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Ramsey Embick: Composer/Pianist/Unique individual / CC#267

Welcome to the Café at Artichoke Music for another…267th, to be exact, OMN Coffeeshop Conversations at Artichoke Music podcast. Next week, the virtuoso guitarist and Master of Mastering Jon Neufeld. The week after that my guest will be me. The election will be over, I hope, and I’m going to take center stage. Anything might happen. But today a unique individual, a pianist who can play anything. Jazz, funk, Latin, he’s done it all. He put in time as a producer and engineer in Los Angeles,...


Mark Powell: Cappella Romana has a hit! Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #266

Welcome back to the Café at Artichoke Music for Coffeeshop Conversation number two hundred and sixty six. Can you believe it? Portland has a world famous choral ensemble. Its name is Cappella Romana. They’ve been around since 1991 giving the world early and contemporary sacred classical music in the Christian traditions of East and West. These days, the replication of sounds from an ancient Byzantine cathedral in Turkey has put them on the charts! And I’m betting they’ll be up for a Grammy....


Charlie Brown III: Keyboardist for all seasons / CC#265

You know It’s one of those times when we say that there’s a musician who has stepped up and been recognized as that one young cat who is what? I’m not handing out trophies here, but for me, I’d like to think of Charlie Brown III as someone who deserves to be known as the top young keyboard player around here. I know that might sound archaic but at least it’s not a list for us to harvest clicks. Anyway, Charlie is in a lot of ensembles including a band called greaterkind…lower case G. They...


Vicki Green: What is a Performing Artist Coach? / Coffeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #264

Vicki Green intro Welcome back to the Café at Artichoke Music for another OMN Coffeshop Conversation. I’m Tom D’Antoni, as you may know. Do you need a coach? Think about it. Wouldn’t that be nice? To have someone on your side who wants to help you improve your work….and can’t fire you? With me is Vicki Green who is a Performing Artist Coach. What’s that? That’s what we’re here to find out. In addition to musicians and bands, she coaches actors, writers, directors and playwrights. Let’s meet...


Sarah Clarke: Finding meaningful activity while shut town / CC#263

I always like it when I Have someone in the Artichoke Music Café who I’ve enjoyed and admired but have neve met. One of those people is Sarah Clare who is here in the Café with me. I’ve known about her for years for her singing with Dirty Revival. They were getting ready for a tour with Galactic when we all got smacked down with the virus. That has not stopped her. She’s been doing a lot of live-streaming, she is headimg up the Musicians in Solidarity organization and is involved with a new...


Michael Quinby: Hunting for new game / CC #263

Yes it’s me with a smoky voice not because I want to sound like Barry White (which I actually do want to) but because of the smoke. When we recorded this conversation with Michael Quinby, leader of the Roseland Hunters (I ask if there’s a chance they’ll get back together), all we had to worry about was the pandemic and the election. Michael was the leader, vocalist and guitarist for the Roseland Hunters and I played the living hell out of their record on the radio. So what’s he been doing...


Steve Berlin of Los Lobos: Learning how to play all over again CC#262

Steve Berlin, long-time saxophonist with Los Lobos, and a Portlander for years is in the Artichoke Café. He’s here to talk about the work on a new Los Lobos album and how he has spent all of this damned time off re-learning how to play the saxophone. After decades of playing it one way, he’s spent months learning a different way to play it. We’ll hear about that and a lot of other things. Hey, if ya got, please donate to our GoFundMe campaign to keep OMN alive. We’re not kidding when we say...


Bill Frisell's Marvelous Dream

Bill Frisell tells us about a dream that changed his life.


Tucker Martine: The Producer/Recordist in his studio CC#261

I am with Tucker Martine, one of the world’s best producers and recording engineers. I could read you the list of the people he’s worked with but it would take the rest of the podcast, and that’s only slightly exaggerating. Here are just a few, Roseanne Cash, My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, Don Henley, the Avett Brothers. I could go on but you get the picture. One of his most beloved collaborators is Bill Frisell who comes to Portland to record right here at Flora...


