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I’m thrilled to share this very special episode of the Radiant Others Podcast with you all. On this episode: Ray Musiker. Ray is a living legend – clarinetist, saxophonist, educator and composer. He’s a leading figure in 20th-century Yiddish-American music and he’s still leading the way in the 21st century. Ray is the fourth generation … Continue reading "RAY MUSIKER LIVING MUSICAL LEGACY PODCAST"


Mark Rubin (Radiant Others Returns!)

After a hiatus due to many great composition and performing projects, the Radiant Others Klezmer Music Podcast is back! And we are back with a great one! In today’s episode I talk to bassist, tubist, guitarist, producer, songwriter, guerrilla folklorist, and all around musical macher, Mark Rubin. Mark and I met at Klezkamp in 2002, … Continue reading "Mark Rubin (Radiant Others Returns!)"


Susan Watts – Soul Songs Reflections

On Sunday, October 28th in Philadelphia, a concert took place called Soul Songs: Inspiring Women of Klezmer. It was conceived and led by the one and only Susan Watts, (check out her episode from a while back) and featured a total of 11 women and non-binary klezmer musicians. The concert had only new compositions by … Continue reading "Susan Watts – Soul Songs Reflections"


Christina Crowder

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Radiant Others! I’m really glad we’re rolling again with new episodes and this one is a good one. Christina Crowder is an accordionist, and an important researcher of klezmer, Romanian and Moldavian musics. She’s great to play with, and great to hang out with. We go deep … Continue reading "Christina Crowder"


David Buchbinder

The Radiant Others is back! After a break that was part chosen, part almost forced, I’m so excited to share a good batch of new episodes with you all. And I can’t think of a better musician to start things off than David Buchbinder. David is a trumpeter, a composer, and a big thinker. He … Continue reading "David Buchbinder"


BKG Part 2

Here is part 2 of my interview with scholar and curator Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett. In part 1, BKG talked about growing up, her work, and her career in academia. In today’s conversation we delve deeply into the work that’s occupied her directly for at least the last 10 years: being the chief curator of the POLIN … Continue reading "BKG Part 2"


BKG Part 1

Finishing out this mini-season of Radiant Others with a very special 2-part interview with the amazing Professor Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, or as she’s known among the klezmer world, BKG. Barbara is a groundbreaking scholar in Jewish and Performance Studies, a University Professor at the Tisch School at NYU, and the Chief Curator of the POLIN Museum … Continue reading "BKG Part 1"


Ethel Raim

Today’s episode features singer, music researcher, and arts advocate Ethel Raim. Actually, it’s quite hard to encapsulate Ethel’s long and continuing career. She’s the emeritus artistic director of the Center For Traditional Music and Dance, is a noted teacher of Yiddish, Balkan, and other styles of folk singing, and founded the important folk group The … Continue reading "Ethel Raim"


Susan Watts

Today on the podcast, Susan Hoffman-Lankin-Watts. Susan is a fourth generation (at least!) Philadelphia klezmer musician and one of my favorite trumpet players in this music. If you want to hear the spirit of the old world come from the bell of a trumpet, listen to Susuan. The daughter of klezmer drumming legend Elaine Hoffman-Watts … Continue reading "Susan Hoffman-Lankin-Watts"


Sanne Möricke

Hi everyone, the Radiant Others Podcast is back! I’m so excited to share this conversation with the great klezmer accordionist Sanne Möricke, from Berlin. We got to talk back in November when we were working on a project (as yet unnamed) with Michael Winograd in Brooklyn. Sanne is one of my favorite klezmer accordionists and … Continue reading "Sanne Möricke"


Veretski Pass

Welcome everyone, to the 6th episode of the Radiant Others Klezmer music Podcast!! What can I say about the band Veretski Pass? Veretski Pass takes its name from the mountain pass through which Magyar tribes crossed into the Carpathian basin to settle what later became the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These three musicians, Cookie Segelstein, Josh Horowitz, … Continue reading "Live at Klezkanada 2017 #3 Episode 6 – Veretski Pass"


Mark Slobin

Welcome everyone, to the 5th episode of the Radiant Others Klezmer music Podcast!! I had the pleasure of talking to ethnomusicologist and historian Mark Slobin at Klezkanada back in August. We had a great talk about the arc of cultural revivals, the creation of Ethnic identity in the US, and of course, the early days … Continue reading "Live From Klezkanada #2 2017 Episode 5 – Mark Slobin"


Episode 4: Shura Lipovsky/Josh Waletsky

Welcome everyone, to the 4th episode of the Radiant Others Klezmer music Podcast!! This episode also marks the beginning of our 2nd mini-season! Today I’m excited to present two conversations with two great Yiddish singers, Shura Lipovsky and Josh Waletsky. Shura and Josh both compose new Yiddish songs and each in their own way, show … Continue reading "Live from Klezkanada ’17! Shura Lipovsky/Josh Waletsky"


Zev Feldman

Welcome to the 3rd episode of Radiant Others: A Klezmer Music Podcast! Today on the podcast, historian, musicologist, tsimbalist, and Yiddish dancer, Zev Feldman. Zev Feldman is one of the most central figures of the klezmer revival. He was instrumental in introducing the great clarinet virtuoso Dave Tarras to a wider audience and has released … Continue reading "Episode 3 – Zev Feldman"


Pete Rushefsky

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Radiant Others: A Klezmer Music Podcast! Today, I’m talking to tsimbalist, composer, and musical organizer Pete Rushefsky. As one of the few people really dedicated to the tsimbl (Jewish hammered dulcimer), Pete Rushefsky has played with almost everyone in the American and European klezmer scene, including artists like Itzak … Continue reading "Pete Rushefsky"


Announcing Radiants Other Klezmer Music Podcast – Michael Winograd

I’m thrilled to release Radiant Others: A Klezmer Music Podcast into the world! I hope you’ll join me as I sit down for in-depth and informal conversations with musicians and other artists whose work has made them an integral part of the klezmer world. With this podcast, I want to give folks who were instrumental … Continue reading "Announcing Radiants Other Klezmer Music Podcast – Michael Winograd"