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Music powered by the moon, the stars, and a bit of ecstatic electricity.

Music powered by the moon, the stars, and a bit of ecstatic electricity.
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East Orange, NJ


Music powered by the moon, the stars, and a bit of ecstatic electricity.




Old School Loonie Moonies from Aug 11, 2019

Bill Murray - "Welcome Campers" - Meatballs [Murray was born in Evanston, Illinois, & raised in Wilmette, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago, one of 8 children. During his teen years he was the lead singer of a rock band called the Dutch Masters and took part in high school and community theater. On his 20th birthday, the police arrested Murray at Chicago's O'Hare Airport for trying to smuggle 10 lbs of cannabis, which he had allegedly intended to sell. The drugs were discovered after...


Speed Your Love Moon To Me from Jul 28, 2019

Peter Garland w/ John Lane - "Landscape Scrolls - 3rd Movement (Sunset, Vernal Pools, Frog Pond) for 9 Tuned Rice Bowls" - Live 2012 Performance at Rothko Chapel [work commissioned & written for John Lane & Sam Houston State University / later released on Garland's 2018 album "The Landscape Scrolls" on Starkland Records] Kila - "Dusty Wine Bottle" - Tog E Go Bog E (Take It Easy, Now) [2nd album from Irish septet: brothers Ronan, Rossa & Colm O Snodaigh, Brian & Lance Hogan, and Eoin Dillon...


Moonland Lullabies from Jul 21, 2019

White Magic - "Day" - Songs Of Hurt And Healing (split w/ American Analog Set) [duo Douglas Shaw & Mira Billotte] Brandt Brauer Frick - "Mont Blanc" - Echo [5th full-length album from Berlin trio Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer & Paul Frick] Com Truise - "Ultrafiche of You" - Persuasion System [AKA Seth Haley / born in upstate NY & currently based out of Los Angeles] Philip Samartzis / Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr & Raquel Welch - "General Electric / Groove With Your Space, Commander Dad! /...


Our Twisted Moon Love from Jul 14, 2019

Liam Byrne - "Long Phrases For The Wilton Diptych" - Concrete [debut solo album / Nico Muhly wrote this piece for Mr. Byrne in 2015. Originally it was used as a prerecorded sound installation presented at the National Gallery in London] Gresl - "Vallac" - Circle 0 (V/A) [AKA Olof Hemmendorff / other alias: Count Hemmendorff)] Ingram Marshall & Clement Marshall - "Son Of Soe-Pa" - Cold Blue Two (V/A) [born in Mt. Vernon, NY] Erik Griswold & Camerata String Quartet - "Palestrina's Squeaky...


MmmoonBop from Jul 7, 2019

Richard H. Kirk - "Entering Valhalla Without A Laptop (But With An Umbrella, A Sewing Machine & An Operating Table-Dig It)" - Touch Sampler 00 (V/A) [later appeared on his 2006 collection of pieces that appeared on other compilations, "Entering Valhalla, Vol. 1: With Bass Drum And Electronic Sounds" / aliases: Agents With False Memories, Al Jabr, Anarchia, Biochemical Dread, Bit Crackle, Blacworld, Chemical Agent, Cold Warrior, Dark Magus, Destructive Impact, Digital Terrestrial, Dollars And...


A Moon Full Of Ecstacy from Jun 30, 2019

Wave Tank - "For Whom the Bell Tolls" - Wierd Compilation Vol.II : Analogue Electronic Music 2008 [aliases: Background Projection, Cpt. Mission, Mr. S, Mr. XIII, Πέτρος Μαυρόπουλος] Spaza - "Stametta Spuit/Invocations" - Spaza [Conceived in the Mushroom Hour Half Hour lab, SPAZA is a band with no permanent personnel, with each lineup assembled for the express purpose of recording once-off improvised or workshopped material. / Ariel Zamonsky – upright bass; Gontse Makhene – percussion and...


Napoleon Dynamoonlight from Jun 23, 2019

Anna Mieke - "Creature" - Idle Mind [debut album from Wicklow, Ireland-based artist Anna-Mieke Bishop (on piano & cello) with Matthew Jacobson (on percussion)] Daniel Pioro - "Dark Sky Community" - Dust [English violinist / of Chroma & Hortus Ensemble] Jherek Bischoff - "Cistern" - Cistern [American artist from Sacramento / AKA Ribbons / in groups: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra, Jherek Bischoff & String Quartet, Parenthetical Girls, The Dead Science] Colin Stetson & Sarah...


