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Season 3, Episode 32: "No Internet, All Cap"

How will you rate 2018 among the most recent years in the game? We've seen the rise of some (Pusha T, Nipsey Hussle, Cardi B) to the fall of others (Tekashi, Nicki Minaj, Quavo) and a major comeback (Meek Mill). Uchechi gives us her list of the top 5 L-takers in 2018, what trends we'd like to leave behind and what this Jay-Z Tidal playlist does for established artist, but doesn't do for women in the game. We welcome back Corey (OPP & Silent Giants Pod) to sit down and talk us through why the...


Season 3, Episode 31: "Google Stay Undefeated"

Now that the Thanksgiving holidays are over and done with, we get back to business. We talk Meek Mill's upcoming album, "Championships", and what kind of Meek we are expecting and need to hear after his recent troubles with the judicial system. We sidebar into a brief conversation about legends dying out and how Fab doesn't have a classic record, but kind of does have one...depending on who you ask. The DipSet crew is back after 14 years to drop Diplomatic Ties and we're itching for you to...


Season 3, Episode 30: "Memoirs Of A 45"

This week we sit down with the emerging talent, @CoreyCambridge, of 'Silent Giant' & 'Other People's Podcast' and discuss the importance of longevity and consistency. Corey gives you his tips, whether artist or podcaster, on how to "feed your base" and developing your legacy in the game. We touch on this week's releases and revisit some commonly discussed topics with a fresh perspective. Swizz Beatz released his "Poison" album, a new favorite among some of our listeners and we discuss...


Season 3, Episode 29: "Drink More Water"

This week we feature Hot97 alum, Jameer Pond (@itsjameer), of The Grapevine, BuzzFeed & #WeShallOverchug on the show. We discuss his branching off from the famed radio station and his power moves since then. We get into some of his most recent trials and tribulations to come back better than ever. Mick Jenkins released his highly-anticipated sophomore album, "Pieces Of A Man", which we thoroughly enjoyed discussing and challenging artists to re-invent themselves to stay fresh. Since we were...


Season 3, Episode 28: "Good Kid...And More"

This week marked the six-year anniversary of Kendrick's "Good Kid, Maad City" debut studio. We discuss its impact in our experience with it in our lives and how it has been one of the more iconic debuts in recent history. Last week, Max recommended the collaborative effort by Styles P & Dave East, "Beloved", and how this is the music that New York needed to hear. A longer episode that normal, but worth the listen! For more exclusive content and opportunities to collaborate with the show,...


Season 3, Episode 27: "Truths & Trims"

After a brief break, we discuss the new album by T.I., "Dime Trap". Does Tip deliver? Is this the best that we've seen in a while and how is his legacy affected by the shift in the culture? We discuss the need for artist to find their moment to step away and develop their legacy. Drake was featured on LBJ's HBO series, "The Shop" and we get into that content and how it changes the narrative, if at all. Should he have spoken? How do we feel about the role Kanye played in his raw...


Season 3, Episode 26: "The Carter Communal"

This week we feature Brooklyn-bred lyricist, 'Cash Sinatra' and 'HMWHC Pod' original, Reek, as we break down the new "Carter V" project by Lil' Wayne. We discuss Wayne's impact and overall contributions to the industry. We review the album in it's entirety and discuss how much "Wayne" we can tolerate with him in his current form. Lastly, we introduce you to Cash's musical background, goals and concerns about maintaining integrity in this game. For more exclusive content and opportunities to...


Season 3, Episode 25: "Noname's Required"

This week's episode is all about Chicago, as we dive into the new release by Noname, "Room 25" and Lupe Fiasco, "Drogas WAVE". Both are amazing lyricists and we chronicle thier careers leading up to this week. Noname's artistry has been an emerging bright spot, along side fellow midwest artist, Mick Jenkins, Saba, Chance the Rapper & Smino, but how does she fare on her debut album? Lupe has been a revered emcee for some and a controversial figure for many. We discuss his contribution to the...


Season 3, Episode 24.5: "Everything's A Boom" feat. @HMWHCPodcast, @FunnyJulius & @SureShotTD

This week's episode is a special one. We've combined forces again with another podcast, the He Man Woman Haters Club, feat. @FunnyJulius & @SureShottd to discuss everything music from how music can be subjective to some, artist who've let us down since coming into our stereos, and artists who've carried the torch since day one. We couldn't go without a NSFW conversation about sex and all things in-between to make it spicy one time. Tune in to hear all the dirty secrets from your favorite...


Season 3, Episode 24: "Podin' Anonymous" feat. @ChrisStylez

It feels good to be back! We took a little break to get some things in order, but we open up our third season with a great guest, Chris Stylez, of #TrappinAnonymous Podcast. Chris walks through the behind the scenes as to what led up to the landmark moment for him. We talk about the show and it's importance to the culture. This is one episode that's bigger than music. We welcome back Mattoo into the fold and discuss the new releases by Eminem and whether we are / aren't impressed. We touch...


