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We're listening to every number one album of the 90s so you don't have to.

We're listening to every number one album of the 90s so you don't have to.
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We're listening to every number one album of the 90s so you don't have to.






PCL016 Bonus Episode - The Best of 1990 Part 2

And so here we are at the end of our first season. This is the second part of our bonus podcasts focusing on what our own favourite albums from 1990 are, this week we're counting down our top fives. Can you guess what will be in there? If you've listened to our nonsense over the preceding podcasts then very possibly as we're pretty vocal about what we do like. We'd love to know what your favourite albums were from this year as well, hit us up on one of our social media outlets and post your...


PCL015 Bonus Episode - The Best of 1990 Part 1

After listening to a whole year's worth of number one albums we have come to the end of our journey through 1990. And to celebrate we decided to choose our own top ten albums from the year and chat about those - this is part one where we run down our numbers ten to six. What will be in there? Will any of the albums we talked about throughout our first season feature in either of our lists? How many of our top tens will feature saxophone solos and reggae versions? Find out inside. We've put...


PCL014 Madonna 'The Immaculate Collection'

The second of our "cheat" episodes from 1990, or "bonus podcasts" if you're being generous, this Madonna compilation is one of Dave's favourite ever albums which will become very obvious as we go through. Will he go so far as to defend the likes of La Isla Bonita or Cherish? You'll have to listen to find out. As well as discussing the merits of Madonna we also chat about EMF, Methods of Mayhem (!) and why you should never have sex with your idols. All the songs we talk about are in a handy...


PCL013 Very Best Of Elton John

We know, we know, we said we weren't going to do any compilations or Best Ofs but just listen to the podcast and we explain our reasoning. Basically it comes down to "it's our podcast and we'll do what we want" to be honest. But it's a megamassivebig album to take a look at, this is a LOT of Elton John right here. Krister is still a fan of classic Elton, Dave is Elton-curious so let's see where he ends up after hearing a double album of greatest hits. Along the way we talk briefly about...


PCL012 Paul Simon 'The Rhythm Of The Saints'

We're into October of 1990 and in fact are at the last non-compilation album number one of the year. Paul Simon's follow-up to Graceland was much anticipated, and it obviously got to number one since we're talking about it here, but is it any good? Do you have to like "world music" to get it? Does it have pan pipes in it? All questions answered within. At the same time as this was riding high the charts are full of songs by the likes of Happy Mondays, Belinda Carlisle and Public Enemy so...


PCL011 The Charlatans' 'Some Friendly'

Into October of 1990 and we've hit upon an album that Krister used to love and remembers very fondly. Will it be as good as he remembers? Dave doesn't really give a shit one way or the other as this sort of early 90s indie passed him right by and at quite some distance. We discuss Tim Burgess' bizarre lyrics, the use of Hammond organs in music generally, and how embarrassing it would be to sustain an injury in a fight at a Status Quo concert. We also get the chance to play and talk about...


PCL010 George Michael 'Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1' (and a very brief mention of the Three Tenors)

Once again we find ourselves having to acknowledge a record featuring Pavarotti because the 3 Tenors album was number one for five weeks but we skip pretty much immediately past it and focus on George Michael's re-defining 'Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1'. Neither of us have heard this whole album before and we agreed that we were looking forward to it - does it hold up to scrutiny nearly 30 years later? Along the way we manage to fit in discussion of why Britain is ashamed of its heavy...


PCL009 Prince 'Graffiti Bridge'

Our ninth episode takes us into August of 1990 and Prince is at number one for one week only with 'Graffiti Bridge', his soundtrack to his godawful film of the same name. We get songs about dancing, songs about sex, songs about a dead father, more sex stuff, one about an actual bridge, and some more sex. Dave is an absolutely massive Prince fan so what will he make of this having not heard it in many years? Krister doesn't give much of a shit either way; will the purple sex goblin impress...


PCL008 Elton John 'Sleeping With The Past'

Krister loves a bit of classic Elton. Dave thinks he has a voice like a malfunctioning foghorn. What will we make of this album? We also manage to talk about NWA, Madonna's 'Hanky Panky' and an absolutely astonishing Elton John cover of 'Give Peace A Chance' along the way. Also Krister has a bagful of Elton John related jokes with him and each one is worst than the last. You've been warned. Plus we find out if Dave really can remember all the words to 'Turtle Power' nearly 30 years on. As...


PCL007 New Kids On The Block 'Step By Step' (and a touch of Pavarotti)

We knew that Pavarotti was on its way so we very briefly chat about his Essential Collection but let's forget that and concentrate on the total gift that is NKOTB's 'Step By Step' album. This is by far the most fun we've had to date, there is just so much ridiculous nonsense to discuss on here. And trust us, some of the best stuff is in the final third as well. We very much encourage you to listen to some of the utter cack on here via our usual companion playlist with all of the songs we...


PCL006 Soul II Soul 'Volume 2 - 1990: A New Decade'

We're halfway through 1990 already and Soul II Soul's second album, 'Vol 2 - 1990: A New Decade" is number one in the UK charts. Dave and Krister both remember this one fondly from their youth but haven't listened to it in many years - does it stand up to scrutiny? Does Jazzie B sound like he should be in Flight Of The Concords? Whose celebrity sex tape would you least want to have to watch? All of these questions come up in some way, shape or form throughout this week's episode for which we...


PCL005 Fleetwood Mac 'Behind The Mask' (and some Carpenters too)

Throughout April and May of 1990 The Carpenters found themselves at number one for a staggering seven weeks with a Best Of compilation. But for one week in the middle of it Fleetwood Mac nicked the top spot off them with 'Behind The Mask' so that's what we discuss in this episode. We do briefly talk about the Carpenters as well, and Jason Donovan and Alannah Myles for good measure. A playlist of all the songs we talk about is available to listen to here - https://tinyurl.com/PCL005playlist


PCL004 Depeche Mode 'Violator' (and a bit of Bowie)

In our fourth episode we go a bit off piste - the next number one album in our journey is ChangesBowie which is obviously a best of, so we make the decision to chat only briefly about that but concentrate mainly on the number two album of the week which is 'Violator' by Depeche Mode. Which means this one is as sweary as usual but with added drugs and sex references. Check out our companion playlist for this episode with all of the tracks played or talked about: https://tinyurl.com/y2blo232


PCL003 Sinead O'Connor 'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got'

For episode three Dave and Krister dig into Sinead O'Connor's breakthrough album 'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got' (you know, the one with Nothing Compares 2 U on it) while also chatting about people like Michael Bolton and Guru Josh along the way. Also marvel at our ability to blithely confuse the Notting Hillbillies with the Travelling Wilburys because we're idiots. Listen along with our spotify playlist for this episode: https://tinyurl.com/yyhloetn


PCL002 The Christians 'Colour'

For our second podcast we dive into UK soul/pop act The Christians' sophomore album. Be warned, this episode is not the best sound quality as one side of our conversation ended up as a corrupted file. We've done our best to rescue it though and it's definitely worth bearing with us. Contains plenty of swearing by the way. And lots of unnecessary solos (on the record, not by us).


PCL001 Phil Collins 'But Seriously'

Our first podcast and what an album to start with. Phil Collins' 'But Seriously' was the first number one of the 90s and with an album of this magnitude there is plenty to talk about. But is it actually any good? Did he manage to finally end the homeless problem with 'Another Day In Paradise'? Why are there so many horns on this record?