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Riding the Soundwave (Melodic Progressive, Vocal Trance, Beach House)

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Melodic Progressive, Vocal Trance, Beach House - selected and mixed for workout, chillout and daydreaming by Chris Lyons DJ




Melodic Progressive, Vocal Trance, Beach House - selected and mixed for workout, chillout and daydreaming by Chris Lyons DJ




Riding The Soundwave 46 - Forces of Nature

An awesome playlist of progressive house and melodic progressive tracks - one hour DJset - enjoy! follow me to download TRACKLIST Albuquerque & Foletto - Havana Dub (Enertia-Sound Remix) - PREVIEW Gregory Esayan - Mediterranea Lumidelic - Synesthesia (Original Mix) Imperss - The game of life (Original Mix) Katrin Souza - Calm Before the Storm (Original Mix) Vitodito - Cosmic Blood Groove & Kikis - Without You (Talamanca Remix) Maiga - Take Me Away Alex Pich - Clash Of Civilizations Chris...


Riding The Soundwave 52 - As Good as it Gets

Riding The Soundwave Mix 52 - As Good as it Gets - an awesome set of melodic progressive favorites! TRACKLIST (follow my profile to download this DJset) Phrakture & Maria Carmela - Something Useful (Lesh Remix) James Woods - Bliss (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) Ricardo Piedra - Herbs (Nikko Mavridis Remix) (INU) Jay FM - Timeless Roald Velden & South Pol - Billion Stars (Original Mix) Katrin Souza - Calm Before the Storm (Original Mix) Albuquerque & Foletto - Havana Dub (Enertia-Sound Remix)...


Riding The Soundwave 80 - Wipeout

Follow my profile to unlock download! - TRACKLIST George Ellinas - Kiti Beach (Original mix) Adam Sobiech - Moments (Original Mix) Seraphym - Sleep Sweet Underneath the Stars (Original mix) Sunwave - About You (Anlaya Project After The Sunrise Mix) Tom Bro - Peaceful (Aaron Dmitriew Dub vs. Vocal Remix) Japeboy, Roald Velden - Azure (Roald Velden Remix) Andrew Lang - Elements (Ryan Z Remix) Dr. Polak - Hurtigruten Dmitry Kostyuchenko - Praha (Original Mix) Above & Beyond - Air For Life (with...


Riding The Soundwave 81 - Sunny Drops

Yasin Guven - Tekirdag (Design8 Remix) Kirill Maxsimoff - Feel The Sun Rise (Original Mix) Sunset Moments - Last Train Home Deidian - Colors & Colours (Original Mix) Spectorsonic & Alex BELIEVE - White Star Paul Keeley - Paper Jet Terry Gaters - Lucid Dreams (Original Mix) Shion Hinano - Moving Out Xenioxe - Burning Passion (8 P.M. Remix) Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Talamanca Remix) Aaron Dmitriew - Growing Up (Skua Remix) Myon & Shane 54 Natalie Peris - Outshine Katrin Souza - Butterflies in...


Riding The Soundwave 82 - Colors of a Dream

TRACKLIST (follow my profile to unlock download of this DJset) Andrew Frenir - Outdoor (Original Mix) Talamanca - Escape (Vitodito Remix) Elenski - A Million Gratitude Deidian - Come To Light (Kevin Holdeen Remix) Gregory Esayan - Game Of Hearts Tom Bro - Peaceful (spArk Remix) Blood Groove & Kikis - Harmonic Inon Bramy - Deep Dive (Original Mix) Andrew Lang - The Story So Far (Lesh Remix) Armedio & Cosmaks - Summer Nights (Joshua Ollerton Remix) Z8phyR - Dreamer's Melody Nygma - Rostov City...


Riding The Soundwave 83 - Sunset Metamorphosis (full 2hr show)

Special double sized Edition including Special Guest Mix by Producer/DJ Katrin Souza (soundcloud.com/katrinsouza) starting from minute 59 of the show TRACKLIST First hour: mixed by Chris Lyons DJ Deidian - Colors & Colours (Shion Hinano Remix) Lesh - Heart of the Ocean (Original Mix) Tom Bro - Peaceful (Eric De La Vega Remix) Lumidelic - Spirit Dance (Aaron Dmitriew Remix) Vintage & Morelli - Riptide (Original Mix) Yasin Guven - Tekirdag (Design8 Remix) Aviva - Kharma (South Pole Remix)...


