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#74: Tough Lessons from a Live Performance

Sometimes we learn our biggest lessons when things don't go right. Failure can be our best teacher, and we grow when we take risks. Last week, I performed at the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo. It's a huge event where people gather to celebrate and play their favorite retro video games. I performed on Saturday night. This episode of the podcast is all about the lessons I learned, some of them the hard way. I decided to write all new music and design a new performance setup for the show....


#73: Ari Herstand - Author of How to Make It in the New Music Business

Ari Herstand is a musician, blogger, and author. In December 2016, he released How to Make It in the New Music Business. The book is currently high on the Amazon charts for music business books and is used in university classrooms. Ari takes his experiences, successes, and failures and turned them into one of the most informative books you can get on creating a career in today's music business. I had a great conversation with Ari, who was full of energy and enthusiasm. Ari dispels some...


#72: Madeleine Bloom - Creator of Sonic Bloom for All Things Ableton Live

Madeleine Bloom runs the site Sonic Bloom for "all things Ableton Live, Push, and Max for Live," and the site is truly a treasure trove for tutorials, downloads, and more. The site grew out of her experience as Ableton tech support, and makes for an interesting story of the unpredictable path life often gives us. Madeleine's music is a beautiful combination of the organic and the electronic. It's interesting in both emotional and technical perspectives. I had a great and very wide ranging...


#71: Peter Nyboer - Sensel Morph and Music Technology

Peter Nyboer works for Sensel, a company that produces Morph, a multi-touch, pressure sensitive USB and Bluetooth controller. Morph is used for music producers, artists, gamers, and developers. It features easily swappable overlays for those many different applications. Peter also worked for Livid Instruments, makers of custom MIDI controllers and instruments. Peter and I discussed the Morph and his experience with Sensel, Livid, and various music-focused tech companies. Peter lays out...


#70: Cristofer Odqvist - Author of Making Sound: Creative Music Production Tips and Philosophies

Cristofer Odqvist is an audio engineer, sound designer, and the author of Making Sound: Creative Music Production Tips and Philosophies. Making Sound is a valuable resource for producers because it gives actual techniques you can put to work in your projects. Behind each technique are philosophical ideas and guidelines which will further guide your work in the future. In this episode of the Music Production Podcast, Cristofer talks about his begins as an engineer and how he learned to...


#69: Alessio Santini - Found of K-Devices, Max for Live and iOS Music Tools

Alessio Santini is the founder and lead developer of K-Devices. K-Devices specializes in music creation devices for Max for Live and iOS. Their slogan is "colorize your sound" and they focus on devices that have smart user interfaces, are easy to use, and have light CPU usage. Recently K-Device released their second batch of OOG, or Out of Grid, Max for Live devices. This series specializes in adding some variety and fluidity to your music and exploring rhythms that deviate from the...


#68: Tim Webb - Creator of for iOS Music Apps

Tim Webb has gone to great lengths to bring us the latest and greatest in iOS music making news. His site covers all the latest releases, updates, and relevant YouTube walkthroughs, jams, and reviews of music making software for iPhone and iPad. In a refreshing blast of honesty, Tim is not afraid to tell you what apps suck and are not worth your time. He has been a faithful supporter of developers and app users worldwide for the better part of the last decade. Tim was kind...


#67: Christopher Postill - Sounds Like an Earful

Christopher Postill runs the web site Sounds Like an Earful, where he offers music for podcasters, video makers, and anyone who needs professional quality music for their creative projects. Christopher runs a podcast editing business and works as a graphic and web designer. Christopher's work interests me because he is taking his passion for music making and sound editing and turned it into a successful business. In this episode, Christopher discusses his work and balancing it with a day...


#66: Matthew Fecher - AudioKit Pro, Synth One, and Open-Source Software

Matthew Fecher is a music software developer and part of the AudioKit Pro team. AudioKit Pro provides free and open-source audio software for developers to use in their apps and software. He and an enormous team of developers and collaborators just released Synth One, a free and open-source iOS synthesizer. I had a chance to talk with Matthew about the release of Synth One and the entire AudioKit Pro project. Matthew discussed working on a long term project and dealing with difficult...


#65: Some Thoughts On Finishing Songs...

How do we take an 8 bar loop and turn it into a finished song? It's probably the question people ask me most. As my students at Berklee are putting the finishing touches on their final projects, it has been a major point of discussion. Then I received an email from a listener named Ed, who was seeking some advice on how to finish tracks. In this episode, I discuss the issues we all face in finishing songs. This is definitely not an end all be all - there's certainly room for a part 2 and...


