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Episode 17: Graham Cochrane On Getting Radio Quality Sound From a Home Studio

This week’s guest knows a thing or two about setting up a home studio to get the best possible sound on a budget. Check it as he shares some valuable pointers!


Episode 16: Tripzy Leary On Landing Your Dream Gig

What happens when computers take psychadelics? Our next guest has some interesting ideas, an inspiring story and some killer tips for making music, so check it out!


Episode 15: Desirée Dawson On Being True To Yourself In Your Songs

As a rising soul singer Desirée Dawson knows a thing or two about how to be honest and vulnerable. She has also hustled up a career as an in-demand live performer, collaborator and top liner, so let’s jump right in!


Episode 14: Lauren Salvo On How Handling Your Business Can Bring Creative Freedom

Business, creativity or both? As a singer/ songwriter Lauren Salvo knows how to strike a balance to maximize inspiration. Let’s dive in as she shares her tips for successful collaborations.


Episode 13: Lizzy Land on Authenticity, Self-Empowerment & Creative Freedom

Lizzy Land has built her career on a foundation of authenticity and self empowerment. She decided to do things her own way, and has paved her road to creative freedom. She shares plenty of insights on how to make it as an independent creator, and actually earn a living, so pay attention!


Episode 12: Multiplier On How Collaborations Can Boost Your Following

Multiplier knows a thing or two on how to get more fans, followers and subscribers (he has 60K+ on YouTube). His insights are on point, so pay attention!


Episode 11: So Sus On Huge Trap Sounds & Getting Your Music Heard

So Sus fuses huge Trap elements and eclectic textures that make people move. His mixing and mastering is incredible, so listen and learn!


Episode 10: Vantix on Making Heavy Music That Cuts Through the Mix

We do a deep dive into crafting sound design and arrangements that cut through the mix with Dubstep producer Vantix. His attention to detail is legendary, so listen closely and pick up some new techniques!


Episode 09: SHADOWKEY on How Polyrhythms Can Spice Up Your Sound

Polyrhythms are a powerful way to take your rhythmic motifs to the next level. Check out this episode with SHADOWKEY for a full walkthrough in Ableton chock-full of hard-earned wisdom and secrets!


Episode 08: KØBA On How Patience Pays Off in the Music Game

Hustle, dedication, and patience… things KØBA has learned along the way as a flair bartender, Red Bull 3Style regional winner, and Bass Music Producer. There’s a lot of wisdom in his experience, so check it out!


Episode 07: Chamberlain On Australian Vibes, Big Beats & Tasteful Quantization

Didgeridoos, Kookaburras and the sounds of the Australian bush - these are the sounds of Chamberlain. Learn how he fuses big beats, artful quantization and Australian vibes to make festival crowds go absolutely nuts during his sets!


Episode 06: TRU Concept On The Mindset That Got Them to 6M Streams

Since winning our Lauv​ remix contest TRU Concept​ has had over 6 million streams on their edit of “I Like Me Better”. Learn about the mindset they used to get there in this week’s episode!


Episode 05: GDubz On Outreach and How He Hustled Up Three Releases

Outreach is a topic that few creators understand. Listen up as Canadian producer GDubz shares the exact techniques he used to hustle up 3 official releases on: Wakaan, Really Good and Sleeveless Records.


Episode 04: Psalms On How To Do Successful Collabs

In this episode Sam and Ryan from Psalms share their songwriting process and how they collaborate successfully with other creators. Listen up as they share plenty of hard-earned wisdom about how to get better at songwriting.


Episode 03: Cela On Taking Your Mix & Master To Next Level

In this episode we talk with American producer and professional mix engineeer Cela, winner of our Young the Giant remix contest. Listen up as he shares plenty of hard-earned wisdom about how to give your drums, mix and master a professional polish.


Episode 02: Okii On Making Hard-Hitting Songs With Emotion

In this episode we talk with Australian producer Okii, winner of the SoBE LASH remix contest. Listen up as he shares plenty of hard-earned wisdom about how to make heavy songs with emotion.


Episode 01: EDES on How to Make Upbeat, Catchy, Danceable Music Fast

Edes brings you little-known workflow hacks and hard-earned wisdom that has taken him years to learn about how to make catchy music as efficiently as possible.