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Beats mismatched. New mystic moods. The International Style. Pressed and dressed. Queasy listening. New ways to fail. More is more. Backroom room tones.

Beats mismatched. New mystic moods. The International Style. Pressed and dressed. Queasy listening. New ways to fail. More is more. Backroom room tones.


East Orange, NJ


Beats mismatched. New mystic moods. The International Style. Pressed and dressed. Queasy listening. New ways to fail. More is more. Backroom room tones.




Carmen Villain in the mix from Feb 23, 2021

Carmen Villain - "Light In Phases" - Sketch for Winter IX: Perlita [https://carmenvillain.bandcamp.com/album/sketch-for-winter-ix-perlita] Dialect - "Under~Between" - Under~Between [Carmen Villain in the mix!] Claire Rousay - "Peak Chroma" - A Softer Focus [Carmen Villain in the mix!] Carmen Villain - "Borders feat. Jenny Hval (Klara Lewis Remix)" - Borders/Red Desert [Carmen Villain in the mix!] Picnic - "Folds and Rips (Huerco S. Verion)" - Picnic [Carmen Villain in the mix!] Space...


breathing out your gentle breath that freezes in the air from Feb 16, 2021

Milford Graves - "Bäbi" - Bäbi [RIP Milford Graves] Ghédalia Tazartès / Paweł Romańczuk / Andrzej Załęski - "The End of Western World" - Carp's Head [RIP Ghédalia Tazartès] Wei Zhongyue - "Shimian Maifu, Pt. 1 (China)" - Excavated Shellac: An Alternate History of the World's Music [https://dusttodigital.bandcamp.com/album/excavated-shellac-an-alternate-history-of-the-worlds-music] Regrelh - "Elogi De La Guerra - Be'm Platz Lo Gais Temps De Pascor" - Cants Dels Trobadors: La Douceur d'un...


Love space. from Feb 9, 2021

Xela - "Safe (in Trauma)" - Safe Xïola Yin - "Duplicated Joy" - Self-Contained Illusion (the Peak) [https://dinzuartefacts.bandcamp.com/album/self-contained-illusion-the-peak] Afrikan Sciences - "Culture G" - Notes from a Solar Return Speaker Music - "Ex-American Blues" - Soul-Making Theodicy [https://speakermusic.bandcamp.com/album/soul-making-theodicy-2] Yvette Janine Jackson - "Invisible People" - Freedom [https://yvettejaninejackson.bandcamp.com/album/freedom] Dynamic Superiors -...


RIP SOPHIE from Feb 2, 2021

SOPHIE MEETS SOFIA [RIP SOPHIE] Sfire - "Sfire1 feat. Marcella" - Sfire1 [RIP SOPHIE] Sfire - "Sfire3" - Sfire [RIP SOPHIE] SOPHIE - "L.O.V.E" - L.O.V.E. [RIP SHOPIE] SOPHIE - "Bipp" - Bipp [RIP SOPHIE] SOPHIE - "Hard" - Lemonade/Hard [RIP SOPHIE] SOPHIE - "Unisil" - Unisil [RIP SOPHIE] Yelle - "Moteur Action (Sophie & A. G. Cook Remix)" - Complètement Fou (Remixes) [RIP SOPHIE] SOPHIE - "Faceshopping (Lipstick Gel Remix)" - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides Remix Album [RIP...


Find your way home. from Jan 26, 2021

Paper Music - "Downtime" - 25 Years of Paper Part 1 [https://paperecordings.bandcamp.com/album/25-years-of-paper-part-1-by-crazy-p] Students of Ted Kerr's class "Life During Memorialization: History and the Ongoing Epidemic of HIV/AIDS in the US" at the New School - "I Want a___" [https://visualaids.org/blog/i-want-a] Ellis D - "Just Like a Queen (Vogue Like a Queen Mix)" - Just Like a Queen Felipe Gordon - "There's a Part of Me That's Always True" - Those Quiet Eyes...


Insides in the mix from Jan 19, 2021

Music behind DJ: Insides - "Clear Skin" - Clear Skin Insides - "Ghost Music" - Soft Bonds [Insides in the mix!] Bill Orcutt - "Odds Against Tomorrow" - Odds Against Tomorrow [Insides in the mix!] Gareth Williams & Mary Currie - "Breast Stroke" - Flaming Tunes [Insides in the mix!] Hailu Mergia - "Migibima Moltual" - Wede Harer Guzo [Insides in the mix!] Noël Akchoté - "New-York" - Plays The Music of / の曲を再生します Ornette Coleman - Noël Akchoté (Original Jazz Series) [Insides in the...


