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Each week, life long Queen fanatics Jai, Matt and Ian talk about, rate and challenge each other to take it in turns to faithfully record a version of a famous, or not so famous track, by the greatest band in the world.

Each week, life long Queen fanatics Jai, Matt and Ian talk about, rate and challenge each other to take it in turns to faithfully record a version of a famous, or not so famous track, by the greatest band in the world.


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Each week, life long Queen fanatics Jai, Matt and Ian talk about, rate and challenge each other to take it in turns to faithfully record a version of a famous, or not so famous track, by the greatest band in the world.








Ep 17 : The Miracle

This week it's the turn of The Miracle from the album of the same name, a major Queen track, is this classic Queen in the synth Area, how are the lyrics perceived here and abroad. how would Queen have done it live. What do we think of the productions. What on earth has Matt done with his version, no synths and no guitars.


Ep 16 : Son and Daughter

Ian tackles our first cover of the first album, Queen by Queen, the May metal track Son and Daughter. We discuss the curious lyrics of the schoolboy Brian, the musical context of the song. What's up with the religious elements of the first album? What band follow on the tradition of the Beatless and Queen. Freddie's voice and influence. A track probably a little forgotten but incredibly important in the Queen catalogue.


Ep 15 : Leaving Home Ain't Easy

This week Matt tackles Brian's ode to life on the road. Is the meaning obvious, or is their more to this song. We talk about Roger's subtle drumming, Brian's fabulous vocal performance, single choices from Jazz, musical motifs and much more. Did Brian really predict the Covid19 lockdown? Special guest bass player Phil helps Matt out, with some production help from Tim too.


Minisode : 3 part 2 - Mr Bad Guy (Side B)

Part 2 of Mr Bad Guy Minisode which, in a (not so) quick departure from our normal format, we talk about the Debut Solo Album of Freddie Mercury, rating each song. The listeners can then vote for one out of the worst three, leaving us with the task of covering the song for another minisode.


Minisode : 3 part 1 - Mr Bad Guy (Side A)

Part 1. A quick departure where we talk about the debut Solo Album of Freddie Mercury, rating each song as we go. The listeners can then vote for one, out of the worst three as voted for by us, leaving us with the task of covering the listeners choice song for another minisode. Part 2 out in a few days.


Ep 14 : Tenement Funster

This week Ian blasts out a version of the Roger Taylor classic Tenement Funster off the album Sheer Heart Attack. We discuss the name, the lyrics, where does it all fit in? Who played what? is Brian around? how does this relate to the Beatles and T-Rex? Roger's incredible voice. One thing for certain is that this is a classic Queen cut, loved by us.


Ep 13 : Rain Must Fall

This week Jai tackles one of the most perplexing songs in the Queen canon. Many questions arise, why Flo Jo? Why property and Finance, has John defaulted on his mortgage? General thoughts on the production of the Miracle, playing together as a band. Jai's original arrangement of the track certainly shines a light on the skill of the original songwriting of yet another track that is cited as one of Queen's worst.


Ep 12 : Body Language ↑⬱

This week Matt assembles a cover of Body Language ↑⬱, The second single off the Queen Album "Hot Space", where all three hosts sing a harmonised version of Freddie's Disco craziness. What were the circumstances of this crazy single?. Was it the nail in the US commercial coffin? How does it relate to other tracks? what did the other Queen members think of it? What do Queen fans think of it? Lots of fun this week, with a truly bizarre and unique Queen offering.


Ep 11 : Don't Lose Your Head

Ian tackles the cover of this Roger Curiosity in a new an interesting way, We talk about the John Deacon run-in with the law that may provide inspiration and the payment for another pop star to perform. Have faith in Queen and Roger, Ian shows that under the bonnet there is a fabulous bit of songwriting as always.


Ep 10 : You and I

This week we chat about the John Deacon classic "You and I". John's follow up to You're My Best Friend has he achieved a progression here? who plays what? does Freddie enjoy singing John songs? Matt nearly kills himself just to squeeze out the first verse in yet another Freddie tour de Force of a performance. Theories on who plays what and how does this fit in with Day at the Races? and how does Day at the Races fit in with everything else? We are all agreed this is an all-time classic Queen...


Ep 9 : She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettos)

This week Matt tackles another Brian May song, She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettos). This unusual gem of a track has us guessing, what is the meaning behind the title and the lyrics? We all have a theory. We look at its relation to the album cover, its place in the Queen cannon in general, the tour they just left, Brian's illness, Mott the Hoople ... amongst lots of other topics. One thing we agree on this is a Bona Fide Queen Classic.


Ep 8 : I'm Going Slightly Mad

This week Jai tackles one of Freddie's last songs, the second single from Innuendo. Written by Freddie Mercury but credited to Queen, and probably uncredited lyrical contributions by Peter Straker. The lyrics are humorous but poignant, dealing with mental decline while suffering from illness.


Minisode : 2 Thank God It's Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone. The boys tackle Thank God it's Christmas. But what do they really think about it. Is it Classic Queen? In the Spirit of togetherness Jai, Matt and Ian tackle the song as a collaboration, ...with surprising results.


Ep 7 : Play The Game

This week we tackle a major Queen hit. Freddie's timeless love song Play The Game. Jai's version faithfully follows Freddie and the band's classic tune this time. What state were the band in, how does Freddie sing so well, the video the look and loads more.


Minisode : 1 Origin Story

Jai, Matt and Ian discuss why on earth they have decided to make a Queen Podcast. Get to know the guys behind the Number 1 Music Commentary Podcast on Itunes.


Ep 6 : '39

This week we discuss the incredible May space folk song '39 off Queen's magnum opus: A Night at the Opera. Brian in startling songwriting form here, inventing a genre! doing the Lorentz calculation, putting in multiple easter eggs, complex harmonic structures abound!! ....woooo what a song. This is one of our favourite Queen tracks and Ian has the duty of making the cover. Let us know what you think and what you are desperate for us to cover.


Ep 5 : Death On Two Legs

This week Matt tackles the Queen Monster track Death On Two Legs. We talk about the victim of Freddies vicious but brilliant lyrics. How the track was put together. Safe to say this is one of Queen best ever tracks from a classic era. Enjoy!!!!


Ep 4 : Ride The Wild Wind

This week Ian is on Vocal duty with his cover of Ride the Wild Wind, a Roger Taylor Queen curiosity. Off their 14th album Innuendo, the band's last album to be released in lead singer Freddie Mercury’s lifetime. We discuss the character of Roger's songwriting, including a theory by Ian that places this track as part of a trilogy, which doesn't' include his other more obvious car reference. Do his solo efforts cast a light on this? Ian decides to take the song in a whole new musical direction...


Ep 3 : Sail Away Sweet Sister

This episode we delve into the monster May ballad that is Sail Away Sweet Sister. We try to get to the bottom of the controversial lyrical content, May doing a Sting? ...yep we went there! Plenty to discuss, Deacon's Bass solo!, the context of the Game. The musical styles of Brian, Roger's groove, Freddie's Piano groove. We finish with Matt's version of the song, featuring for the first time Matt on lead Vocal.


Ep 2 : Cool Cat

This week, for our second-ever episode, we dive into the overlooked gem that is Cool Cat that rarest of beats a Deacon / Mercury collaboration. Often cited in the Top Ten worst Queen tracks, we argue it's time to think again. We discuss the instrumentation, the lyrics, why Queen were making this kind of music. To finish we reveal Jai and Ian's interpretation, that has made us appreciate the original all over again