Tonight We'll Go For A Moon Ride from Jun 16, 2019

RY X - "Untold (Brian Laruso's Lost In Ibliza Retouch)" - Unfurl [2nd album from Australian Ry Cuming] Hazard - "Flood Gate" - Touch Sampler 00 [AKA BJ Nilsen] Dis Fig - "Purge" - Purge [AKA Felicia Chen] Staccato Du Mal - "Su Ultimo Secreto (His Last Secret)" - Wierd Compilation Vol.II : Analogue Electronic Music 2008 [AKA Ramiro Jeancarlo (AKA Fioritura)] Vendor Refill - "Black Box" - Technology Doesn't Stop The Imp Next Door (V/A) [AKA Tom Betts] Carlos Giffoni - "There Are Other...


Gophers (not golfers, you great fool!! gophers!!...the little brown furry rodents!!) Moon from Jun 9, 2019

Rare DM - "Panam" - Vanta Black [debut album from Brooklyn-based Erin Louise Hoagg] Flamingods - "Olympia" - Levitation [5th full-length album fromtrio Karthik Poduval, Sam Rowe & Charles Pres / orig from Bahrain, but met as students in London] Mauricio Bianchi - "Auschwitz" - Mutazione: Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988 (V/A) [orig. 1981 / from Milano, Italy] Helm - "Capital Crisis (New City Loop)" - Chemical Flowers [AKA London-based Luke Younger / with Karl D'Silva...


Fiddler On The Moonroof from May 26, 2019

Echo & The Bunnymen - "Show of Strength" - Heaven Up Here [2nd album from Liverpudlian quartet Ian McCulloch (guitar, vocals), Will Sergeant (lead guitar), Lee Pattonson (bass) & Pete De Preitas (drums)] Lamb - "Armageddon Waits" - The Secret of Letting Go [duo originally formed in Manchester in 1996 by Andy Barlow (music) and Louise Rhodes (vocals)] Tool - "Parabola (Lustmord Remix)" - Parabola DVD [Tool is the L.A. group of Adam Jones, Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor, Maynard James Keenan...


I Do The Rocky Horror Picture Moon from May 19, 2019

Damian Catera - "deComposition NYC (Excerpt 1)" - Radio Action I OKZharp & Manthe Ribane - "Theletsa" - Closer Apart [debut full-length album from South African producer Okzharp's Gervase Gordon & vocalist Manthe Ribane] RP Boo - "Run With This" - No album [song released on soundcloud / Chicago-based artist Kavain Space] Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria - "Fight The Good Fight" - are SING, SINCK SING [Canadian duo] André Ruschowski - "Les Pas Interieurs (Inner Steps) (excerpt)" - Sonic...


This Moon Goes To 11 from May 12, 2019

Fennesz - "In My Room" - Agora [AKA Vienna-based Christian Fennesz] Golden Hornet - "Quest" - The Sound Of Science [project of cellist Jeffrey Ziegler / piece written by Felipe Perez Santiago] Salem Witch Army - "Reading The Word By The Light of Burning Bridges" - Plague In My Heart [AKA Beacon, NY-based composer Matthew Gomm / Download the album for free here:] Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser - "All Flowers In Time Bend Towards...


The Red Moon Revolution from Apr 21, 2019

Johnny Thunders - "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" - So Alone [debut solo album / lead guitarist for the New York Dolls / given name: John Anthony Genzale, Jr. from Queens, NY] Robert Piernikowski - "Ogien" - The Dream (V/A) [from Poland / "Ogien" translates to "Fire"] Alvin Lucier - "Sferics" - Haunted Weather: Music, Silence and Memory (V/A) [artist born in Nashua, New Hampshire / "Sferic" is a broadband electromagnetic impulse that occurs as a result of natural atmospheric...