Listen to me baby, it's important that you try and understand from Jan 12, 2021

Stacey Q - "Don't Make a Fool of Yourself (The Shep Pettibone Mix)" - Don't Make a Fool of Yourself Dance System & Herbert - "Discovid" - Where's the Party At? [https://dancesystem.bandcamp.com/album/wheres-the-party-at] KiNK - "Bug" - Nagore [https://kink-sofia.bandcamp.com/album/nagore] Paranoid London - "Where PL At (Dub)" - PLEDITS#5 [https://paranoidlondon.bandcamp.com/album/pledits-5] Ausschuss - "Silk Law" - Communion [https://perpetualcare.bandcamp.com/album/communion] Pearson...


Time is everything. from Jan 5, 2021

The Norwegian Soloists' Choir/Oslo Sinfonietta/Grete Pedersen - "Alfred Janson: Nocturne" - As Dreams Bill Fontana - "Landscape Sculpture With Fog Horns (Concert Version)" - Landscape Sculpture With Foghorns [https://othermindsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/landscape-sculpture-with-fog-horns] Sarah Hennies - "Bent Duo: David Friend, piano; Bill Solomon, percussion - Unsettle" - Spectral Malsconcities [https://newworldrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sarah-hennies-spectral-malsconcities] NYZ -...


end it from Dec 29, 2020

Shuta Hiraki - "Op.10" - Circadian Rhythms Vol. 1 [https://lineimprint.bandcamp.com/album/circadian-rhythms-vol-1] Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke - "So" - Music in Support of Black Mental Health [https://musicinsupportofblackmentalhealth.bandcamp.com/track/zora-jones-sinjin-hawke-so] Fauzia - "Insurrection" - Fragments [https://fauzia.bandcamp.com/album/fragments] Kush Jones - "The World Sounds" - New York Dance Music IV...


Moon Wiring Club in the mix from Dec 22, 2020

Music behind DJ: Moon Wiring Club - "Jass of Thun" - Jass of Thun - "Rialto Fanfare" [Moon Wiring Club in the mix!] Douglas Gamley - "Midnight Mess" [Moon Wiring Club in the mix!] John Barry - "Orson Wells Great Mysteries (edit)" [Moon Wiring Club in the mix!] Drexcyia - "Vampire Island" - The Quest [Moon Wiring Club in the mix!] Eric Serra - "Dark Passage" - Subway OST [Moon Wiring Club in the mix!] Dean Hurley - "excerpt" - Concrete Feather [Moon Wiring Club in the mix!] Moon...


POLE in the mix from Dec 15, 2020

Music behind DJ: Pole - "Strand" - 3 Sade - "By Your Side (Hip Hop Mix)" - By Your Side [Pole in the mix!] Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor - "Karmacoma (Bumper Ball Dub)" - No Protection [Pole in the mix!] Headset - "Jaw Modulation" - Spacesettings [Pole in the mix!] ESG - "Hold Me Right" - ESG [Pole in the mix!] Hu Vibrational - "Transformation" - Boonghee Music 1 [Pole in the mix!] Jaco Pastorius - "Okonkolé Y Trompa" - Jaco Pastorius [Pole in the mix!] Sun Ra And His Arkestra -...


Surgeon in the Mix from Dec 8, 2020

Music behind DJ: LFO - "Nurture (Remixed By Surgeon)" - Warp 10+3 Remixes HKE - "Ghost" - HK [Surgeon in the mix! https://dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com/album/hk] Coil Presents Black Light District - "Die Wölfe Kommen Zurück" - A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room [Surgeon in the mix!] 50’s Housewife on LSD - "YouTube audio" [Surgeon in the mix!] Templefeld by Kirk Degiorgio - "Vertical Life (Anthony Child remix)" - Day of Reckoning [Surgeon in the...


