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Todd Rundgren RRHOF Nomination Discussion Plus Toddstock Talk

Following announcements, we will be discussing Todd Rundgren's nomination for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame with Todd's current Manager Eric Gardner and former President of Bearsville Records Paul Fishkin aka Leroy Boy followed by Toddstock West stories. Guest co-host Thom Jennings will be joining host RR Doug.


Rundgren Radio with guest Phil Thornalley

Special guest Phil Thornalley who recorded the recently released Todd-centric album Astral Drive! Phil Thornalley has spent much of his career behind the scenes, writing songs and producing albums for other artists. His biggest commercial triumph, co-writing and producing the single "Torn" for Natalie Imbruglia, wasn't even sung by him. However, Thornalley does have experience underneath the spotlight. In 1983, Thornalley became the bass player for gothic rock pioneers the Cure after Simon...


RR with Special Guest Gil Assayas AKA Glasys

When Ralph Shuckett, the keys man for Utopia – the '70s and '80s progressive rock outfit led by American music great Todd Rundgren – bowed out of the band's Utopia reunion tour, one of Rundgren's sons suggested Assayas, who has been dazzling music fans as Glasys in his adopted home of Portland, Oregon. "We looked at his stuff on the Internet and were all blown away by how talented he was and how confident he seemed," Rundgren told Billboard magazine.


ToddARoo Info and More Toddstock East Discussion

One Toddstock down (East) with one going on now (ToddScot) and two more to go including ToddARoo in Australia! ToddARoo host Gavin Bond will be on the show to discuss the event. We will also be taking calls from fans that attended Toddstock East and maybe we will even get a call or two from ToddScot. Also, we would be remiss in our duties if we didn't tell listeners about Toddstock West so you'll hear info on it too!


Post Toddstock East Show

Fans that attended Toddstock East will be calling in to give us some details about all the fun stuff that took place including Nancy Sakmar, Monice Eakin, Jamie Van Wert, and more!


Live From Toddstock East Episode 1

Find out what's going on at Toddstock East being held in VA 2018 - a celebration of Todd Rundgren's 70th birthday (June 22)! Tonights's guest host aka roving reporter will be Lyn Veggiegurl Kalnitz!


RR Utopia Tour Show featuring a Gil Assayas interview

RR Utopia Tour Show the night before the tour begins in Penn's Peak! Show will feature and interview of Gil Assayas via Thom Jennings and also interview clips from Joe Satriani and John Ford Coey where they discuss Todd/Utopia with Thom. Goldmine Magazine writer Ken Sharp will also be checking in to discuss the Utopia tour book he made happen!


Rundgren Radio with Special Guest Willie Wilcox

The 2018 Todd Rundgren's Utopia tour featuring Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Willie Wilcox, and Ralph Schuckett has been announced and tickets are on sale. Join us for this editon of RR as we discuss all things Todd & Utopia followed by a live interview with Willie Wilcox!


Rundgren Radio's Now You Know Why Show

Full details on our RRXI party in May!


RR's First Show of 2018 News You Can Use

Toddstock, RRXI, and more! 2018 is going to be full of things to do for Todd fans and we will get you up to speed on as much of it as possible.


Kasim Sulton's Utopia Special Part 2

In recognition of the February 2018 Kasim Sulton's Utopia mini-tour, RR will be airing all of the Utopia songs where Kasim Sulton sang lead or shared it with other members of the band. This is Part 2 of a 2 part series and features 18 songs.


Kasim Sulton's Utopia Special Part 1

Spend Thanksgiving night with the family you actually love being around :-)! In recognition of the February 2018 Kasim Sulton's Utopia mini-tour, RR will be airing all of the Utopia songs where Kasim Sulton sang lead or shared it with other members of the band. This is Part 1 of a 2 part series and features 20 songs.


RR with special guests Nils Lofgren and Kasim Sulton

Versatile songwriter, singer and guitarist, Nils Lofgren has been working professionally since age 17. He has toured with Neil Young, Ringo Starr and is currently a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. After fronting the 70's group Grin, Nils embarked on a solo career and has been a sought after session player. Lofgren was in Ringo's All-Star Band's 2nd incarnation (1992) along with Todd Rundgren and other greats like Joe Walsh and Burton Cummings. Kasim Sulton will also be on the...


Toddstock 2018 Discussion

The Sedalia Center in Big Island, VA will be the spot for Todd Rundgren's 70th Birthday Party also known as Toddstock 2018! This RR show will begin with announcements as usual and then we will delve in the topic of Toddstock 2018 and take calls. We are chasing guests but with or without them the show must go on!


Rundgren Radio with Special Guests Lemon Twigs Brian and Michael D'Addario

The Lemon Twigs have recently toured the US, Europe, and Japan after the release of their first album, Do Hollywood. An article by Michael Hann in the UK Guardian said this about a song on the album: "These Words is the missing track from side one of Rundgren’s Something/Anything, with a harmony chorus that expands like a hot air balloon". The Twigs recently brought out Todd Rundgren at Coachella to...


Rundgren Radio with Special Guest Ronnie D'Addario

Ronnie D'Addario began singing and playing, including bass guitar, professionally in his early twenties. He grew up listening to 1960's pop music. Ronnie played guitar with Tommy Makem of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem fame for two decades in concerts, recordings, and TV shows. His credits include an appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, TV commercial jingles, and six PBS shows with Tommy Makem (where he performed with Judy Collins). He also produced the album, Live At the Irish...


Rundgren Radio Record Store Day and RRX Discussion!

David Skye from RockBeat Records will be joining us to discuss the Limited Edition double LP that will be released as part of this year's RSD (Record Store Day), which is Saturday April the 22nd! We will also be announcing some or all of the details of RRX - Rundgren Radio's 10th Year Anniversary Party in Boston this Labor Day weekend! Plus more!


Rundgren Radio with Special Guest Mutlu

Mutlu opened for Todd Rundgren in 2016 at the Daytona Beach concert and he has recorded a cover of "Hello It's Me". He is the only artist besides Todd that has been a guest on Live From Daryl's House two times. Mutlu is a soulful, singer-songwriter. A Philadelphia native and first-generation American of Turkish descent, Mutlu has already built a substantial fan base in his hometown, while winning widespread praise for his prior releases. He's collaborated and toured extensively as a support...


Rundgren Radio With Special Guest Kasim Sulton

Bassist Kasim Sulton is a member of Utopia and has worked with Todd Rundgren since the 70’s, Blue Oyster Cult, Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett and many others. Sulton has just released a Live Bootleg CD!


RR With Part 2 Bootleg RA Tour 1977

By popular demand - the 2nd set for your listening enjoyment! Bootleg guru Warren has done it again with a brand new fan sourced bootleg of the March 17, 1977 Utopia concert at the Masonic Temple in Detroit MI! After some announcements and a conversation with Warren, we will be airing the second set of this concert which is loaded with great songs! Todd, Kasim, Willie, and Roger!