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A Grateful Dead podcast that started by talking about our experiences now has grown into something else! Weekly episodes highlight musicians, artists, writers, and fellow members of the psychedelic, jam band, festival and Grateful Dead communities. Music lovers and psychonauts expanding our horizons and living the long strange trip.

A Grateful Dead podcast that started by talking about our experiences now has grown into something else! Weekly episodes highlight musicians, artists, writers, and fellow members of the psychedelic, jam band, festival and Grateful Dead communities. Music lovers and psychonauts expanding our horizons and living the long strange trip.
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A Grateful Dead podcast that started by talking about our experiences now has grown into something else! Weekly episodes highlight musicians, artists, writers, and fellow members of the psychedelic, jam band, festival and Grateful Dead communities. Music lovers and psychonauts expanding our horizons and living the long strange trip.






Episode 115 -We Have Melted: Summer Meltdown Part 1

We're back from a much needed break with Part 1 of our recap of Summer Meltdown! This marathon episode is packed with goodness! Jump in the car with us as we head to Darrington Music & Bluegrass Park for the most amazing festival Washington has ever known! We've got interviews and live music from Sara Clarke of Dirty Revival (45:55:00), Nahko Bear (01:29:00), Dirtwire (02:10:00), and finally a campsite interview and music from Portland's own Hillstomp (02:57:00). If you were lucky enough to...


Episode 114 - Traveling The Cosmos With Paracosmic

Ash Slater from the California Interstellar Cosmic Funk outfit known as Paracosmic is our guest this week! Paracosmic is a collaborative project of musicians from various parts of California and The United States. The band’s sound can be described as a funk-based improv flow, incorporating rock and blues with a keen taste for the psychedelic soundscape. Forming through the deep seeded dreams of 4 individuals (Travis Soto, Norman Leo Meginley, Ashton Slater, Brandon Cooke), Paracosmic began...


Episode 113 - On The Road With Goose

Our guest this week is the one and only Goose! Goose is an indie-groove band based out of Norwalk, Connecticut. Rick Mitarotonda is the guitarist-singer-songwriter whose folky, hummable melodies are supported by Peter Anspach on guitar/keys, and a deep-pocket rhythm section of Trevor Weekz on Bass and Ben Atkind on drums. The band’s music is both memorable and danceable; an organic and easy-to-love mix of funk and contemporary folk, with touches of reggae, jazz, blues, and rock. We hang out...


Episode 112 - Taking In The View From Northwest String Summit Pt. 2

We continue our journey to Northwest String Summit today with interviews with Banshee Tree, Good Morning Bedlam, Trout Steak Revival, The Deep Fried Pickle Project, and a chat with Andy Hall from the Infamous String Dusters. Interspersed in the episode is music by Yonder Mountain String Band, Fruition, Chris Pandolfi, Banshee Tree, and much rambling, laughter, and commentary. There's even an interview with Pigeon's Playing Ping Pong's youngest and most dedicated fans... Simon and Darla!...


Episode 111 - Pt.1 -Taking In The View From Northwest String Summit

We have something really cool for all of you thins week… part 1 of our journey to Northwest String Summit!!! We are the ‘Official Podcast of Northwest String Summit’ and we went there with a mission… to bring those of you who went to the festival back there and to take those who couldn’t make it along with us! We’ve got interviews this week with singer, songwriter, Michael Kirkpatrick, we take a stroll with Raina Mullen from Ghost Light, sit down and chat with Zane Kesey about his pops, and...


Episode 110 - Creating Circles With Peter Shapiro

We're extremely honored this week to have the one and only Peter Shapiro as our guest. Peter talks with us about his first Grateful Dead experience and how it shaped the rest of his life, owning his first venue and what it took, creating a movie on Dead lot, what it takes to make a venture successful, and a ton more!! Peter Shapiro is an American club owner, concert promoter, filmmaker, magazine publisher and entrepreneur from New York City. He is widely known as the promoter for Fare Thee...


Episode 109 - Life Is Live With Greg Ormont From Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Our guest this week is the one and only (scrambled) Greg Ormont from Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. We talk to Greg about what it means to give 100%, how to balance work and life in a way that’s meaningful, realizing that at some point we have to take care of ourselves, how being a theater kid gave him a solid foundation, and a whole bunch more! Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is a band whose very existence is rooted in the unyielding quest for joy and positive energy. Blending infectious funk...


Episode 108 - Being Fearless With Annabel Lukins 'The Artist Whisperer'

Annable Lukins joins us this week for a super, extra special No Simple Road!! This is one of those conversations that stops us in our tracks. We talk to Annabel about making her Father proud, finding her way to Cloud 9 Adventures, being fearless, living passionately, being ‘The Artist Whisperer’, parenthood, sobriety, and so much more I’d be here all day trying to summarize. Annabel works with Cloud 9 Adventures which is the premier provider of international concert vacations at...


Episode 107 - Getting To The 13th Note With Marco Benevento

We got a chance to sit down with Marco Benevento before the JRAD show in Eugene and talk about his new solo album 'Let It Slide', telepathy in the Benevento Russo Duo days, coming up with a universal song, what it feels like to have your dreams fully happening, being egged on by Joe to find the 13th note, and a whole bunch more!!!! Marco is the founder and recording engineer of Fred Short, a recording studio in Upstate New York, and a member of the rock groups Benevento/Russo Duo and Joe...


