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Home of DJ DS a.k.a. Disco Stu. Featuring Trance, Downtempo, Drum'n'bass, Funk & Hip-Hop mixes as well as original tracks produced and recorded by DJ DS a.k.a. Disco Stu. Also, check out podcasts released regularly on the site!

Home of DJ DS a.k.a. Disco Stu. Featuring Trance, Downtempo, Drum'n'bass, Funk & Hip-Hop mixes as well as original tracks produced and recorded by DJ DS a.k.a. Disco Stu. Also, check out podcasts released regularly on the site!


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Home of DJ DS a.k.a. Disco Stu. Featuring Trance, Downtempo, Drum'n'bass, Funk & Hip-Hop mixes as well as original tracks produced and recorded by DJ DS a.k.a. Disco Stu. Also, check out podcasts released regularly on the site!






Shake Mix

Blending Trip-Hop, Lo-Fi and Downtempo beats, this mix keeps the groove going from start to finish. Tracks from Teebs and Kruder & Dorfmeister highlight the beginning of the mix, while turntabilists DJ Vadim & DJ Shadow carrying the middle. The end of the set features more danceable tracks including a stellar remix of SAULT from Afriqua. Tracklisting:


Breathe Mix

Put on your headphones and take a moment to breathe. Enjoy these funky vibes in this mix that starts with synths and breaks from the likes of Sasha and Bronson and NAVVI. As the mix progresses, the beats turn to lo-fi house which gives way to an upbeat disco vibe. As your spirit is lifted the mix ends with an acid house feeling in a Four Tet remix of Caribou. Float away into the bliss at the end of the set with beats by Akasha System. Tracklisting:


Flow Mix

Take a listen, this may be something that you may be missin'. Each of these tracks in the mix let's the b-boys and b-girls speak their mind, giving you rhymes and rhythms to dance to as well as to educate your soul about what's going on in the world around us. Times may be hard right now, but as Lee Fields tell us at the end of the mix, don't give up. Tracklisting:


Something In My Mind Mix

Float along the dance floor with this mix of driving Progressive House and Progressive Trance tracks. Tunes in this set come from the classic label, Global Underground, whose trademark series of mixes from premier DJs from around the world shaped the electronic dance music landscape as far back as the 90's. Tracklisting:


How The Funk Was Won (The Dr. Funkenstein Story) Mix

In this edition of Funk Masterpiece theatre Stu retells the story of how the magnificent Dr. Funkenstein defeated the Subliminal Seducer and brought funk to the universe.


Adventures of Shaftman on Da Wheels of Steel Mix

If you thought Shaft was a bad mother - then watch out for Shaftman. He'll get you good and Disco Stu proves it with a mix of funky hip-hop from back in the day that will put a little more glide in your stride & dip in your hip as you get up on the Mothership. Can you dig it? Tracklisting:


Kingdoms Mix

Stu locks into the house beats in this mix while layering on top plenty of synth lines that will keep you dancing. Remixes of Kllo and Maribou State start things off. Then cuts from NAVVI and Octo Octa take the mix to a breakbeat groove that will have you nodding your head. Even though the mix mellows out by the time another great K-rAd track kicks, the backend of the mix is full of disco house vibes. A killer remix of Smokey Brights by Rudy Willingham jams along with an 'Old School' mix of...


Abstract Meaning Mix

Stu keeps the beats rolling through this mix of drum'n'bass tracks new and old. The vibe gets going with K-rad and AceMo dropping jungle beats. The middle of the set drops into a remix of a classic DJ Shadow track. By the end of it all there are a couple of songs from Jamie Myerson and a special edit of DJ Wawa's 'What It Means', courtesy of Disco Stu himself. Tracklisting:


The Down Stroke Mix

Stu is down on the up stroke with this mix of funky downtempo beats from Thievery Corporation, Beanfield and The Orb. Tracklisting:


Liquid Lounge Mix

This classic mix builds from airy Trance to a euphoric vibe of Progressive House. Featuring tracks from James Holden and Max Graham as well as remixes from Cass & Slide and Sumantri. Tracklisting:


Eternal Desire Mix

Thumping progressive house and trance beats from the likes of Sander Kleinenberg, Sasha, Underworld and Saints & Sinners. Tracklisting:


Borealis Mix

This mix features classic progressive trance and breaks from the likes of Sasha, BT, Trafik, Lostep and Nautious. Tracklisting:


Just Another Funky Christmas Mix

The holiday season is here again and it's time to get funky with these soulful renditions of classic Christmas tunes. Pour egg nog and dance around the fireplace as you spread good tidings and joy! Remember, Santa knows if you've been groovy or not, so best get your groove on with this mix. Tracklisting:


So Good Looking Mix

Smooth mix of jazzy drum'n'bass from the Good Looking Record label. Things start out with a remix of a classic Gus Gus track and rolls through songs by Big Bud and Blue Mar Ten. Seba brings things home with a remedy for whatever may be bringing ya down. Tracklisting:


Seeking Mix

Stu is seeking the funky vibe in this mix of tunes. Things start off with a banger from Rudy Willingham that will get your rump shakin'. The funky, disco house sounds give way to a deeper jazzy house vibe that slides into a great remix by Richard Dorfmeister & Madrid De Los Austrias. The middle section of the mix rides a tech house sound that gives way to a mellow ending to the mix which rides songs by Lusine, DJ Koze and Bonobo. Everything ends with a smooth number by John...


Fortschritt Musik Vol. III Mix

The third and final mix in a series that Stu produced from 2000-2002. Featuring tracks and remixes from the likes of Sander Kleinenberg, Memnon, Noel Sanger, Jimmy Van M and Chemical Brothers (to name a few). Tracklisting:


Fortschritt Musik Vol. II Mix

The second installment in the trilogy of mixes representing the progressive house sound of the late 90's / early 00's. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Sander Kleinenberg, Tilt and Quivver are layered with records from the Sumsonic label. Everything comes to a peak with an uplifting remix of Schiller and hypnotic melody from P.H.B. Tracklisting:


Late Night Tales Mix

Stu brings you a mix of smooth, jazzy drum'n'bass. Listen close for classics from Audio Ghost, Adam F, Jamie Myerson and Wink. Put your headphones on and drift away with tracks to vibe in the after hours. Tracklisting:


Fortschritt Musik Vol. I Mix

Stu brings you the long lost first installment in the Fortschritt Musik series of mixes of high energy trance tracks from the late 90's electronic dance music scene. The mix gets going with an ethereal vibe from Ocean Wave and Steve Porter. Tracks from Electric Boutique and John '00' Fleming get the dance floor grooving. Everything ends with a banging track from Sander Kleinenberg. Tracklisting:


Flux Mix

Stu once again goes back into the vault to bring you a mix of high energy trance tracks from the bygone era of late 90's electronic dance music. A classic from Team Progress starts the mix on the right foot. In between tracks from Lunatic Asylum and Oliver Lieb is an anthem from Travel. The mix ends with two remixes from Auroron with a great Progressive Breaks vibe. Tracklisting: