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The forgotten flypaper strip entangling the flotsam and detritus of pop culture.

The forgotten flypaper strip entangling the flotsam and detritus of pop culture.
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The forgotten flypaper strip entangling the flotsam and detritus of pop culture.




Episode 100.3 - Baby Yodas and shit from Jan 13, 2020

London Philharmonic Orchestra - "20th Century Fox Fanfare with Cinemascope Extention" - Star Wars Trilogy : The Original Soundtrack Anthology Teddie Films - "The Star Wars I Used To Know" The Rebel Force Band - "A Respirator For Darth Vader" - Living In These Star Warz Barry Cannon - "Ben Swolo But It's Gold By Spandau Ballet" Randy Turnbow - "Wrecking Maul" Bonnie Piesse - "Let It Rain" - Found Dani the Girl - "What I Used To Be (Revan's Song)" - starwarspunk (YouTube channel) Darth...


Episode 99.3 - How many more of these year things are there? from Jan 6, 2020

The Mountain Goats - "This Year" - The Sunset Tree Hideki Saijo - "Turn A Turn" - ∀GUNDAM ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS Electric Six - "When The Lights Go Out" - Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit [Electric Six covering Oingo Boingo.....ooooohhhh.....] Trees - "Midnight In America" - Sleep Convention Positive Noise - "When Lightning Strikes" - Distant Fires Michael Sembello - "Summer Lovers" - Summer Lovers OST Ween - "Roses Are Free" - Chocolate and Cheese The Cardigans - "Happy Meal II" -...


Episode 98.3 - Why would you send me a sandy ham?! from Dec 30, 2019

Tyr - "By The Sword In My Hand" - By the Light of the Northern Star Ensiferum - "Burning Leaves" - Unsung Heroes Wind Rose - "Mine Mine Mine!" - Wintersaga Warhead - "Speedway" - Speedway Gravestone - "In The End Of Our Love" - Creating a Monster Annihilator - "The Fun Palace" - Never, Neverland Stormwitch - "Ravenlord" - Stronger Than Heaven Q5 - "Steel the Light" - Steel the Light someone - "Advnetre people" Music behind DJ: - "Castlevania II" Set: Using a chord progression...


Episode 97.3 - I'm playing thrre hours of peppa pig edits because I'm 12 from Dec 23, 2019

Slayer - "Evil Knows No Boundries" - Show No Mercy Steph Inc. - "I edited a peppa pig episode cause I didn't know what else to post" n a n c y - "I edited a peppa pig episode cause I like bacon 3P" xoPxtato - "i edited a peppa pig episode instead of sleeping" Tanius - "I edited a peppa pig episode because you'll like it" Lowdave - "i edited a peppa pig episode instead of drinking water" Love - "The first one did good so I edited another peppa pig episode" ARC - "i edited a peppa pig...


Episode 95.3 - Doomsday Prep for the Slacker Generation from Dec 9, 2019

Foetus - "Mandalay" - Flow Flinch feat. Dominique Porter - "Bee Stings" - Restless I.B.O.P.A. - "Bee Song" - Ballads for Benpadrone Universal Concepts - "Swelling Like a Bee Sting" - On the Rise EP I Wonder What's For Dinner - "Beedrill" - Pokemon Split Mean Gene Okerlund and The Hart Foundation - "Promo on the Killer Bees" - Superstars of Wresting (10/19/1985) Super Melody - "Worker Bee" - Destination Unknown Silly Boi Memes - "Let it Grow but Barry Bee Benson (LET IT JAZZ)" - Silly...


Episode 94.3 - I doubt this is even anything near a clean cut den of unhelpful bad dudes. from Dec 2, 2019

Pluffnub - "Comfortably Numb (Best Cover On The Internet!)" - Pluffnub's YouTube Channel Mylets - "A Itch" - Retcon Richie Kotzen - "Plaid Plesiosaur" - Richie Kotzen the Plumber - "Pants and Anti-Pants" - mmm.Good [or Liquid Plumber, they changed their name at some point to avoid lawsuits, but I'm also not even sure how "real" their albums are anymore] Texas - "Like Lovers" - Titan A.E. OST Mego vs Spago - "The Chryogenic Freezing Process" - / old skool [SUPER...


Episode 93.3 - Can we just rename the damn holiday to "Forced Eating Day of Misery Day"? from Nov 25, 2019

Jack Davison - "After the Cranberry Sauce has Gone" - Jack's YouTube Channel Yukihiro Takahashi - "Elastic Dummy" - Saravah! [2005 Remaster] Tsuko G. - "Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Eurobeat Version)" - Blue (Da Ba Dee) Little Big - "Go Bananas" - GO BANANAS Black Water - "Dull Nail Clipper" - Dirty Fingertips Kevin W - "Pickle Song" - Kevin W's YouTube Channel Joey Deluxe - "Undercover" - Godzilla - The Album The Wiz Bang Gang - "Coconut Monkey Man" - Get Your Wiz Disintegrated Einstein -...


Episode 92.3 - Only the good die dumb from Nov 18, 2019

D A N K M U S - "- D A M N - V E G E T A B L E S -" - Their YouTube Channel The Rocket Surgeons - "Broccoli" - Broccoli Emily Zeck - "Avocado Toast" - Avocado Toast Scratch Garden - "Banana Pants!" - Scratch Garden, Vol. 4 Squiggle Glitz - "White Bread" - Expensive Plastic The Amoeba People - "The Ballad of Toshi the Turnip" - Songs, Stories, and Other Non Sequiturs FloridaTad - "Blue Banana Song" - Blue Banana's YouTube Channel Total Ghost - "Pizza Quest" - Electrosexual CG5 - "Big...


Episode 91.3 - Oh, NOW I find my damn air conditioner remote from Nov 11, 2019

Herbie Hancock - "Go For It" - Monster / The Complete Columbia Album Collection 1972 - 1988 Chris Kogos - "One Jean" - Their YouTube Channel Kazunori Maruyama - "Mujoe's Theme" - Bomberman Jetters Anime OST - "Koko Soko (2008 Extended Redux)" - Koko Soko 2016 Lederhosen Lucil - "Ooo...OMG" - Tales From The Pantry "Weird Al" Yankovic - "Girls Just Want To Have Lunch" - Dare To Be Stupid Rhett and Link - "I Am a Thoughtful Guy" - I Am a Thoughtful Guy Bernie Wyte & His...


Episode 86.3 - Octoberween 2019 Part 1 : For the Love of Plastic from Oct 7, 2019

fakeDeltat - "Plastic Love but it's just the intro" Whomobile - "Plastic Mall" Mariya Takeuchi - "Plastic Love" - Variety Geno Samuel - "Plastic Love" - Plastic Love mom0ki (Caitlin Myers) - "Plastic Love (English Translation)" M3rt Mashups - "Something About Plastic Love" [Mariya Takeuchi "Plastic Love" X Daft Punk - "Something About Us"] Fujii Kaze - "Plastic Love" Takara - "Plastic Love (Japanese Future Funk Version)" CvrBrthrs - "Plastic Love" Music behind DJ: ZynChroMaTik -...