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This is a great show about music talk and music creation and discovery

This is a great show about music talk and music creation and discovery
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This is a great show about music talk and music creation and discovery






Ep 53 - Deftones - "White Pony" Album Part 1

This week is part one of a two part discussion of the "White Pony" album by the Deftones. Part 1 is just Joe and Sreten. Part 2 will be Joe and a yet to be named surprise Super Fan of the Deftones. This album has been mentioned before, but the anniversary of its release just passed and Joe has been dying to talk about its influence on his musical journey. Enjoy. Subscribe. Share. Tell everyone you know. Call the voice mail line so we can hear your thoughts about the album. 1-812-963-4727


Ep 52 - With Cory from the "Chromatic Distortion" Podcast

This week Joe has on Cory Caesar, host of the "Chromatic Distortion" podcast. Joe and Cory talk hip hop freestyle masters. The discussion is great. Make sure you share and subscribe to Musically Meditated. If you have a message you want to send to us you can reach us at Also, go ahead and call that Musically Meditated voice mail line: 1-812-963-4727


BONUS Ep - Dont Forget to Vote - Interview with Lisa Beck

This week is a BONUS episode. We have a very special guest, candidate for State Representative District 19, Lisa Beck. We get to know Lisa while Joe and Lisa talk about many of the issues around Northwest Indiana. Everyone Remember to vote Tuesday November 6th, It is very important and every vote counts, especially locally. Thank you SUBSCRIBE and Share and Vote. Remember to call the Voicemail line and leave a message: 1-812-963-4727


Musically Meditated Ep 51 - Bird in Row Interview at Beat Kitchen

This week is a very special episode. Joe interviewed "Birds in Row" in the green room of Beat Kitchen in Chicago. They were awesome enough to give an interview just a few minutes after they played their set. Birds in Row are from Laval, France, and that is almost the only way they identify themselves. The don't give out their names and the way they light their stage when they play highlights the instruments and not the players. They explain why in this interview. Thank guys, thanks Beat...


Musically Meditated - Ep 50 - Ricky Dedication - "Can't We Just Be Rational"

Episode 50 is a very special one. When Joe and I (Sreten) first started the podcast, we recorded test episode with Joe's very good friend Ricky Pontney. Joe and Ricky and I just sat down together and recorded a podcast with no particular topic in mind. We had a great conversation about music, meditation, and comedy. Unfortunately Ricky passed away last January. We thought it would be special to dedicate episode 50 to Ricky by using the audio from that very first time we recorded the...


Musically Meditated - Ep 49 - "The RETURN of KG"

This week Joe has returning guest Keith Gough back to talk Metal, Metal, Metal. The go back and forth about their top metal releases of 2018. They are not in order of rank, Joe and Keith just list four each. Here they are. Keith's: Yashira - "Shrine," Panopticon - "The Scar of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness," Khemmis - "Desolation," and Amorphis - "Queen of Time." Joe's: Pig Destoyer - "Head Cage," Gruesome - "Twisted Prayers," Tomb Mold - "Manner of Infinite Forms," and Birds...


Musically Meditated - Ep 48

Episode 48 everyone! So close to 50. This week Joe and Sreten talk about two bands Joe has recently been listening to "Birds in a Row" and "Tomb Mold." Check out the Birds in a Row album, "We Already Lost the World." We spend much of the episode talking about this album Also, make sure you check out Tomb Mold's Album "Manor of Infinite Forms," it was one of Joe's 2018 Favorite albums. Both bands are great and we hope to have an interview with Birds in a Row in a few weeks when they come...


Musically Meditated - Ep 47 - Working toward the Webcams

Episode 47 everyone! Creeping up on 50, a great milestone for sure, but we're coming up on 52 (One Year Anniversary!) This week Joe and Sreten talk about two "polar opposite" bands. "Nothing" and "Culture Abuse." Both bands are great and Joe recently went to shows for both of the bands. Thanks to everyone for your continued support. Give us your thoughts and love by calling the Voicemail Line and leaving a message at: 1-812-963-4727 Remember to Share and Subscribe.


Musically Meditated - Ep 46 - Happy Birthday Eazy-E

This week Joe talks about Eazy-E, the man, the myth, the legend. Eazy-E has been a major hip-hop influence to Joe nearly his entire life. Joe has a great conversation with return guest, Mike Barth, and host of Juice Pro Wrestling, Justin "Juice" Wallace. They talk history, conspiracies, and "what-if." Special Shout out to another legend, "Big Daddy" Kane. Happy 50th sir. Call the Musically Meditated Voicemail Line and leave a message: 1-812-963-4727 Leave a message. Do it.


Musically Meditated - Ep 45 - Father and Son - Ticket Stub Stories

Joe has a super special guest this week to talk music and concert experiences, His Father, Joe Riley. They each brought a handful of old ticket stubs and father and son swap concert stories. It's a really great conversation. Join in the conversation by calling the Musically Meditated Voicemail Line: 1-812-963-4727 Leave a message. Do it. Remember to Share and Subscribe.


