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"I Am Running Out Of Creative Titles" Episode 132

Notes Chris Jericho Robbed - Title Stolen Movies/TV/Books Bad Boys For Life One upon a time extendedIan and Hayden pulled from panel Gaming Nintendo Direct - 2019Luigis mansion - 8pBanjo Kazooie - SmashSuper Kirby ClashJedi Academy - Jedi OutcastPokemon CurrydexPlants vs Zombies battle for neighborville Podcast Games: Music news/review Wage War - Pressure Album ReviewMountain Mover - Dopamine EP ReviewABR - lp8BMTH to support Babymetal Amity Affliction - All My Friends Are...


"Gabe's Magical Experience" Episode 131

Notes Gabe’s Disney Trip Target x Disney Favorite Disney song Movies/TV/Books Star Wars D23 footageAmerican Horror StoryPixar Soul The Joker Witcher 1: Nov 1st rumors Guillermo Del Torro - New Werewolf MovieBear Grylls hospitalizedTerminator dark fate Gaming Zombies, Run! Podcast Games: Music news/review ADTR - You're WelcomeCounterparts - Nothing Left to LoveAcceptance Speech 2.0Bangerz of the WeekWings of Nightmares - CounterpartsPut on a Show Don't Let Them See You Fall -...


"Gabe The Robot" Episode 130

Notes Gabe is Robot. Movies/TV/Books Escape RoomKevin Smith He ManBond No Time To Die April 2020 Spider-Man out of the MCUMatrix 4 in the works Joker R rated Lady and the tramp Gaming Ember RiseStranger things dead by daylightModern Warfare alphaRemainder of KP 1 revealed Podcast Games: Music news/review Atreyu 20th Anniversary tour Killswitch Engage The Signal Fire KL - A Different Shade of Blue Album ReviewBangerz of the WeekSirens and Sailors - I’m not SorryTDWP - Lines of your...


"Fast and Easy" Episode 129

Notes Supernova dust in Antarctica Movies/TV/Books Movies Fox should remakeFrozen 2 Ewan McGregor returns Gaming First Reaction: PlayStation Time Splitters return? Shit Talking in FGCSega Genesis The Switch ExperienceGuilty Gear Podcast Games: Music news/review Sanction Broken in Refraction Crown The Empire Sudden SkyThy Art is Murder Human TargetSingledShark Week - SPLandslide Defeater & NJ Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids *...


"We Are Not Your Kind" (Slipknot Album Review) Episode 128

Notes Movies/TV/Books Disney Plus bundle Movie Remakes: Home Alone, Cheaper by theDozen, Diary of a WK, Night at the MuseumSmallville/crisisAndy Serkis directing Venom 2 Working on Havana Nocturne SStTitDToy Story 4 Gaming Violence in video games BestBuy PreOrdersLootBox odds DisclosureBOTW review Podcast Games: Versus Music news/review Bad Omens review KND - GWARSlipknot WANYK ReviewDegenerates Tour Crystal Lake Erra Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr...


"Raising Expectations" (Northlane Alien review) Episode 127

Notes Movies/TV/Books Abrams doing Superman? Avengers End Game breaks the record Gears of War Movie My love of Predator Spider-Man far from home review Knives Out Gaming 3 million dollar fortnite winner Crossplay ExperienceNightwolf trailer Modern Warfare innovations Twitch Comp - Mixer Podcast Games: Ta ever Music news/review Slipknot kicks off tourAn additional 14 songsBloodbather Pressure Banned from the SubTNorthlane “Alien” review Dayseeker Sleeptalk Social media wrap up *...


"Anvil On The Head" Episode 126

Notes Movies/TV/Books The Foreigner Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ReviewZombieland Double Tap Gaming Walmart as a viable vendor?Metal Gear Solid 6 GTAV Casino Podcast Games: Music news/review Slipknot Solway Firth TGI RecordingKL New TrackHalsey x BMTH Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids * Instagram: Secondcitykidsj * * Subscribe and rate...


"QT and Blue Berry McGriddles" Episode 125

Notes Blueberry McGriddle Movies/TV/Books Birds of prey test screeningBond news. New 00 Crimes of Grindlewald review The post review The King’s ManTaika Waititi to Direct Thor 4Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark Format QTs 10th and final? Watchmen HBOJay and Silentbob reboot Halloween Kills and Halloween ends MCU phase 4 Star Trek Picard Gaming Luigis Mansion 3 Podcast Games: You know You’re Old When Music news/review New Northlane Callous Daoboys - Die on Mars ReviewRetroReview:...


"The Warped Tour Replacement?" (Disrupt Festival Review) Episode 124

Notes Disrupt Festival review Movies/TV/Books New Mulan (mermaid controversy) Stranger Things S4John Carpteners newest project Gaming Nintendo Switch LiteEnd of Year Gaming StretchCall Of Duty early footage Podcast Games: Music news/review The Ghost Inside returns finally RetroReview: Linkin Park A Thousand SunsHave Heart reunion Defeater self titled Lil Wayne walks off blink your Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids * Instagram:...


