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032 Chase Drew

There were a few mix-ups in the editing of this podcast. I Switched the songs Speak and Serotonin Syndrome. Also, I had placed Airlines after the description of Speak. My apologies to the listers and Chase Drew for the amateur mistakes. Musician Links: Facebook Bandcamp Sponsors: Warman Guitars Website Facebook Ghost Town Hardwear Facebook Email Josh - (208)731-3566 Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email Newsletter Support


031 Small Town Titans

I sit down with Jonny from Small Town Titans! Notes: The Small Town Titans are a power trio from York, PA who love to constantly create, as well as play live. Gone is the notion that a rock band should only release 10 songs at a time every 2 years. In a world where music fans crave new content constantly, the Small Town Titans aim to deliver their brand of art all of the time, drawing inspiration from a new wave of rock bands such as Highly Suspect and Royal Blood, and rock legends...


030 The Teledynes

I sit down with Will from The Teledynes Notes: A dynamic core trio of Electric Guitar, Upright Slap Bass and Drums. Focusing on Surf Rock and Rockabilly, drawing heavily from blues, country and swing to create their sound. The TeleDynes have released their first all original album in May 2018. Comprised of vocal and instrumental tracks and backed by a rockin' horn section that kick up these high energy tunes. Formed in 2015 from Rhode Island, The TeleDynes have been playing venues...


029 Grant Maloy Smith

I sit down with Grant Maloy Smith, an Americana and Country artists from Florida! Notes: Grant Maloy Smith is an American Roots Singer/Songwriter with a country bent. His songs tell heartfelt stories about real people, and are unfailingly optimistic and forward looking. His latest album "Dust Bowl - American Stories" spent 17 weeks on the Billboard charts, including 10 weeks in the TOP 10 of the Americana/Folk Album Sales Chart, and reached as high as #12 on the Country Album Sales...


028 Chase Bell

Notes: Musician Links: Sponsors: Warman Guitars Website Facebook Ghost Town Hardwear Facebook Email Josh - (208)731-3566 Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email Newsletter Support


027 The Longest Hall

Notes: Brothers Zac, Adam, and Dan Hall formed The Longest Hall in the winter (a season otherwise known as "dry" in the oppressive swamps of Central Florida) of 2017. Driven by their lifelong love of music created by the masters of punk, thrash, ska, and metal that came before them, the brothers soon began work on their first album. It's title, inspired by literary mastermind and world renowned satirist Douglas Adams' magnum opus, The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is both counsel and...


026 Shock Value

Notes: Shock Value is a dynamic four-piece indie-alternative rock band from Hazleton, Pennsylvania, founded in 2013 by lifelong friends Joey Letcher (lead vocals, keys) and Mike Dino (guitar). Soon adding Matt Malloy (drums) and Seth Harkins (bass), they have created a tight-knit lineup that prides itself on artistic collaboration, engaging live performances, a wide spectrum of musical influence, and a commitment to sharing their story with others. SV has opened for national and...


025 Astro Lloyd



024 O/B/A

I get the chance to talk with O/B/A! Notes: O/B/A is a Pop/ Hip-Hop recording artist. Writing songs from start to finish at age 11, O/B/A is no stranger to making music. His high energy performance style and explosive delivery is contagious! From the Apollo Theater in Harlem to corporate performances to House of Blues shows, he entertains all. His unique style is a breath of fresh air to the Pop/ Hip-Hop world. O/B/A has had a love for music his whole life and it shows in his songs....


023 All Types of Kinds

I chit chat with Billy, Rocko, and Ray from All Types of Kinds Notes: All Types of Kinds (ATOK) plays a wide variety of music ranging from rock to pop, folk, punk, funk, hip-hop, blues, and country - even sometimes all at once. The members come from diverse backgrounds that make for an amalgamation of musical textures and vibes. Musician Links: Facebook YouTube Instagram Sponsors: Warman Guitars Website Facebook Ghost Town Hardwear Facebook Email Josh -...