Lustmoond from Mar 24, 2019

Flibbertigibbet - "Little Roving Sailor" - Whistling Jigs To The Moon [orig 1978 on Stanyon Records / debut album from Alison Williams (vocals), Jo Dudding (vocals), Barrie Glen (guitar), David Williams (guitar, mandolin, vocals & string & flute arrangements), & Denis Lalouette (bass) / "Flibbertigibbet" is one of many incarnations of the Middle English word "flepergebet," meaning "gossip" or "chatterer." (Others include "flybbergybe," "flibber de' Jibb," and "flipperty-gibbet.") It is a...


Marathon Moon 3 with Jeff Mullan from Mar 17, 2019

Anatol Ugorski - "Bagatelle Fur Elise in A minor, WoO 59 (by Beethoven)" [piece was not published during Beethoven's lifetime, but was discovered by Ludwig Nohl 40 years after Beethoven's death / A "bagatelle" literally means "a short unpretentious instrumental composition" as a reference to the light style of the piece / The identity of "Elise" is unknown, but researchers have suggested it was German soprano Elise Barensfeld, who was a friend of Beethoven's / Anatol Ugorski (Анатолий...


Walking In A Spiral Towards The Moon from Feb 24, 2019

Colin Potter - "On Entering York Minster" - A Gain [In groups: APM, Dada Lives, Kiln, Monos, Nurse With Wound, Potter Natalizia Zen, & Un:] Nox Arcana - "Winterdream" - Ebonshire [AKA Joseph Vargo & William Piotrowski / "Nox Arcana" translates roughly to "Mysteries of the Night"] Dolphin Midwives - "Junglespell" - Liminal Garden [Portland harpist & composer Sage Fisher] Itzhak Perlman - "Serenade D 957 No. 4 (by Franz Schubert)" - Live at Knight Concert Hall, Dec. 19, 2013 [violinist born...


Asimov's Moon from Jan 27, 2019

The Drinks - "In The Night Kitchen" - Hippo Lite [2nd album from Welsh duo Cate LeBon (Cate Timothy) & Tim Presley] Savages - "You're My Chocolate" - Five Finger Discount [AKA Hungarian producer Nándor Kürtössy / AKA Cockchafer, Kovacs & Vega Ass] µ-Ziq - "Autumn Acid" - Royal Astronomy [AKA Michael Paradinas from the UK / runs the Planet Mu label / other aliases: A Plaid Tusk; Chris Morrison; Frost Jockey, Gary Moscheles; Jake Slazenger; Kid Spatula; Rude Ass Tinker; Tusken...


Wonka Moon from Jan 6, 2019

David Vassalotti - "What Shall You Say Tonight" - Guitar Dream [3rd solo album / co-founder of group Merchandise] Abelardo Carbono y su Grupo - "A Otro Perro Con Ese Hueso" - El Maravilloso Mundo De... [Carbono was born in 1948 in Ciénaga, a small town between Santa Marta and Cartagena, Colombia. He started playing guitar when he was 8 years] Kruder/Hunter / Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin & Arthur Roberts - "This Is What U Get / It IS A Toothpick!" - 12" single / Up In Smoke [Members of The...


Why Can't I Touch The Moon? from Dec 9, 2018

Pete Shelley - "I Generate A Feeling" - Homosapien [2nd solo album] Suss - "Rain" - Ghost Box (Expanded) [debut album from NY quartet Bob Holmes, Gary Leib, Jonathan Gregg & Pat Irwin] Steffi Gudra - "Untitled - Guitar & Processing, 24 May 17 at The Sump, Work00 Series" - Noise By People - Ridgewood Radio's WFMU 2018 Marathon Premium (V/A) Henk Badings - "Arioso" - Incantation For Tape, Precocious Noise & Early Electronica Pt. 1 (V/A) [Dutch composer / orig from his 1958 album,...


Strange Moon Pleasures from Dec 2, 2018

Snapped Ankles - "Drink and Glide" [Snapped Ankles will be offering baby yoga classes in a warehouse near you soon. (as noted on the band's bandcamp page)] SWA - "They Came In A Spaceship" Aphex Twin - "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball" - Pi (Music For the Motion Picture) Severed Heads - "Harold And Cindy Hospital" - Come Visit the Big Bigot [Australian Tom Ellard] Vril - "In Via" - Anima Mundi [from Hanover, Germany] Basic Channel / Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks, Darrell Hammond, & Kristin Wiig -...