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Episode 71: Bryce Cronan of The Afternooners

Bryce Cronan of the Afternooners joins us in the studio for the next round of the Summer Series with his smooth melodies and his Jack Johnson vibe. Listen to some interesting show stories like the time his band opened for Cherub!


Episode 70: The Mailboxes

The Mailboxes is an art-pop band from Cleveland, Tennessee. Members Jillian and Logan Ivey are creative partners who also happen to be married to one another. Jillian plays piano, sings really loud, and writes catchy indie pop melodies. Logan plays the drums, looks cool, and is trying not to break his arms again. They like touring across the country in their van and thru hiking in the mountains. They have a new project and album coming in 2019!

Episode 69: Thirstain Daniels

Thirstain Daniels is a Chattanooga native with the most beautiful voice. Listen to his stories about his up bringing in music and where he is headed! You will really enjoy his covers and originals played on this episode.


Episode 68: Twisted Pine

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Heather talks with Boston-based bluegrass-pop band Twisted Pine about how they first met, their experiences within the bluegrass scene in Boston and why they’ve adopted a response of “four separate beds here” where it comes to questions about their personal relationships. The band started out hewing closer to their bluegrass roots, but over time, they broadened their approach, incorporating more indie pop hooks and rhythms into their string band...


Episode 67: DJ and Marv

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Chattanooga duo DJ and Marv talk with Heather about how their religious upbringing influenced the direction of their music, how they came to meet through a shared musical friend and when we can possibly expect their debut EP to be released. This episode is recorded at Andrew Meadow’s house, another local musician who also happens to be the producer of DJ and Marv’s forthcoming EP and who also works at Dynamo Studios at the downtown Chattanooga...


Episode 66: Josh Driver

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Heather invites Chattanooga songwriter Josh Driver into the studio to talk with her and guest co-host Adam Stone of Over Easy about some of his influences and why “Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4” led him to pursue a musician’s life. Known for his work with The Dixieland Playboys and as a recent addition to Chattanooga hard rock group Subkonscious, Driver has always possessed a restless creativity, a stubborn and uncompromising need to widen his musical...


Episode 65: Alex Volz

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Heather welcomes Chattanooga singer-songwriter Alex Volz to the studio. Over the last few years, Volz has been making the rounds in town and gaining a following for the acoustic expansiveness of both his children’s songs and for the more adult-oriented work of his alter ego Burly Temple. Relying on clever wordplay and a knack for surprising and complicated melodies, he spins stories that address weighty topics that children might come across in...


Episode 64: Cannon Hunt

Open Mic Spotlight – Cannon Hunt On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, singer-songwriter Cannon Hunt joins Heather in the studio to discuss the details of his upcoming EP, the effect that his faith has had on his music and how music became such an important part of his life at an early age. And at 15 years old, Hunt has the distinction of being the youngest guest on Open Mic Spotlight, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t miles of experience buried within his work. Whether he’s aiming...


Episode 63: Danny Alvarez

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight, Chattanooga musician Danny Alvarez stops by to talk with Heather about growing up listening to religious music in a conservative household, his musical epiphany on a Navajo reservation and his love of ‘90s hip-hop and R&B production. Armed with his keyboard, Alvarez doles out liquid grooves and mercurial rhythms that bounce around within a host of different genres. From Sam Smith to Stevie Wonder to Louis Armstrong, his choice of cover songs reveals the...


Episode 62: Sophie Lockhart

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, singer-songwriter Sophie Lockhart joins Heather in the studio to talk about her studies at Lee University, how the guitar is not her main instrument and how she’s made the change to a full band for the release of her new single. Armed with just an acoustic guitar, her fiercely confident voice and a microphone, Lockhart invokes a timeless sound, one that doesn’t rely on cheap theatrics or studio manipulation to develop an intense emotional...


