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NO ENCORE is a fun and informal podcast in which embittered critic Dave Hanratty attempts to make sense of the music that finds its way to his ears on a constant basis. With tangents.

NO ENCORE is a fun and informal podcast in which embittered critic Dave Hanratty attempts to make sense of the music that finds its way to his ears on a constant basis. With tangents.




NO ENCORE is a fun and informal podcast in which embittered critic Dave Hanratty attempts to make sense of the music that finds its way to his ears on a constant basis. With tangents.





It's so deadly, my dear. Dave Hanratty and Craig Fitzpatrick return with daring espionage exploits in the form of their top five James Bond themes in honour of the new Billie Eilish one. There's a review of the latest Justin Bieber album and all the week's news to boot, so let's do it to it before it does it to us... ACT ONE [1:39]: All the big winners and happenings from this year's BRIT Awards, a strange mix of Bono, rugby and taxi drivers, and a couple of sad passings in the music world....



NO ENCORE is back, baby! Season Five is here. Dave and Craig are hyped. And it's Valentine's Day, so the boys are running down their top five anti-love songs. Tis the season. There's also the brand new Tame Impala record to discuss in addition to the return of The Strokes, Slowthai's ill behaviour and The 1975's commitment to a better festival-based world for everyone... ACT ONE: The grand return and some important changes. ACT TWO: All the music news from the week that we could find and...



With just hours to go until NO ENCORE makes its Valentine's Day return, Dave, Higgs and Norma choreograph majestically about the studio as song-and-dance dramedy LA LA LAND comes into focus. There's some post-Oscars talk, too, not to mention La La Land's own controversial Academy Awards fiasco. All that and more, so let's get to it...


NO POPCORN #014 | ARTIFACT - A 30 Seconds to Mars Experience

Dave Hanratty and David Higgins are back-back-back with another deep dive into a movie that boasts a musical connection. In this case, that's ARTIFACT; a little-seen propaganda exercise for Jared Leto-fronted alt-rock sensations 30 Seconds to Mars as they battle the eeeeeeeevil music industry. It's as wild as it sounds, to be honest.


NO POPCORN #013 | CATS w/ Michael Fry and Andrea Cleary

Yep, it's unlucky 13 for Dave Hanratty and David Higgins as the boys accept their fate and venture towards certain doom in the form of box office and critical bomb CATS. They get by with a little help from their friends, with both social media funnyman Michael Fry and ace music hack Andrea Cleary leaping aboard the express elevator to hell...


NO POPCORN #012 | Best and Worst of 2019

Dave Hanratty and David Higgins convene once again for the film thing, this time casting a critical eye over the good and the bad that hit cinema screens in 2019. Two men. 15 categories. A lengthy preamble. Happy Christmas, one and all.


197: #197 | THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2019

This is the end, my friend. The end of 2019. Time to sit down for about two-and-a-half hours and break down the very best albums of the year. Dave, Craig and Daithí do just that as they pull the shutters down on NO ENCORE following a busy 12 months. Thanks to all of our listeners for giving us your ears. Much love.


196: #196 | BEST SONGS OF 2019

Oh yes, Listmas is officially here. First - a huge thank you to everyone who listened to us this year. The show is taking a break, but don't let that stop you telling your friends about how much you love it. We do appreciate it. Much love. Second - this episode didn't quite turn out as we had planned but we sincerely hope it's to your liking in spite of that. Stay tuned for an epic albums countdown, but first, presenting the NO ENCORE Top 20 Songs of 2019...


NO POPCORN #011 | The Nightmare Before Christmas

Dave, David and the returning Norma Howard take on gloomy iconic animation The Nightmare Before Christmas as the festive season kicks in. ACT ONE: A bumper 'what we've been watching' round-up including both fair and nefarious adventures and why the biggest twist in Knives Out is that it sucks. ACT TWO: The Nightmare Before Christmas. ACT THREE: What's this? A quiz!


195: #195 | Echo Island

Boom, boom, boom - Dave and Daithí convene in Daithí HQ where things wound up sounding a wee bit big like when you select that beloved "concert" EQ on your favourite music-listening device. So yeah, enjoy that. Also enjoy an interview with Maija Sofia, a round-up of gig reviews, thoughts on the new Coldplay album and an important show-related announcement... ACT ONE: Dave went to Sigrid, Daithí went to Girl Band and Tandem Felix. ACT TWO: The problematic music industry strikes again, Billie...



