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Pre-Season | Intellectual Property

We - Are - Not - DONE! Aiight so Season 2 is on the way - forgive us for the false alarm back in January. We've just been on the hunt for a new location (since Jiggs moved away and the PCXC Headquarters are no longer available), aaaand I think we've found it! So on this episode, Josh and I (since the rest of the guys couldn't make it to our new locale) sit with the engineer of our new show location, and my good friend, Gibran Malik -aka- King Sage, of King Sage Studios, and have some...


Episode 022 | Die. Nasty.

A little late BUT everyone needs to email soundcloud after hearing this episode and ask why our upload was DELAYED for over 6 days - SMHH!! Anyway, enjoy and GET READY FOR PAIN!!!! WE CAN'T BE STOPPED! Where that Tidal deal at Jay??? 20GREATEEN still in full effect for them PCXC boys - Brooklyn.


Episode 021 | New Year, New... Josh??

Season 2 is underway but there's no Joshie, what the hay?!


Episode 019 | The New York City Gritty Committee Pity The Fool That...

New York is fu**ing BACK BI**H!!!!! Mase vs. Cam, Freddy vs. Jason, the Knicks are fun again and the weather is just right for them TIMBS H*E!! Ladies & Uglymen, Episode 019 - Enjoy....


Episode 017 | Stunt Double

The Purple Cup Pirates discuss double-standards, women raping men, Jamelle Hill and standing up for your beliefs or your family's check, y MUCHO MAS... Enjoy, Subscribe and SPREAD THE WORD!!


Episode 016 | Gunz 'N Butta

What's up with this mad world?? Should we have gun laws? Better yet, should we stop professional teams from gassing up the media by adding injury-prone & old a** players to their squad and making it look like they gon' kill the game??! This and more on Episode 016 - fu** wit' us...


Episode 014 | Risky Business

We dig into the issue with "the boys in blue" power abuse, discuss the Joel Osteen debacle, Ali's confusion with God & the Pope, touch upon male insecurities when it comes to sex-tapes, and what the loser of fantasy football must do (as if losing against a bunch of amateurs isn't already bad enough). ENJOY and SPREAD THE WORD!!!!


Episode 013 | Equality Lost

We're at it again... of course. This time around we tackle the crazy racist sh** going on in public, the Kyrie move, side-boobin' IG "models", Eminem's upcoming album and mucho mas - ENJOY!!! Sh** I Like & You Should Too: Edgar - "Sunshine" by Mos Def https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDlt4USHFnA Ali - "Fu-Gee-La" by The Fugees https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPlb9HoOCxs Joshie - "Fried Chicken" by Nas ft. Busta Rhymes **Winner of The Week** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=236roCPuskE Jiggs...


Episode 011 | Status Flow

Episode 011 took a liiiiittle longer than usual to post thanks to the engineer and host - Handsome. All my fault, the end of the month is always nuts on the slave ship and I couldn't get this done on time. This episode is official though, we start off with great old NEW YORK - overpriced & over-hyped, or cosmically just right? And the second and BIGGEST part of this episode, the Hip-Hop legends debate. **WARNING** If you're not a huge Hip-Hop head it's okay to hit stop and mark as played...


Episode 010 | Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

The TENTH Episode, wow - we lookin' serious now huh? HAHA! This episode we go into a subject that apparently no one can agree on foundationally - LOYALTY. We discuss loyalty in family, loyalty to the podcast, and.... Kyrie's "loyalty" to himself. OJ Simpson, does he belong out? And are celebrities above the law or something? Album of the year and summer smash, and much more. ENJOY!!! Intro Song: "Get Out My Way" by Cormega Time Stamps: 04:56 - Loyalty. 26:54 - Kyrie Irving: Disloyal or...


Episode 009 | Freedom??

***WARNING*** Apologies for the first 30:38, the audio quality is choppy as we had some technical difficulties, however, the rest of the show is PRISTINE. Also don't forget to tune in at the end for the exclusive track, InteRude (SuperStar Interlude) off Handsome's forthcoming album "C.O.A.M.D." And now... Welcome to Episode 009!!! This time around we have a special guest, a FEMALE guest - our own beloved Brenda "Brendeezy" Marzan (Joshie's owner). We discuss Jobs Vs. Careers, and the...


Episode 008 | If It Ain't Directed Directly At Me...

BROOKLYN STAND THE FU** UP!! We did it again!! First things first, #HandsomeBDay to our very own cohost & curator Cheddie! This show would be IMPOSSIBLE without his hard work and care. Now to the good sh**, this episode we discuss Social Media Savagery (a la Slob Kardashian), Jiggaman's phenomenal sneak masterpiece "4:44" and the beautiful madness that is the NBA trade and free agency market (those T-Wolves are looking FIERCE!) As always, enjoy, rate and share people! Brooklyn. Time...


Episode 007 | Q.U. Legendary

We would like to pay our respects to our brother Leonel "Leo" Velasquez (June 25th, 1984 - The End of Time). Known to many as LV the Stylist (Evident Future), he was a big part of our lives and the one who brought many of us in this group together. A great inspiration in the fashion industry, and a legend in Queens culture, but most importantly a beacon of love, support and confidence in the lives of all his family and friends. We celebrate your 33rd birthday on this episode and remember...


Episode 006 | If Faith Had Twins...

We celebrate Pac's 46th would-be birthday and discuss his impact on not only music but society. From there we dig into the age old question; is it okay to have opposite sex best friends and if so what are the "rules" this entails. Last but not least we cover what impact, if any, will the Cavs losing this year have on how they move forward. Will they super-team it or grind it out like midnight marauders becoming the NBA's vigilantes. Umm, can you please drop us a review? Thanks :-) Time...


Episode 005 | You Like That Bron-Bron?

Well, well, well, looks like that little Cleveland to Miami stunt might have proved more costly than Lebron once thought. Could it be his decision impacted the game so much that now he's paying for his sins via KD's savage slaughter of his dear old Cavaliers? And speaking of sins, we take a turn where no one "believed" we would - we's speaking of the Lord on this one ladies & uglymen! Fair warning, if you're small minded and the name of Jesus, or the thought of no afterlife (and the weird...


Episode 001 | Llegamos Little H*e

Them Purple Cup boys round up for their first official show after the popularity of the pilot episode. This week the guys dig deep into sports with most of our focus on the NBA Playoffs, who should be league MVP, and some discussion on why Fabolous is a bit overrated according to some of the team. This week we also introduce a special segment we like to call "You Hearded That??", where we explore works of art from some of your favorite artists albums, that have gone under the radar (okay,...


Episode 000 | Piloto Episode Homes

The pilot episode of Purple Cups X Champagne! The fellas get together to launch the show, discuss Drake's More Life playlist thingy, figure out who can take better shots at one another (pause), and discuss a whole mess of other music topics. Hope you enjoy our banter and decide to come along with us for the ride as we grow, become better on these mics, and FU** SH** UP! Ladies & Uglymen - Purple Cups X Champagne... Brooklyn.


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