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A podcast about experimental music scenes and musicians in the Asia-Pacific region.

A podcast about experimental music scenes and musicians in the Asia-Pacific region.




A podcast about experimental music scenes and musicians in the Asia-Pacific region.






#19: Dylan Amirio (Logic Lost)

Dylan Amirio (Logic Lost) is a young producer, musician, and DJ from Jakarta who has released music on labels such as Orange Cliff, Blank Orb, and DEAD Records. Before the coronavirus hit and everything shut down, he was a regular on the live circuit in Jakarta, as well as playing in Malaysia and Thailand. In 2019 he played a few different sets at Jogja Noise Bombing Festival, which was where I saw him play for the first time. One of those was a collaboration with Dios De Techno from Spain...


#18: Jayni Wong (AETHER Sessions, O Deer)

Jayni is a drummer and promoter from Singapore but she used to live in Brisbane and while she was there she ran a really great series of gigs called Aether Sessions and played in a few different local bands. Recently she moved back to Singapore and she has started organising Aether Sessions shows there, and she's also started playing drums in a post-rock band called O Deer. When we recorded this interview they were still getting ready to play their first show, but since then I think they've...


#17: Josten Myburgh (Tchake, Tone List, Audible Edge Festival, Mahagonny)

Today on Porous Borders is Josten Myburgh, a composer, musician, improviser, and curator from Perth in Western Australia. I met Josten last December at KLEX festival in Kuala Lumpur, and in the interview, we talk a lot about Josten's performance from the festival. Video of that performance is available in full at the link below. Josten performs on saxophone and electronics as a solo improviser and with the groups Tchake, Mahagonny, and Breaking Waves, and he's part of organising the record...


#16: Duto Hardono (Hasana Editions)

This week on Porous Borders I'm speaking to Duto Hardono, who is a sound artist based in Bandung, Indonesia. If you're in Australia, particularly in Melbourne, you might recognise his name because he just in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago playing some shows for the AsiaTOPA festival. If you're in Canberra you might also recognise Duto's name from the Contemporary Worlds exhibition last year, where one of his pieces was performed. If you're not in Australia, you might know Duto as the owner...


#15: Kok Siew-Wai

Kok Siew-Wai is a vocalist, festival director, and video artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For the past 10 years, Siew-Wai has been the organiser of KLEX, an independent Kuala Lumpur experimental film and music festival. As a musician, Siew-Wai frequently performs as a vocalist in the free improv scene in KL and she's performed and curated film programs all over the world. Siew-Wai is a fantastic performer who brings a really strong presence to group she plays with. I've been lucky to see...


#14: Yudhistira Agato (Vague, Jirapah, journalist and translator for VICE Indonesia)

Today on the show I'm speaking to Yudhistira Agato, vocalist and guitarist for the band Vague, guitarist for the band Jirapah, music journalist and translator for Vice Indonesia, and one of my oldest friends. I first met Yudhis back in 2007 at a Converge show in Brisbane when he was in Australia studying and we used to hang out at shows all the time. In 2010, he moved back to Jakarta where he started to get involved in the underground music scene, playing in bands and organising shows. In...


#13: Rembo Deathless (Doom Wood Guitars, Deathless, Vrosk)

Rembo is a musician, a guitar builder, and a live sound engineer from Bandung, in West Java in Indonesia. He has also been a label owner, an event organiser, and a venue manager. Rembo got his start in music when he was in high school and he and his friends got together and saved their pocket money for a whole year so that they could put on a DIY gig in a sports hall. Following that, he started working as a live sound engineer and he started the post-metal band Vrosk. More recently, Rembo...


#12: Dharma (The Observatory) and Wukir Suryadi (Senyawa)

Dharma is a guitarist who is probably best known for his work in the Singapore art-rock band The Observatory, which has been running for almost 20 years now. They've made a bunch of records, have toured all over the world, and they even have a documentary you can check out called The Obs. You can find that on iTunes, and Dharma appears quite a lot in it, as well a lot of other Singapore musicians, and David Toop even pops up for a bit in there as well. The Observatory is currently a...


#11: sIn

sIn is a harsh noise artist from Singapore who has been making music since 1992. Originally from the hardcore punk scene, he started making noise around a decade ago and has since toured extensively in Southeast Asia (mostly with his friend Dennis who performs as Schizophrenic Wonderland) and released a huge amount of recorded material. He works primarily with DIY equipment to generate sound and lighting, and he puts on some of the most intense performances you'll see at a DIY noise...