"Completely Love" (Stranger Things Season 3) Episode 123

Notes Moving Jade 2k19 Zumiez Movies/TV/Books Andy Serkis playing Clayface?Into the spider verse Jumanji next level Bond 25 - Rami MalekGeostorm review Marvel Zombies to ReturnStranger Things S3Dawn of the Dead (2005) Gaming Black Ops 4: CampaignBlack Ops 3 UpdateSiege Western Showdown Podcast Games: Music news/review RetroReview: Highly Suspect Mister Asylum Northern Ghost Songs you should listen to regardless of genre Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr...


"Shaking The Rust Off" Episode 122

Notes Movies/TV Once upon a time in Hollywood poster Miramax for sale Doctor Sleep The Purge Series and why it works Alien Vs Predator Gaming Cyberpunk Project Scarlett Ubisoft presentation Blair WitchNintendo finally might have done it Podcast Games: Music news/review RetroReview: Eyes Set To Kill -Broken Frames Hundredth Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids * Instagram: Secondcitykidsj * *...


"Reviews Galore" Episode 121

Movies/TV Freddy v Jason - Retro ReviewMagic The Gathering Netflix adaptationBlack Widow stand aloneWW84 poster Tom Holland to be Nate drake Dark Phoenix review Gaming Destiny - F2PDestroy All Humans Stadia conference Battalion 1944E3 hype Podcast Games: -What did you get from your dad Music news/review RetroReview: To The Wind - The Brighter View As I Lay Dying: Misery EvolvingAfter The Burial Evergreen UABB Album ReviewMIW Album Review Social media wrap up * Twitter,...


"A Love Letter To A Time Gone By Part II" Episode 120

Notes Harry Potter getting 4 short storiesIllinois weed David's Fight Movies/TV A Look Back On Triple XRambo Last Blood (2019)Pixar’s Onward Knights of The Old Republic Viva La BamBoondocks S5 Gaming Learning Curves in GamingDeath Stranded finally coming out Call of duty MW (2019) 10/25Kombat pack Raising Kratos Podcast Games: Music news/review In Fear and Faith- Your World On FireRiot Fest lineup Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids *...


"Peace Among Gamers" Episode 119

Notes Huawei Controversy Movies/TV Toy Story 4Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Terminator Dark FateSonic movie delayed 2-14-20 Gaming Sony and Microsoft Podcast Games: Music news/review As Blood Runs Black - Allegiance 13 Year ReviewRectal Smegma - GnorkKnocked Loose new singleAlexisonfire Complicit Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids * Instagram: Secondcitykidsj * *...


"Jam Packed" Episode 118

Notes Celebrating two full years of having an agenda Movies/TV Won’t you be my neighborhood Spider-Man Far From HomeExtremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and VileIT Chapter 2 TeaserDisney buys controlling interest in Hulu MortalKombat a go?Twilight boy as Batman?! Gaming Netherrealm Studios allegations Final Fantasy 7 Ghost Recon Breakpoint Predator Hunting Grounds The Last Of Us 2 in final development stages ? Podcast Games: Agree Of Disagree Director’s Movies as Song Titles Music...


"Let's Talk About Your Mother II" Episode 117

Happy Mother's Day to all. I talk with my mom and check in with her and how she's doing


"Early Album of The Year?" Episode 116

Notes Movies/TV Sonic The Hedgehog Peter Mayhew Gaming R6 - Bug Hunt Podcast Games: Best/Worst Covers Walkout Song Music news/review Woodstock 50 CanceledPure Noise Tour Upon A Burning BodyHomicide Album Reviews:The Damned Things - High CrimesFeverwar - Piss Poor Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids * Instagram: Secondcitykidsj * * Subscribe and rate on iTunes, Tune In...


"The Beginning Of The End" (Avengers End Game/MK11 Review) Episode 115

Notes WOOT Movies/TV Avengers end game Sabrina season 2 Dark Side Of The Ring Gaming PS5 details Capcom arcade Mortal Kombat 11 review R6 COD Zombies - A Retrospective Podcast Games: -As I Lay Dying Title Predictions Music news/review 20 Years of LBBMTH @ APE Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids * Instagram: Secondcitykidsj * * Subscribe and rate on iTunes, Tune In...


"Cautiously Optimistic"(Star Wars teaser) Episode 114

Notes -Orange Theory -Black hole -Monster Reign Movies/TV Freddy vs Jason 2Adamms Family Hemsworth interested in BondHawkeye SeriesAHS1984Star Wars to take a break Gaming Doom Record BrokenStar Wars: Jedi Fallen OrderBest/Worst DLC Podcast Games: Music news/review MARCH MADNESS ROUND Finals Dealer - Soulburn ReviewAs I Lay Dying- Redefined Silverstein Redux Ten Song Setlist: Summer Music Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids *...


"Capitalizing On Violence" (CORE March Madness Semi Finals) Episode 113

Movies/TV The Dead Don’t Die Avengers End Game ticket issue Joker trailer Throwback Review The Mummy series Netflix Capitalizing on ViolenceDisney taking over the world Gaming MK Update.BioWare meltdown Borderlands Epic exclusive Podcast Games: Song titles Music news/review MARCH MADNESS ROUND Semi Finals Whitechapel The Valley review Knocked loose Dayseeker UABB Social media wrap up * Twitter, periscope,snapchat tumblr Reddit @secondcitykids * Instagram: Secondcitykidsj *...