Musically Meditated - Ep 44 - "A Lyrical Journey Part 2"

(NSFW for this episode.) Episode 44 everyone! This week Joe discusses lyrics with very special guest Bret Short of the "GG Stalin and the Absurdity Junkies" Podcast. This is Part 2 of Joe and Bret's lyrical journey. They discuss "political" lyrics by artists. Join the discussion. Leave a voicemail message at: 1-812-963-4727. You can listen to "GG Stalin and the Absurdity Junkies" on all podcasting platforms. Remember to tell your family, friends, and enemies about Musically Meditated...


Musically Meditated - Episode 43 - "Concert Reviews"

Here we go everyone! Episode 43! Seven more to 50! This week Joe and Sreten talk about some recent concert experiences. Joe talks about the recent Chicago RadioHead concert. He also tells some stories about going to see Quicksand and Glassjaw. There are some great stories in this one. Make sure you get in on the conversation by joining the Musically Meditated Facebook Group page, or email Joe or Sreten at or call the voicemail line...


Musically Meditated - Episode 42 - with Special Guest Comer Watkins

Episode 42 everyone. This is the first of many discussion we will be having about The Greatest Hip Hop Group ever, Wu-Tang. Yes someone said it. Joining Joe this week is Wu-Tang Super Fan Comer Watkins. The "Paper Weight" on steroids you see in any studio photo of the "Wu" "W," Comer made that amazing gift. Remember to SUBSCRIBE and Share


Musically Meditated - BONUS Ep - A Very Special Interview with "Detour North"

Detour North came to the Studio to have a conversation about their music and new album "It's History, It's Poetry." Joe and the guys have a great conversation about their musical influences and some theories about the current state of mainstream music and radio. It's really fun. They're having an Album Release Show at Bottom Lounge on Sunday August 12th. We hope to see you there. Listen to the end, we play two new songs by the band: 1) "It's History, It's Poetry" 2) "You're a Saint/I'm a...


Musically Meditated - Ep 41 with Dave from "Hey My Man" Podcast

Episode 41 is a great one. This one is all about Punk according to Dave from the "Hey My Man" Podcast. O.G. of the podcast world, Dave talks about his journey to and through Punk. We find out how he got into the scene, why it hooked him, and where he's at now. We sprinkle in a questionable "Black Flag" game from Sreten, some "I like, don't like, what you like," and some "Hate Mail." Check out and listen to the "Hey My Man" Podcast and remember to share "Musically Meditated" with all of your...


Musically Meditated - Ep 40 - Happy Birthday Cryptopsy None So Vile

This week Joe talks about the anniversary of the album "None so Vile" by the band Cryptopsy. This album is about as intense as it gets and it had a huge impact on Joe and his friends growing up. Shout out to Keith Gough for always loving metal. Also R.I.P. to Ricky Pontney, on the six month anniversary of his passing. He was a massive musical and intellectual influence on Joe. He got Joe listening Crytopsy. Also, this week, a little more "hate mail." Enjoy. We did. Remember to SHARE and...


Musically Meditated - Ep 39 - "A Lyrical Journey Part 1"

(NSFW for this episode.) Episode 39 everyone! This week Joe discusses lyrics with very special guest Bret Short of the "GG Stalin and the Absurdity Junkies" Podcast. Joe and Bret talk Nirvana, RadioHead, 90s Hip Hop, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Converge, and a few more. The guys had such an easy flowing conversation, they ended up having a "lyrical journey" in two parts. You can listen to "GG Stalin and the Absurdity Junkies" on all podcasting platforms. Remember to tell your family,...


Musically Meditated - Ep 38 - Strictly Sreten

Episode 38 and this one is all about Sreten. Joe and Sreten talk about Sreten's musical history and how in the world he got into Dave Mathew's band. They talk about DMB, Ice-T, NWA, Morrissey, Deftones, The Cure, State Radio, , Primus, White Zombie, and a bunch of other artists. Make sure you check out the Spotify Playlist for this episode. It's all over the place trying to reflect the kind of music Sreten enjoys. Enjoy the conversation, the hate mail, the light poking and judgement from...


Musically Meditated - Ep 37 - Happy Birthday Glenn Danzig

Here we go everyone! Episode 37. Happy Birthday to the hero of many, Glenn Danzig Joe and special guest Justin "Juice" Wallace from the Juice Pro Wrestling podcast discuss one of their musical heroes. The guys have nothing but love for Glenn. They discuss the Danzig's musical journey, and Joe and Justin's personal concerts stories. As per usual, a little hate mail is read and Joe tops the show off with a little "Meditated on this." Thank you again to everyone all over the world for your...


Musically Meditated - Episode 36 - "Happy Birthday Hip Hop"

Here we go everyone! Episode 36. Let's start that countdown to 50! WARNING: Sreten drank tequila and shared it with Joe. This episode is very relaxing. Sreten is a little too relaxed. Listen for the great content, especially listen if you had a stressful day. It will chill you out. This week Joe and Sreten have a Happy Birthday Hip Hop show. We talk about the history of NWA and the birthdays of some legends: Happy Birthday Ice Cube, MC Ren, 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Crazy Bone, and Prodigy....