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"Movement is the key to mental health." Running is one of the best forms of exercise there is and Nashville is one of the best cities in the U.S.A. This podcast includes plenty of stories, training tips and more. Whether you are new to running or have run in multiple marathons this podcast will provide you with entertainment, things to think about or at the very least something to listen to on your run or walk.

"Movement is the key to mental health." Running is one of the best forms of exercise there is and Nashville is one of the best cities in the U.S.A. This podcast includes plenty of stories, training tips and more. Whether you are new to running or have run in multiple marathons this podcast will provide you with entertainment, things to think about or at the very least something to listen to on your run or walk.


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"Movement is the key to mental health." Running is one of the best forms of exercise there is and Nashville is one of the best cities in the U.S.A. This podcast includes plenty of stories, training tips and more. Whether you are new to running or have run in multiple marathons this podcast will provide you with entertainment, things to think about or at the very least something to listen to on your run or walk.






26. Running the 615 (Kim Glenn)

Kim Glenn is one of those people in life that instantly makes you smile every time you see her. She was born on the east coast in Virginia Beach and started running in junior high. In this episode we talk all about her running, her favorite races, her education, and her career. We also talk plenty about back in the day when we were coworkers at Fleet Feet and became friends. Kim like many other guest we have had so far is one of the first names that I wrote down that I hoped to interview...


25. Running the 615 (Danielle Gilbert - Gilda's club pt 2)

Welcome to episode 25 and part 2 of our project with Gilda's club. Our Guest today is Danielle Gilbert and it was a joy to sit down and interview her. In this episode we talk about growing up in TX and her move to Nashville. We discuss her running the country music 1/2 marathon in 2006 with her friend Gail who was the lady who started Gilda's gang 15 years ago. We talk about hiking, yoga, philanthropy, and how sacred the gift of life is. Danielle does a lot in her everyday life to give back...


24. Running the 615 (Laurie Rice - Gilda's club - pt 1)

Hello everyone - this is our first episode of a project with Gilda's club here in Nashville. Both this episode and episode 25 feature ladies who are a part of Gilda's club and are promoting their 1st annual 5k race that will take place on Saturday April 3rd here in Nashville. Our guest in this episode is Laurie Rice who is a Rabbi in Nashville and has a fascinating story about her life, career path and love for running. Laurie is such a great ambassador for running and we discuss how she got...


23. Running the 615 (Heidi Huerta)

Heidi Huerta has lived an interesting life. She was born in Taiwan while her dad was in the military and she moved to the U.S. shortly there after. She grew up in Pensacola, FL and then eventually ended up here in Nashville for her job. Heidi has always been an athlete however running became a part of her life completely by chance. In this episode we talk about her running story, races she has run in and how she has used running as a way to give back. We also discuss her love for yoga, being...


22. Running the 615 (Bryan White)

Bryan White is a very successful country music singer / songwriter. Over the past 10 years he has also become a runner and in this episode we talk a lot about both. Bryan has been in the country music industry for almost 30 years and he had tons of success. He was won multiple awards and recorded several number 1 hits. Bryan has great stories in this episode about being a musician, living in Nashville and of course running. Bryan keeps things simple when it comes to running and he like many...


21. Running the 615 (Trent Rosenbloom)

If you are a runner in the 615 then there is a good chance you have heard of the Flying Monkey Marathon. It takes place every November here in Nashville and Trent Rosenbloom is the man behind it all. Trent is the creator and race director of the Flying Monkey Marathon and in this episode we talk about everything there is to know about the race. We also talk plenty about Trent's running career, Percy Warner park, having a race during a pandemic, his career as a doctor and of course Music...


20. Running the 615 (Kyle Mcphee)

Kyle Mcphee has a love for life and those around him that is second to none. Since before I even started this podcast I have been excited to sit down and talk to him and get to know more about his life and where all of his joy comes from. Kyle was born and raised outside of Atlanta and he came to Nashville for college where he ran at Belmont. He decided to stay in the music city after college and this is now home for Kyle, his wife Alicia and their 3 kids. Kyle is owner / operator at Tin...


19. Running the 615 (Amy Bream)

If you are looking for some inspiration then Episode 19 has got you covered. Amy Bream was born in a small town in Pennsylvania and moved here to Nashville after college. Amy was born with a birth defect called PFFD which required her to have her right leg amputated shortly after she was born. Amy did not exercise much growing up however, that all changed after she arrived in Nashville and a friend invited her to a boxing class. Amy is now an ambassador in the Nashville community and she...


18. Running the 615 (Dave Milner)

Dave Milner was born and raised in England. Running entered his life at an early age and he has been involved in the sport ever since. Dave moved to the U.S. for college and ran for Belmont University here in Nashville. Dave became a running coach shortly after college and he now spends a large amount of time setting up running for other people. His biggest contribution to the Nashville running community is the Music City Distance Carnival that he started 18 years ago. We talk about the...


