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Podcast that drinks and discusses alcoholic/non-alcoholic craft beers every episode while talking music related topics!

Podcast that drinks and discusses alcoholic/non-alcoholic craft beers every episode while talking music related topics!


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Podcast that drinks and discusses alcoholic/non-alcoholic craft beers every episode while talking music related topics!








Ep. 38 - Bands Named After Occupations

This episode, we have another list topic! We try and name as many bands named after occupations, or bands with occupations in their names, while trying smoothie-style ales. We also get a bit off topic and start to discuss certain genres of music. Why? I don't know. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 38:


Ep. 37 - Alphabet Drinking Game/Cheap Beers

This episode, we play an alphabet oriented drinking game, naming bands with every letter (or trying to at least), while drinking and rating (AND ranking) cheap beers! We also establish what Record Store rules are, learn what Clamato is all about, and play a scary bonus round. Cheers! *We are all 21+. We do not support or promote underage drinking. Drink responsibly. Spotify playlist for Episode 37:


Ep. 36 - Took You Long Enough!

This episode, we discuss bands that we discovered years into their careers, how we came across them, and what made us fans of theirs. We also answer the question: Do hops grow in Texas? We try some more interesting beers, and get lost in some nostalgia for Circuit City, Best Buy and CDs, Orange Julius, 90s VR, and more! Cheers! San Antonio Express News Article: Spotify...


Ep. 35 - Vegetarian/Vegan Bands/Musicians

This episode, we try and list as many bands and musicians who are vegetarian and/or vegan, discuss them, and dig a bit into the reasons that made them choose that lifestyle. And, of course, we try some more interesting beers and rate them. Shenanigans included. Cheers! Check out out Spotify playlist for this episode! It's probably the most aggressive playlist we have had so far. Maybe, idk. Spotify playlist for Episode 35:...


Ep. 34 - Earworms

This episode, we discuss earworms. Not earwigs, earwax, earthworms, wormholes, gummi worms, or tapeworms. Earworms. We talk what causes them, how to cure them, theories about them, and songs that have caused us to get stuck with an earworm. We go thru a few lists from different studies. We also try some more craft beers, hear Frank's thoughts on Mudvayne's reunion, learn of Frank's Barbie Girl fantasy, and learn of Kim's fear of getting Rickrolled. Cheers! Wikipedia page:...


Ep. 33 - Mudvayne

This episode, we discuss the surprising announcement of Mudvayne's reunion, BUT, what does it really mean for the band? We also try some beers and talk nu metal nostalgia. Cheers! P.S. Happy Birthday, Chad. I guess. Edit: I missed the details of some references to albums that came after L.D. 50 in the Monolith teaser. It still all seems heavy with L.D. 50 connections tho. -Mario Article:...


Ep. 32 - The Day The (Live) Music Died

This episode, we talk about the shows we were looking forward to seeing before the pandemic shut everything down, how it affected the music industry, and how the live concert picture is looking now and into the future. We also chat about some Supergroups we forgot to mention, about some of the background of The Pledge of Allegiance Tour from 2001, while trying some interesting beers. Cheers! R.I.P. DMX Spotify playlist for Episode 32:...


Ep. 31 - Supergroups - with Chuck Vans

This episode, we list and discuss Supergroups, with our friend and special guest Chuck Vans, of the independent online radio show, The Chuck Vans Show! We welcome him back to the show and talk about what a Supergroup is, the types of Supergroups there are, and the whos whos of the bands we are mentioning, all while drinking some brews. Also, what's a guava!? And what are Insane Clown Posse hoodrat snacks!? Cheers! Note: Due to a technical mishap, the first 10 minutes of the show is an...


Ep. 30 - Irish Bands/Musicians

This episode, we celebrate St. Patrick's Day early with a St. Patrick's Day Special, discussing Irish bands and musicians, and those with a bit o' Irish in them, all while drinking and rating Irish style beers. We also talk NFTs, what lactose in beer is, the Grammys, the history of "Whiskey In The Jar," hearing loss (and ear loss) due to loud music, and the religion/politics of the Irish region. Quite a bit of history and geography in this one. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 30:...


Ep. 29 - Bands Named After Animals

This episode, we discuss bands that are named after animals (and bands that have an animal in their name), and see how many we can name between the four of us. We try some more craft beers, while talking a little more about Billboard charts and a little more about beers that spoil quickly and what to look for. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 29:


Ep. 28 - One Hit Wonders

This episode, we dig into One Hit Wonders. We discuss what defines them, what artists have been described as such, and see whether we agree or disagree with it. Plus, we talk, what is at the bottom of your beer can/bottle!? Slime? Is that a slug? A loogie? An oyster? Or all of the above? And, of course, we chat all these things while drinking and rating some more craft beers for you. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 28:...


Ep. 27 - Bad Cover Songs

This episode, we discuss bad cover songs! We compare the covers to the originals while trying some craft beers. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 27:


Ep. 26 - Favorite Cover Songs

This episode, we discuss our favorite cover songs! We compare the covers to the originals while trying some craft beers. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 26:


Ep. 25 - Formerly Known As

This episode, we discuss bands who changed their names during their careers (...mostly. Some were changes right in their beginnings). And, of course, we try, discuss, and rate some brews. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 25:


Ep. 24 - Musicians We've Met

Our first episode of 2021! Happy New Year! This episode, we try a couple new beers, and share stories of musicians we have met. We also learn about the importance of scrapbooking. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 24:


Ep. 23 - Surprising Holiday Tunes

This episode, we present our Xmas Special! We kick off by discussing a Hangover topic; the history of Mountain Dew (and Jack Daniels), plus we say a few words about the late Dimebag Darrell. Then, we discuss and rate both holiday/seasonal craft beers and Christmas tunes by rock, metal, and alternative artists! We also settle the debate on whether A NIghtmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie. You're welcome. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 23:...


Ep. 22 - Dumb/Bad Band Names

This episode, we finally get to try that Best Maid Pickle Beer! We also try other sour/goses, while discussing dumb and bad band names! Who knew we felt so strongly about band names? And who knew we felt so strongly about punctuation and grammar? Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 22:


Ep. 21 - Bands Named After Foods

This episode, as a Thanksgiving Special, we discuss bands named after foods (or bands with foods incorporated in their names) and how/why they got that name, while trying and discussing dessert beers. Also, Mario and Frank challenge each other on who can foodify the most non-food band names. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 21:


Ep. 20 - Lyrics We Got Wrong (And Common Misheard Lyrics)

This episode, we talk some music news, including Ticketmaster's plans to bring back the mosh pits, what some concert layouts are starting to look like during COVID, and more! We also drink some sour beers while talking the topic of the week; Lyrics We Got Wrong (And Common Misheard Lyrics). So, get ready for us to change the way you listen to your music! Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 20:


Ep. 19 - Devil Music

WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS BACKWARD MASKING WHICH MAY BE PERCEPTIBLE AT A SUBLIMINAL LEVEL WHEN THE EPISODE IS PLAYED FORWARD. This episode, we learn about some of the history of backmasking, discuss some songs with backmasking included, talk horror themes in some of our favorite bands and songs, AND we drink and rate a TON of pumpkin beers. We also have an extra little segment after the show ends, AND have included a hidden message for you, so try and play this episode backwards on...