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Underground radio station featuring Electronic, Phonk, Trap, Ambient, Lofi, Chillwave, and more. Curated and hosted by: @linix6. New Vibe Radio is a 100% Veteran-owned LLC.

Underground radio station featuring Electronic, Phonk, Trap, Ambient, Lofi, Chillwave, and more. Curated and hosted by: @linix6. New Vibe Radio is a 100% Veteran-owned LLC.
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Underground radio station featuring Electronic, Phonk, Trap, Ambient, Lofi, Chillwave, and more. Curated and hosted by: @linix6. New Vibe Radio is a 100% Veteran-owned LLC.






Show 32 - illexotic Takeover

Show 32 is the @illexotic takeover aired 25 May 2019 on and 88.5 FM in Richmond/Katy, TX. Presented by @deezystep and @sirensongstress. Discover illexotic: Listen to Resillience:


Show 31

Show 31 was broadcast 18 May 2019 on and 88.5 FM in Richmond/Katy, TX and features, exclusively, members of the newest collective, Lazy Tree Records @lazytreerecords. The brainchild of @jackxdean, the roster is impressive and talented, The show is a real treat and we hope you enjoy. 00:00 @illexotic - New Vibe Radio Show Intro 00:50 ∞ / яyce / ∞ @lordsacrobat - Alowishus Tape 12:06 Devin Burgess, D-Eight @d-8 - PreGame 14:42 chordandjocks...


Show 30

Originally aired Mother's Day 12 May 2019, Show 30 features chill tracks and a few indies from the vault. Hosted by @linix6 Listen to anytime for the best underground music. @illexotic - New Vibe Radio Introduction KarameL。@karamel0522 - fractal。 13Teen @13tharapper - Practice Match (prod. Oddwin @oddwin) arael @araelsounds - hopeless soulse! @soulse - not real world (more...


Show 29

Show 29 features the brand new New Vibe Radio Introduction courtesy of our friends at @illexotic. Join our host @linix6 as he goes back as much as six years into the Soundcloud archives to share some of his favorite tracks. Originally aired Sunday May 5, 2019 on and 88.5 FM Richmond/Katy, TX 00:00 Illexotic @illexotic - New Vibe Radio Show Intro 00:39 agavee @agavee - my friend 03:15 MACSWOLRD @macswolrd - HIGH & DRY w/ ISVVC @isvvcisvvcisvvc 05:13 maelk @ -...


Show 28

Originally aired Sunday 04/21/2016, Show 28 is a mix of newly released tracks and some old-gold. Hosted by @linix6 and Broadcast on 88.5 FM in Richmond/Katy and live at We're still trying to find a good broadcast time until we go 24/7. Wanna host a New Vibe Radio show? Send your short demo to .mp3 or .wav. 00:00 HXRY @hxry - SUPPLY 03:27 Dretty...


Show 27

Broadcast live at 2PM Central on 88.5 FM in Richmond/Katy, TX and - Show 27 is a chill mix with very few uptempo songs. Tune in to any time to listen! Be sure to follow our host @linix6 on 00:00 REAL LIFE - UGLY (demo) 03:17 dotMPEG @dotMPEG_ - Vapor 05:55 Chill Children, BACKWHEN@backwhennn - Opal 08:17 2CB - Femme Fatale 10:20 SVNSET WAVES @svnsetwaves - honey.bear @colin-lamerdin -...


Show 26

Show 26 is all electronic with a smattering of lofi tracks and a bit of DnB. A very nice collection of colorful tracks from talented producers around the world. Broadcast live on 88.5 FM Richmond/Katy, TX and 10 AM Central. 06/04/2019 @linix6 00:00 zodivk - biscuits (+) - 02:56 twentyseven - aftertheparty - reflection (twentyseven Flip) 05:42 Paal Singh - Huffr 09:11 fluff pink - ur...


Show 25

Show 25 is once again, an eclectic mix of electronic, dark trap, future beats, experimental, ambient, lofi, and phonk of varying tempos, textures, and sound palettes. Broadcast live 3/31/2019 - 88.5 FM Richmond/Katy | Follow our host: @linix6 00:00 herzeloyde @herzeloyde - vibecypher #3 woosta x herzeloyde (@woosta_has_a_picnic) 03:37 $OM1 @som-one1 X BAXDEW @Baxdew X CHEE$Y KUT...


Show 24

Show 24 is yet another product of digging for music live on Twitch. Follow our host at to submit your tracks, discuss music production, mixing and mastering techniques, and hear great music from underground artists across the globe. @linix6 00:00 Inextremis @inextremisnetwork - .enzo @enzors Slashrr @slashrr - Eternidade 04:50 GRIED @skgried - RastafarEYE 06:38 Manïn @ma-nin...


Show 23

This week, our host went live on Twitch to dig for music. @Linix6 follows more than 1,700 artists on Soundcloud, but were also quite a few submissions in chat. We found quite a few tracks we'd like to share in this show. Recorded live by our host @Linix6, we hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of various genres and tempos. Be sure to follow our host on Twitch for more live streams and music digging sessions:


Show 22

Show 22 features another wide range of genres from glitchy electronic, Texas phonk, with some jazz tracks mixed in - definitely a chill vibe to start the set. Curator/DJ: @linix6 s/o: @nathan-belal-ayoubi with the assist! Be sure to follow us on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: 00:00 bluntslide @kagami-miyazaki - Save Zone 01:17 Luxen @officialluxen - Medasin - Daydream (Luxen Remix) 04:49...


