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A nerdy gay couple who spends way too much time on the couch and at the movie theater watching anything that catches our attention! Do you have a movie for us to watch and review? Have any suggestions for our show? Email us at or DM us via Instagram at gopressplay2!

A nerdy gay couple who spends way too much time on the couch and at the movie theater watching anything that catches our attention! Do you have a movie for us to watch and review? Have any suggestions for our show? Email us at or DM us via Instagram at gopressplay2!
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A nerdy gay couple who spends way too much time on the couch and at the movie theater watching anything that catches our attention! Do you have a movie for us to watch and review? Have any suggestions for our show? Email us at or DM us via Instagram at gopressplay2!




Don't stay "After the Wedding"

Hi listener! On this weeks episode of PRESS PLAY w/ Augie & Rizz we talk about Mena Massoud and his trouble finding work after his billion dollar movie Aladdin, Though the only white guy in that movie gets a spin-off? Producers of Venom are considering a R rated sequel due to the success of Joker. Also, a possible Honey, I shrunk the kinds reboot might be in the works! All that and more will be discussing over at Quick News. We'll go over the trailers for "Black Widow" & "Mulan". After the...


Knives Out and Black Friday

In this episode of PRESS PLAY w/ Augie & Rizz, We talk about our Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday experience. We review the trailers for "Three Christ" and "V wars". Over at Quick News we talk about the movie adaptation of Prom, The Flash production update and more! during the week we went to see the movie "Knives Out" with our niece and Rizz's brother. We'll review that movie for you. After a brief break we continue with some Vampire Weekend, Ana Gasteyer new Christmas album "Sugar &...


Gobble up some Quick News

This Thanksgiving episode has all the stuffings you need to fill you up. Augie & Rizz discuss some movie date changes in the MCU, Meta Nicolas Cage movie, Reboots to The MASK in which Rizz is trying to petition Kate Mckinnon to play the female MASK. SCREAM is another reboot in the works and thats also going to be discussed. It continues with more news on the Uncharted video game movie adaptation and they review the trailer for "Fantasy Island". The guys react to some of the the GRAMMY noms...


Double Feature: Drag me to Hell & Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Augie & Rizz introduces you to Sticky; the replacement of ROKU. Find out why the change of heart and what they first watch on Disney+ in this weeks episode. in Quick News you'll find out what they think about the possible FRIENDS reunion, Scream Queen reboot, the season finale of AHS: 1984 and so much more! The guys are head over heel for SCOOB the new Scooby-Doo animated film coming soon. after the break, the guys attended the 10th Anniversary screening of Drag me to Hell with special...


Mary Shelley and her Tortoise

The guys are back after a restful week. In this Episode of PRESS PLAY w/ Augie and Rizz they tell you about their Halloween evening: Bride of Frankenstein & Candy! Bride of Frankenstein is a stunning movie and Augie explains to you why. They talk about The Mandalorin, Knives out, and The Witcher and "tries" to break down Netfix' "In the Tall Grass". But before they do, Augie and Rizz has some updates on hot topics such as "The Batman", Hulu, and more in QUICK NEWS. Rizz informs you about...


2 men 1 Lighthouse

10 episodes in and we are going strong! This weeks episode of PRESS PLAY w/ Augie and Rizz, They talk about seeing the stage play Les Mis' Rizz explains how he got us great seats for the "Low Low". They guys inform you all about the developing Hocus Pocus 2 and get into discussing on movies that have been shelved now have the possibility to be made thanks to the ever growing streaming services. They tell you what they think of the trailers: Underwater, 6 underground, and Star Wars: Rise of...


A Midsommar Nightmare

Augie & Rizz Bring you more of their point of views on all things Movies, Music and whatever they think is cool. They talk about the 3 + hours it took for Disney+ to tweet all their official content. More casting news for Matt Reeves' Batman and guess which actor was asking for 10 million dollars for a role in the movie. The boys explains to you all how we should give actors a chance to show their skills before we criticize them. So, Which out of the 2 trailers Augie & Rizz saw are they most...


