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Honest and in-depth conversations with the world's top DJs. What are we curious about? Electronic music and the culture that surrounds it. And how do we satisfy that curiosity? By talking to people who have dedicated their lives to the electronic music scene—DJs, producers, promoters and more.

Honest and in-depth conversations with the world's top DJs. What are we curious about? Electronic music and the culture that surrounds it. And how do we satisfy that curiosity? By talking to people who have dedicated their lives to the electronic music scene—DJs, producers, promoters and more.
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Honest and in-depth conversations with the world's top DJs. What are we curious about? Electronic music and the culture that surrounds it. And how do we satisfy that curiosity? By talking to people who have dedicated their lives to the electronic music scene—DJs, producers, promoters and more.








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Ep. 48 - Telefon Tel Aviv

From the melodic glitches of the debut Telefon Tel Aviv album Fahrenheit Fair Enough to the fury of Nine Inch Nails live, Josh Eustis is a consummate electronic music artist—one who struggles over every byte playing off his trusty laptop, the musical tool that has been the center of his world since the mid-90s. Through two-plus decades of musical triumph and personal tragedy, Josh tells Rave Curious how he's stayed focused on making his art, even during the toughest times. And reveals the...


Ep. 37 - Perc

Some might call his music punk techno, but Perc insists that everything he does on his Perc Trax label is all in good fun. Maybe that's why the UK DJ and producer has become a favorite at hardcore-yet-cheeky events like Bangface Weekender and Even Furthur. Perc talks about the secret to surviving in the tough world of techno—from loosing records in distributor liquidations (three times in 13 years) to playing packed clubs one weekend and half empty rooms the next.


Ep. 46 - Raíz (Droid Behavior)

Leading up to the 15th-anniversary celebration of Droid Behavior, Los Angeles duo Raíz recap a decade and a half of delivering uncompromising techno to a city better known for house, trance and dreaded EDM. Brothers Vidal and Vangelis Vargas offer insights on the city's unique Latino electronic heritage, trying to throw techno events during the dark ages of the early '00s and why relocating to a more flight-friendly locale (ahem, Berlin, ahem) is just not an option when an entire community...


Ep. 45 - Steve Rachmad (Sterac)

Dutch DJ Steve Rachmad is one of Holland's original techno producers. He's also one of the truest in term of his undiluted commitment to the music in its original Detroit-manufactured form. No wonder he carries with him a "Detroit pass" like fellow European greats Laurent Garnier, Maurizio and Luke Slater. Whether making and playing music as Sterac (his harder techno alias), Tons of Tones (his most Detroit-sounding records) or as his own groovy self, the Amsterdam fixture continues to move...


Ep. 44 - DJ Garth

DJ Garth is one-quarter of Wicked Soundsystem, the legendary San Francisco crew of British expats that brought UK acid house to the Bay Area at the dawn of the 90s. Along with Jeno, Marky and Thomas, Garth pioneered the full moon party scene in Northern Cali before hitting the road in a vintage Greyhound bus and a massive purple Turbosound system to carry the gospel, first to Burning Man, then across the West Coast. Today, Garth lives in Los Angeles. He discusses the move south, how things...


Ep. 42 - Mike Huckaby

Mike Huckaby is best known as the former manager of Record Time's legendary Dance Room, a store that helped define the musical taste of an entire generation of Detroit DJs. Since the store closed in 2011, Huckaby has come out from behind the counter and has made his own way as an international DJ, surprising many by mixing Tresor's 20th Anniversary Compilation and assuming the role as the semi-official remixer of all things Sun Ra. Add to this his work teaching students young and old about...


Ep. 42 - Claude VonStroke

The annual Dirtybird Campout has become a major event on the West Coast festival circuit, by presenting every shade of the label’s beloved sound—from house and techno to bass and hip-hop—and combining it adult updates on good old-fashioned summer camp activities (sexy musical chairs, anyone?). DB boss Claude VonStroke sat down with the Rave Curious Podcast to reveal a couple of surprises he has in store for this year’s gathering. He also offers up advice on how to make it as a musical...


Rave Curious UPDATE

Josh gives some good news in this 4-minute update on the state of Rave Curious following the closure of our partner, THUMP.


Ep. 41 - Heidi Lawden

Heidi Lawden Is Much More Than DJ Harvey's Manager. The dance music "den mother" is more than DJ Harvey's manager. // Running off to London as a teenager meant that Heidi Lawden was hanging at the coolest clubs at an age when most ravers are still dreaming of big nights out from inside their parent's suburban homes. And Heidi hit the capital at just the right time, when the fashion-forward city was about to be overtaken by the acid house phenomenon. "I thought the streets were paved with...


