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Hard Christian Music That Rocks!






The Throne Room:Episode 52

CRANKING HARD ROCK AND HEAVY METAL WITH THE FOLLOWING!! ValorThomas Thompson Earth ProjectLordchainSaintSacred WarriorHilsatherionGrave RobberA Hill to Die UponSix Feet DeepDie HappyBetrayalPerpetual ParanoiaSignum RegisXIII MinutesRitual ServantFour Star Revival20lb SledgeGodmanRackets and Drapes


The Throne Room:Episode 51

A full on Rock N Metal assault featuring the following bands for your edification!! Angel’s Fire Narnia Four Star Revival Darkhorse Hero Zion Godman Ritual Servant R.A.I.D. XIII Minutes John DeGroff Craig Chaisson Rackets and Drapes Philadelphia Temple of Blood Ultimatum Deny the Fallen Fires of Babylon HB


The Throne Room : Episode 50

Our 50th episode of pure metal and rock mayhem featuring… Detritus True Strength Eternal Decision Darkwater XIII Minutes BioGenesis Bloodgood LoveWar Sovereign Cross Deny the Fallen Images of Eden Narnia Extol Fear Not Holy Soldier Harmony Millennial Reign PJ Bostic Time Horizon Deliverance


The Throne Room:Episode 49

Heavy Metal From a Christian point of view featuring… Jacob’s Dream No Other God Drottnar Saint Skald in veum Templar Emerald Images of Eden True Strength Light Force Immortal Souls Becoming Saints ManufraQure Tourniquet Bloodgood Seventh Angel Ritual Servant Final Prophecy Through the Clouds


The Throne Room : Episode 48

With a spotlight on the following…. Biogenesis Deliverance Deny the Fallen Divinefire Extol Fires of Babylon Innerwish Jacob’s Dream Armageddon USA After Omega Through the Clouds Tourniquet Seventh Avenue Grand Lux Ultimatum Theocracy Signum Regis Theocracy Rob Rock


The Throne Room : Episode 47

Another excursion into realm of the Hard and Heavy with a message of Hope!! featuring Through the Clouds Impellitteri Red Sea Biogenesis Menchen Veni Domine Chosen Remnant Soldier Angelic Force Menahem Millennial Reign My Silent Wake Place of Skulls Armageddon USA Eraserhead Bride Adrian Gale Walk the Sky


The Throne Room: Episode 46

Hello FAITHFUL!!! Get ready to strap yourselves in for a full on HEAVY METAL EXPLOSION!!! as heavy as a BATTLESHIP!!! Featuring… A Hill To Die Upon Indominous Perpetual Paranoia Taking the Head of Goliath Crushing the Deceiver Synnove Sympathy Broken Flesh Deuteronomium Wickeds End Malchus The Lead Deus Invictus Consecrator Death Requisite Hand of Fire […]

The Throne Room: Episode 45

Playing a special episode that features a more melodic and Rock N Roll oriented playlist!! Crank it up!! Featuring… Luke Easter Darrell Mansfield The Rex Carroll Band Prodigal Daniel Band Novella David Zaffiro 100% Proof Hoglund Band Time Horizon White Heart Degarmo & Key PJ Bostic Legend Seven Fighter Gideon’s Army Vision Liason Whitecross & […]


The Throne Room: Episode 44

Playing ALL things Heavy Metal and Hard Rock from a Christian point of view… The metal carnage continues on this episode with the following artists!! After Omega Sacred Warrior Grave Declaration Fasedown Neon Cross Extol Desyre Jump Ship Quick (yes…) Deliverance Bride Cross Coriolis Angelic Force The Lead Saint Majestic Vanguard Thresher


Frontline Rewind: Episode 80 the Grand Finale

In Frontline Rewind episode 80, the crew wraps up 6 years of radio/podcast entertainment and closes a chapter on a program featuring music and memories from a variety of recording artists. Rewind Recap Finale hi-lights 12 guests on the show performing live renditions of songs they recorded in the ‘80s and ‘90s Christian music scene. […]


The Throne Room: Episode 43

Playing ALL things Heavy Metal and Hard Rock from a Christian Point of View!! this episodes offerings feature the following bands… BioGenesis Sardonyx Soldier Final Prophecy Millennial Reign Crushing the Deceiver Jerusalem Malachia Angelic Force David Benson Golden Resurrection Grave Robber Hand of Fire Theocracy Barren Cross Crossforce Seventh Angel guaranteed to ROCK your world!


The Throne Room: Episode 42

Playing ALL things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from a Christian Point of view… This episode features the following bands… Crushing the Deceiver Daniel Band Sole Agression Final Surrender Grave Robber Killed by Cain Empire 21 Rose Barren Cross Scarlet Reign Betrayal Divine Fire Every Knee Shall Bow Biogenesis Menchen Seventh Angel Whitecross & Guardian


Frontline Rewind: Episode 79

Part 2 of Street Called Straight on Frontline Rewind More straight talk with Scott Frankfurt In Frontline Rewind episode 79, Executive Producer Adel Meisenheimer continues her conversation with Scott Frankfurt, of Street Called Straight. Listeners will recognize many names of musical heroes, friends and clients he has worked with since the 1980’s. The show features […]


The Throne Room: Episode 41

A full on assault of metal mayhem from the following bands… The Sacrificed The Lead Menchen Crossforce Rage of Angels Scarlet Rayne Deliverance Fear Not Bloodgood Bride Dreamer Grand Lux Jerusalem Sinbreed Seventh Angel German Pascual Empire 21 Resurrection Band Sacred Warrior Leviticus


Frontline Rewind: Episode 78

In Frontline Rewind episode 78, Executive Producer Adel Meisenheimer subs in for host Les Carlsen and interviews Scott Frankfurt, half of high-tech husband and wife pop duo, Street Called Straight. The other half, Jody Moreing Frankfurt, passed away in 2006, but Scott does a wonderful job of taking listeners through this dynamic couple’s spiritual, musical […]


The Throne Room: Episode 39

This episode features the following bands!! Diviner Eternal Decision BioGenesis Consecrator Chaotic Resemblance Lovewar Reinxeed Rez Band Ultimatum Rose Venia (finland) Sunroad Valor Sacred Warrior Death Requisite Novella Play it LOUD!!


The Throne Room: Episode 40

Playing the following bands on this episode… Hand of Fire Disciples of God Armageddon USA Thresher Resurrection Band Join the Dead Max Jam Blam Betrayal Barnabas Golden Resurrection Sunroad Four Start Revival Biogenesis Bride Golgatha Valor Grave Robber Pylon


Frontline Rewind: Episode 76

In Frontline Records Rewind Episode 76, host Les Carlsen walked into a SoCal studio to sounds of rapcore by the pioneering group, Every Day Life (EDL), and talked with them about their unique combination of rap and metal, formulated in 1992. The show opens with a live 2016 rehearsal performance that will convince listeners EDL […]


The Throne Room Episode 38

Hand of Fire Empire 21 Freakings Divinefire Fasedown German Pascual The Hero Sunroad InnerSiege Joshua Killed By Cain Majestic Vanguard Signum Regis Valor Remnant Veni Domine The Crucified Bjorn Stiggson


The Throne Room Episode 37

Whitecross Soldier Crossforce Malachia Eternal Ryte Trytan Deliverance Gardian Contagious Messiah Prophet Bloodgood Hero (USA) Leviticus Barren Cross Armada Vengeance Second Chance First Strike