Music Tech Network community. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Bas talked about one of his latest ventures, MUSIC x GREEN. Designed to “create more visibility for organisations and initiatives that make the music industry...


MGT150: The Unreasonable Way To Market Your Music – Matt Bacon

Matt Bacon is a consultant, A&R man, and journalist specializing in the world of heavy metal. The founder of Dropout Media, Matt has worked with the likes of Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Coven, Exhorder as well as labels including Prophecy Productions, Artoffact Records and Ripple Music. Matt has also been dedicated to helping and developing young bands, through his numerous educational resources, the daily Instagram #BaconsBits series, and his podcast, Dumb & Dumbest. In this Music Growth...


MGT149: Beating Addiction to Find Success as a Musician – Judah Holiday

Judah Holiday is a Miami-based singer/songwriter who delivers a timeless breed of pop music. He just released his first album, Feelings in My Head, and is already working on his next two, while performing across the US. In this episode of Music Growth talks, Judah talks about how his music calendar is planned out, shares the story of his drug addiction and how quitting has impacted his life’s mission and music career. Listen in to hear what advice Judah has for up-and-coming musicians who...


MGT148: Don’t Enter a Recording Studio Without the Splits App – Marcus Cobb (Jammber)

Marcus Cobb is the CEO of Jammber, a company behind North America’s first self-serve, end-to-end royalty management platform called Jammber Splits. The app streamlines the process of metadata collection to help creatives receive proper credit and faster payment for their work. Jammber was founded in a Nashville's music tech accelerator, and has acquired over $5.5M in investor funding since 2013. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Marcus demonstrates how broken the current workflow is, with...


MGT147: A Powerful One-Sheet for Booking Shows You Didn’t Know You Had – Vasja Veber (Viberate)

Vasja Veber is a co-founder of Viberate, the biggest live music network designed to bring artists, promoters and fans together. It makes performing acts’ life easier by giving them a better version of an EPK, or even a traditional website. Viberate features over a million profiles of musicians, venues, events and festivals and employs over 100 people all over the world, with the majority in their offices located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In this episode of Music Growth Talks, Vasja shares how...


MGT146: New Revenue Opportunities for Artists in the Gaming Industry – Andres Lauer (Five Vectors)

Andres Lauer is a former UMG exec who is now a co-founder of Five Vectors, alongside an esports/gaming expert Wasae Imran. They are building a technology that will enable independent artists and labels to engage with gaming communities in their native environment. In this episode of Music Growth Talks, Andres shares how music impacts people’s identity in the social space like gaming and how they’re using that to market artists’ music. He then explains how Five Vectors is going to create a...


MGT145: Making It as a Sync Licensing Artist – Nat Jay

Nat Jay is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has a vast experience in sync licensing: getting her music placed in movies and TV shows. She recently released a 10-song album which saw her make a shift from folk-pop to electro-pop while working with a new producer. In this Music Growth Talks episode, Nat talks about how signing with a one-stop licensing company has lessened the burden of doing everything all by herself. She goes into detail about how the sync licensing industry works for both...


MGT144: Meet Beatchain, a One-Stop Platform for Indie Artist’s Marketing Needs – Steve Jones

Steve Jones is a musician and co-founder of Beatchain, an online music marketing platform that offers guidance and growth tools to up-and-coming musicians. Several years ago Steve became interested in creating a platform where his band could advertise their content without the help of a record label. This later turned into a bigger project that now helps other artists grow their careers online. On this Music Growth Talks, Steve explains how a combination of music and tech backgrounds of its...


MGT143: The Power of “Being Solid” – D Grant Smith

D Grant Smith is a syndicated radio host, personal development coach and speaker. He has two decades of experience guiding artists and creatives to become the best version of themselves. D’s latest venture is the exciting world of publishing, and in his latest book, Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole, he shares tried and true advice on how artists can overcome hardship, trial, challenge and difficulty for greater personal and professional success. According to research from...


MGT142: Your Guide To Music PR And Spotify With The Indie Bible – David Wimble

David Wimble started The Indie Bible over 20 years ago as a way to help independent artists across genres get their music reviewed and promoted. Finding receptive resources and contacts that will actually make a difference for your music and give you the exposure you need can be tricky. The Indie Bible has your back with the directory of over 7,000 radio stations and music blogs, as well as 3,000 Spotify Playlists and 2,400 booking agents. In this episode of Music Growth Talks, David goes...


MGT141: Musician? Make Money With An Online Course – Jordan Valeriote

Jordan Valeriote is a music producer and engineer who started selling online courses around 3 years ago. Since then, he's generated over $1.5M with his courses, and now teaches other musicpreneurs how to do the same thing. On this Music Growth Talks episode Jordan talks about the opportunity musicians have to supplement their income by teaching and selling their own online courses. He answered the questions you may have if you're new to the idea, such as the costs involved, how to find out...


MGT140: Mental Wellness & Coping Techniques For The Music Industry – Katie Zaccardi

Katie Zaccardi is a wellness and career coach for women in music, as well as host of The Out to Be podcast, focused around mental health & self-care in the music industry. She's also a songwriter, artist, and certified yoga instructor. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Katie shares her personal journey after being diagnosed with anxiety, and explains why we have to change our mindset around the "starving musician" stereotype and the misconception that in order to be successful you must...


MGT139: The Artists Who Make It In The New Music Business – Ari Herstand

Ari Herstand is a musician and the man behind Ari's Take, a music business blog which became the go-to resource for independent musicians on how to run a successful music career. He's also the author of "How To Make It in the New Music Business," originally released in 2016. The second edition of the best-selling book is out this week, and Ari shares what was changed and added with the Music Growth Talks listeners. Listen to the episode in full for Ari's practical tips on building...


MGT138: Tips From An Indie Artist And Entrepreneur On Songwriting, Essentialism And Life – Steve Welty

Steve Welty is a successful entrepreneur and singer-songwriter, who, as many of you, has to juggle a lot on a daily basis: from running a business and spending time with family to creating and promoting his music. The San Diego-based artist doesn't only practice healthy approach to living a balanced and fruitful life, he also shares his ongoing experiments and insights with others on Instagram and in the "Lit Up Life" video series on YouTube. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Steve talked...


MGT137: Save Your Rage For The Stage – Bif Naked

Bif Naked, called the “Princess of Punk” and the “Rock Goddess”, is a Canadian recording artist and author. Her career heights have taken her around the world on tour for twenty years, with numerous hits in 90s and 2000s, and, quite recently, her candid memoir called “I, Bificus”. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Bif talked about everything... from social media to activism, vulnerability, veganism, embracing limitations, straight edge being a true representation of the DIY ethic, and...


MGT136: An Ethical Way To Spotify Promotion – Michael Sloane (Streaming Promotions)

Michael Sloane is the CEO of Nashville-based Streaming Promotions, a company specializing in music placement in streaming platforms. They primarily focus on Spotify, which gives artists more ways to market their music than any other competitor on the streaming market as of today. On this Music Growth Talks episode, Michael covered some of the most common topics surrounding the Spotify promotion. From avoiding companies who offer "guaranteed" streams and the differences between third-party...