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#57: Emilio Guarino - Author of Make It: A Guide for Recent Music Graduates

Emilio Guarino is a bassist, music producer, and author of Make It: A Guide For Recent Music Graduates. His music ranges from orchestral to jazz and electronic. In his book, Make It, Emilio picks up where music school left off and offers practical tactics and insights one can use to begin a career as a musician. It was really nice talking to Emilio about his experiences in the academic music world and how he has managed to bridge that world with the day to day life of a working musician....


#56: Ethan Hein- Music Professor, NYU Doctoral Fellow, Blogger

Ethan Hein teaches music technology NYU and Montclair State University. His blog covers all kinds of related topics on music theory and technology. Ethan's work is a must for anyone looking to go deep into studying music and the culture surrounding it. Ethan and I had a great conversation about creating music, overcoming obstacles, and finding meaning in one's work. I really enjoy how Ethan is able to tie together concepts and illuminate new ways of understanding what music means and how...


#55: John Holt - The Audio Journey

John Holt runs The Audio Journey, which teaches music production, especially for beginners. Though he covers some of the most basic concepts in entering music production, he also covers some more complex ideas and problems most producers face when it comes to advancing and finishing tracks. It's pretty obvious that John and I read a lot of the same books, listen to the same podcasts, and subscribe to a lot of the same philosophies. There's a lot of "yes! I love that book too!" moments....


#54: Tom Frampton - Mastering the Mix

Tom Frampton is a producer, mixing and mastering engineer, author, and plugin designer. Never Get Stuck Again is his new book that gives producers a road map of the production process with practical and technical tips and techniques to navigate that map. His website Mastering the Mix, has great production tips and is where he offers his extremely helpful plugins. Tom and I had a great conversation about problems in the production process and how to overcome them, as well as his own...


#53: Where Will You Be in One Year?

It has been one year since this podcast began. Happy Birthday, Music Production Podcast! In this episode, we discuss where we would be in a year if we started something new today. Whether it is a couple of small steps or something dramatic, add it up over the course of 365 days and the effects will likely be huge. We also talk about building the habit of always doing your best. It applies to life and to music making. Thanks for listening and inspiring me to keep making episodes! Listen on...


#52: Rozalind MacPhail - Flutist, Electronic Musician, and Educator

Rozalind MacPhail is a flutist and producer who blends effected flute, electronics, voice, omnichord and silent film. MacPhail creates music for film and live performance and has released several albums of original work. Rozalind recently took home an East Coast Music Award for Electronic Recording of the Year and MusicNL’s Female Artist of the Year. I had a great conversation with Rozalind about her work as a flutist and electronic musician. We discussed everything from the technology,...


#50: 2 Ways to Develop Your Tracks

Let's continue our #FinishFebruary2018 work! In today's episode, we talk about a couple of techniques we can use to move forward with our tracks. I'd still characterize these steps as the planning phase, but I think taking these extra steps will focus our work in the future, which will ultimately save us time. It's very easy to get lost in making music without any direction; these two steps will help focus our work. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play Support the Podcast on...


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