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A podcast based out of Minneapolis/St.Paul. Music, sports, comedy, food and drink!

A podcast based out of Minneapolis/St.Paul. Music, sports, comedy, food and drink!


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A podcast based out of Minneapolis/St.Paul. Music, sports, comedy, food and drink!




Non-Revenue Radio - 101 - 11-10-20

Hey #listenship. Dan, Scott, Jer and Dave are back with episode 101. Predictably there's a lot of election talk, but we also discuss the amazing, new Vennart record in some detail. That included discussion on his decision to keep the release off of the subscription streaming services. Finally, we land on some talk of the state of things in Minneapolis, uptown, downtown, around town. Thanks for listening.


Non-Revenue Radio - 100 - 11-1-20

We did it! 100, #listenship. We riffed on this funny election thing, sports, Borat, well written TV and movies, poorly written TV and movies, and exploding beers. If you're still here, you're an amazing person and really going places.


Non - Revenue Radio - 99 - 10-11-20

You're damned right we've done 3 weeks in a row, #listenship. Scott, Dan and Jer convened this fine Sunday night to talk a bunch of sports, music, Mallrats quotes, and of course we touched on the admiration we share for the life's work of Edward Van Halen.


Non - Revenue Radio - 98 - 10-3-20

Hey #listenship. Good golly, two weeks in a row?? Dan, Jer and Scott are joined by good buddy, and repeat guest, Dave Jarnstrom again this week. We talked some Twins baseball, which transitioned to the state of local professional sports. We also talked a whole lot of Biffy Clyro, mostly about their stellar new record "A Celebration of Endings" (this take is somewhere between 50 and 66.667% endorsed by the on air staff). That lengthy discussion kinda morphed into "rock stars who do things...


Non-Revenue Radio - 97 - 9-26-20

Hey, holy cripes, we're back! We apologize for our absence #listenship. It's the OG crew on this one. Scott, Dan and Jer run the gamut of topics tonight. Current state of sports, current state of being, Hugh Hewitt, Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums of all time, Surly union-gate, Mediterranean cuisine and much more. It felt good to do this again.


Non-Revenue Radio - 96 - 6-30-20

Hey #listenship! We're back again with a virtual pod, this time featuring our buddy John McEwen. John's bands have provided our intro music since we started this thing. First with Story of the Sea, and the last couple iterations with his newer band, Short Timer. Topics run the gamit in this one, but it was a lot of fun. Stay safe, stay sane, and be good humans, ey?


Non-Revenue Radio - 95 - 5-23-20

Hey #listenship! Back for another stay home episode with our new age crew of Dan, Scott, Jer and Dave. We talked virtual Settlers of Catan sessions, more on the MJ documentary, Chris Nolan films, seedy tour stories, old band websites, and mourned the loss of a couple very talented creative people in Fred Willard and Lynn Shelton. Hope you enjoy!


Non-Revenue Radio - 94 - 4-24-20

Hey hey #listenship. We had our buddy, David, back on the show this time. It was good to hang, talk about Twins ball, the NFL draft experts, the Jordan/Bulls documentary, Star Wars viral videos and much more. We're doing our best at this remote recording thing and each time I hope we'll get the audio a little better. If you don't like it, just yeet this episode.


Non-Revenue Radio - 93 - 4-4-20

Hey there #Listenship. Well, attempt 2 at this....the mixing of multiple zoom sessions in my preferred recording application proved smarter than me. I have it right now. We haven't done this in a while, but given that we're all stuck in our houses now....we were galvanized to revisit the remote recording thing. Lessons have been learned...and hopefully we'll do this more often now. We were joined by good buddy and mega bass player of Gameface, Brown Lobster Tank, The Tank, New Liars Club and...


Non-Revenue Radio - 92 - 2-2-20

Hey #listenship! #92 here to tell you all of the movies from the 2010's that you should've watched. You probably have in many cases. We love you either way.


Non-Revenue Radio - 91 - 1-30-20

Hey #listenship! It's been a few minutes and for that we are relatively sorry. But we're still here and still have a good many things to talk about. This was the first part of over two hours that we recorded last night on relocation, too many talented people dying, baseball, the stupid news, etc. The next part is a conversation on 10 films we each loved over the course of the 2010's. We'll get that up here in the next few days as well! Thanks for cast podding.


Non-Revenue Radio - 90 - 11-8-19

Whoa, boy #listenship...this was a doozy. Scott is off on holiday in the EU, so we enlisted the help of veteran guest, David Jarnstrom, as well as friend of the show and collaborating composer of all NRR intro music, John McEwen. Topics ranged from Vikings futilty to camaroheads, tour stories and lore, Dinkytown work history and much, much more. Buckle up, it's a journey.


Non-Revenue Radio - 89 - 10-21-19

The summer 2019 hiatus is over. We're back with episode 89, that we incorrectly refer to as 88 during the show. Summer vacations, punk rock tours at advanced ages, Pacific northwest jaunts, the Minnesota Wild, Golden Gopher football team, brand new breweries run by good friends, some TV, music and more are all covered in this one.


Non-Revenue Radio - 88 - 7-17-19

Good day #listenship. We convened at Dan's to create episode 88 last night...summer is still a bit slow going, but we successfully wrapped the Women's World Cup and all the insanity surrounding it, talked the Bad Religion show at the Mainroom as well as some other musical happenings and riffed on Stranger Things and other television based entertainment product. Stay kick ass.


Non-Revenue Radio - 87 - 6-28-19

Hey #listenship. We're back after a few weeks of summer madness. We did our best to catch up on the NHL, Women's World Cup, Twins ball, television programming and some other stuff. Enjoy and thanks for listening.


Non-Revenue Radio - 86 - 6-1-19

Hey hey! It's episode 86, the one we had fun planning on being an airing of grievances of sorts. That's mixed in and all, but mostly this was a really fun episode, once again featuring our friend Dave. We talked a lot of baseball has actually been fun around here again. We also touched on some run ins with opposing fans of sporting events gone by, Zantigo chilitos and really anything else that came to was a Saturday night.


Non-Revenue Radio - 85 - 5-23-19

Hey hey. We're back at it this week covering the NHL playoffs, successful trips around the sun, some quick hitter reviews of Barry, Cobra Kai, the new Fuqua documentary on Muhammad Ali and much, much more. Thanks #Listenship and happy birthday to Dan!


Non-Revenue Radio - 84 - 5-16-19

The proverbial jumbo episode this week. We convened at Scott's and talked everything from NHL, MLB, the DMV...all the way to navigating flood waters and teaching our offspring the monetary value of goods and services. Towards the end of the show we veered into political territory (duh duh DUH) because we live in hell. Thanks #Listenship


Non-Revenue Radio - 83 - 5-2-19

Hey, look at this consistent content! We're back for a Thursday show after a Saturday show. Dan, Jer and Dzingel convene and discuss the NHL playoffs, Ving Rhames, St. Louis style pizza?, Grand Ol Day Anyway, and a variety of other topics. Thanks #listenship


Non-Revenue Radio - 82 - 4-27-19

Hey all! Scott's back in the house for episode 82 and we've got a brand new intro with music courtesy of our friends, Short Timer. Reconciling character defamations on previous shows, tackling the NFL draft, NHL playoffs, Game of Thrones, McBain, the Ryan Suter of MLS soccer and much, much more.