#64: You Already Have Everything You Need

Do you really need that new piece of gear? The truth is, probably not. Our modern day smart phones have more music making power than state of the art studios from just a few decades ago. In this episode, we talk about gear lust and how it gets in the way of our creative process. Plus I offer a few challenges you can give yourself to overcome the urge to buy new gear, accomplish goals, and perhaps reward yourself with a new toy when appropriate. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google...


#63: Vincent Musolino - Physicist and Author of How Audio Works

Vincent Musolino is a physicist and the author of How Audio Works. In the book, Vincent gives important information about how sound originates from the instrument, is recorded by the microphone, converted to digital in the DAW, and then back to analog when it leaves the speakers. It's a very musician friendly guide to a very technical subject. It's a great book for anyone interested in understanding the physics behind sound. In this episode, Vincent gives a detailed explanation of the...


#62: Dan Carr - Reverb Machine

Dan Carr runs the site ReverbMachine, which is one my favorite new discoveries. On the site, Dan dissects and recreates the synthesizer patches used on popular songs by artists such as Tame Impala, Kanye West, Beach House, Nine Inch Nails, and more. At the end of each post you can download the presets and project files he creates. It's a powerful tool for learning how to program synthesizers and apply effects to achieve popular sounds. Like me, Dan also began his journey into music by...


#61: Isaac Cotec - Subaqueous, Ableton Certified Trainer

Isaac Cotec is a musician, producer, and Ableton Certified Trainer. He makes music as Subaqueous and runs a website and YouTube channel about all things music production and Ableton Live. This summer he will run his 3rd Audio Grove Music Retreat. I first met Isaac in 2013 when we were going for our Ableton certification. Since then, I've followed his work closely and collaborated with him on a few Ableton Live Packs. This conversation with Isaac covers a lot of topics, including his...


#60: Underbelly - And You Suck At Producing

You might not think that telling people they suck at producing is a good way to win over fans, but Underbelly has managed to take that approach and build a community of eager producers around it. His YouTube channel, You Suck at Producing, is growing at a hyper pace thanks to his powerful lessons and hilarious sense of humor. Underbelly packages important lessons in concise videos laced with a lighthearted attitude and dry humor. As a fan of his work, I had a great time talking with...


#59: On the Origin of Inspiration

Recently, Dan from pATCHES asked me write a musical manifesto for his site. I was just finishing Samuel Adoquei's Origin of Inspiration: Seven Short Essays for Creative People. The book had struck me in a powerful way, so my manifesto is based on 3 lessons I took from the book. This episode is my reading of that manifesto over some ambient music made from my Wind Chimes Instruments and Isotonik Studios' Arcade Series Returns. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play Show...


#58: Inspiration - Hunt! Don't Wait to be Struck by Lightning

This podcast was inspired by a student question. He asked, "How do I get inspired to make music?" It's a great question, but I think it contains some underlying beliefs that need to be addressed. In this episode, I encourage you to hunt for inspiration. To make yourself inspired. If you wait for inspiration, you'll never get anything done. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play Show Notes: The AfroDJMac Music Production Club The War of Art DiViNCiNo Such Thing As Writer's Block


#57: Emilio Guarino - Author of Make It: A Guide for Recent Music Graduates

Emilio Guarino is a bassist, music producer, and author of Make It: A Guide For Recent Music Graduates. His music ranges from orchestral to jazz and electronic. In his book, Make It, Emilio picks up where music school left off and offers practical tactics and insights one can use to begin a career as a musician. It was really nice talking to Emilio about his experiences in the academic music world and how he has managed to bridge that world with the day to day life of a working musician....


#56: Ethan Hein- Music Professor, NYU Doctoral Fellow, Blogger

Ethan Hein teaches music technology NYU and Montclair State University. His blog covers all kinds of related topics on music theory and technology. Ethan's work is a must for anyone looking to go deep into studying music and the culture surrounding it. Ethan and I had a great conversation about creating music, overcoming obstacles, and finding meaning in one's work. I really enjoy how Ethan is able to tie together concepts and illuminate new ways of understanding what music means and how...


#55: John Holt - The Audio Journey

John Holt runs The Audio Journey, which teaches music production, especially for beginners. Though he covers some of the most basic concepts in entering music production, he also covers some more complex ideas and problems most producers face when it comes to advancing and finishing tracks. It's pretty obvious that John and I read a lot of the same books, listen to the same podcasts, and subscribe to a lot of the same philosophies. There's a lot of "yes! I love that book too!" moments....