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Ep. 21: Catie Turner

This week, Chris sits down with bright young talent Catie Turner. As one of the Top 7 on American Idol this past season, Catie is ready to take the world by storm with her wise-beyond-her-years songs. She and Chris talk songwriting influences, tour life, and being in the national spotlight after only 3 years of playing music. And don’t forget to pitchlistpodcast.com or visit us on social media to watch the performances from this episode.


Ep. 20: Seaforth

This week, Chris and Aimee sit down to talk with the new pop-country duo you’ve been waiting for. Named after their hometown in Australia, Seaforth, Mitch and Tom talk about getting signed almost immediately here in Nashville and their journey as they create their debut album. Listen on for some cheeky laughs, great accents, and how they knew they were ready to bring their music to the next level.


Ep. 18: Levi and Marcus Hummon

Welcome to Season 2 of Pitch List! To celebrate the start of the season, Chris sits down this week with father and son Marcus and Levi Hummon. Both songwriters and recording artists, and each from a different era of music, Levi and Marcus talk about staying true to yourself in the industry. Listen on to hear some hilarious Grammy Award stories, what it’s like writing songs with your dad, and how they each found their place in commercial music as multitalented artists and writers. And, don’t...


Ep.19: Pilgrimage Festival

For this episode, Chris sent out our producer Dana out to Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, TN to catch the vibe and interview some up-and-coming talent. Listen on to hear her talk to four artists; Wild Rivers, Hannah Dasher, Bishop Gunn and Josh Martin; about their sound, influences and more. You heard it here first, y’all – these artists are on the rise! Don’t forget to go to pitchlistpodcast.com or visit us on social media for more exclusive content.


Ep. 17: Lori McKenna / Greatest Job In The World

For the season 1 finale of Pitch List, Chris sits down at the Noelle Hotel downtown to talk with the one and only Lori McKenna. Lori is a back-to-back Grammy Award winning songwriter and has written hits for giant artists such as Faith and Tim, Little Big Town, Hunter Hayes and more. Listen on to hear her story, what it’s like to be a parent in the songwriting business, and why she thinks her job is the greatest in the world. Lori’s new album, The Tree, comes out July 20th – preorder your...


Ep. 16: Let's Make A Record / The March Project

This week, Chris shares the incredible story of how four friends (Marv Green, Bill Luther, Aimee Mayo and himself) turned just making some records they loved, into a whole lot of hit songs. From that record came hits like "Let's Make Love" (Tim and Faith), "There Will Come A Day" (Faith Hill), "Smilin'" (Tim McGraw) and more. Listen on to hear about their cowriting pet peeves, what their kids think of their songs, and the magic of finding your people in this town.


Ep. 15: Invisible Magic / Steve Moakler

Now that the craziness of CMA Fest is over, Chris sits down with up-and-coming artist Steve Moakler for a chat down by Music Row. But although Steve is a relatively new artist, don't let that fool you - he's also a veteran songwriter, having penned hits for Dierks Bentley, Ben Rector, Jake Owen and more. Listen on to hear Steve talk about building birdhouses, being out on the road, and his new album, "Born Ready", dropping this Friday June 15th.


Ep. 14: What Happens Next / Deric Ruttan

This week, Chris sits down at the studio with Grammy-nominated songwriter and country artist Deric Ruttan. He has not only written hits for artists such as Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Eric Church and more, but also regularly tours in Canada to support his own albums. Listen on to hear Deric and Chris remember what it's like to be new in Nashville, and debate everything from target writing to the lucky "15-minute song".


Ep. 13: Sing-Along Song / Missi Gallimore

She may not be a songwriter, but Missi Gallimore is the woman behind so many of your favorite country songs. She not only discovered hits such as "Blue Ain't Your Color", "Humble and Kind" and "Breathe", but also owns her own publishing company, and a popular coffee shop in Franklin, TN (Coffee and Coconuts). Listen on to hear this A&R genius share some wisdom with us songwriters in this episode.