Season 2, Episode 23: "Scared Money Don't..." feat. @Lowkey

This week, we sit down with LowKey of Beats1 Radio and discuss his new podcast, 'Do It Scared', along with the emergence of his other ventures, Trap Karaoke & D'ussepalooza, within the urban landscape. We discuss how to start a brand, while keeping your integrity and value. With Nicki on the prowl, eager to blame any and everyone for her album "failure", we discuss how she can get back to the basics and how "Barbz" are essential, but detrimental to her growth. We touch on many different...


Season 2, Episode 22: "Need I Remind You?" feat. @Jade & @Wordsmiff

After a lengthy hiatus, Nicki Minaj has returned with her fourth album, Queen. We sit down with Jade of MVMT & #LetMePutYouOn, and Brooklyn lyricist, Wordsmiff, to discuss the impact of this album and what this body of work does to her catalogue. Often women of darker color and "normal" body-types are bypassed in the industry and we dive into the social climate that promotes that. Why are fairer skin women more successful, when marketed, than women of darker complexion? Lastly, Wordsmiff...


Season 2, Episode 21: "Stop Trying To Be Pods"

YG & Travis Scott both dropped their third albums this week to polarizing reviews, some good and some not so much. However, both are extremely formulaic artists who are constantly perfecting their craft. Max & Cosi sit down to discuss “Astroworld”, “Stay Dangerous” and even sneak in a little white rapper music while Uchechi wasn’t looking, as we get into “Swimming”, the new album by Mac Miller. Lastly, we take a reader question discussing the potential crippling impact Kendrick could be...


Season 2, Episode 20: "No Code Switching"

This week’s episode, we sit down with Joshua Perez aka FazeFunk, one half of the Talking Sh*t Podcast to discuss the new relases of Dave East’s “Karma II” project and whether this serves a step forward or backward for the Harlem native’s career. We analyze his trajectory and discuss the things necessary for his longevity. Lastly, with the Carter V rumored to be on the horizon this year, we respond to a viewer question about whether Lil’ Wayne is truly “the best rapper alive”. We debate his...


Season 2, Episode 19: "We'll Need Security"

This week’s episode focuses on a lot of new releases with us discussing the new albums by The Internet & Buddy. We break The Internet’s “Hive Mind” album down and discuss the emergence of “Feature Nicki” with her return with Tekashi 69’s “FEFE”. Chance has dropped four new songs, that we enjoy, and are eager to discuss in the episode. Lastly, we answer an age old question regarding the apparent psychological effects that our non-white artists are having on their Black counterparts in the...


Season 2, Episode 18: "Formula One Rapping

Meek has been out for a few months now and has released, “Legends of the Summer” to much fan-fare, but is it enough and is it too soon? Meek has perfected his formula, but is it enough to satisfy our expectations. Future has returned with ‘Beast Mode II” and the internet has gone nuts over it, but where is Future in his career and what more does he have to prove? Has his method begun to wane on the hip-hip community? Lastly, we welcome Reek from HMWHC Pod to join our conversation on this...


Season 2, Episode 17: "Keep That Same Album"

With Scorpion being the only thing on the radar for the past few weeks, the team breaks down the project, from standouts to letdowns. We compare this album to the rest of his career. Does it carry the torch or is the fire begin to dim? Lastly, Teyana Taylor’s, “Keep That Same Energy”, has rounded out Kanye’s vision and the the team talks of the legacy that G.O.O.D Music is leaving behind. After The Episode: 1. Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe: We want to continue to give YOU amazing...


Season 2, Episode 16: "XXXpectations"

Very rarely do you receive a Kanye, TDE, Nas, Beyonce & Hov release in the same year, but we’ve recieved it in the same month. June has spoiled us like never before and the group talks about the latest offerings from the latter three. We discuss the return of Jay Rock to the fold after a few years away; the "Everything is Love" & "NASIR" projects and their respective influences on the industry. Are we satisfied? Disappointed? Inspired? You'll have to listen to find out. However, all is not...


Season 2, Episode 15: "Put A Beat On"

Kanye has proven to be a man of his word; "Kids See Ghosts" has arrived and the team discusses it's relationship to "Ye" and the differences between the two projects. In this episode, we discuss the resurgence of Kid Cudi and the controversial nature of enjoying Kanye's music. During Summerjam, Timbaland & Swizz Beatz rekindled their beat battle, prompting us to discuss essential producers as we play a game of "Who's Left?" with past & present greats. After The Episode: 1. Subscribe,...


Season 2, Episode 14: "The Art of 'Ye-Splaining"

The act of co-signing and speaking up for Kanye has become an arduous for most music connoisseurs; from the 'MAGA'-scandal to the recent 'Donda House' fiasco, it's often difficult to separate the man from the music. In this episode, we try to. Update: Drake still has not responded to "The Story of Adidon" + J.Prince has gone on "Drake-xplaining" tour. However, most importantly we discuss "Ye" and Kanye's return to music after over two years and we breakdown this year's best projects so far!...