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058 – Brett McCracken and Sent from Heaven

This week we are lucky enough to have two great guests. First, Rob’s got some grievances to get out about how things went down at the official Spirit Fantasy Football league. Then we’re joined by Amanda and Aubin of Sent From Heaven. Their ministry provides comfort and resources to parents who have lost a child. Author Brett McCracken joins us ... Read More The post 058 – Brett McCracken and Sent from Heaven appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


057 – Matthew West

With this episode we can FINALLY put to rest the embarrassing behind the scenes story of when I (John) did an ENTIRE interview with Matt Redman but thought I was talking to Matthew West. This time, we talk to Matthew West… and it really is him! His new album “All In” is out now wherever you get your music, other ... Read More The post 057 – Matthew West appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


056 – Listener Stories: Lori

(Listener discretion advised for our interview in the second half of the podcast. We get into some mature subject matter.) After getting his first big shot on Monday Night Football, sideline reporter Sergio Dipp has become an internet meme for what was a less-than-perfect job. So we asked the question: What was a time when you blew a big opportunity? ... Read More The post 056 – Listener Stories: Lori appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


55 – Special Episode

By now there’s no doubt you’ve seen and heard some of the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. On this episode we chat with Chris Chicago of 91.7 NGEN radio in Humble, Texas. Chris and his family were evacuated from their home like thousands of others and is seeing the incredible sense of community by those coming to help the victims ... Read More The post 55 – Special Episode appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


054 – Zhanique: American Ninja Warrior

We welcome Zhanique Lovett, an American Ninja Warrior to our show this week. We find out if she’s as mentally strong as she is physically. Rob saves the day by protecting us from wasting time online and we talk about talking about Jesus. Thanks for joining us. You can subscribe on iTunes here! The post 054 – Zhanique: American Ninja Warrior appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


053 – David Dunn

David Dunn joins us as we get ready for Christian Fellowship Night! Some of our favorite artists tweet their thoughts on Charlottesville and we talk about Daryl Davis, the black man gaining recognition for befriending hundreds of KKK members, causing many of them to denounce their affiliation. It’s been a rough week and we believe humor can help with that. ... Read More The post 053 – David Dunn appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


052 – For All Seasons

Hear Rob’s answer to “97% of parenting is…” John’s take on eclipse mania and our friends Emily and Johnny (a married couple) from the band For All Seasons participate in the not-so-newly-wed-game. Catchy title huh? Will they be able to get their new single “Higher” played on Spirit or will they need to go to marriage counselling after their visit ... Read More The post 052 – For All Seasons appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


051 – Greg Sykes

We’re joined by musician and neighbor to the (way) North, Greg Sykes. We welcome Greg to the Rob and John family by asking him a series of questions about who he is and what makes him tick. Also, we cover some of the shortest held jobs we’ve ever had because you know, Mooch. As always thank you for subscribing ... Read More The post 051 – Greg Sykes appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


050 – Mike and Micah

This week we are joined by TWO very special guests: Micah Tyler and Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave. Both artists are coming to Fresno along with We Are Messengers and Jeremy Camp for Kingdom Come at the Big Fresno Fair. So.. we only thought it appropriate to pit these two tour mates against each other in a fair-trivia showdown. ... Read More The post 050 – Mike and Micah appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


049 – Landry Cantrell

We’re so excited to have a “new” artist to the Spirit family. And it’s even more exciting that Landry is from just down the street from the Spirit studios. Landy Cantrell grew up in Hanford and recently bought a home in town. We are so excited to get to know him and we hope you will be too. You can ... Read More The post 049 – Landry Cantrell appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


048 – Mother’s Day Episode

We’re celebrating moms this week (and always) on the show. We talk a bit about our moms, take a few calls and even get to chat with special guest Matthew West about his! Philly Jesus also joins us on the show for an interview you don’t want to miss! Don’t forget to join us on the Rob and John Facebook ... Read More The post 048 – Mother’s Day Episode appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


46 – MercyMe

Rob and John are back after ANOTHER hiatus, but it’s worth it because we’ve got TWO guests from the band MercyMe – singer Bart Millard, and guitarist Barry Graul sharing about their BRAND NEW album in stores now called “Lifer” and what a huge hit in the Christian music world their first single “Even If” has been. Rob and John ... Read More The post 46 – MercyMe appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


45 – Jason Gray

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we had to chat about relationships! We talk about two very different reactions to less-than-ideal situations in a relationship. There is one moment of language as a result of playing a video clip (our apologies). And we chat with our friend Jason Gray as he gets ready to join us for the second ... Read More The post 45 – Jason Gray appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


44 – New Artist Spotlight: Asher

It is GREAT to be back from a little break! On this episode, we wanted to get a little insight to another side of music. We are joined by Daniel Asher, with his band “Asher,” to talk about what the journey to being a new singer/songwriter is like. We loved getting to know a little about his life and his ... Read More The post 44 – New Artist Spotlight: Asher appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


43 – Britt Nicole

Rob and John may (or may not have) been shot at on their way from the Phil Wickam concert… So, that happened. And, they chat with Britt Nicole about Winter Jam! Connect with us on the all new Rob and John Facebook page. The post 43 – Britt Nicole appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


42 – Micah Tyler & Tim Timmons

This week we have two excellent guests Micah Tyler who will be joining Phil Wickam and Stars Go Dim this week for the “Children of God Tour”. Tim drove up from Orange County to talk about life, music and most importantly, Jesus. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss! The post 42 – Micah Tyler & Tim Timmons appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


41 – Crowder & Matthew West

Why did CROWDER burn down a log cabin? Is Matthew West a Cubs fan? These are some of the important question we get to ask in this special double-header interview with two of the biggest artists in Christian music today! Not only that, but they are coming to Fresno next week, headlining the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular! The post 41 – Crowder & Matthew West appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


40 – Phil Wickham & Stars Go Dim

Another double-interview episode today! Phil Wickham joins us to talk about the Children of God Tour and what truth he learned that gave him comfort in a time of silence where he feared he’d never be able to sing again. Chris Cleveland, lead singer of Stars Go Dim, also joins us to talk about his favorite moments being on tour ... Read More The post 40 – Phil Wickham & Stars Go Dim appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


39 – for King & Country / The Afters

A special double interview episode today! Joel Smallbone from for King & Country joins us to talk about their new movie “Priceless” & we talk to Josh Havens from The Afters about their new album “Live On Forever” and some of the difficult battles that they’ve experienced and want to encourage others with. The post 39 – for King & Country / The Afters appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


38 – Rend Collective

Gareth Gilkeson, a pastor and founding member of the Irish band REND COLLECTIVE talks with us about how the band got started, and what their goals as a giant family of worship leaders are as they make their way to FRESNO (get more info here)! John and Rob also are touched by Canada’s love letter to the United States #tellAmericaItsGreat. The post 38 – Rend Collective appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.