Riding The Soundwave 83 - Guest Mix by Katrin Souza

Special Edition with Double DJset: second half of the show played by Producer/DJ Katrin Souza soundcloud.com/katrinsouza TRACKLIST Elsewhere (UK) - Substantia (Original Mix) [BUTTRESS] Vladi Strecker - Drive(Highway Six Mix) [Maretimo Records] Rodriguez Jr. - Santa Cruz[Mobilee Records] Doppel - Melt (Original Remix) [OPNDG046] Henrik Schwarz - Omnibus [Innervisions] Sam Goku - Momentum [Atomnation] Hansgod - Vata River [Magnitude Recordings] Katrin Souza - A Dark Forest (Paul Angelo & Don...


Riding The Soundwave 84 - Summer Melody Special

Special edition including releases (2020-2021) from Summer Melody label TRACKLIST Adam Sein - Remember (Lesh Remix) Marcel Vautier - Bohemia (Naz K remix) Skyhunter - Out Of Time (Original Mix) Omar Essa - Sunset At Lagoona (Original Mix) Nygma - Rostov City (Numedian Remix) Lumidelic - Buried In The Snow (Sub Question Remix) MLDJ - First Flight (Original Mix) MaxLoop - South Pacific (Original Mix) SixthSense - Doncella (Fiben Remix) Deidian - Colors & Colours (Shion Hinano Remix) Lepo -...


Riding The Soundwave 85 - Breaking Free

Semjon Joosten - Oceans Away (Numatra Remix) Chab - Closer To Me (Alex Neri Dub Remix) Dark Matters feat. Jess Morgan - I Don't Believe In Miracles Glaue - Kali (Original Mix) Marat Malakhov - I Can't Tell You Stop (Sergey Salekhov Remix) Nikhil Prakash, Jeff Ozmits - Flip Script Suncatcher vs Fredrik Miller - Soaring High (Extended Mix) Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Den Rize feat. Natalie Gioia - Angelic Trance Reserve - Another Reality (Victor Lobanov Remix) Shingo Nakamura - The Four (Sundriver...


Riding The Soundwave 86 - So Cool

Starts cool and easy, then builds up in energy with vocal trance and trance progressive until the end. Don't miss the momentum with the Avengers theme! JackLNDN - Hit Refresh Z8phyR - Ethereal Spirit Enertia-Sound - Ghamida (Original Mix) Approaching Black - Past Times (Extended Mix) Gregory Esayan & Alex Pich - Breaking The Cage (Remix) Bruno Mars & Sickick - Talking to the Moon (Katrin Souza Deep House Remix) Alex H - In Loving Memory Kamron Schrader - Three Rivers (Original Mix) Breaking...


Riding The Soundwave 87 - Red Line

Starts with some melodic progressive, then evolves and builds up in energy with progressive trance. repost to download Z8phyR - Night Colours Marat Malakhov - Again And Again (Dawtone Remix) Keith Harris - Paradox (Original Mix) Winterson - Journey (Original Mix) Talamanca,Japeboy - Dawning Kamron Schrader - Hidden Beauty L DG - Summerlust Elenski - The Gift Of A Spring Morning Fredix - Dreaming About You Sentien - Atmos (Extended Mix) Se.Ra.Phic - Call To Light (Dalmoori Remix) Betsie...


Riding The Soundwave 88 - On The Run

Starts easy and soft then progresses buiding up in energy and BPM. Repost to download TRACKLIST Shion Hinano - Eventide (Original mix) Andrew Frenir - Outdoor (Original Mix) Lumidelic - Diversity (Original Mix) Andrew Lang, Bee Hunter - Mangoes & Limes (Original Mix) Sundriver - Cast Away (Club Mix) Maze (UA) - Shadow Lights (Original Mix) New Horizons - Take Flight (Vincent Zauhar Remix) Deidian - Come To Light (Original Mix) Z8phyR - Song of Lore Hobin Rude - Inventum (Original Mix)...


Riding The Soundwave 89 - Special Guest Mix by Ricky DB

2-hour edition! 1st hour Chris Lyons DJ - 2nd hour Special Guest Mix by RickyDB soundcloud.com/rickydbmusic TRACKLIST -- 1st hour: Chris Lyons DJ -- Keith Harris & Watt - Malibu (Original Mix) Z8phyR - Bright Happenings Imperss - NewStage Summer (Original Mix) Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime (Alex H Remix) Chris Lyons - Sunday Afternoon (Original Mix) Nigel Good feat. Sarah Clark - This Is You (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) eleven.five & Arielle Maren - Remember (Extended Club Mix) Melodex...