#10: Tesla Manaf (KUNTARI)

NOTE: After this episode was recorded, Tesla released his first full-length album as KUNTARI, Black Shirt Attracts More Feather. You can get it from Orange Cliff Records (here) or find it on Spotify. It's a fantastic record; one of my favourites of 2020 so far. Tesla also recently had to cancel a tour, which has been a bit financial hit. If you have a couple of spare dollars, please head over to his Bandcamp page and send him some love. Tesla is a musician from Bandung, Indonesia who got...


#9: Joel Saunders (A Country Practice, Spirit Bunny, Feet Teeth)

Joel Saunders is a Brisbane-based musician who is quite active in Brisbane's improvised music scene; he plays in a band called Feet Teeth and for a few years was curating a monthly series of experimental music nights called Upper Partialism. He is also an incredible songwriter, which you can hear in his band A Country Practice, which he formed a couple of years ago with his brother Andrew and his wife Kelly. Joel also plays circuit-bent synths and Commodore 64 in the band Spirit Bunny, and...


#8: Indra Menus (Jogja Noise Bombing, To Die, Narcholocos, LKTDOV)

Today I'm speaking with Indra Menus, one of the founding members of the Jogja Noise Bombing collective. Indra has been active in the Jogja underground music scene for a long time now with many many projects, including his major noise project To Die, which, as I found out doing this interview, started out as a pop-punk cover band. He also sings in the post-hardcore band LKTDOV and his new hardcore punk band Narcholocos. Recently he has also been collaborating with the rapper Joe Million....


#7: Dea Karina (Jogja Noise Bombing, Tujuh Kuda)

This week my guest is Dea Karina, one of the newer and younger members of the Jogja Noise Bombing Collective. Dea has been playing with JNB for about two years and she just recently moved back to Indonesia after completing her Master's degree at the London School of Economics. Dea is a member of the band Tujuh Kuda, which she formed in London while she was studying there. She also has a few things going on outside of music; we talk about all of that in the interview, and you can find links...


#6: Sean Stellfox (Jogja Noise Bombing, ASU (USA), Bossbattle, Stellfox)

This week's episode is the first in a series of three episodes focusing on the Jogja Noise Bombing collective from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Jogja Noise Bombing's annual festival is coming up on 25 and 26 January, so in the weeks leading up to the festival, I'll be interviewing a few members of the collective. If you're unfamiliar with JNB, they are most famous for their guerilla noise performances in public places around Jogjakarta. First up is an interview with my friend Sean Stellfox. Sean...


#5: Will Guthrie

Hello and welcome back to Porous Borders. This is episode 5, the first episode of 2020, and today on the show is an interview with Will Guthrie. If you're not familiar with Will Guthrie's work, he's an Australian percussionist who started out in Melbourne and is based in Nantes in France and he has a lot going on. He's released a huge number of solo percussion and musique concrete recordings and many more collaborations with people like Richard Dawson, Oren Ambarchi, Keith Rowe, Ava...


#4: Andrew Tuttle

Andrew Tuttle is a musician from Brisbane who works primarily with acoustic guitar and banjo and electronics. I've seen Andrew play a few times and my band Leavings actually played a show with him a couple of years ago, but we hadn't actually really met until we did this interview. I really love Andrew's music, particularly his newest self-titled album, which came out in 2018 on room40. It's a wonderfully balanced combination of acoustic instruments and synthetic sounds and all of the pieces...


#3: Randy Reimann (Tralala Blip, Wolf Shield, Massappeal)

This week on the podcast is Randy Reimann of the band Tralala Blip. Randy is an electronic musician who started out in the hardcore punk scene in Sydney in the 80s (note: not the 90s!) where he was the singer of the band Massappeal. They did some pretty big tours with bands like Rollins Band and The Hard-Ons, and are still a pretty influential band in that scene. After the band broke up, Randy got into making electronic music, and we talk about that journey a bit in the interview. A few...


#2: Rully Shabara (Senyawa, Zoo, Setabuhan)

Rully Shabara is a vocalist and musician from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, best known as one half of the band Senyawa. In addition to Senyawa, Rully has a number of other projects, including the noise rock band Zoo, the modern tribal trance outfit Setabuhan, and Kombo, a Yogyakarta-based platform for improvised music. You can find more information about Rully's projects on his website. This conversation was recorded at Rully's house. At the beginning, you can hear me almost fall off my...


#1: Ben Andrews (My Disco, Agents of Abhorrence, ASSAD)

Ben Andrews is a Melbourne-based musician who is best known as the guitarist of the band My Disco. He has also played guitar in the grindcore band Agents of Abhorrence, and as a solo artist under the name ASSAD. I've been a big fan of My Disco for many years now, so I was really happy to have the opportunity to talk to Ben. We talked a lot about My Disco and the evolution they've undergone over the past 20 years or so. Ben also lived in Jakarta for a while, so we talked about that too. This...