Episode 106 - Finding The Space Between The Notes With Andrew Hendryx

Andrew Hendryx is our guest this week! We get into him finding the mandolin in his favorite music and wanting to learn to play, creating his new album 'Deep River', giving space in your playing for space between the notes to sing, digging deeper to create the most beauty possible, knowing how to color the groove, and much, much more! Andrew Hendryx is a mandolinist from Guilford, CT. His musical career started in 1997 playing mandolin for the Alan Smithee Band out of Elon, NC, later moving...


Episode 105 - Admiring The View With The Rumpke Mountain Boys

We're super excited this week to have The Rumpke Mountain Boys as our guest and we can't wait to see them doing a late night set at Northwest String Summit here in a few weeks! We get into some strange and beautiful territory talking about everything from creating a 2 hour live album, being in a band that free flowing and equal, remembering a catalog of over 1000 songs, creating musical fun, and a whole bunch more! The Rumpke Mountain Boys combine signature vocals, a unique command of...


Episode 104 - Embracing The Face with Brando From Cash or Trade / Gorge 2019 Trip Report

A very special DOUBLE EPISODE this week!!!! First we have a super interesting interview with the brains behind the Face Value Ticket Movement, Brando Rich from Cash or Trade. Then, we get into a recap/trip report of last week's Dead & Company shows at The Gorge! We talk to Brando about taking the tickets back into the hands of the real fans, how he and his Brother Dusty decided to create a movement, what the whole scene means, how Phish was the start of something wonderful and a bunch...


Episode 103 - The Return Of Dennis McNally

Author, Historian, and Music Publicist Dennis McNally makes a return to the Porch for a more relaxed and quiet conversation than when we talked at Skull & Roses Festival. We cover topics like his journey through post book depression and where that lead him, why the Grateful Dead and spirituality are so intertwined, in what way Jerry Garcia was a role model for him, keeping needs & wants simple, what it takes to be successful, and much more. Dennis McNally is the former Grateful Dead...


Episode 102 - Lost Ox On The Porch

The guys from the genre-blending Portland, OR-based band, Lost Ox, joined us on The Porch for a conversation around growing up listening to The Dead, their first LSD experience at a show, how being in a band mirrors romantic relationships, realizing that you're playing in the band, and much more! Lost Ox has been cooking up their own all-original mix of prog rock, country Americana and funk since early 2017. Hot off recording their first full-length album, "Wildheart", the band brings...


Epsiode 101 - Spending Quality Time With Holly Bowling

We spend the morning talking with Holly Bowling this week! She took some time out of a well earned break to talk with us about how Ghost Light became a band while hanging out for the very first time, having laser focus inside the jam, being a music nerd, what it means to have some quality down time, climbing the Mt. Everest of transcribing the Tahoe Tweezer jam, and a whole bunch more! Texture, nuance, and a gift for dexterous high-wire improvisation are the hallmarks of San Francisco-based...


Episode 100 - 3/4 Of A Circle Around The Sun With Drummer Mark Levy

This is a huge milestone episode for No Simple Road! Not only is Drummer, Mark Levy from Circles Around The Sun our guest, but this is our 100th Episode! We start the show with a walk down memory lane and a bit of commentary on the past 99 trips followed by a 100th-episode-worthy conversation with Mark. We talk about how he balances success and humility, what it means to him to do better and be a better person, allowing energy to flow and the communion with the crowd, the beauty of Circles...


Episode 99 - Making Moves With The Moves Collective

Tim and Josh From The Moves Collective hung out with us for a little mid-week session! We shared some soup and smoke and talked about how their collective has transformed from gypsy-americana into what it is today, teaching through making music, the community surrounding jam music, what it means to be a person who decides to give it their all for the vibe, how pizza is Josh's favorite song, and a bunch more! The Moves Collective are a funk heavy ameridelic jamband based in Ocean Beach,...


Episode 98 - Shaking It Up With The Shook Twins

Katelyn and Laurie of The Shook Twins are our guests this week on No Simple Road! We talk about finding the muse and beginning their musical career, the grind of the road and traveling with a twin, the strength of The Sacred Feminine in sound, what their goal is through their music, being Witches, bringing joy to people, playing at the Oregon Country Fair and Northwest String Summit, and a whole bunch more! Everybody in your life will write his or her own chapter in your story. Take a step...


Episode 97 - Getting It Together With Dulaney & Company

Dulaney and Company is a Soulful, Americana, Rock band from Southern California. They are led by husband and wife Singer/ Songwriter Duo Jerod Dulaney and Malissa Miller-Dulaney and we got to hang out with them for No Simple Road this week!! This is one of those times when the NSR Family gets to meet and have a conversation. We talk all about how they met and how music helped to form the bond that grew into love, Malissa's experience with her first Grateful Dead type show at Skull & Roses...


Episode 96 - Up High With The Alpine Camp

After a full day at Skull & Roses we had the pleasure of hanging out with Joel and Chris from The Alpine Camp at our AirBnB in Ventura. We sat around the kitchen table and talked about going through personal and musical transformations, what improvisation requires, what it feels like to get the feeling out into the music, and a whole bunch more! Hit up their website for our news, music downloads, merch, and info and check out the new live album 'Hybrid' on Apple Music...