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065 Locust Grove

I sit down with Joey from Locust Grove Notes: Four piece high energy hard rock band based out of Oklahoma City, OK. comprised of former member from Anti-Mortem(Zain Smith) shredding guitar and vocals for Locust Grove also tearing up the guitar is Vincent Charles Lindstrom of Siva Addiction and Heatfix. Quentin Williams of Warneck slaps the bass(literally) and Joey Mandigo from Blakk Mantra, Sleaze Dizeaze and Lord Dying is the man behind it all on the drums. Joining forces to bring heavy...


064 The Bryant C. Project

I sit down with Bryant from The Bryant C. Project Notes: The Bryant C. Project consists of Bryant Carter on guitar, vocals and songwriting. Bryant’s unique style is a product of his environment, so diverse yet so familiar with the infusion of Rock, Soul and R&B. Some have tag his style simply as Rock n’ Soul. With an arsenal of incredible songs like the beautiful ballad “Face of A Thousand Words” that touches your heart and soul to the emotional groove rocker “No Gamble”, you can...


063 Wicked Peace

I sit down with Tanner and Amanda from Wicked Peace Notes: Breathe in, breathe out, and let the enlightening pop-rock mantras from Wicked Peace be your guide. These Lexington, KY oddballs pair transcendental instrumentals with hook-heavy, soul-bearing lyricism for a singular sound that doesn’t just flow, it levitates right off the stage. Zig-zagging between power pop and Americana, detouring anywhere a song takes them along the way, Wicked Peace blends its members’ disparate influences...


062 The Indigo Storm Band

I sit down with CJ, Ryan, and David from Indigo Storm Band Notes: Indigo Storm is a progressive/alt rock trio known for original music with thought provoking lyrics, engaging vocals and powerful instrumentals. CJ Jones (guitar and vocals), Ryan Slayton (drums), and David DeWolfe (bass and vocals) generate the Indigo Storm sound: primal and passionate – capable of pushing and pulling you on a wonderful demented ride. Indigo Storm released their debut LP “Deep” in September 2018. The same...


061 The Gypsy Store Troubadours

I sit down with Clayton from The Gypsy Store Troubadours Notes: A four-piece serving up raw, guitar-driven Country and Americana Rock from a tiny town in Oklahoma, Gypsy Store Troubadours is a band that thrives on contradictions. Their music often combines opposing elements, bringing the sweet and the dangerous together seamlessly, a talent best summarized by a lyric from their soon-to-be-released debut single “Local Honey”: smooth as lightning. Part wild and unapologetic...


060 Tonic Zephyr

I sit down with Madi, JT and Andy from Tonic Zephyr Notes: From the foothills of NorCal, a good old fashioned Psychedelic Rock band practices from a dimly lit garage, equipped with lava lamps and painted mannequin heads. A modern mashup of Gwen Stefani’s rebellious energy and Janis Joplin’s soul, front woman Madi Gold boogies about the smoky room, custom DNA electric axe in tow, wailing esoteric lines into the void. The bone shaking wall of sound that booms from the amp stacks of bassist...


059 Ignescent

I sit down with the Jennifer from Ignescent Notes: Female fronted and from Chicago, Illinois, Ignescent is a rock band founded by Jennifer Benson. Since 2008, the band has been primarily touring throughout the Midwest and Nashville area. Ignescent is comprised of Jennifer Benson on lead vocals, Deven Elion on lead guitar, Joey Sepulveda on rhythm guitar, Ian Sebastian on bass guitar, and Chris Calix on drums. Ignescent’s first CD, Electrified, was produced by 4 time Dove Award winning...


058 Hurt and the Heartbeat

I sit down with the James from Hurt and the Heartbeat Notes: Hurt and the Heartbeat is a non identifying genre band that cares deeply about the emotion and passion that goes into the writing and performing of their music. Musician Links: Facebook Reverbnation Sponsor: AnarchoCoffee Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email Support: Support the show directly at Patreon. Buy your Amazon products through here to support the show! Buy your eBay products through here to support the...


057 Loss of Existence RETURNS

I sit down with the guys from Loss Of Existence. Notes: Loss of existence is a high energy band with melodic hooks L.O.E. was formed in late 2004, After the break up of The Opposable Thumb. After performing for a few years we decided to take a break to explore other musical interests and spend more time with our families. In 2010 we reformed and started gigging again. After a few member changes through out the years, the current lineup is high energy and in your face .Since returning we...