Riding The Soundwave 90 - Eibiza Festival 2021

A giant 2-hour DJset with melodic progressive, progressive house and trance with some vocal tracks to add a human touch. Ideal for a long and motivating workout. This DJset was live broadcasted June 6 2021 at the eibiza festival on radio eibiza. TRACKLIST Musty - Horizon Wavelounger - Mindoro (Original Mix) LTN Ghostbeat & Katrin Souza - Back to the Future Myon & Shane 54 Natalie Peris - Outshine Xenioxe - Burning Passion (Marko Ruberto Remix) ZANIO - Nightfall (Richard Bass Remix) Roald...


Riding The Soundwave 91 - Waves

Progressive house and melodic progressive. Follow me to download. 120 to 126 BPM TRACKLIST NOV3 - Wind Dunkan - Holiday Park (Original Mix) Roald Velden - Sunset Over Emst (Original Mix) Redspace - At Dawn (Original Mix) Blood Groove & Kikis - Without You (Talamanca Remix) Imperss - Summer Green (Original Mix) Jay FM - Taboo (Original Mix) Yusuke Teranishi - Cosmonaut (Original mix) Ross Geldart - In Orbit (Steven Flynn Beyond The Stars Remix) DEVN6 - Kiwi (Extended Mix) Secret Garden -...


Riding The Soundwave 92 - Breathing

TRACKLIST Secret Garden - Tenori (Original Mix) Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren w RNX - Lonely Shore (Extended Mix) Imperss - Stormy Love (Original Mix) (2021) Luvmac - Eloquance (Original Mix) Chris Lyons - Signs of Life James Lowndes & Paul Lowndes - Only You (Alex H Remix) Yusuke Teranishi & Yasin Guven - Coral reef (Original mix) Mark Moncrieff - Point Nemo (Original Mix) LTN, Stendahl & Arielle Maren - Black Hole (Original Vocal Mix) Z8phyR - Twinkling Eyes (Original Mix) Animus Liber...


Riding The Soundwave 93 - Soul Painting

A little bit more contemplaive than usual, but emotionaly powerful. Follow my profile to download! TRACKLIST Imperss - Follow Your Dreams (Original Mix) Chicane - Low Sun David Folkebrant & Lokovski - Hilemni (Mescadi Remix) Z8phyR - Sojourn Inside (Original Mix) DJ VAL - Once Again (Remix DJ PILULA 2019) Shingo Nakamura - The Four (Sundriver Remix) DaWTone - Funny Consequences (Original Mix) Idra - Until Then (Design8 Remix) Maze (UA) - Everything In Our Dreams (Original Mix) Universal...


Riding The Soundwave 94 - Coast to Coast

Increases in energy and BPM. Free Download will be unlocked when play count reaches 50! TRACKLIST Aria Deep - Cygnus In The Sky (Original mix) Jay FM - This Moment Saint Beyer - She (Bruno Alves Remix) Chris Drifter & Secretvision feat. Andrew T Dorn - Nightfall (Original Mix) Redspace & Lluis Ribalta - Compound (Original Mix) Winterya - Voices (Original mix) Smart Wave - Melancoli3 (ChillSeeker Remix) Deni Sunrise - Can't Erase (Original Mix) Jes, Dan Thompson - Here With Me (Elypsis...


Riding The Soundwave 95 - Life Choices

TRACKLIST Nikko - SeaShell (Extended Mix) Imperss - Rise Up (Original Mix) 5:33 Blood Groove & Kikis - Voices 8:55 Jab Vix - Revenant (Original mix) 11.30 RNX vs. Shingo Nakamura - Oregon (Shingo Nakamura Mix) 14:05 Ross Geldart - Shaped (Original mix) 16:34 Katrin Souza - Trueno (Deepshader & Aquatique Remix) 18:23 Hansgod - Ouch (Original Mix) 21:30 Mango & Kazusa - Sunahama (Original Mix) 23:45 Skyhunter - Smile After Sadness (Original Mix) 26:30 After Sunrise - Face In The Moonlight...


Riding The Soundwave 96 - Turquoise Mood

TRACKLIST Seraphym - Missing You (Dub Mix) Approaching Black - Salt & Sea Animus Liber - Sur (Original Mix) Roald Velden & Morrison Kiers Vs. Thiago Tanaka - Waiting For Zonnewende (jav3x Remix) Brkird - New Decade (Original Mix) Z8phyR - Zen of the Sunrise Robby Castellano & Redspace - Castle (Original Mix) Jab Vix - Organik (Original mix) Qosmio - Sentimental Love (Original Mix) Lumidelic - Through The Door (Original Mix) Smart Wave - Melancoli3 (Aeolu5 Remix) Aquastic & Cherry Pheromone -...