In a very special impromptu episode, Dave and Daithí celebrate completing the most divisive video game experience of the year - Death Stranding. Please enjoy 70 minutes of spoiler-filled discussion on Hideo Kojima's artful approach to the exciting world of post-apocalyptic package delivery...


NO POPCORN #010 | Inside Llewyn Davis

It's the perfect winter movie as David Hanratty, David Higgins and David Tapley of Tandem Felix fame come together to discuss sharp folk fable Inside Llewyn Davis. The boys break down the Coen Brothers adventure, talking Oscar Isaac's folky credentials, the good and bad of Marcus Mumford's tonal influence and whether or not this is an accurate depiction of the era...


193: #193 | The Japester

NO ENCORE returns as Dave and Craig just accept that Daithí is never coming back and get on with their lives. On the music bill this week; news, songs and a lengthy chat with Richie Egan aka Jape. Enjoy... ACT ONE: A brief preamble in which Craig recaps his visit to the Mountain Goats. ACT TWO: News with Motley Crüe's reformation, Coldplay's environmental concerns and further Kanye trolling. ACT THREE: Jape just released an album by the name of Sentinel. It's great. He and Dave have a nice...


192: #192 | In Rod We Trust

Daithí out, Craig in. It's the podcast. This week, the guys review the new FKA Twigs album, marvel over majestic model railways, cancel a tenor and learn about stag party etiquette. ACT ONE: Dave gets to grips with Death Stranding as Craig engages in some good old-fashioned debauchery. ACT TWO: News featuring proud Rod Stewart, shamed Drake, questionable Andrea Bocelli and more. ACT THREE: Songs of the Week with Billie Eilish, Pet Shop Boys and the union of Glass Animals and Denzel Curry....


191: #191 | Casual Workers

Craig out, Daithí in, and a terrific guest interview to boot - it's NO ENCORE #191~! Mango X MathMan talk their new album which is out RIGHT NOW, Dave indulges himself with a post Danny-From-The-Script breakdown, Daithí recalls his recent gig run, and the boys review the brand new Jape record... ACT ONE: Daithí went to Other Voices in Wales, Dave stayed home and chatted to an extremely divisive pop star who just wants to save the world. ACT TWO: News! ACT THREE: Songs of the Week featuring...


NO POPCORN #009 | The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It's astounding... that David Higgins has never before seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Alongside Dave Hanratty and returning guest Norma Howard, he looks to make sense of the bonkers cult musical classic.


190: #190 | King Without A Crown

Yep, we just can't wait any longer. It's time to review the latest Kanye West missive - Jesus Is King. ACT ONE: Dave did the impossible - he dragged Craig to the cinema. ACT TWO: Kanye West. Jesus Is King. A review longer than the album itself. ACT THREE: News in relatively bite-sized fashion. ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week featuring Leonard Cohen, Dan Deacon, and Tame Impala. EXIT MUSIC: Elaine Mai - 'Heartbeat'


189: #189 | Has Kanye Dropped The Album Yet?

The truth is we don't know, folks. Certainly not at time of writing, anyway. But let's forget all that for now and welcome back Sarah Corcoran of Pillow Queens fame, now officially a WOMAN OF THE YEAR. A deserved honour. She joins two of the usual crew as they discuss the new Foals record, gigs from Chromatics and a quiet unassuming Clare man by the name of Daithí, and why 899 Craig fans can't be wrong. ACT ONE: Gigs and Kanye chatter. ACT TWO: A fairly grim news section if we're honest, but...


NO POPCORN #008 | The Fanatic

At long last, NO ENCORE's 'music and movies' sidebar returns. Apologies for delay, life is very busy. Anyways, it's time for Dave Hanratty and David Higgins to delve into the bizarre Fred Durst-helmed, John Travolta-fronted, problematic nightmare that is.... THE FANATIC. ACT ONE: Dave and Dave recount all of the films they have seen since they last convened, so that's about half of the episode covered. ACT TWO: The Fanatic is destined to be remembered by the few who saw it, for all the wrong...


188: #188 | Daithí's Album L.O.S.S. Out Now!

Congratulations to our resident Captain Fiddle on the release of his superb new album, which is out now so go and listen to it! As such, he's not here this week. Filling in is the wonderful Brendan Canty, a man who knows a thing or two about music videos and Big Thief, which is helpful as that's our big album review this week... ACT ONE: Go listen to Daithí's album! ACT TWO: One of the most red-hot news sections in some time takes in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations, Pharrell...