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#96: Zaak Kerstetter - Ableton Certified Trainer, Zenotope

Zaak Kerstetter is an Ableton Certified Trainer, producer and performer. He makes music as Zenotope, combining elements of glitch, ambient, downtempo, and bass with doses of classical and sci-fi. Zaak has worked at many different music production schools and is currently working and teaching at KMGLife. I met Zaak at Ableton Loop in November, and we hit it off immediately. We talked about making music, production tips, and education philosophy. So I was excited to pick up our conversation...


#95 : Sahil Lavingia - Gumroad CEO; Less is More

Sahil Lavingia is a designer, writer, painter, and creator of Gumroad. Gumroad is a platform designed for artists to sell and share their work; it’s what I use to distribute all of my own products. While still a teenager, Sahil was the first designer for Pinterest. Sahil and I had an awesome conversation about art, music, and the creative process. We discussed simplicity and productivity. I was immediately struck by the depth of his focus and his ability to see connections between so many...


#94: Cuckoo - Live Performance, Synths, Overcoming Challenges

Cuckoo is well-known for his playful personality, fun music, and deep music-gear tutorials with the little circular mirror. Music Radar just voted him the best music tech personality in the world. I first came across Cuckoo in 2011 when he started producing some of the best OP-1 tutorials, which showed me creative ways to use the OP-1. Since then, he has consistently stepped up his game, providing ever more useful tutorials, sound packs, and inspiring jams. After months of discussion,...


#93: Margaret Harmer - Producer, Percussionist; Voices From Eris

Margaret Harmer is a trained percussionist and electronic music producer. She runs a professional recording and production studio called Shifting Waves. Margaret just finished work on Voices From Eris, a collaborative album featuring female electronic artists from around the world. Voices From Eris brings together women of all different backgrounds, and is made up of all different styles of electronic music. I first met Margaret through my work with Berklee Online, while facilitating the...


#92: Huston Singletary - Ableton Content Creator; Singularities

Huston Singletary is the lead sound designer for preset creation at Ableton. He heads a team of sound designers that create the “sound” of Live. Over the years, Huston has done sound design and preset creation for numerous instruments, including Omnisphere, Novation Peak, Prophet X, and so many more. He documents a lot of his work and experiments on his Instagram page. Today, Ableton has released a free gift created by Huston called Singularities. Singularities is a collection of 40...


#91: Claire Marie Lim: Electronic Digital Instruments and the Future of Music Education

Claire Marie Lim is a music technologist, interdisciplinary artist, and live performance designer. A recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, Claire is a multi-instrumentalist who produces music as dolltr!ck. Claire has played an important role in planning and developing Berklee’s new Electronic Digital Instrument program, which welcomes modern technologies such as drum pads, MIDI controllers, and laptops as instruments of study. Claire’s work is paving the way for the future of music...


#90: Evan Chandler aka Slynk

Evan Chandler produces music as Slynk. He’s known for his unique blend of funk and EDM, and has an amazing collection of YouTube tutorials that dive deep into music production. Evan’s work has a unique character and originality that has brought him much success as an artist. Evan and I had a pretty wide ranging conversation. I was excited to learn how he makes his music move with so much groove; he shared some great tips. We spoke about his work and touring, as well as how teaching can...


#89: Dan Giffin - Live Producers Online

Dan Giffin is a musician, producer, and engineer, who runs the site Live Producers Online, which is a social membership site for learning Ableton Live. Dan’s podcast, Ableton Live Music Producers Podcast, centers around learning Ableton Live, and features many exciting guests who share their own personal stories and experience. Philia is the name of Dan’s musical project, and he just released a new album, Miracles Happen All The Time Vol. 1. I’ve been a fan of Dan’s podcast for a while now,...


#88: Vince Cimo, Creator of DataLooper, with Vir McCoy

ince Cimo is the creator of DataLooper, a hardware guitar-pedal-style controller, that makes live looping with Ableton Live quick and easy. We were joined by Vir McCoy, who was jamming with Vince to discover ways he could incorporate DataLooper into his workflow. DataLooper was created to simplify live looping, and Vince is actively seeking suggestions from his user base to make DataLooper the ultimate device for live looping. It was exciting to speak with Vince and Vir. We spoke about the...


#87: Neil "Nail" Alexander - Improvisation, Live Performance

Neil “Nail” Alexander is a multi-genre, multi-instrumentalist from the Hudson Valley in New York. Neil’s work spans just about every genre from jazz and classical to modern EDM and ambient. He is an avid live performer who incorporates both acoustic and electronic elements into his performances, and combines jazz sensibilities to electronic composition. Neil runs the Hudson Valley Ableton Live user group. I spoke with Neil about his wide range of work and how he manages to wear multiple...


