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NO ENCORE is a fun and informal podcast in which embittered critic Dave Hanratty attempts to make sense of the music that finds its way to his ears on a constant basis. With tangents.

NO ENCORE is a fun and informal podcast in which embittered critic Dave Hanratty attempts to make sense of the music that finds its way to his ears on a constant basis. With tangents.
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NO ENCORE is a fun and informal podcast in which embittered critic Dave Hanratty attempts to make sense of the music that finds its way to his ears on a constant basis. With tangents.




128: #128 | Mission Improbable

NO ENCORE returns on a two-man power trip as Dave and Colm hold the music world to ransom. There's another big announcement, a special guest who brought his guitar for company, and a metric ton of news and songs to battle through... ACT ONE: The festival hiatus is over. ACT TWO: Lots of news. ACT THREE: Reborn troubadour A. Smyth invades the studio for some chat and a tune. ACT FOUR: Jake Shears has gone for the self-titled approach with his debut album. Does the music itself have more...


127: #127 | Big Shop 'Til You Drop

Greetings. NO ENCORE returns with almost as much TV and movie talk as music talk, so maybe we need to look at what this podcast actually is. For now, dive on in to a packed and lively hour... ACT ONE: Cinema trips, drunken escapades and a reminder that we are back in The Workman's Club on Sunday October 14 as part of the Dublin Podcast Festival. ACT TWO: A wild news agenda featuring a terrible song's rebirth, the generous grocery ways of Ludacris and Mozza's manager massacring an...


126: #126 | Workman's Club Sunday October 14

That's where we'll be. For now, NO ENCORE is studio-bound for another deep dive into the music world. ACT ONE: An announcement. ACT TWO: David Kitt's lament, financial joy for Calvin Harris, label struggles for Sky Ferreira, an important Quincy Jones update and the majestic versatility of Disturbed. ACT THREE: All Saints are back with new album Testament. The boys testify accordingly. ACT FOUR: SOTW with Robyn, Enrique Iglesias, Tom Morello, Miguel and Anna Calvi. EXIT MUSIC: Spies - 'Ho...


125: #125 | Thank You Daithí, Very Cool!

NO ENCORE is back back back as the boy Daithí returns to talk up his new double A-side singles, which are both excellent and you should go check them out. First up, the latest edition of the most raucous music show in all the land... ACT ONE: The demise of Eamon Dunphy, the joy of Mission: Impossible and the tender heart of Daithí O'Dronai. ACT TWO: News as Dave rages against the celebrity priesthood, ticket touts find their days numbered, and the Mercury Prize nominations are unveiled....


124: #124 | The Dark Knight Isn't THAT Good, Guys

NO ENCORE reunited as Colm finally returns from his travels to tell us all about Paul Simon in the form of a gig review and a Listening Guide. But first, the boys bid a tearful farewell to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Dave shares a tale of strip club remorse and Kanye West finds an unlikely ally. ACT ONE: Your standard preamble, for the most part. ACT TWO: News with Pussy Riot's latest protest, some fresh mental health perspective, Craig on Kanye, and some booze news, Get the Spotify playlist...


123: #123 | One-Two / Three-Four

NO ENCORE returns to set the music world to rights. There's a birthday, a guest co-host, arguably too much football chatter for a music podcast, and the new album from Deafheaven up for review so let's get right to it... ACT ONE: A difficult gig and the WORLD CUP. ACT TWO: Lots of news including Stormzy's new venture, Rage Against the Machine's latest battle and the delirious joy of Justin Bieber. ACT THREE: Deafheaven's Ordinary Corrupt Human Love in review. ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week...


122: #122 | Sting In The Tale

NO ENCORE is a man down as Colm flounces off to hang out with his impending in-laws. That leaves Dave and Craig to welcome the returning Fionnuala Jones, she of Daily Edge, Goldenplec and hailing from The Big Town with a Hill fame. On this week's agenda; the new Drake album and why it's such an intimidating proposition, some World Cup and Love Island chatter, and the hottest studio there ever was. ACT ONE: Preamble in the form of TV reviews for some reason. ACT TWO: The news looks at Fyre...


121: #121 | Express Yourself, It's One-Two-One

The studio is almost literally on fire as Dave and Daithi touch down following a European jaunt and just make the podcast in time to explore another wild week in music. NO ENCORE wouldn't be complete without Craig or Colm, either, so it's good that they're present, also. On the agenda; Nine Inch Nails live report and album review, Childish Gambino under fire, Nick Cave weirdness, Drake excessiveness, Kanye Kanye-ness and general podcast wackiness. ACT ONE: The usual preamble catch-up of...


120: #120 | For Us, It Is Five Shows Or None At All

Dave, Colm and Craig are back once again and getting used to this whole 'all three guys present for the same episode' schtick, so maybe that'll catch on if we're very lucky. A packed episode of NO ENCORE takes a look at the huge and highly grim news story that rocked the music world and beyond. Meanwhile, the boys sidestep two major album releases to shine a light on one of the most inventive and daring pop records of the year. ACT ONE: Reviews of gigs that Dave didn't attend. ACT TWO: The...