World AIDS Day special from Dec 1, 2020

Derek Jarman - "I Fill This Room with the Echoes of Many Voices" - Blue Andrew Zealley - "Infinity" - AA Bronson: The Quick And The Dead Paul Giovanni and Magnet - "Procession" - The Wicker Man OST John Grant with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra - "Pale Green Ghosts" - Live in Concert Soft Cell - "Martin" - The Art of Falling Apart Freddie Mercury - "Love Kills (Extended Version)" - Love Kills Sharon Redd - "In the Name of Love (Extended Mix)" - In the Name of Love Frankie Goes to...


my eyes are doors, the moon walks through them from Nov 24, 2020

Belbury Poly - "ffarisees" - The Gone Away Keneth Gaburo - "Antiphony III (Pearl-White Moments)" - Five Works For Voices, Instruments, And Electronics Leila - "Space, Love" - Like Weather Curd Duca - "Oui" - Waves 1 The Bug Ft. Dis Fig. - "Come" - In Blue [https://thebugmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-bug-ft-dis-fig-in-blue] Nazar - "Omalã Vo Feka Ft. A.K.Adrix" - Territorial [https://nazar.bandcamp.com/album/territorial-ep] Patiño - "Funny How" - Actually Laughing...


theatres of nature from Nov 17, 2020

Angel Bat Dawid - "We Hearby Declare the African Look" - Live [https://intlanthem.bandcamp.com/album/live] Schnellertollermeier - "Before and After" - 5 [https://cuneiformrecords.bandcamp.com/album/5] ADIEL & Anthony Linell - "Raso" - Raso [https://danzatribale.bandcamp.com/album/raso-adiel-anthony-linell] Liza Aikin - "Enclave" - Infirm Past [https://obscuurrecords.bandcamp.com/album/infirm-past] Rian Treanor - "Orders from the Pausing" - File Under UK Metaplasm...


gone where the goblins go from Nov 10, 2020

SVX feat. Merrie Cherry - "Power to the People & FTP" - Power to the People & FTP Octo Octa - "We Will Be Together Forever" - Aimless [https://skylaxrecords.bandcamp.com/album/aimless] Donnell Knox - "Move Your Feet" - House Trax [https://sonic-mindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/house-trax] Eli Escobar - "Give Love" - Night Class [https://eliescobar.bandcamp.com/album/night-class] Akito - "A Friend Is for Life, Not Just for Guest List" - Home Fitness/家庭保健 Vol. 2...


pull my shirt off and pray from Nov 3, 2020

Autechre - "Metaz form8" - SIGN [https://autechre.bandcamp.com/album/sign] Joker Nies & James Wylie - "23.09.2019" - Sound Transportation / Transfer International [https://topikaprecords.bandcamp.com/album/sound-transportation-transfer-international] Patrick Higgins - "Contrapunctus XIV" - Toscin [https://patrickhiggins.bandcamp.com/album/tocsin] Drew McDowall - "Agalma III (Beacon ft. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe)" - Agalma [https://drewmcdowall.bandcamp.com/album/agalma] Daona - "Nightside...


Altogether Ooky III: A Polyglot Halloween Extravaganza from Oct 27, 2020

Octavia Butler - "Bloodchild" - Free Radical Radio [https://archive.org/details/Bloodchild] Valerio Camporini F.* - "Fear" - Multitemporal Designs [https://lineimprint.bandcamp.com/album/multitemporal-designs] Wilburn Burchette - "Witch's Will" - I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990 (V/A) Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Main Titles / Haunted House / Ghost" - Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights Cyclobe - "Sulphur" - Sulphur - Tarot - Garden Oliver Coates - "Honey" - Skins...


Singles Going Poly from Oct 20, 2020

The Golding Institue - "Sounds of the San Francisco Adult Bookstores" - Sounds of the San Francisco Adult Bookstores Chris and Cosey - "Night Shift" - Night Shift/The Wandering Song ADULT. - "Suck the Air" - The Controlled Edition [https://adultmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-controlled-edition] Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra - "The Perfect Man" - The Shadows Cast By Tomorrow The Teardrop Explodes - "Sleeping Gas" - Sleeping Gas Coil - "Keelhauler" - The...


do your part from Oct 13, 2020

Guilt Attendant - "Do Your Part New York City! (Vox Mix)" - Do Your Part New York City! [https://severedmercies.bandcamp.com/album/do-your-part-new-york-city-sm014] Black Merlin - "OV" - Genesis Preacher [https://blackmerlin-music.bandcamp.com/album/genesis-preacher] Borgie - "Zemlja" - Electronic Emergencies Selected by I Robots [https://electronicemergencies.bandcamp.com/album/electronic-emergencies-selected-by-i-robots] Glok - "Cloud Cover (Andrew Weatherall Remix)" - Dissident Remixed...