056 6 Speed Supernova

I sit down with Marie and David from 6 Speed Supernova. Notes: 6 Speed Supernova (6SS) is a four-piece San Francisco based rock band whose sound is infused with blues, funk, jazz, rock, EDM and alternative influences. Guitarist David Ballon hails from a 20 plus year career in the music scene playing with numerous acts including LA’s gypsy-rock group Madame Hooligan. David’s sister Marie Gutierrez, who has fronted both cover and original local NorCal bands over the last decade, sings lead...


055 Late Night Savior

I sit down with Brandon from Late Night Savior Notes: Late Night Savior is a hard rock band out of Northern Utah. Started in 2014, our members are Brandon Johnson (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Tyler Davis (Drums), Tim Anderson (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), and Skyler 'Stick' Johnson (Bass and Vocals). Formed when brothers Brandon and Skyler, lifelong musicians, teamed up with Tyler Davis to pursue their love of music. They soon after recruited Tim Anderson and quickly jumped into the local...


054 Michelle McCammond

I sit down with Aaron aka Michelle McCammond Notes: Michelle is a county inspired singer-songwriter. She has written a number of songs for other artists, and is focused n helping others rise along with her. Besides being a co-writer on other's songs, Michelle has written songs for films and even written screenplays. Musician Links: Facebook Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email Newsletter Support


051 M3ntally iLL

I sit down with Aaron aka M3ntally iLL Notes: Las Vegas Rap Lyricist , producer, and CEO of Record Label Rap Lyricists INC. inspired by Eminem, Brotha Lynch Hung, Ice Cube, Deltron 3030,50 Cent,T.I., Rob Zombie, Ludachris and Kottonmouth Kings. Some say sounds similar to Hopsin and ICP, and even Tech N9ne. Musician Links: Facebook Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email Newsletter Support


053 International Punk Kings

I sit down with Troy from International Punk Kings Notes: It’s Awesome, to tell the world; IPK- is- A new brand, as well as a music band & media group- bAND Wise- we do make great Metal Punk music... Love working with other artists as well that’s both media & brand wise- be it promo also touring and events or media work,,, Radio podcast- tv movies lets play up for all... IPK- INTERNATIONAL PUNK KINGS - Troy E Anderson Lead singer and founder - IPK- INTERNATIONAL PUNK KINGS -...


052 Tony Campanella

I sit down with Tony Campanella. Notes: An old Stella Harmony acoustic guitar and an old record Guitar Boogie inspired the young eleven year old Tony Campanella to start playing guitar. His uncles continued to feed him a steady diet of Albert Collins, Albert and Freddie King, Son Seals, Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Jamming with local musicians whenever he could paid off with his first club gig at age twenty. In the early 90's, Tony performed in the LA...


050 This Awkward Moment

I sit down with Brad and myself! Notes: This Awkward Moment Musician Links: Facebook CD Baby Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email Newsletter Support


049 Tristan Welch

I sit down with Tristan Welch Notes: Tristan Welch creates ambient music for the social consciousnesses. In June of 2016 he released his debut titled Washington D.C. Released on cassette on side is titled D while the other is titled C. Each side is performed in it’s respective key (D and C). This tape is an experiment in composed minimalism for electric guitar while using various effects and looping technology. January 2017 saw the release of a collaboration effort with established...


048 Noisemaker Radio #1

First edition of Noisemaker Radio. Notes: I was very busy this week and was not able to set up an interview. However, I was able to put together an hour of nonstop music on this first edition of Noisemaker Radio! Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email Newsletter Support


047 Tim Brick

I sit down with Tim Brick Notes: Singer, songwriter, guitarist, band leader and all around working man are just some of the words used to describe Tim Brick. Born the son of a hard living long distance trucker, Tim’s music reflects a soulful edge that isn’t afraid to get rowdy, while at the same time, is tempered by a surprising vulnerability. Standing on the stage since the early age of twelve, Tim is right at home entertaining audiences. His ability to engage the audience and draw...


046 Gosford Compound

I sit down with Gaz and Gank from Gosford Compound. Notes: Gosford Compound are a three piece Rock band based in the UK and comprising of Gareth Hughes - Guitar/Vocals, Gaz Buttery - Bass, and Mark Cooley - Drums Musician Links: Facebook Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email Newsletter Support