#86: Lessons From Ableton Loop

I went to Ableton Loop in Los Angeles and it was an incredibly valuable experience. There were excellent panels, discussions, meet ups, and performances. But aside from the scheduled events, some of the best moments were the moments between events. I had the chance to meet and talk to so many interesting people. I finally got to meet 3-D, real life versions of tons of people I’ve followed and interacted with through the computer screen. The spirit of the event was welcoming and...


#85: Finding Your Sound - A Short Talk at Loop

Ableton’s Loop is a summit for music makers. It’s an incredible get together for people in the music production community to meet and share ideas. The schedule of events is amazing, and there are opportunities to talk, face to face, with so many brilliant people. I was hanging around the Maker Zone, when Angelica from Ableton asked if I’d like to do a short presentation. Since I have a thing or two to say about making sounds, I gladly accepted. This episode is the audio of that talk. I...


#84: Budget Your Time Like Money - Reflect and Apply

We carefully budget our money, so why aren’t we as careful with our time? In this episode, we Reflect on and Apply words of wisdom from the very first guest on this podcast, Ben Burnes. Ben advocates budgeting your music production time carefully for maximum productivity. By carefully scheduling your time, you can get more important work done and avoid wasting time on insignificant tasks. You can also download a free Music Production Schedule I made to help us all be more efficient with our...


#83: Jakob Haq - iOS Musician, YouTuber, Creator of haQ attaQ

Jakob Haq is a mobile musician from Sweden. He all of his music using either iOS or other portable devices, no computer! On his YouTube channel, haQ attaQ, Jakob shares his accumulated knowledge from over 25 years of music making. Jakob specializes in what he calls “Docu-torials” on new iOS apps and portable music making gear. After crossing paths for years, I finally got a chance to speak with Jakob on the podcast. Jakob shares some tips on how he stays productive and avoids...


#82: Let's Get Physical - Reflect and Apply

This episode is the beginning of a new type of episode on the Music Production Podcast, “Reflect and Apply.” Each episode will reflect on a lesson we learned from a guest on the show, and discuss ways to apply that lesson to our work. Today’s lesson is about the importance of involving the body in our music production work. DiViNCi spoke about this idea in episode #33, and today we look at ways to incorporate a little more physicality into our music. Show Notes: Episode #33 with DiViNCi -...


#81: Diego Stocco - Explorer of Sound

Diego Stocco is a sound designer, instrument builder, and explorer of sounds. Diego is a master at finding music in places ordinary people do not hear it. As an imaginative craftsman, Diego has created a collection of instruments made from natural and found objects, and instrument parts. He uses his otherworldly creations to score films and trailers, design sounds for Spectrasonics, and create his own unique music. His work proves that there is still so much sound to explore in our...


#80: Johan Sundhage - Developer at Klevgrand

Johan Sundhage is a developer at Klevgrand. For the last few years, Klevgrand has been making a huge impression on producers with their plug-ins for DAWs and iOS. Klevgrand combines a somewhat outside-the-box approach to their devices, centered around design and usability. Many of their devices manage to take complex audio concepts and present them in beautifully intuitive interfaces. I had the chance to speak to Johan about the creation process at Klevgrand. Johan reveals how he and a...


#79: Jesper Nordin - Composer and Creator of Gestrument iOS App

Jesper Nordin is a leading Swedish composer who has garnered considerable international acclaim in recent years. Jesper Nordin has also had huge success with his iOS app Gestrument that is based on his own composition technique. I sat down with Jesper to talk about his new app Gestrument Pro, which sits somewhere between composition and instrument. It’s a beautiful app that makes excellent use of the touch screen interface. Jesper talked about his work as a composer, pushing boundaries of...


#78: Lynden Williams aka Divorce Court - Live Performance, Arrangement, and When Music Hits You

Lynden Williams is a producer from Salt Lake City, Utah, who makes music as Divorce Court. Divorce Court is a chill wave, lo-fi project electronic project inspired by Lynden’s memories of youth and old home movies. I appreciate the consistent theme of faded memories and emotions, which the lo-fi nature of the music and his live visuals of old home videos bring to life. Lynden and I spoke quite a lot about producing music, arrangements, and live performance. We spoke about the challenge we...


#77: Outliers and the Practicing Mind

I just finished reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and The Practicing Mind by Thomas Sterner. Both books contain wisdom and insight that can help us with music production. In this episode, I discuss some of the important lessons I learned from the books, such as hard work surpasses talent and genius, we need to reframe the way we look at goals, and no one makes it alone. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play Show Notes: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell The Practicing Mind by Thomas...