17. Running the 615 (Christy Wright)

Christy Wright is an author, a speaker and a professional business coach. She is also a mom, a wife and a runner. Christy has a super interesting story about how she got started at Dave Ramsey Solutions and interviewing her was a delight. I have known Christy for over 10 years and it is very inspiring to see and hear about all that she has accomplished and who she has become. In this episode we cover everything … running, family, hope, faith, music and of course Nashville. It's the first...


16. Running the 615 (Emily Fields & Stephen Love-Wade of 6run5)

Emily Fields and Stephen Love-Wade are the founders and leaders of the Nashville Running Group 6 run 5. When you have a podcast called Running the 615, interviewing the founders of the group named 6 run 5 is destined to happen. I was so thankful that Emily and Stephen took the time to let me interview them and hear about their story. They are both super fun to talk to and are always smiling. The 6 run 5 running group just celebrated their 1 year anniversary on July 6th and as you will hear...


15. Running the 615 (Bob Kennedy)

Bob Kennedy is one of best American distance runners of all time. He has a ton of amazing running highlights and I was very excited to sit down and talk with him about his running and his life. Bob is engaged to Christi Beth who is the owner of Fleet Feet Nashville and was guest number 1 here on Running the 615. Bob is a humble guy and very insightful. He is a true success story and someone that I always enjoy talking to when our paths cross. It's a safe bet to say we will never have a...


14. Running the 615 (Hugh Mundy)

Hugh Mundy is happy to admit that running is a part of who he is. His running career began early and thanks to some key people in his life it has been a huge success story. Hugh is a great story teller and also has plenty of reflection in this episode. From winning a state title in high school, running for the Irish at Notre Dame in college to returning to running with the East Nasties here in Nashville, Hugh tells the story of his running career from chapter to chapter. I have run thousands...


13. Running the 615 (Jim Wyatt)

Jim Wyatt is a sportswriter and has covered my beloved Tennessee Titans since the team arrived here in Nashville. Jim has lived in Nashville for most of his life and he loves this city with all his heart. Jim became a runner later in his life and has a simplistic love for the sport that is refreshing to hear about. It was exciting and fun to sit down and talk with Jim about Nashville, running and of course a lot about the Tennessee Titans. He is a great story teller and he has a great memory...


12. Running the 615 (Brittany Hendrickson)

Brittany Hendrickson is the owner and operator at Nashville physical therapy and performance. Brittany is also a runner and it was very interesting to talk to her about injuries and treatment. She has helped thousands of runners get back to running and ready for races. She cares a lot about her patients and has some great insight in this episode on running, it's benefits and injury prevention. It's a great episode and full of awesome information .... and here is a spoiler alert .. running is...


11. Running the 615 (Sharon Thompson)

Sharon Thompson is an exceptional runner. She has qualified for the Olympic trials for the 4th time and will be running in the marathon trials in Atlanta on February 29th. Sharon is also the owner of cycler bar here in Franklin, TN and is a big part of the 615 fitness community. It was great to sit and chat with such a successful runner and hear her story. She shares a lot about her running career and also talks about being a wife, a mom, a business owner and a competitive runner all at the...


10. Running the 615 (Chris Duncan)

Chris Duncan is a very fast runner. What is even better is Chris is a great person. I have known Chris for several years and every time I see him it brings a smile to my face. He has an energy and a love for life that is so contagious. Chris loves his family, loves his friends and loves to run. I have always known that Chris is a fast runner but I had no idea just how fast he is and how many running accolades he has achieved. You will be hard pressed to find a more engaging and happy guy...


09. Running the 615 (Kathryn Defatta)

Kathryn Defatta was recently voted as the top mental health therapist in Nashville. She has a lot of great insight that she shares in this episode about running, eating disorders, exercise addiction and the city of Nashville. It was really an enjoyable experience to talk with someone who studies why we do the things we do. Kathryn discusses the benefits of running and some of her own struggles that she faced growing up and deciding on the career path she chose. Kathryn has a great smile and...


07. Running the 615 (Roy Tamez)

The phrase to know him is to love him certainly applies to Roy Tamez. Roy has a way about him that is so pleasant and positive that you just can't help but feel better after you see him. I was so excited to sit down and talk to him and learn more about how he made it to Nashville and how he became a runner. Roy and his wife Dar went out of their way to come over and let me record this episode and I am so glad they did. Hearing about their travels, listening to Roy's stories and getting his...


08. Running the 615 (Margie Stoll)

Margie Stoll is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. Unless you are racing against her on the track or on the roads where you are her competition. Margie has always loved to run but it wasn't until she turned 60 that she decided to try racing. That's when it all started for her and she has been winning races ever since. Margie was elected into the USATF Masters hall of fame in 2014 and we had a lot of fun talking about running and her life. If you need some inspiration to keep...