Ep. 12: Love What You Love / Aimee Mayo

What's better than a husband and wife songwriting team? This week, Chris interviews his wife Aimee Mayo, Grammy-nominated and #1 hit writer. They dive into Aimee's past and her father's songwriting influence, and talk about one of her most recent cuts on Caitlyn Smith's new album. Bonus: have a laugh hearing about the time they wrote with Aimee's childhood crush Rick Springfield!


Episode 11: Fire / Drake White

We welcome another writer/artist back on Pitch List! This week, Drake White talks with Chris about his connection to fire and the art of conversation, his Alabama/blues roots, and his upcoming record. Listen to the end to hear how getting fired from a construction working job led him to his commitment of music.


Episode 10: Make A Noise / Barry Dean

This week, the great Barry Dean joins Chris in the studio for the first episode of the year! He reminisces on first coming to Nashville (including flying in for the sole purpose of having coffee with Tom Douglas), and gives us an inside look on how two of his biggest hits, "Day Drinking" and "Girls Chase Boys" were shaped in the writer's room. Plus: learn how Barry almost learned Portuguese to become a Brazilian pop musician.


Happy Holidays from Pitch List!

Capping off this year with a little holiday message from Chris. We'll be back in January with brand new episodes and all your favorite writers and artists. Don't forget to leave us a 5-star rating and review here in iTunes and tweet us a screenshot for your chance to win some awesome Bose wireless headphones! Thanks so much for listening, and see you in the new year! -Chris Lindsey and all of us at Pitch List


Episode 9: Chase It Like Mad / Brett Beavers

“Sometimes magic does happen. That’s what keeps us coming back,” this week’s guest, Brett Beavers, tells us. After moving to town years ago in lieu of a professional bass fishing career, Brett now has Nashville wrapped around his finger. He has not only toured with Martina McBride and Lee Ann Womack, but has also written and produced several hits for Dierks Bentley along the way. Take a listen as Chris and Brett talk about what it really takes to write one of those coveted magic songs.


Episode 8: Always Sunny In California / Colbie Caillat

This week, Chris welcomes a very special guest into Aimeeland Studios. Malibu girl Colbie Caillat rose to success in her hometown on MySpace over ten years ago; now, she’s officially living here in town and ready to take the Nashville world by storm. Colbie shows Pitch List a fresh perspective as an artist/writer and the struggle to stay true to yourself in the music business.


Episode 7: Let's Get Drunk And Write / Troy Verges

Writer/producer Troy Verges has been in the game for a long time, starting with his rare straight-out-of-college publishing deal years ago. Fast-forward to the present, Troy sits down with Chris in the studio to talk all things songwriting. They reminisce on old times and the old-school magic of recording demos live, and talk about how consistent and grounded songwriting has proven to be Troy’s key to success.


Episode 6: The Long And Winding Road / Caitlyn Smith

This week, as Chris comes down with a cold, wife Aimee Mayo guest hosts and sits down with the amazing Caitlyn Smith. These old friends get together and talk about everything from the magic of writing songs at night, to Caitlyn’s first band as a teenager, “U-Turn” (pink electric guitar included). Don’t forget to check out Caitlyn’s brand new record, available this fall.


Episode 5: Three Chords and The Truth / Bob Dipiero

Bob Dipiero has written countless hits for the likes of Tim McGraw, The Oak Ridge Boys, George Strait and more. Today, Chris visits Bob’s studio to talk about anything and everything from a probable “Track Guy Hall of Fame”, to the heart of country music and staying true to yourself.


Episode 4: Two Is Better Than One / The Warren Brothers

This week, Chris invites the Warren Brothers over to his studio to talk all things songwriting and crack a few jokes. They discuss their unique situation of writing as a duo, how it feels to have the great Craig Wiseman as their boss, and confirm that Waylon Jennings actually hates country music. Plus: what it means to know “the real Chris Lindsey”.


Episode 3: Home Is Where The Song Is / Tom Douglas

This week, Chris talks with Tom Douglas (“The House That Built Me”, “Raise ‘Em Up”) about his inspiring journey towards becoming a professional songwriter, the mysterious nature of spirituality and shared experiences, and how to write a truly meaningful song.