Send in the Clown

This Episode of PRESS PLAY w/ Augie & Rizz kicks off with CHICKEN GUY! yes, obsession is the correct word for this situation! The boys go over some Quick News that includes Candy Man soft reboot, Sony and MCU child custody battle of Spider-Man and there's a new lead actor in the the Matrix. They continue with 3 trailers: The Secret Garden, Birds of Prey, and The Turning. Augie talks about how this new version of The Secret Garden is not as magical as the original despite the heavy CGI and...


The Ritual at Halloween Horror Night

The episode starts with QUICK NEWS that included more AHS and info on the Infinity Saga box set. They continue on with the scary yet laughable night they had at Halloween Horror Night and go over their favorite houses, The winding long queues and giving you the breakdown on how they saw almost all the houses and went on several rides. Will they come back? have a listen!! Augie goes on a rant about people who skip lines and has no problem calling you out for it (He has PSTD from a Pizza fest...


Killer Klowns & growing up spooky!

Augie and Rizz takes the show on the road and end up in Orlando for Halloween Horror Night. But first, They fill you in on some developing DINO news. They go over the movie trailers of The Addams Family, CATS, and JUDY. The episode continues with more Halloween goodies As the guys tell you what they think of the cult classic movie "Killer Klowns from Outer Space". After the break the pair remembers what it's like to grow up during the ghoulish season of Halloween, Augie tells the story of...



On this weeks episode of PRESS PLAY w/ Augie & Rizz, They update you on hopeful DISNEY+ content. The fellas tell you what they think about future shows and movies such as Netflixs' Raising Dion, Black Christmas, and Gretel & Hansel, A scary movie that Augie is looking forward to?!? whaaaaat?!? On that note, they share with you what other GRIMM fairy tales they like to see on the big screen. They talk about Russian Dolls staring Natasha Lyonne and explain why its a great show you should...


...And the EMMY goes to!..

Augie & Rizz get cleaned up for televisions biggest night! Join them as they take you back to the 1st EMMY awards and fill you in with incredible EMMY facts! Augie and Rizz are torn for this years best lead actress in a limited series/movie though they explain, with good reason why they are sticking with their choices; They talk about how they believe POSEs' moment to shine will be next year and the guys agree on choosing RuPaul for Best Reality host but would have jump ship and went with...


A Pennywise for your thoughts?

On this episode of “PRESS PLAY w/ Augie & Rizz” the boys get intergalactic when they go over the movie trailers for “Lucy in the Sky” & “Ad Astra” and get hype for Robert Eggers' “The Lighthouse”. They talk about fried avocado and wait, did you hear that? what was all that commotion going on in the backyard?!? Was it Pennywise? Who knows, but they did see his movie. The guys review “It: Chapter 2” and talk about what a perfect casting the sequel was. They also rented “BRIGHTBURN” a movie...


Ready or Not here comes Dorian

The city is rummaging for provisions as a category 4 (soon to be a 5) hurricane hurls its way towards the east coast; But the show must go on! In this Episode of PRESS PLAY w/ Augie & Rizz The guys review the movie “Ready or Not” and get excited for AHS: 1984. They chat about the Vampire Weekend concert they went to and discuss about their concert experiences; Augie relives his first concert where although he got nosebleed section seats to see Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake he got a front row...


The Un-aired (aired) Pilot

Come have a listen as Rizz tells Augie how a movie is so much better when you have a naked Orlando Bloom Paddle Boarding in it! They also discuss trailers for some upcoming movies & T.V. show such as IT: Chapter 2 and Carnival Row. The guys recap FX POSE and review The Lion King where they both agreed that Missy Elliot would have been a better Nala! Catch PRESS PLAY w/ Augie & Rizz Every Wednesday! Email us any suggestions, comments or questions at Follow us on...


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