119: #119 | Where The Chorus?

NO ENCORE returns to its sole OG Trio format for the first time in two months somehow, as Craig wraps up his hectic college run, Colm keeps time like a boss and Dave gets excited about the World Cup. On the pod this week; a sad and sudden passing, an important new album from Kanye West and Kid Cudi, a typically wild news agenda and a handful of hot new tunes to assess. ACT ONE: Craig Fitzpatrick, now officially a Master. ACT TWO: Nile Rodgers remembered, Ariana Grande celebrated, Jeremy...


118: #118 | Paul Alwright

Following the release of excellent new album Hungry, Paul Alwright sits down with the NO ENCORE boys for an in-depth chat. Paul discusses his latest record and gives an insight into his creative process, while also looking at his passion for science, his burgeoning acting career and what's next up in that department, and how he feels about his place amongst the wider rap, hip-hop and spoken word community in Dublin and beyond. Hungry is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and your local...


112: #112 | Beck In The Habit

With Hanners on his hollypops, Claire Beck climbs aboard the NO ENCORE frigate to keep Colm and Craig company. An album of provocative pop is under the microscope, the conversation inevitably goes West, and this week’s tracks get X-rated… ACT ONE: ‘Ye dismay, Drizzy in a tizzy, ABBA rebjörn, and acts' favourite axe-makers face axe – it’s the news, y’all! ACT TWO: Protests and parties sit side-by-side on Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer – but is the multi-hyphenate pushing the right buttons?...


111: #111 | An Imperfect Circle

NO ENCORE returns. It's a jam-packed episode as the boys welcome the resurrected Super Extra Bonus Party to the studio and tackle all of the exciting new happenings in the music world including A Perfect Circle's rather strange new offering. ACT ONE: The best damn Irish Times headline there ever was. ACT TWO: In the news - the tragic death of Avicii, the Prince estate might be up to no good, Massive Attack got loyalty and royalty inside their DNA, and how best to catch the Royal Wedding....


110: #110 | Delorentos - True Surrender

Delorentos release fifth studio album proper True Surrender this Friday, but before that, Kieran McGuinness and Rónán Yourell take NO ENCORE behind the scenes of how the record came to be. It's been a long road for the band to get to this point, but in sticking to their guns and firmly remaining true to their ideals, they've crafted a terrific piece of work that reflects where they're at in their lives while deftly avoiding the expected clichés that could anchor such a project. Their NO...


109: #109 | Music Sounds Better With Us

Morning, afternoon, good evening, whichever applies. The good ship NO ENCORE returns with something of a grab bag episode due to things changing on the fly during recording in exciting fashion. But don't worry, all will be explained and added value shall be present. ACT ONE: Hey, anyone catch Beyoncé at Coachella? ACT TWO: Kendrick Lamar takes home a Pulitzer, Kanye West returns to social media, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame causes some minor controversy, and Dave's nu metal past comes...


NO ENCORE #095 | Choose Your Weapon

Season three of NO ENCORE rolls on as Totally Dublin scribe and quiz champion Zara Hedderman makes her long-awaited return. Big week for Irish music as the RTÉ Choice Music Prize shortlist is unveiled, and the NO ENCORE hat trick is finally realised. Elsewhere, the gang look back on the winners to date, and try to make […] La entrada NO ENCORE #095 | Choose Your Weapon se publicó primero en Headstuff.


NO ENCORE #094 | Hellscape Zumba Class

NO ENCORE SEASON THREE. Yes, that’s right, following a mammoth one episode off, NO ENCORE returns for its third season. Expect chaos, music news, anarchy, album reviews, tyranny, new song analysis and the heat death of the universe itself. We’re back~! ACT ONE: Bono says stupid things, Justin Timberlake is a Man of the Woods, […] La entrada NO ENCORE #094 | Hellscape Zumba Class se publicó primero en Headstuff.


Best of The HeadStuff Podcast Network 2017

So here we are, at the end of another year, the 2017th year… can you believe there have already be 2017 years on this planet? Amazing really. Anyway, what we have compiled here is the best of The HeadStuff Podcast Network 2017, short clips from a range of our shows. If something piques your fancy, […] La entrada Best of The HeadStuff Podcast Network 2017 se publicó primero en Headstuff.



We’ve done the Songs of the Year, and now it’s time for THE TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2017. NO ENCORE closes out season two by counting down the very best records of 2017. Thank you for all your support this year. Back for season three in January! La entrada NO ENCORE #093 | THE TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2017 se publicó primero en Headstuff.



NO ENCORE returns to take the temperature of the Irish music scene past, with a typically intriguing, experimental and lively clutch of albums up for discussion. Joining hosts Dave Hanratty and Kieran McGuinness to talk all things 1995 are Jenn Gannon (The Irish Times), Shane Dunne of Cork spectacular Indiependence, and Cormac Parle of Irish indie heroes […] La entrada NO ENCORE: THE REVISIT | 1995 se publicó primero en Headstuff.