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Starting off 2019 with a lot of political brouhaha

So many questions and unknowns that is going on in the white house, dealing with this shut down with one of our cohost mad as hell. We discuss politics based on the motion picture “Vice” Vice president Dick Cheney. And are we waiting on how the next fear tactics will save the Trump presidency?


2018 Bougie Black Brother Network Music awards (#1)

Welcome to the three part series of the music awards for 2018 . We have your basic categories and the exceptional categories that we felt had to be added based on the artists contributions for the year. Go back and reference the reviews for the nominee's but this year we have some of the listeners contribution which is a great addition to our review. Based on the Instagram poll from @bougieblacksean Part One: Music Video of the year Hip-Hop Documentary of the year Hip-Hop Superstar of...


Aquaman (DC Universe)

I'm trying my best to be very fair and objective when i watch Marvel movies and DC movies. But after seeing the weak Justice League production, I wasn't very inspired to see the new release of a DC character on their own. Successful Wonder woman, Legacy Batman movies and Lackluster Superman reimagined movies. But we gave the new Jason Momoa a chance to shine on his own as Aquaman.


Another Government shut down and that wall again.

The team jumps into the beginning of the year almost the same way we did last year. A government shut down Only this year it’s Trump who proudly said he would shut the government down and it would be his fault. Sadly he gets amnesia and blames everyone else but himself. We also talk about the changes in the democratic party.


Cruz Alta 100% Malbec 2014

Mendoza, Argentina - A fruity wine with excellent body and strong tannins. Flavors of cherry, blackberry, boysenberry and plum intermingle with hints of ginger and pepper to create a long, full finish. Cruz Alta Grand Reserve Malbec named a top 50 Value by Wine and Spirits.


Mary Poppins Returns/Mary Poppins (1964)

Alicia and I wanted to see this movie because we remember from our childhood watching Mary Poppins over and over. Black children watching a British nanny take care of the children of an affluent family was a fantasy but enjoyable. Even though Dick Van Dyke did semi put on black face (JS) The musical never left our memory so we anted to see the new version this movie. Honestly not expecting much but expecting not to be disappointed. Now an adult with three children, bank teller Michael...


Black (Korean TV series) NETFLIX

This week i took a little more time than normal to watch a 18 episode Korean TV series called “Black”. A supernatural/serial killer drama that seemed very different for what I was use to with Korean TV series. A very good and creative series. Black is the story of a grim reaper who is forced to track down his fugitive partner. In the process, he uncovers the truth about a series of cold case murders from 20 years ago. Investigating the murders complicates the reaper's primary role of...


Dr. L Sparkling Riesling 2015 (Happy New Year)

Dr. L Sparkling Riesling is 100% pure Riesling — the crisp, fruity grape that has made German wine famous for centuries. We make it using the Charmat method, where the second fermentation is done in a pressurized tank to keep the bubbles in the wine. Grape Varietal: 100% Riesling Alcohol Content: 12.0% Residual Sweetness: 18.8 grams/liter Total Acidity: 8.5 grams/liter [90] Wine Enthusiast


Owning an Electric Car

Chaz wanted to go into more detail about owner an electric car now that I received my Tesla Model 3. Owner a Volt for over a year we talk about the issues, the benefits, the flaws and the amazing feeling of being Gas less. We delve into our own personal experience with driving and convenience of going with electricity.


Bird Box (Netflix)

As a recommendation for Alicia and I to see, we made a decision to check this out over the holidays. Compared to the box office hit “A quiet Place”. This was supposed to give you the same feel and tension of that movie. The difference with this movie is the creatures in Bird Box make you kill yourself if you see them as oppose to creatures hunting you down if you make a sound. The main highlight of this movie is Sandra Bullock performance and John Malkovich which plays his crazy self as...


Dabrye Three/Three (Detroit producer extraordinaire) 2018

I ran into one of my favorite producers from the early 2000's and found that he released a current LP that was in line with his previous releases. Tadd Mullinix or Dabrye at that time was a talented producer from Michigan that did a lot of production with electronics and hip hop. To pay homage to his career and to highlight his new release. I wanted to review his previous releases. Here's part 1 Tadd Mullinix or Dabrye is an American musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, also...


Upper five Sauvignon Blanc rouge Valley Oregon

Fermented in jacketed stainless for a vibrant, lively style. A hot growing season produced a wine with pronounced fruit but balanced by the natural acidity of this varietal. It's pungent and penetrating, with lime and citrus fruit (from organically-grown grapes) at the core. Drink lightly chilled, now through 2021



We finally sit down to check out the sequel to the successfully re-imaged Rocky movie series. As we loved the first Creed movie done so eloquently by Ryan Coogler. We weren’t to excited to see this sequel even though it was directed by another African American director. Here’s our thoughts. Director: Steven Caple Jr. Based on: Characters; by Sylvester Stallone and Ryan Coogler Producers: Sylvester Stallone, Irwin Winkler, David Winkler, William Chartoff, Charles Winkler, Kevin King...


Anderson Paak: Oxnard

We finally get the full release of Anderson Paak Oxnard. The Cali crooner and creative artist that has been featured almost every where. This Dr. Dre produced release is something Sean and I couldn’t wait to dive into.


Sin Fronteras El Mechon California Red Blend

Huge and seriously silky all at once. As big as the Cabs Macario's famous for making, with rich velvety fruit that you expect from a Tempranillo. This wine is all about balance and elegance. It's hefty enough to stand up to flashy Napa Cabs but elegant enough to be enjoyed with casual wine drinkers.


Dealing with Subscriptions and living a mundane life as a millennial

This week Chaz and I start off with what subscriptions you have and how do you start looking at the automatic payments that are not worth your time or cost. A little conversation with acquiring property foreclosure, tax liens and acquisitions and How to improve your position with your career even if its boring or mundane.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Alicia and I finally get to see the sequel to the Fantastic beast series by JK Rowling. We highly enjoyed the first movie so we were looking forward to the sequel. Heavy with Star power our expectations were high for this one as well.


Mick Jenkins - Pieces of a man

We jump into this Alabama breed, Chicago raised artist who is a combination Poet/Rapper and check out his new release: Pieces of a man. An interesting release during this Hip Hop era. But with the influence of Chance the rapper, Vic Mensa, I waited to see what this artist would bring after his critically acclaimed "The Water" release.


Pulpo - Albarino Pagos del Rey

Pulpo: This white wine made from “albariño” grapes carefully grown in the vineyards of the región “Val do Salnés” (Salnes Valley) in Galicia. A delicate wine with aromas of white flowers, hints of peaches and apricots lead to a fresh, fruity palate


The fatigue of being an adult as a millennial

Chaz and I semi look back at the year of doing adult things, being responsible and preparing for the future. Now that the holiday seasons upon us. The anxiety of not having fun and doing things other than being an adult has become frustrating. What can a single millennial do when stagnant life becomes boring. Also a short review of Black Friday and impulse buying.