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PSTB #9: Imaginary edits, Bearable Brass, and the original Wobbly Jefferson

It's time, once again, to join your two favourite master-breakers, as they laugh off the evil eye of TC Electronic, strut their stuff to the Monkey Banana Dance, and revel in sensitive performances of double-bass, trumpet, and hand-gun. Mike reveals his three acid tests for equipment reviewers, before presenting fresh harvest from the Facepalm vine. John gives his friends a brutal Whittening with help from delta blues legend Wobbly Jefferson and "Have you heard the original?". And we...


PSTB #8: Spray-on acoustic stubble, vegan suspense, and Neil Finn naked

It's a veritable sugar high this month, with Jon lathering himself in maple syrup to talk about the inventor of the jello shot and how he himself miraculously dodged a speeding facepalm bullet. Meanwhile, Mike explains how Mackie have been protecting the earth from alien symbiotes by knobbing Tom Hardy into submission, and relives his finest hour as part of Sound On Sound's market-leading Double Entendre Department. We bestow our opinions of anechoic chambers on the Patron saint of Q&A, and...


PSTB #7: Auditory dog hair, erotic mic cables, and The A-Team Musical

It's time to join The Numerical Suffix Twins and The Ultimate Frisbee Conspiracy for another bout of testing concepts (and SM58s) to destruction! Nibbling their hand-monogrammed biscuits, your intrepid hosts take on the 'jukebox musical' phenomenon, delivering their verdict on which 1980s TV shows would best suit the format, whether Kurt Cobain ever sang the part of Jean Valjean, and why there's clearly such a scarcity of grumpy-looking white men who can't sing. The facepalm action is bang...


PSTB #6: Invisible gorillas, All Star (but...), and insane amounts of clarity.

It's a star-studded caffeine pitstop this month, as our intrepid project-studio podcasters count the syllables of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis with Eminem, The Carpenters, and Dominique the singing nun. Jon takes a break from hay-bale racing The Village People to give an applause-poaching masterclass and stop a stampede with his phantom-powered Taser. Mike (aka 'Baby Hagrid') calls time on the heavy-metal volleyball to hunt invisible gorillas and bemoan the quality of...


PSTB #5: Masking-tape snobbery, fake artists, and Creme Egg evolution.

It's a culinary adventure this month, as Mike and Jon sit down at their mahogany podcasting table, pour themselves a creamy lactose-adjacent fresh drink and ponder Marmite theatre, the evolution of the Creme Egg, and knuckle sandwiches for unethical psychologists. Further excitement, too, as PSTB's first Patron skews our Einaudi grudge match and Errol The Editing Chipmunk makes his debut utterance. Mike shares tales of masking-tape snobbery, dreamy school reports, and public facepalming, as...


PSTB #4: The Straight To Landfill Award, smirking cucumbers, and beards with everything.

This month, there have been tough questions about the latest NAMM show product releases: Can Yamaha restart the 'marketing valve' gravy train? Should TC Electronic be shipping their new plug-in with a free pencil-sharpener? And who will walk away with PSTB's coveted Straight To Landfill Award? For Facepalm Of The Month, Jon takes a break from mixing the heartbeat of the universe to explain how some gigs are too classy for their own good, and what it feels like to be smirked at by a slice of...


PSTB #3: The inverse McGherkin, T-Pain's Uncle Vanya, and the facepalm motherlode.

This month has plenty to appeal to our apparently core demographic of single Russian women. Horrifying numbers of musical theatre directors. Mike's patchy DIY history, featuring the Lego podium and Bucket-o-foam baffle. The Chick Corea Electric Band's inverse McGherkin, and how Mick Jagger and David Bowie's "Dancing In The Street" really is that bad, even with the music. Plus, Jon curls his toes to Mike's Facepalm Motherlode and we discuss how live performers might best impress the sound...


PSTB #2: Mics for melee, homeopathic guitar solos, and The Ladderflirter.

Your intrepid Chippendale hunk-biscuits refuse to rest on their laurels for the second episode of Project Studio Tea Break. No sir! Mike's got his cape and stage fan at the ready, and is preparing to knob synthesizer designers through the post. Jon's inflated his mullet, donned the Rhinestone jacket, and generated a facepalm feedback loop by winning the Wooden Spoon with wooden spoons. And, crucially, the Toast Foley has been upgraded! Pressing questions this month include: What's the best...


PSTB #1: The SM57 tuning dial, The Phantom Facepalm, and Minecraft’s mullet-mod.

The inaugural episode of Project Studio Tea Break sees Mike Senior and Jon Whitten settle down with their cuppas to ponder the big issues of project-studio existence. The SM57's tuning dial, for instance. Or toast Foley. The Tell-tale Tummy. Whether it matters what side a dulcimer-player dresses. Plus, do you know what a Meccano X-Wing, the wine-tasting clap, nipple clamps, and Minecraft's mullet-mod have in common? Or that The Phantom Facepalm hails from Godalming? For in-depth coverage of...