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Episode 20- 'Sticky Fingers' with Dizzy Reed

Legendary bands collide on 'My Classic Album' as Mike teams up with Guns N' Roses' Dizzy Reed to break down 'Sticky Fingers' by the Rolling Stones! Together Mike and Dizzy dissect an album that saw the Stones begin the 1970's as the band they wanted to be armed with songs that would become as iconic as the band themselves. What kind of influence would new guitarist Mick Taylor have on the sound of the band? Which songs on 'Sticky Fingers' were the first songs that Dizzy learnt to play...


Episode 19- Enema of the State with Jerod McBrayer

'My Classic Album' returns after a short break with an album that created the template for the pop-punk album genre for years to come. Worth Taking's Jerod McBrayer joins Mike to talk about Blink-182's breakthrough album 'Enema of the State'. Together Mike and Jerod reminisce about an album that encapsulates the life of a teenage boy at the turn of the Millennium. Which song on the album is named after Mark Hoppus' boat? What are Jerod's thoughts regarding Tom DeLonge's theories around...


Episode 18: 'Dire Straits' with Quint Starkie

Singer songwriter Quint Starkie joins Mike for the last episode of 'My Classic Album' in 2017! Dire Straits' self titled debut album is the subject of this month's podcast and together Mike and Quint explore just what made this album so special amongst a hugely punk orientated music scene in the late 1970s. What are Quint's memories of hearing Dire Straits for the first time? Why did Mark Knopfler initially have an issue with 'Sultans of Swing'? How does a track like 'Lions' still...


Episode 17: 'Sheer Heart Attack' with Greg Hart

This month we venture deep into 'the Lap of the Gods' as the legendary Queen finally get the 'My Classic Album' treatment for their third album 'Sheer Heart Attack'. Cats In Space guitarist Greg Hart joins Mike to discuss an album that both agree is the seminal album by Freddie Mercury and the gang. Together they discuss their mutual love of Queen and how the band's work on 'Sheer Heart Attack' would influence their output for years to come as well as how it has shaped the music of Cats...


Episode 16: 40 Years of 'Bat Out of Hell' with Jacqueline Dillon and Ellen Foley

'My Classic Album' gets all revved up as Mike finally gets to talk about HIS classic album; the iconic 'Bat Out of Hell'. On this special episode to celebrate 40 years of Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman's defining album, Mike is joined by Meat Loaf fan and Steinman confidante Jacqueline Dillon. Together Mike and Jacqueline go back to the very beginning of their own journeys with 'Bat' as well as discuss the album's eventful history from its roots in the musical 'Neverland' through to its...


Episode 15: 'Parallel Lines' with Big Boy Bloater

This month Mike is 'Hanging on the Telephone' (or Skype to be more precise) with Big Boy Bloater as they break down Blondie's classic album 'Parallel Lines'. Mike and Bloater look back at the impact that producer Mike Chapman had on the band in the studio and how that hard work translated into an album that changed everything. What were Mike's initial thoughts of Blondie upon starting work on the album? Which track on 'Parallel Lines' was called 'the tenderest new wave love song put to...


Episode 14: Fulfillingness' First Finale with Marc Danzeisen

One of Stevie Wonder's most introspective albums gets the 'My Classic Album' treatment as Riverdogs drummer Marc Danzeisen drops in to chat with Mike about the Grammy Award winning 'Fulfillingness' First Finale'. Marc reveals just how albums like 'Fulfillingness' First Finale' and 'Innervisions' kick started a love affair with R&B which endures to this day as Mike and Marc look in depth at an album bursting with guest appearances from the likes of Minnie Riperton and the Jackson 5. What...


Episode 13: 30 Years of 'Hysteria' with Rob Wylde

30 years after Def Leppard poured some sugar on us and warned us that love bites, 'My Classic Album' celebrates the phenomenal 'Hysteria'. Mike is joined by Tigertailz and Midnite City frontman Rob Wylde who was just ten years old when 'Hysteria' was unleashed on the world. Mike and Rob look into the extraordinary story of the making of the album including the horrific accident and inspirational comeback of drummer Rick Allen. Who was the producer and songwriter initially recruited to...


Episode 12: 'Tapestry' with Esther O'Connor

Carole King's most celebrated collection of songs is the focus of this month's 'My Classic Album' as chosen by Esther O'Connor from Scottish Country stars Ashton Lane!' Mike and Esther chat about the impact 'Tapestry' had on its release; not only on Carole King's career but on generations of female singer songwriters. How did the likes of Joni Mitchell and James Taylor contribute to 'Tapestry' as well as the growth of King as an artist? What event inspired Carole King to write 'You Make...


Episode 11: 'Hotter Than Hell' with Beth Blade

Members of the Kiss Army unite for June's episode of 'My Classic Album' as Mike is joined by rock's next big thing Beth Blade (lead singer of Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters) to celebrate 'Hotter Than Hell' Mike and Beth explore why Kiss are so criminally underrated outside of their fiercely loyal fanbase and why their 'difficult' second album may actually be one of their best. How did the band feel about relocating to LA to record the album? ​Which song did drummer Peter Criss...


