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Rock n Roll Chicago will be bringing you weekly interviews from bands that have rocked Chicago. Artists that not only made great impressions on the Chicago rock n roll scene, but worldwide as well. Join Ray Bernadisius (Ray the Roadie) & Mike Metoyer (Caadillac Groove, Mike & Thew Stillmasters) each week as they interview your favorite artists, club owners and venues.


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Rock n Roll Chicago will be bringing you weekly interviews from bands that have rocked Chicago. Artists that not only made great impressions on the Chicago rock n roll scene, but worldwide as well. Join Ray Bernadisius (Ray the Roadie) & Mike Metoyer (Caadillac Groove, Mike & Thew Stillmasters) each week as they interview your favorite artists, club owners and venues.






Ep 154 Brookwood Drive

Brookwood Drive is a Chicago-area band that fate brought together. Four guys with the same love for playing music. A melding of blues, rock, and funk with a pinch of salt are the ingredients in the recipe of their music. Ray and Mike attempted to deconstruct this recipe to see what all the spices are that holds them together.


Ep 153 Primal Moon

Primal Moon consists of Joe Brunker on vocals, Brian Alberts on guitar, Luke Pope on bass, and Tony Tessari on drums. They are a rock band whose goal is to help bring rock music back into the mainstream. Ray and Mike spoke with them to find out if they can achieve this goal, or is it just the cow jumping over the Primal Moon.


Ep 152 Strawdawg

Strawdawg is Chicagoland's answer to great Country, New Country, Old Country, Classic Rock and Original Music. They draw from a wide variety of entertainers. There is defintely somethiing there for you. Ray and Mike went to find out what makes a Strawdawg howl!


Ep 151 Mike Hansen of Hurricane

Mike Hansen is considered to be one of the top, first call drummers in the music business and has supported some of the biggest names in the industry. We met with Mike to hear where his career has been and where it's going. Some say he's moving like a Hurricane!


Ep 150 Side Effects

Some of the areas best classic rock, dance and blues. We met with Mike, Danny and Doug to find out what sort of effect they were leaving on the crowds.


Ep 149 Shukin And The Ramblers

Shukin and the Ramblers is the Rusty Roots Rock Revue you’ll have to see to believe. Influenced by the American sounds of the Chicago Blues, Classic RnB, Roots Country, a Funky dose of Gypsy Jazz and a Punk Rock edge. Ray and Mike met with Matt, Rob and Dan to find out how this group came together.


Ep 148 How Rude 90's Band

Bringing all the best hits from the 90's, from Pop to Grunge. These guys will make you think you time travelled back over 20 years ago. Ray and Mike spoke with Gary and Tyler and found out how rude they really are.


Ep 147 The Rosedale Ramblin' Band

The Rosedale Ramblin' Band performs classic country, rock, and Americana in the Chicago area. Ray and Mike met with two of there members, Tom and Jim, to find out where they ramble and where they're rambling to.


Ep 146 Smells Like Dave Grohl

Smells Like Dave Grohl formed in 2014 after a group of dedicated Foo Fighters fans decided they wanted more than to be in the audience. Ray and Mike got down to the source of this odor.


Ep 145 Jessica Endres of The Roxy

Nestled in downtown Lockport, The Roxy is Chicagoland's premier hidden gem for swing dancing, live music, comedy shows, and more. Owned by Trinity Services Inc, ROXY serves to support adults with special needs. Ray and Mike met with the one person that makes it all happen there, Jessica Endres.


Ep 144 Private Instigators

"We are the Private Instigators, and we're here to start something." Ray and Mike met with Dominic and Tommy to find out what they're starting and where they're going.


Ep 143 Brad Redlich

Born and raised in Bolingbrook, IL. Brad has been known for playing solo-acoustic shows at bars and venues in Chicagoland. Naturally, that has given him a reputation of having a feel-good, country approach. Ray and Mike met with Brad to learn about him and his "Rock n Roll with a Southern Soul" attitude.


Ep 142 Kathryn Claahsen

A classically trained artist who studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Kathryn Claahsen's current focus is primarily on painting dance and music scenes, but also does other commissioned portrait and landscape work. Ray and Mike met with her to discuss her work with musicians and bands throughout the area.


Ep 141 Coverlicious

Coverlicious is one of Chicago's premier cover bands. Playing music from multiple decades and genres, you can expect to hear rock, classic rock, pop, country, funk and more. Coverlicious is made up of five seasoned professional musicians from different musical backgrounds.Ray and Mike met with them to hear what their covering and where things are going.


Ep 140 Southbound

Southbound is a Country Rock cover band, with some southern rock, Texas Blues, classic country, and some oldies sprinkled in. Hailing from Northern Illinois, the five members have come together to play fun, energetic music that is intended to get fans out of their seats and on the dance floor! Ray and Mike got their cowboys boots on and met with the whole gang.


Ep 139 Block Chain Coalition

Block Chain Coalition consists of Ron Thomas and Tony Engel who powered the engines behind Chicago's legendary original band Veilside for 15+ years, Louis Paskalides on Keys who along with Bob Berg on bass were part of another strong Chicago original band force with Ron circa '87-'92 in ONYX. The band is locked in with the addition of probably the most under-rated guitarist in the scene, our lead guitarist Matt Rhodes, Matt is a veteran of the scene also with Aeth3r, Super-Unknown, and Ten among others. Ray and Mike met with them and got the whole story.


Ep 138 The Vultures!

The Vultures! are an Indie Rock Band from Chicago, IL that formed in 2021. We spoke with Tony Cruz, Dan McDowell and special guest Arreis Rising!


Ep 137 JakTripper

The band merges diverse styles and influences together in an eclectic mix of Rock, Alternative, Pop, Metal, and Blues. The results are far from typical of most bands on the scene today. – JakTripper flat out rocks! Ray and Mike rocked out with John and Doug to get their backstory.


Ep 136 Forever Flannel

The best hits of the 90's and BEYOND!! Guaranteed to keep the party going all night long! Ray and Mike got together with Bryan, Steve and Ricker to get their backstory.


Ep 135 Superfly Symphony

Few names are establishing themselves so firmly in the world of Disco music like Superfly Symphony. A group of multi-talented performers and songwriters, Superfly Symphony takes listeners on a exiting journey through the 70s and beyond with show. Ray and Mike met with Ken, Kristi and Kelly to get their backstory. Get your boogie shoes on and hit the dance floor with Superfly Symphony!