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PR - Episode 95 - 2018/04/01

Welcome to episode 95 of #PositronicRadio! This Friday (April 6) is Positronic with a special spotlight on Marilyn Manson at Cafe Dekcuf (221 Rideau St, above Mavericks) in Ottawa. Along with the 10 - 15 Marilyn Manson songs that I'll be playing, I'll be "spinning" my usual EBM / Futurepop / Synthpop / Industrial. Check out the Facebook event for more information. If you enjoy my podcast, please make sure to give me a review on iTunes or your favourite Podcatcher to help others be able to...


PR - Episode 94 - 2018/03/18

Welcome to episode 94 of #PositronicRadio! Tomorrow night (Friday, March 23) is Switched On Synths at House of Targ (1077 Bank St) in Ottawa featuring Encephalon, Odonis Odonis, as well as Infinity's Astrum vs Devil's Machine. This should be a great show so if you're from the Ottawa region, I highly recommend this show. Check out the Facebook event for more information. April 6 is my next club event that I'm promoting in Ottawa at Cafe Dekcuf (221 Rideau St, above Mavericks) and it'll be...


PR - Episode 93 - 2018/03/04

Welcome to episode 93 of #PositronicRadio! I would like to start by apologizing for skipping the second episode last month. Lots of personal things were happening in my life at that moment that included a move but I'm now back to recording a new episode every two weeks. This episode contains the following tracks: LionheartsMarilyn MansonRroyceIn Good FaithKirlian CameraGrendelBoytronicReichsfeindElektrostaubProjekt IchOur BansheeThe Saint PaulESA


PR - Episode 92 - 2018/02/04

Welcome to episode 92 of #PositronicRadio! Thanks to everyone who came out and checked out the nTTx show at House of TARG in Ottawa a few Fridays ago. The band's performance was great and it was fun to DJ before, in between, and after the bands. Both Statiqbloom and Wychdoktor, whose tracks I included on this episode, will be performing in Ottawa on Sunday, February 18 at the Happy Goat. Check out the Facebook event at www.facebook.com/events/374961616281869/ for more information. My...


PR - Episode 91 - 2018/01/21

Welcome to episode 91 of #PositronicRadio! This past Saturday during Retro Underground was awesome! Great crowd showed up who danced all the way to the end. It was a pleasure to DJ with Gozz once again! This upcoming Friday (January 26), I will be DJing before, between and after the bands at House of TARG in Ottawa for an event called Dark Gathering which will feature nTTx (WTII Records) from which I played a track on this episode along with Montreal's The Marquis (Jeunesse Cosmique),...


PR - Episode 90 - 2018/01/07

Welcome to episode 90, the first #PositronicRadio episode of 2018! I not only have one gig this month, but two! I was asked to guest DJ during Retro Underground, Ottawa's monthly retro Goth, Industrial and Alternative club night, with resident Gozz on Saturday, January 20 at Swizzles. I can't wait! Set yourself as attending on the Facebook event. X-Marks the PedwalkJunksistaLords of AcidBoytronicDatanTTxFuture PerfectX-RxCausticWANT/edHelalyn FlowersOur BansheeCesium_137


PR - Episode 89 - 2017/12/24

Welcome to episode 89 of #PositronicRadio. If you're from Canada's national capital region, Ottawa / Gatineau, my next gig is on Friday, January 26, 2018 at House of Targ where I'll be playing music before, between and after the bands which includes Toronto's nTTx from whom I've played tracks on episodes 78 and 82, Montreal's The Marquis, and local band Final Fall. Check out the Facebook event for more information and set yourself as Attending if you're interested and make sure to...


PR - Episode 88 - 2017/12/10

Welcome to episode 88 of #PositronicRadio. Thanks to everyone who came out to Black Celebration this past Saturday. What a party it was! My next event will be held this upcoming March and I'll mention it in a future episode's description once I have more details. This episodes features some of my favourite tracks from 2017. It's definitely not my best recording, some of my transitioning between songs may not be the greatest since I was a lot more tired than I thought when I decided to...


PR - Episode 87 - 2017/11/19

Welcome to episode 87 of #PositronicRadio. Black Celebration is fast approaching. It's happening on Saturday, December 9 at Cafe Dekcuf. The dancing starts at 10 PM and there is no cover before 11 PM or with an advance free ticket, otherwise it's $5 at the door. Mark yourselves as Attending on the Facebook event if you're planning on attending and you can sign up for your free ticket by checking out Cafe Dekcuf's on-line ticket store. I got my Traktor Kontrol Z1 controller just in time...