Episode 61: Planes on Paper with Josiah Johnson

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Navid Eliot and Jenny Borst from Planes on Paper and Josiah Johnson from The Head and The Heart drop by the studio to talk with Heather. They’d all been visiting Chattanooga to play at Treetop Hideaways for Chattanooga House Shows, but due to unforeseen weather complications, they wound up performing at The Daily Ration. Known for their gorgeous folk harmonies and acoustic melodies, Planes on Paper upend the expectations placed on...


Episode 58: Drumming Bird

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Chattanooga musician, Austin Sawyer, the main songwriter and member of Drumming Bird, stops in to talk with Heather about his studies at MSTU (where he founded the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity last year), his days performing with High Meadows Communion and how he got famous on Twitter for tweeting about the lack of college parking. Tackling a couple of original songs and a few covers – most notably “Angel From Montgomery” by John Prine and “Tear...


Episode 57: Nick and Luke

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, the Americana-varnished duo Nick and Luke stop by to talk with Heather about some of their more unusual experiences while touring, their desire to use music as a means to facilitate human-to-human interaction and how their sound shifts from day to day as their focus narrows and becomes clearer with each performance. With just some acoustic guitars (Gibson’s from the ‘30s and ‘40s), Nicholas Horner and Lucas Chohany create a roaring, harmony-soaked...


Episode 56: Derek Wayne Martin

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Chattanooga musician Derek Wayne Martin spends some time with Heather in the studio to talk about the ways in which he’s trying to help build the local music scene through his work at The Camp House, how his mom and dad met in a college rock band and why the best purchase of his life was a 1971 Ventura guitar he bought at The Picker’s Exchange. With his acoustic guitar in tow, Martin rambles through a couple of original songs while still paying...


Episode 54: Midnight Promise

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Chattanooga pop-rock trio Midnight Promise drop by the studio to talk about the process for how they collaborate on each track, the familial atmosphere that the band cultivates and how their differing musical tastes push them to experiment with various sounds. With influences as disparate as ‘80s metal, Pink Floyd and Rihanna, the band’s work doesn’t easily fit into any one category but runs through a collection of pop and rock inspirations that...


Episode 52: Hailey Miller

In this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Chattanooga singer-songwriter Hailey Miller stops by the studio to discuss how she first learned how to play the guitar, the experiences that have shaped her music and how she hopes to continue pursuing music as she attends Belmont University in Nashville in the Fall—she recently graduate from Baylor. She quickly reveals a diverse cast of influences as she shares covers of “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King and “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore. She easily...


Episode 51: Nate Currin

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, singer-songwriter Nate Currin joins Heather in the studio to discuss how a religious upbringing drove him to seek out secular music and the deep influence that those bands would go on have on his own music in later years. Tasked with extolling a deep emotional canvas with just a voice and an acoustic guitar, Currin easily invests his work with an earnest and evocative twang and echo. He explores some of his influences by wandering through a...


Episode 50: The Local Stangers

On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Seattle-based Americana duo The Local Strangers drop by the studio to share some of their achingly beautiful harmonies and discuss details of their upcoming record. Built around the twin influences of Aubrey Zoli and Matt Hart, the band expertly wind their way through dramatic folk and pop landscapes while keeping their sights set on creating a unique and earnest noise that owes a good deal to their collective inspirations. You can hear how these...


49: Hannah Murphy

Hannah Murphy – Open Mic Spotlight On this week’s Open Mic Spotlight podcast, Atlanta singer-songwriter Hannah Murphy joining Heather in the studio to discuss their first meeting at Eddie’s Attic at an Atlanta open mic night, how she first picked up the guitar when she was 13 and how her lack of internet led her to see the value of pursuing music as a creative outlet. Armed with just an acoustic guitar and a forceful but gorgeous voice, Murphy evokes the spare and fluid landscapes of the...


Episode 48: Marcus White

In the Open Mic Spotlight podcast this week, Chattanooga artist Marcus White drops by the studio to discuss his tenure with several local bands, the varying roles he takes as both musician and producer and how electronic music can be just as physical as any other type of music. Hailing from Washington D.C., White attended Lee University on a music scholarship but wound up studying psychology. A few years later, he was approached by gospel musician Eddie James to join his tour on keyboard,...