Lee Fields: A Soul man in his own right

Lee Fields. came up in the 1960’s, did pretty well for himself, known as “Little JB” for James Brown because of his voice, his dancing abilities and because he was just downright funky. When disco hit, he wanted to remain true to his art, so he quit the business for a few years. He was a part of the great Soul music revival in the late 1990’s and hasn’t looked back since. He has a tight band he calls The Expressions and they travel the world. He has a new album out called. “It Rains Love.”...


Isaac Slusarenko hits the Jackpot with Martin Denny reissues CC#260

When you hear the start of this, you will notice that you're not hearing the Coffeeshop Conversations theme. Good catch. The regular theme doesn’t have men imitating birds and frogs. No, this is Martin Denny’s Quiet Village which ushered in a whole new thing when it was released in 1957…called Exotica. And it was. It was also a huge hit and so were the Martin Denny lp’s that followed. Well, today’s guest in the Artichoke Café is Isaac Sluseranko who runs Jackpot Records. Every year around...


Lisa Lipton: One very busy clarinetist and executive CC#257

The rather spectacular Lisa Lipton is in the Artichoke Café. She’s the Executive Director of Opera Theater Oregon and their principal clarinetist and so much more. She’s a very busy human. She has a live streamed event on her birthday, Tuesday August 25 at Polaris Hall which will feature Micah Hummel on drums, George Colligan on Piano, Mark Dubac on Clarinet, Camille Marie Sherman, Mezzo-Soprano, Daniel Mobbs, Bass-Baritone, Sequoia on Piano, and our friend Jim Brunberg on Guitar. All kinds...


Darrell Grant: A new music video for our moment in time CC#256

After a visit to Falcon Recording Studio last time, we’re back at the Café at Artichoke Music for episode two-hundred and fifty-six in the endless podcast series Coffeeshop Conversations. With me is Darrell Grant composer, pianist, teacher and central to Jazz music in Oregon for decades. He’s the Associate Director of the School of Music at Portland State University which has fueled the development of our homegrown Jazz musicians. But he’s here today to talk about a new piece of music called...


Dennis Carter: 35 years of recording music at Falcon CC#255

Dennis Carter has been operating the Falcon Recording Studio on SE 15th Avenue for thirty-five years. He’s recorded much of the musical history of Portland. We’re in his studio because he has a client on the way over and that’s how our schedules fit. Like everyone in the music industry, including us, Dennis is looking for ways to keep the lights on. But when you sit here and think about the music that has been recorded here, it’s almost like a living museum, but one that continues to add to...


Bill Plympton's message at John Callahan's memorial Final Final

Recorded message by the animator/filmmaker/cartoonist on August 10, 2010 at cartoonist John Callahan's memorial at the Mission Theater in Portland.


VanSant's message to the audience at John Callahan's Memorial

August 10, 2010 at the Mission Theater in Portland Oregon. It was pre-recorded for the occasion.


Jim Brunberg on getting money to save Oregon's music venues

Jim Brunberg on getting money to save Oregon's music venues by Oregon Music News


Tony Ozier: It helps to be multi-talented during a pandemic. CC#255

I’m six feet across the table in the Artichoke Cafe from composer, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, mentor and scenemaker…the man who introduced the Dookie Jam to Portland and who has just finished a run of releasing twenty songs in twenty consecutive weeks with “What Is Love” Featuring Rain Ezra… I’m talking about Tony Ozier…that tall, lean gentleman who has been an important part of music in Oregon for over a decade. It's people like Tony who have managed to keep busy even though...


The real Lady A: A singer, not a group. CC#254

We are back to the Skype machine this week but we’ll be back at Artichoke Music next week with a conversation with Tony Ozier. Right now we’re going to talk with Lady A. Not the band that used to call themselves lady Antebellum, but the Soul and Blues singer from Seattle who has been calling herself Lady A for decades, has made many appearances in Portland including many times at the Waterfront Blues Festival.. I’m sure you’ve heard about the dustup between them. Lady A will be filling in...


Farnell Newton, a new label of his own and keeping very busy in the time of covid / CC#253

One of the busiest, most productive and most versatile musicians around here is Farnell Newton. It’s been way too long since Farnell has visited the podcast…five years, even. Are we that old? I guess we are. He’s back as trumpeter, composer, producer and label owner. He had multiple working ensemble before the tribulations hit. Those tribulations have not stopped him from composing, playing and starting a new label…lofisouljazz….all one word. There’s a new compilation album just out...