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Metalheads talking about everything but metal, usually. Fun and games and sex stories.

Metalheads talking about everything but metal, usually. Fun and games and sex stories.


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Metalheads talking about everything but metal, usually. Fun and games and sex stories.






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RIP a Livecast Bonus: The Matrix Resurrections Roundtable Discussion

As a special bonus, we have unlocked the first of two bonus episodes this month on the RIP a Livecast Patreon page, where we go through our thoughts on all four Matrix movies, including the brand new one, The Matrix Resurrections. We have A LOT of hot takes. Join our Patreon for $5 a month […]


RIP a Livecast #654 – Excessive Wind-Breaking

We kick things off by discussing our new Twitch channel. We review Alex Skolnick's new rap video about the Capitol riots. We discuss the new Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot. We also learn of a woman who pivoted from selling farts in mason jars to selling NFTs. Rob ends the show talking about the inflated […]


RIP a Livecast #653 – Celebrity Rug Pull

We kick things off wishing Darren a happy birthday and hearing about his New Year celebration. We briefly discuss the upcoming riot anniversary and the current state of the pandemic. We discuss NFTs and Ozzy Osbourne's foray into them, as well as Sharon Osbourne's new plastic surgery. We learn about Richard Karn NFTs. Rob compares […]


RIP a Livecast #652 – Get a Good Spin Going

We kicked things off on the final Livecast of 2021 with Sid telling a scary story about his mother. Rob tells the latest stories of geriatric interactions at his Russian gym. We take some time to revisit Dave Mustaine Cameos. We learn of all the bands that asked Sammy Hagar to be in them, and […]


RIP a Livecast #651 – Basquiat Scampi

We kick off the show talking about how old we all are. We then discuss the recent messages from Kid Rock and Monster Truck where they act like they're not mad but are very mad about the reaction to "Ain't Nobody Gonna Tell Me How To Live." We have some fun with a recent Nikki […]


RIP A Livecast #650 – Splashing the Gooch

We kick things off talking about Warsteiner beer, and Rob recalls a notable part of his trip to Germany. Rob discusses a previous feature on the site, the Suicide Girl of the Day. We watch the trailer for Steve Harvey's new court show. We discuss the difference between truffles and truffle oil. Ivan Moody gives […]


RIP a LIVECAST #649 – Specially Speaking

It's a new era for the show, and we kick it off with a new voice. Sid explains all the different types of Drag Race there are. Rob explains poppers. We review the drama with Skillet and Rage Against the Machine, and spend some time talking about Yelp reviews, one of our favorite segments. Join […]


RIP a Livecast #648 – Cat As Trophy

We have a big announcement at the top of the show and some fun stories to discuss. We kick off the show revealing our new podcast name – RIP a Livecast, and explain why we picked that name. We then spend some time reading Ivan Moody poetry. We dive deep into KISS merchandise and Metallica […]


RIP a Livecast #647 – Help Me How To Live

We kick things off on this edition talking a lot about the controversial Kid Rock song "Don't Tell Me How to Live." We talk about a weird video Kid Rock and Sean Penn shot a few years ago. We discuss the news that Spotify disabled the shuffle button on albums and we play a fun […]


RIP a Livecast #646 – Joke Treadmill

We kick off this week's show with an important announcement. Loni joins us this week. We discuss the Brass Against onstage urination incident in great detail. We talk about Ace Frehley's recent satanic scare. We discuss a weird happening on Fox News and get into a deep discussion about concerts we've seen. Join our Patreon […]


RIP a Livecast #645 – Backstory and Frontstory

We talk about David Ellefson's absurd quote comparing him to Jesus. Speaking of Jesus, we check in with Marilyn Manson's Christianity. We discuss the latest NFT craze, Seinfeld, the Golden Girls and dive deep into Jewish comedian Jackie Mason. Join our Patreon to watch the video version and get a bonus episode each month, and other behind-the-scenes goodies. More […]


RIP a Livecast #644 – Nut Cadence

Rob kicks things off talking about his experience at the GWAR show. We learn of No Nut November and somehow spend way too much time talking about Baby Daniel. We discuss Marilyn Manson praying with Justin Bieber and Kanye West, do some new Cameo reviews and Noa has a big announcement at the end of […]


RIP a Livecast #643 – The Armorist

Rob, Sid and Darren kick off the show this week talking about what they like and dislike about Halloween. We have an update on Vince Neil, check with the Alec Baldwin murder controversy, and we talk true crime podcasts. There's some wrestling talk with Rob and Darren showing an amazing viral clip of Arn Anderson's […]


RIP a Livecast #642 – Vinceable

We kick off the show talking about the sad news of Vince Neil falling off a stage last weekend. We talk about Rob Zombie's Munsters reboot and then transition into looking up old early 90s TV shows we used to watch as kids. Darren gets off on a rant about his feelings about Metallica's Black […]


RIP a Livecast #641 – Velvet Rope with special guest Dan Ozzi

Our good friend, Dan Ozzi, is back on the show today to talk about his new book SELLOUT: The Major Label Feeding Frenzy That Swept Punk, Emo, and Hardcore (1994-2007). Try to say that three times fast. You can order the book here. We also get into a discussion about fast food burgers, Los Angeles […]


RIP a Livecast #640 – Neigh Means Neigh

We kick things off by talking about Facebook's downtime. We learn about some of the less-flattering things GG Allin did. We briefly speak to Jordan from Dark Saga, a band we all thrashed last week. We discuss David Lee Roth's pending retirement. We learn tAtu is returning. We find new footage of Vince Neil performing […]


RIP a Livecast #639 – Leak After Leak

We kick things off by talking about the early 2000s. We also discuss the latest Machine Gun Kelly drama. Then, we discuss a group of metalheads who were denied an AirBNB because of their taste in music, camper van rentals, Noa's kitty getting neutered, an air check of Rob's first on-air radio show. We end […]


RIP a Livecast #637 – 24 and Stupid

We kicked things off by talking about the new member of Noa's family. We then discussed the MTV Video Music Awards, and Madonna's "controversial" look. We also discussed Megan Fox and some of the performances. We talk about the 10th anniversary of the Big Four concert at the great Yankee Stadium. Rob tells a story […]


RIP a Livecast #636 – Maggot May with special guest Necrosexual

We're excited to have our friend, the most electrifying man in corpse entertainment, Necrosexual join us at the top of the show to talk about his new EP, Seeds of Seduction. Plus, we discuss what the name Necrosexual means, how he has been holding up during the pandemic and we talk about Vince Neil's new […]

RIP a Livecast #635 – Liquor-ish

Rob is back from LA and shares some stories of going to a listening party and shooting guns. Then, Noa talks about shooting guns. We learn of Gene Simmons' positive COVID test and some hilarious stuff David Lee Roth said. We play some legit heartwarming Dave Mustaine cameos and revisit our old friend, Mike Francesa. […]