Show 21

Show 21 has a wide range of tracks including chill lofi, smooth phonk, excellent electronic, and *smidge of dubstep. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. s/o: @nathan-belal-ayoubi - assisting on the curation 00:00 2047 @204ty7 - red opps 02:16 Droflam @droflam - Medicine 06:33 sui.luj @sui-luj - 2012 w/ drift boy, callahan, dilip & chromonicci 08:44 heartbreakP @heartbreakp - go...


Show 20

00:00 4dafamlee by Mitch Geist @mitchgeist 01:59 thingswedo by Ckwnce @ckwnce 03:32 emergency alert feat. josh pan by medasin by why you delete? @whyyoudelete 07:29 that's how mafia works 💁‍♂️ by bucket 桶 @bucketofficial 09:12 Flight by @beatmakerkelz by Future Vibes @futurevibes 12:34 It's not what you said it's how by forest m @user-836542481 14:49 brassonance by smarkie @smarkiebeats 17:32 Remorse by Tsuji (aka gvvap) @gvvap 20:35 Girls Love Kehlani by Digital Mozart from TreeHôuse...


Show 19

00:00 Elevate Me by Luxen @officialluxen 02:53 Majestic by Holy Ghost @ogholyghost 05:28 MYSELF (200 FOLLOWERS) by KAYA @kjm666 07:55 Cold Ft. Louis Culture & Finn Foxell [Stream on Spotify] by p-rallel @p-rallel 11:04 LAXI W/ WOBVSE by yushee @yusheexan 13:41 LIES w/ alex (HAPPY NEW YEAR) by $MAZz. @smazzbeat 15:34 S O A R I N by GAWS THE GREAT @thagodgaws 19:42 CALL CASTING by BAXDEW @baxdew 23:50 DONT KILL MY VIBE by sxlvr @sxlvr 26:41 IT'S STILL THE SAME by BAXDEW @baxdew 29:00 Work. by...


Show 18

00:00 I Never Sleep by KAYLOO @kayloo-sound 03:22 Made Man /w Goupil by GLOUTON @glouton1992 05:13 What U Know by GLOUTON @glouton1992 08:54 draped up (sample pack out now) by Mitch Geist @mitchgeist 10:31 TIRED by motat @motatnz 12:28 soulful feels. by cay caleb. @caycaleb 15:21 RIDIN STEAMER w/ ISVVC by cokeboy @cokeboyofficial 17:24 Nothing Without You (KidCapriProducersChallenge) by JBzXII @jbzxii 19:08 Mama (Prod. By King LeeBoy) by Lano Richard @lanorichard 22:24 LOST by yushee...


Show 17

Show 17 features a brand new release from PERCSSN @pbandjake and a wide variety from electronic to rap, rnb, lofi, and more. Hosted by @linix6 00:00 Solace by capshun @capshun 03:26 bright lights by Steven Carter 05:12 listen w/ daehan, nindo, deja taja, sugoi (@daehanseo @nindo2k @dejataja @createdbysugoi) by @nonsleepcollective 06:09 11:11 w/ London Carter by Spektrum @spektrumsworld 09:02 Never Know (with Rob & Ngan) by Edo Lee 🌾 @edo_lee 11:28 adrift by david chief | notation...


Show 16 Feat. J Penningway

Show 16 features an interview with rapper J Penningway and new music from underground artists of many genres. 00:00 Hands Free by Dave Powell 02:45 EVERYTHINGDESIGNER by BEXFIELD @yaboibex 05:20 Same Pigment by J Penningway @jpenningway 08:21 Tria by TASO & Wolfbitch 11:43 RUNNIN THRU by Dazz @imjustadog 15:31 INTERVIEW PT1 - Music provided by Vally @vally4 19:02 Phasez by J Penningway @jpenningway 20:59 INTERVIEW PT2 - Music provided by Vally@vally4 24:42 Rather Me...


Show 15 - Guest Mix: Fokuz Jonez

Show fifteen of New Vibe Radio presents a special guest mix from the homie Fokuz Jonez. He hosts "The Chill Future Beats Trap House" show, "Liquid Dreams," "International Space Station," and "So Damn Phonky." Be sure to follow Fokuz Jonez. @fokuz-jonez 00:00 blank stare by Bluemer 01:42 Brand New by thecluff & MIKOS DA GAWD 03:11 I think I'm oshi, no wait, I'm laxcity now by MadBliss 04:13 Don't Test Me (prod J. dilla) by Weaver Beats 05:44...


Show 14 - Deep Underground

Show fourteen takes us deep underground to DIY producers all over the world. Most of the songs are less than a week old at time of production. Our featured artists is from a small town in Maine and has an impressive collection of over 200 sounds on Soundcloud. Much of the work is experimental but no less inspiring. Featuring: ∞ / яyce / ∞ Soundcloud: @lordsacrobat s/o: @frenchboiclub Curated and hosted by @linix6 00:00 golfi. By mora....


Show 13

Show thirteen of @NewVibeRadio - Showcasing the very best in underground electronic, trap, phonk, lofi, and remix artists. Curated and hosted by @linix6 00:00 Motif by Too Much @toomuchband 04:07 power flip by whoru @prodwhoru 06:00 Næste Moment Instrumental (SP 1200+S950) by .Floppykat @floppyking 09:25 I can't believe it by rndy @randyachtz 12:39 it's luv. by sptmbr yngstr. @sptmbr-yngstr 14:25 Lil Night Vision x Stayns - Stymes by LIL NIGHT∴VISION @lilnightvision 15:57 Bubblegum by Lazy H...