PR - Episode 86 - 2017/11/05

Welcome to episode 86 of #PositronicRadio. If you're in the Ottawa region, there's lots coming up this month such as the upcoming show featuring end.user, Cervello Elettronico and Antigen Shift on Saturday, November 18 at Happy Goat Coffee Co. which is located at 35 Laurel St in Ottawa. The doors open at 7 PM and the cover is $10. Put yourself as attending on the Facebook event if you're planning on attending. Retro Underground is also happening that same night at Swizzles which is...


PR - Episode 85 - 2017/10/22

Welcome to episode 85 of #PositronicRadio. I have started promoting my first club night since my return from hiatus a few months ago so for those who will be in Canada's national capital region, come check out Black Celebration at Cafe Dekcuf (221 Rideau St, 2nd Floor) on Saturday, December 9 starting at 10 PM. I will be doing a special spotlight on Depeche Mode. Since I normally stick to one song per band during a club night, I'll be playing more than one Depeche Mode song and I'll also...


PR - Episode 84 - 2017/10/08

Welcome to episode 84 of #PositronicRadio. It contains quite a few tracks from compilations such as Dependent Records' "Dependence 2017", darkTunes's "Gothic Music Orgy Vol. 4", and Alfa Matrix's "Sounds from the Matrix 017" so make sure to check them out. This episode features the following tracks: SchwarzschildInertiaAugerLoewenhertzOmnimarDesastroesAlien VampiresThe Psychic ForceMeshSlave RepublicKirlian CameraOur BansheeBlutengelShiv-r


PR - Episode 83 - 2017/09/24

Welcome to episode 83 of #PositronicRadio. I would like to start off by thanking themissfrosty1 for posting a fantastic 5 star review on iTunes. I'm ecstatic that you discovered this podcast and I definitely will keep on going. For those in the Ottawa region, don't forget to check out Poptone which features Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins, original members of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets, at the 27 Club (venue changed) this Saturday, tickets are available through...


PR - Episode 82 - 2017/09/10

Welcome to episode 82 of #PositronicRadio. As you may have noticed, I have now changed the logo and feel free to let me know what you think. This episode features the following tracks: Aesthetic PerfectionEncephalonPanic LiftFIRESRed StormSolitary ExperimentsPurple Fog SideSchwarzschildSlave RepublicSuicide CommandoMirreyanTTxSynapsyche


PR - Episode 81 - 2017/08/27

The 81st episode of Positronic Radio is a bit late after spending this past weekend in Toronto but it's here and it features the following tracks: Noyce TMAesthetischeMechanical MothGinger Snap5OmnimarNoisuf-XFunker VogtGod ModuleHocicoLegendFuture Lied To UsArctic SunriseEisbrecher


PR - Episode 79 - 2017/07/30

The 79th episode of Positronic Radio features the following tracks: LoewenhertzPurple Fog Side[:SITD:]In Good FaithHocicoBig Time KillPOS.:2ElektrostaubBrigade WertherSynapsycheSchwarzschildFunker VogtSuicide CommandoBlutengel


PR - Episode 78 - 2017/07/20

The 78th episode of Positronic Radio features the following tracks: Massive EgoThe Birthday MassacreAesthetic PerfectionA Million MachinesPIGThe DreamingBruderschaftForces Of LightFIRESOmnimarThe Thought CriminalsnTTxJuno Reactor


PR - Episode 77 - 2017/06/11

The 77th episode of Positronic Radio features the following tracks: Psy'AviahSeaboundStars CrusadersIn Strict ConfidenceRotersandVanguardKant KinoStudio-X[:SITD:]MelotronNeuroticfishRuined ConflictUnitary


PR - Episode 76 - 2017/05/10

The 76th episode of Positronic Radio is a mix that I had prepared for a retro Gothic/Industrial club night that I was asked to guest DJ at which was also my first club gig in 3 years and it features the following tracks: ASPTristaniaWumpscutCubanateRotersandCovenantBlutengel


PR - Episode 75 - 2017/03/05

I am back after a 3 year hiatus! The 75th episode of Positronic Radio features the following tracks: Aesthetic PerfectionAyriaDream RecallBruderschaftKomor KommandoSolitary ExperimentsEisfabrikSolitary ExperimentsStudio-XRotersandShiv-rAvarice In AudioBlakOpz


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