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43 – Britt Nicole

Rob and John may (or may not have) been shot at on their way from the Phil Wickam concert… So, that happened. And, they chat with Britt Nicole about Winter Jam! Connect with us on the all new Rob and John Facebook page. The post 43 – Britt Nicole appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


42 – Micah Tyler & Tim Timmons

This week we have two excellent guests Micah Tyler who will be joining Phil Wickam and Stars Go Dim this week for the “Children of God Tour”. Tim drove up from Orange County to talk about life, music and most importantly, Jesus. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss! The post 42 – Micah Tyler & Tim Timmons appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


41 – Crowder & Matthew West

Why did CROWDER burn down a log cabin? Is Matthew West a Cubs fan? These are some of the important question we get to ask in this special double-header interview with two of the biggest artists in Christian music today! Not only that, but they are coming to Fresno next week, headlining the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular! The post 41 – Crowder & Matthew West appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


40 – Phil Wickham & Stars Go Dim

Another double-interview episode today! Phil Wickham joins us to talk about the Children of God Tour and what truth he learned that gave him comfort in a time of silence where he feared he’d never be able to sing again. Chris Cleveland, lead singer of Stars Go Dim, also joins us to talk about his favorite moments being on tour ... Read More The post 40 – Phil Wickham & Stars Go Dim appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


39 – for King & Country / The Afters

A special double interview episode today! Joel Smallbone from for King & Country joins us to talk about their new movie “Priceless” & we talk to Josh Havens from The Afters about their new album “Live On Forever” and some of the difficult battles that they’ve experienced and want to encourage others with. The post 39 – for King & Country / The Afters appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


38 – Rend Collective

Gareth Gilkeson, a pastor and founding member of the Irish band REND COLLECTIVE talks with us about how the band got started, and what their goals as a giant family of worship leaders are as they make their way to FRESNO (get more info here)! John and Rob also are touched by Canada’s love letter to the United States #tellAmericaItsGreat. The post 38 – Rend Collective appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


37 – Crowder

Crowder joins Rob and John to chat about his new album American Prodigal and his upcoming show in Bakersfield October 14th. Rob and John also take a few minutes to chat about America’s newest phenomena… clowns. Thanks for listening and subscribing… Don’t forget to rate us and let us know what you think in the iTunes store! The post 37 – Crowder appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


36 – Brandon Hatmaker

Brandon Hatmaker is a father, husband, pastor, author, speaker, and television personality on HGTV and DIY Network, so when does he have any time to be on our podcast or… sleep? We talk with him about his approach to life in community, being a scary biker, and how life is with his wife (also an author and speaker Jen Hatmaker). ... Read More The post 36 – Brandon Hatmaker appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


35 – Ashes Remain

Josh Smith from the band Ashes Remain joined Rob and John in studio to talk about the band’s new single and what it’s like blending hard rock with worship music. And Rob and John discuss getting older as John had a birthday since our last episode. The post 35 – Ashes Remain appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


34 – Citizen Way

John talks in person with Citizen Way about life on the road, performing for God and the very special reason they came out to play a show in Clovis. It’s also time to talk about the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick… Has it gotten blown out of proportion? Don’t forget to hit the “subscribe” button if you’re listening in iTunes! The post 34 – Citizen Way appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


33 – Jonny Diaz

Jonny Diaz is back in the flesh as we have an honest face-to-face conversation about why its DYE-AZ and not DEE-AZ, what impact the song “BREATHE” has had, how he put down his original dreams of becoming a professional baseball player to becoming a musician, and a LOT more! The post 33 – Jonny Diaz appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


32 – Seth & Nirva

So excited to talk face to face (to face) in studio with husband and wife duo, SETH & NIRVA, whose latest single “Brother” is making waves as one of the most important messages we need to hear this year. The couple shares their personal experiences in what they’ve had to learn about loving their enemies, dealing with racism, and balancing ... Read More The post 32 – Seth & Nirva appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


31 – Jonny Diaz

We catch up with our NEW friend Jonny Diaz (first time on the podcast). He’s coming out to play at the Fresno Grizzlies game on August 12th, 2016! We talk about his smash hit song “Breathe,” along with what it’s like to run his own business with his wife (a fitness center in Nashville) AND be an artist AND a ... Read More The post 31 – Jonny Diaz appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


30 – Jordan Feliz

It’s not easy to discuss what’s going on in our country without getting political or pushing an agenda. We just want to talk about what we see and how we feel about it and that’s what we do this week. Join us as we discuss some of this week’s DNC and get to chat with one of our favorite artists, ... Read More The post 30 – Jordan Feliz appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


29 – Pastor Elvin Hayes

Maybe like us, the past few weeks have been tough for you. There is a lot of anger, confusion, hurt, negative feelings and reactions to the events that have happened the past few weeks. We don’t know if this conversation will help shed some light or comfort you, or make you think about how we approach others, but it’s important to ... Read More The post 29 – Pastor Elvin Hayes appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.


28 – Matt Redman

Happy Fourth of July! Worship Artist and songwriter Matt Redman joins us, but only after Rob and John talk about Donald Trump and who Jesus would vote for if he were an American voter. The post 28 – Matt Redman appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.

27 – Hawk Nelson

Enjoy our face to face conversation with Jon Steingard from Hawk Nelson which includes the following: US History Quizzes, Secular vs. Christian Bands, and Canadians! The post 27 – Hawk Nelson appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.

26 – I Am They

The wonderful Matt Hein from I AM THEY joins us to talk about touring Europe, responding to tragedy, and John asks Rob what its like to be a Dad to a BRAND NEW baby girl! The post 26 – I Am They appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.

25 – TV Judging, Gorillas, and Parenting

Judge me for the shows I watch??! How dare you! Also, co-worker and fellow parent Julie comes in talk about the Cincinatti Zoo Gorilla situation, and everyone thinking they know what’s right. The post 25 – TV Judging, Gorillas, and Parenting appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.

24 – Taco ‘Bout It

Over a year ago, we had a dream. A dream to interview artists, and eat authentic Mexican food simultaneously, and call it “Taco ‘Bout It,” where we get Jalapeno-biz! The dream has become reality with Danny Gokey today. Enjoy! The post 24 – Taco ‘Bout It appeared first on Spirit 88.9 & 100.1.