Episode 10: 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' with Ben Dumbreck

Inner Groove Records' Ben Dumbreck joins Mike for Episode 10 of 'My Classic Album' and brings the debut album of Arctic Monkeys with him. Mike and Ben look back to 2006 and chart the incredible rise of Arctic Monkeys from unsigned Internet favourites to the band with the fastest selling debut album in UK history! ​What role did Myspace have in catapulting the band to stardom? ​Why does the song 'Dancing Shoes' give Mike flashbacks to his university days? ​How did Ben find seeing...


Episode 9- 'Sweet Baby James' with Bruce Carroll

Grammy and Dove Award winner Bruce Carroll joins Mike to chat about 'Sweet Baby James', the breakthrough album from American singer-songwriter James Taylor. Bruce looks back on discovering Taylor's music in the early 1970's and the effect it had on him and society as a whole at that time. Who did James Taylor write the title track of 'Sweet Baby James' for? Which band does Mike cite as a potential influence on track 'Sunny Skies'? Why did 'Fire and Rain' prompt Carole King to write...


Episode 8- 'Blue' with Samantha Preis

Mike is joined by US singer-songwriter Samantha Preis to discuss the album that inspired her and so many others to start their own emotional journeys into music. Joni Mitchell's quintessential album 'Blue' is this month's Classic Album! Samantha chats about just what makes this album so special to her as well as the impact it has had on her both as a music fan and as a musician and lyricist. What is the heartbreaking story behind 'Little Green'? How do Joni's experiences writing...


Episode 7- 40 Years of 'Rumours' with Neil O'Donaghue and Ken Caillat

On 4th February 2017, Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' will be 40 years old! Join us and look back at one of the most loved and best selling albums of all time... Mike is joined by Neil O'Donaghue, Fleetwood Mac fan and the man responsible for Together Mike and Neil look back on the emotional, heartbreaking and iconic story behind the making of this phenomenal album. Which song was famously dismissed by a prominent radio presenter because he "couldn't find the...


Episode 6: 'The Queen Is Dead' with Nathan Stephens-Griffin

Episode 6 of 'My Classic Album' is here! Mike is joined by member of DIY pop group Martha and old school chum Nathan Stephens-Griffin. Together they look back on the Smiths 1986 classic 'The Queen Is Dead'. ​Nathan talks about discovering both the album and the band during his teenage years and how Morrissey's lyrics inspired him and continue to to this day. ​Which track on the album does Nathan call one of the best pop songs of all time? ​Who is the Mr Shankly ridiculed on Track 2 of...


Episode 5: 'Time Out of Mind' with Adrian Nation

Mike is joined by guitar maestro Adrian Nation for a look back at Bob Dylan's 'Time Out of Mind', the 1997 album that started a resurgence for the legendary singer-songwriter after losing steam in the 1980s. Find out about the production process in the studio and the huge role that producer Daniel Lanois had in contributing to the sound of the album. Which song was victim of a stage invasion when Dylan performed it at the Grammys in 1998? Which song on the album is Dylan's longest...


Episode 4: 'Good Old Boys' with Reed Turchi

On Episode 4 of 'My Classic Album', Mike teams up with blues rock musician Reed Turchi to learn about Randy Newman's 1974 album 'Good Old Boys'; a collection of songs about the history and life of people in the Southern states of America such as Louisiana and Alabama. Which song from the album has a greater resonance in America after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005? Which of the great tracks from this album is being performed by Reed at his live shows? Who is the...


Episode 3: 'Led Zeppelin II' with Andy Barkess

On Episode 3 of 'My Classic Album', Mike is joined by Andy Barkess as they 'Ramble On' about the album that arguably kick started hard rock and heavy metal: 'Led Zeppelin II' Which song is heavily inspired by the work of JRR Tolkien? Do accusations of plagiarism affect the way Andy listens to the album? Which song outs Mike as a fan of teen drama 'One Tree Hill'? All these questions and more will be answered on this edition of 'My Classic Album'. For more information on the show head...


Episode 2: 'OK Computer' with Ian Matthews

On our second edition of 'My Classic Album', Mike welcomes Ian Matthews to the show for an all encompassing conversation about Radiohead's 1997 classic 'OK Computer'. Why does Ian contend that Radiohead aren't a depressing band? How does the album share similarities with 'Revolver'? Who ate all of Radiohead's sandwiches??? Listen to this edition of 'My Classic Album' for the answer to all of these questions and more! For more information on the show check out


Episode 1: 'Revolver' with Robin Ellwood

On this first edition of 'My Classic Album', Mike and his special guest Robin Ellwood discuss the Beatles album that changed everything. Almost 50 years since its release, 'Revolver' has become acclaimed by critics and fans alike. Mike and Robin look back to 1966 when Robin bought 'Revolver as his first ever album! What songs do the guys cite as their favourites? How does it pair up to 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band? Who the hell is Doctor Robert? Listen to this first edition...


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