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Rock n Roll Chicago will be bringing you weekly interviews from bands that have rocked Chicago. Artists that not only made great impressions on the Chicago rock n roll scene, but worldwide as well. Join Ray Bernadisius (Ray the Roadie) & Mike Metoyer (Caadillac Groove, Mike & Thew Stillmasters) each week as they interview your favorite artists, club owners and venues.


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Rock n Roll Chicago will be bringing you weekly interviews from bands that have rocked Chicago. Artists that not only made great impressions on the Chicago rock n roll scene, but worldwide as well. Join Ray Bernadisius (Ray the Roadie) & Mike Metoyer (Caadillac Groove, Mike & Thew Stillmasters) each week as they interview your favorite artists, club owners and venues.






Ep 174 Night Songs

Chicagolands one and only Cinderella tribute band. Ray and Mike got a chance to meet with the band and find out how and why this happened. They had to move fast on this interview, since one of the band members was missing a slipper and they had to be out of the studio by midnight. We think they thought we were at Pumpkin Recording Studio...


Ep 173 Kicked Outta Choir

Kicked Outta Choir is a Chicago-area, a Female Fronted “All 80’s” cover band representing the diverse mix of the many musical genres and artists that made the 1980’s one of the greatest music decades of all time. They pride themselves in being a “little different” from 80’s cover bands. Kicked Outta Choir chose their name to pay tribute to everyone who has ever been “kicked out” of something because they were told they weren’t good enough or didn’t fit in. Ray and Mike met with the band to see if they fit in or would be kicked to the curb.


Ep 172 JAD & The Shaggy Trio

The JAD & Shaggy Trio is a Rock/Pop band based out of Wood Dale IL since 2022. Formerly known as Class Reunion since 2009. Ray and Mike had sort of a reunion with the trio and found out who Shaggy's stylist is, among other things.


Ep 171 Superfly Redneck

Superfly Redneck was founded in Chicago,IL. Bringing the best in classic to current rock, alternative, Motown/R&B, Funk and some country. All the songs they play are hits that everybody knows and keep the party going. They play locally and have done sometime on the road. Ray and Mike were able to stop them from flying around to get their backstory.


Ep 170 The Dixon Bandits

Chicago area Southern Rock band featuring music of The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more. Ray and Mike were able to wrangle up the Bandits long enough to get their backstory.


Ep 169 Cathy Rich & Gregg Potter

The mega-legend lives on in a jaw-dropping, high energy show, with a fifteen-piece orchestra made up of Buddy’s BIG BAND MACHINE alumni, all the while featuring his daughter, Cathy Rich, as your guide through all that’s 60”s cool, while dropping vocals on you as smooth as “Black Label Scotch’. Oh, and talk about bad ass drummers; we got you covered with Emmy Award winning, wicked as a mother-f***er Gregg Potter beating everything within arms’ reach in a blur of precision and sweat! Ray and Mike were able to slow them both down for a while and find out what they got going on.


Ep 168 Whiskey Road

Whiskey Road has been bringing their unique blend of rock and country to stages thruout the Midwest since 1999. Dubbed "Crossroads" rock, Whiskey Road combines the best Classic, Southern, and Country rock hits and adds their special blend of vocal harmonies and musical prowess to create a truly special and entertaining set of music. The band prides itself on mixing arena style rock with current and classic country hits! Ray and Mike met the band at the Crossroads of Rte 66 and Cass to get their story.


Ep 167 Storm Empress

Storm Empress stopped by the studio and we talked about where this weather pattern was heading.


Ep 166 SullVation

Chicago’s very own SULLVATION is a solo effort from bassist, Brent Sullivan who has co-founded legendary, underground bands such as; Slauter Xstroyes, Winter Kill, Mindwarp Chamber Brent Sullivan with the help of co-writers of various top metal vocalists and lead guitarists in the Chicagoland area along with the legendary Tim Ripper Owens. Ray and Mike met with Brent and Kevin to forge out what it's all about.


Ep 165 Derek Caruso & The Blues Fuse

This group is just try to bring joy and happiness to all our fans in every state. Formed in 2019 they have become staples at a number of venues througout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. Ray and Mike met with the band to find out how they got the blues.


Ep 164 Pierce Crask

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Pierce Crask, drawing from influences such as Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Greg Brown, and Chris Smither, has been entertaining audiences professionally as a solo performer since 1999. Ray and Mike sat down with Pierce to talk about his career, as well as his new album Rising River.


Ep 163 Flatbed Fords

The Flatbed Fords - Best of Eagles live concert experience is an outstanding recreation of one of America's greatest bands. With a phenomenal blend of harmonies and intricate guitars leads , every performance is a finely detailed recreation of the music that we all know and love. Ray and Mike caught up with the band to see how they Take It Easy.


Ep 162 TD Clark

T D Clark lights up the stage with his fiery playing, incredible songs and party style stage show like no other. He has performed tour supports and regional supports for Gold and Platinum selling acts. Ray and Mike tried to slow him down a bit and get the backstory from him and his band.


Ep 161 Abby Kay Band

The Abby Kay Band hails from Northern Illinois. This up-and-coming band plays a wide variety of music spanning multiple decades and musical genres for an authentic midwestern rock feel that is sure to have the crowd engaged and dancing. They also play crowd-pleasing original songs that continue to develop into fan favorites. Ray and Mike met with the band and found out they weren't just all cosmetic, like Mary Kay.


Ep 160 Local Notables - Tom Lepper

Ray and Mike met with Local Notable - Tom Lepper. Tom's history in the music scene runs wide and far. Tom joined them to tell his stories.


Ep 159 Poison'd Crue

Poison'd Crue is made up of 4 Pro musicians who don't just play the music, they Live the music. They are all about giving you "Nothing but a Good Time" at the show. Taking you back to that decade of 80's Glam Rock​! Ray and Mike met with them to see how they got Poison'd and where is their Crue?


Ep 158 The Throwbacks

The Throwbacks might seem like an odd cover band. Three young guys decided to take classic oldies songs from the 1950's and 1960's, and infuse energy and modern song writing into them, to play for audiences who have loved them for decades. Why do this? Having played together for many years, and having grown up listening to the Chicago oldies radio station, these tuxedo wearing gentlemen decided to combine their style of high energy rock with music from a bygone era, to create something unique to the Chicagoland cover scene. Ray and Mike threw a couple back with Josh and Chris to find out WHY?


Ep 157 wht.rbbt.obj

Bluesy, Smoky, Sexy, and Raw. wht.rbbt.obj ("White Rabbit Object") is a "femme fatale" fronted, guitar driven alternative rock outfit from Chicago, Illinois. What started as a secret side project for a married couple, Frank & River Rabbitte, wht.rbbt.obj has grown into a four piece musical tour de force. Ray and Mike met with them to find out how they hopped into this musical adventure.


Ep 156 Amy Stephan and Company

Amy Stephan’s powerful voice and amazing guitar skills bring an exciting dimension to the music she performs. Amy’s musical interests vary widely, but rock and metal are her first loves. Equally comfortable on vocals, guitars or both, Amy has been a big part of more than a few Chicago area bands. Her style, voice, and incredible guitar playing keep audiences happy show after show after show. Ray and Mike met with her and her bass player Mark Schiele to find out how she's slashed her way into the music scene.


Ep 155 Blind Reality

The musicians in Blind Reality have been friends for over 30 years. Many years later, B.R logged hundreds of gigs — with the occasional festival appearance — in clubs across Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Ray and Mike met with some of the band members to find out what is their reality.