022 Stesha Cano

I sat down with Stesha to discuss the life of a singer songwriter, covers, and honesty. Notes: Stesha Bio: She can tie you to a whipping post and shatter you into a thousand pieces. She’ll sing you a lullaby one moment and have you crying for mercy the next. She’s Supergirl, ready to take over the world. But please don’t put her on a pedestal – she’d rather be singing at an outdoor beer fest on a summer afternoon or in a dark, intimate bar in January. Stesha Cano is a musician for all...


021 Responsible Johnny



020 Times Like These

I chat it up with Mike from Times Like These! Notes: Times Like These is a 4-piece pop rock band from Long Island, New York. Born from a local scene dominated by heavier acts, Mike, Eddie, Cody, and Zach found success in a more pop-influenced spin on pop punk, writing songs based on catchy hooks and infectious melodies. Their dynamic stage presence took them from their first backyard show in the summer of 2016 to headlining tours along the east coast and supporting acts such as Seaway,...


019 Tapwater Shrimp

I sit down with the guys from Tapwater Shrimp, campfire punk rock band. Musician Links: Facebook Twitter Instagram Bandcamp Sponsors: Warman Guitars Website Facebook Ghost Town Hardwear Facebook Email Josh - (208)731-3566 Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email Newsletter Support


018 Julianne Q and the Howl

Notes: Julianne Q & The Howl are fronted by the powerful vocals and creative mind of Julianne Q. Born from the spirit of Julianne Q & The Band, this new project is carving its own path in Chicago’s music scene. Their blend of groove-based, tightly-wound rock ‘n roll with the stunning voice of lead vocalist Julianne Q synthesizes influences including Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Jack White, and Greta Van Fleet. Raw emotional energy drives the evocative imagery in their lyrics, introducing a...


017 Castle Black

I Chat with Leigh from Castle Black. We talk about females in the music scene, crazy dreams, and even get a little political!! Notes: Castle Black is a Brooklyn-based rock band, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound, full of hard-hitting jams, never sacrificing the hook. Described as drawing from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, Castle Black defies the average rock genre. Each song careens through an almost stream of consciousness depiction of life stories, social...


016 T-Ravill

I sit down to chat with T-Ravill, a rapper from Pennsylvania, PA. Notes: T-ravill (Travis Wilt) is a new upcoming artist out of central Pennsylvania. He has very heart hitting lyrics, to a rapid freestyle that no other could compare. T-ravill was born November 15,1992. Without the love of parents, T-ravill found love with helping others. It's hard to tell what someone has been through, but never judge a book by its cover. T-ravill has been on Copious radio stations, multiple magazines,...


015 Sleep Signals

On episode 15 I sit down with Robert from sleep signals to discuss their up coming tour and get behind the scenes of an up and coming rock band! Notes: Minneapolis hard rock quintet, Sleep Signals, have garnered a dedicated following through relentless touring, their explosive live performances, and their ability to blend catchy hooks with their high-energy songwriting style. 2017 continues to be a huge year for Sleep Signals, which started with the release of their new single, "I'll...


014 Fear is Dead

Notes: I chat with Skila, Matt, and David from Fear is Dead, a Nu Metal band from New York City. In today's overcrowded Metal scene it's virtually impossible for a band to rise up and stand out, against the odds, that's what Fear Is Dead is doing. Since 2011 they've been racking up large numbers of awe inspiring live performances, Fear is Dead has garnered the acclaim of many of New York’s underground, bringing fans from the Metal scene, and Hardcore / Punk scene together. Melting...


013 The Santa Fe Band

Notes: I sit down with Marshall from The Santa Fe Band. Marshall: I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old. Hard to believe that's been over 40 years ago. Music has always been a major part of my life as far back as I remember. I came from a musical family. My dad played guitar my grandparents and great grandparents and family before them. So I guess it can be said music is in my blood. I have played all over this country. Got to meet some really cool people. Got to open up for...