Ep. 40 - Jesse Rose

Jesse Rose Wishes More DJs Would Retire. // By pretty much any standard, the life of a successful DJ is a good one. Sure, social media is perpetually flooded with DJs complaining, but the cons of long flights, lost luggage and logistical meltdowns pale in comparison to the pros of global travel, VIP accommodations and endless afterparties. Oh yeah, and getting to share music with adoring fans around the world ain't a bad deal either. It's little wonder why once most DJs reach the upper...


Ep. 39 - Joel Mull

Joel Mull Is Saving Swedish Dance Music From It’s EDM-Sullied Reputation // As some of the pioneers of the Swedish techno sound, Joel Mull and friends Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch dominated much of the late-90s scene with unforgiving bangers that defined the looping minimalism of the era. Today, Mull—the Stockholm-based DJ and producer—has broadened his palette considerably, creating various shades of techno for everyone from Berlin leaders Dystopian to Sasha's Last Night On Earth...


Ep. 38 - Baikal

Baikal Proves How Hard It Is to Quit Techno. // It seems like every producer eventually moves to Berlin, but Baikal might be the only one to do so while taking time off from his musical career. Having achieved some success under the name Mark August with releases for Innervisions, the Dutch producer needed a break—and decided that decamping to Germany was the way to do it. He couldn't stay out of the game for too long though, and he's recently begun releasing music on the Maeve label that...


Ep. 37 - Lee Burridge

The Former Fabric Resident Freed Himself From Tech House Purgatory. // On the new episode of Rave Curious, the former Fabric resident explains building new brand especially for American audiences. It'd be easy to blame Lee Burridge for some of the stuff you hate. He's one of the founding fathers of tech-house, a loose genre that still holds its cold grip around much of the international dance music scene. He might be equally at fault for the playa tech sound that gets so many Burning Man...


Ep. 36 - Karl Meier

The underground vet brings Chicago's industrial music to Berlin techno. // Growing up in the house music capital of Chicago, one might not expect Karl Meier to make the sort of abrasive industrial techno found on his debut album as one half of Talker (with Johnathan Krohn). But as he tells Rave Curious, the city's industrial scene—famous for the Wax Trax! label, home to Front 242, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and local legends Ministry/Revolting Cocks/Pigface—had just as much...


Ep. 35 - Paul Oakenfold & Mikey Lion

Oakie Learned About Ibiza From A Famous Transexual // When the books are written about the history of acid house—and there have been several already—one key fact seems to elude authors as they regurgitate the old story of how Paul Oakenfold and friends visited Ibiza, took some ecstasy, and came back to kick off the Summer of Love. "I was working for a record company and they want [John Waters conspirator] Divine," he tells the Rave Curious podcast. "That's how I really discovered Ibiza."...


Ep. 34 - Christian Martin

The Dirtybird JD Explains Why Guest DJs Can be a Waste // Christian Martin will play well over 150 gigs this year around the world. Some will be solo, but many will be as part of the Dirtybird crew, which Martin founded with his brother Justin and friends Claude Vonstroke and Worthy. Today, they might all be international headlining DJ, but when Dirtybird began as an intimate daytime BBQ party in Golden Gate Park, and then a residency at San Francisco venue Shine, the four core DJs kept...


Ep. 33 - Chrissy

The Smart Bar resident isn't afraid to name and shame. // As product of the Midwest rave scene, Chrissy has seen his share of sketchiness—from gunplay in Kansas City to troubles on the road in England with DJ Rashad. He admits that the underground environment through much of dance music's history can be a beacon for bad players eager to take advantage of the PLUR. "They were homophobic, and they were misogynistic and they didn't really like the music. They were show up to score ecstasy, or...


Ep. 32 - Louie Vega

The house legend lost the Grammy, but he's still won our hearts. // DJ, producer and bandleader Louie Vega knows something about partnerships. His collaboration with fellow NYC producer Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez is one of near mythical status. That pairing has produced tireless dance floor bangers like "Deep Inside" and "The Ha Dance" (as Masters At Work) and "The Bounce" (as Kenlou), as well as the timeless musicality of their Nuyorican Soul project, which featured legends like Tito Puente,...


Ep. 31 - Boom Bip

The LA producer rips formulaic DJ sets and talks about hanging at Björk's house. // Much love to the Windy City, but Bryan Hollon (aka Boom Bip) and Rave Curious host Joshua Glazer are two Midwest boys who can't help hold a bit of distaste for a town that, by their estimation, spawned the condescending hipster archetype. Hollon also has some unkind words for EDM, a world he was almost drawn into, despite a catalog that consist mainly of rich and beguiling downtempo tunes. "I don't want to...