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A podcast about how music moves us through our lives: foward, backward, and everywhere in between. Produced by the crew at KILO-FM and KRXP-FM in Colorado Springs. - -

A podcast about how music moves us through our lives: foward, backward, and everywhere in between. Produced by the crew at KILO-FM and KRXP-FM in Colorado Springs. - -


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A podcast about how music moves us through our lives: foward, backward, and everywhere in between. Produced by the crew at KILO-FM and KRXP-FM in Colorado Springs. - -






Friday, June 11: What's New Now

Cate and Shawn recap the week in music from the X1039 studio and catch you up on what's happening with Lorde, Bleachers, Foo Fighters, Olivia Rodrigo, and they fill you in a couple new albums out today. Remember to rate, subscribe, and review, and follow along for new episodes.


Ep. 15 - Momcast

In honor of Mothers Day, Shawn, Cate, and Summer make playlists for their moms and tell the stories behind their picks. Playlist link: Socials:


Ep. 14 - Soundtracks

With the Oscars this weekend, Shawn, Cate, and Crowley sit down to discuss the soundtracks of our lives, the directors who just nail their soundtracks, and of course Cate brings up musicals and Crowley brings up John Carpenter. Socials:


Ep. 13 - Guilty Pleasures

We all have those artists and bands we love, but don't necessarily want everyone to know we love. But screw that. On today's episode, Shawn Rock, Cate, and Crowley get vulnerable and reveal their guilty pleasures, and discuss what makes something a guilty pleasure and how that guilt changes over...


Bonus - Ross's Interview With Korn's Brian "Head" Welch

Ross gets in Head's head in this bonus interview! Socials:


Ep. 12 - Moon Vacation Playlist

With billionaire Yusaku Maezawa offering eight people the chance to go to space and fly around the moon, we figured we could help out by making the playlist. Shawn Rock, Andy, Cate, and Sid discuss their playlists and figure out the most important characteristics of a moon vacation playlist. With contributions from Ross Ford and Summer Justice. Shawn's list: Andy's list:...


Bonus - Shaun Morgan (Seether) Interview

KILO's Sid Black chats with Shaun Morgan of Seether about pandemic living, their new album Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum, and mental health. And Shaun doesn't mince words! Socials:


Ep. 11 - Love vs. Hate: A Pop-Punk Debate

One love, one hate, who right? Summer Justice and Sid Black stake their opposing sides on the great debate of our time: pop punk. Pick a side and tell us why the other side is wrong in the comments! Socials:


Ep. 10 - How to Make a Music Nerd

If you're into music, you're a music nerd. So how did you get that way? In this episode, we look at how you make a music nerd (heads up, it's a slow cooker recipe) by looking at how our parents influenced our music tastes and tendencies. Socials:


Bonus - nothing,nowhere Interview and Acoustic "Fake Friend" Performance

RXP's Summer Justice talks with Joseph Mulherin, a.k.a. nothing,nowhere. Listen for his acoustic performance of his jam "Fake Friend" that he recorded exclusively for our podcast! Socials:


Bonus: Rockin Vaccines with Nurse Jenn Nelson

Summer talks with Nurse Jenn Nelson, RXP fan and wife of Dreamers bassist Marc Nelson, about her experience getting the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the music that got her through 2020. Jenn's Top Songs of 2020 Playlist: Socials:


Ep. 8: 2020 Wrap

Cate and Shawn sat down again to wrap up the music that has got us through the second half of 2020. This serves as a part 2 or continuation of Episode 3: Pandemia. In addition to listing the music that has stood out to them, they also discuss the trials and tribulations of the music industry, and the role music has played in the year of this pandemic. 2020 Playlist: Socials:


Bonus - Nancy Wilson Interview

RXP's Cate talks to Nancy Wilson about her new single, her upcoming solo album (her first ever!), and, of course, how she's been getting through 2020. Socials:


Bonus - ONR Interview

KILO's Shawn Rock speaks with singer-songwriter ONR about his new collab with Sarah Barthel of Phantogram, and what his 2020 has been like. Socials:


Ep. 7 - Halloween

KILO's Sid Black sits down with Hellscream Haunt's Vince Stites to discuss scary music, horror movie soundtracks, and what the best band to play a live show at a haunted house would be. Learn more about Hellscream @ Socials:


Ep. 6: Empathy

Shawn sits down with KILO's Sid Black and RXP's Summer Justice to talk about times that music taught them empathy, lifted their spirits, and helped them to feel connected to something greater. The Band From Far Away documentary: The Band From Far Away performance: Socials:


Bonus: Tommy Vext (Bad Wolves) Interview

Shawn Rock got a chance to talk to Bad Wolves' Tommy Vext about Artists for Recovery, a supergroup with Nikki Sixx, Slash, and Corey Taylor who just dropped a track—"Maybe It's Time"—to raise awareness about opioid addiction and raise money for The Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation.


Ep. 5: First Albums Part 2

Ross Ford and Shawn Rock find out more first albums from artists like Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Deadman, Matt Bigland from Dinosaur Pile-Up, Matt Brandyberry from From Ashes to New, Arejay Hale from Halestorm, and Johannes Eckerström from Avatar, as well as KILO's Nick Miller and KILO/KRXP's Andy Crowl. Socials:


Ep. 4: First Albums Part 1

Ross Ford and Shawn Rock bring in artists and DJs to talk about their first albums, including Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch, Ben Johnston from Biffy Clyro, Brent Smith from Shinedown, Nick Wold from Dreamers, Tommy Vext from Bad Wolves, and AJ Channer from Fire From The Gods, as well as KILO's Sid Black and KRXP's Summer Justice. Socials:


Ep. 2: Relationships

Two dudes talkin bout love songs. Sid Black and Andy Crowl (Mr. Crowley) discuss how music interweaves itself into romantic relationships, from crush to break-up and all the stops between. With special guest Shawn Rock. Explicit content warning: scientifically-accurate anatomical term in the first few minutes. Spotify Playlist: Socials: