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Steve Dickson interviews musicians, journalists, producers, songwriters, music fans, promoters, drummers..........pretty much anyone that has anything to do with music, most times to comedic effect.

Steve Dickson interviews musicians, journalists, producers, songwriters, music fans, promoters, drummers..........pretty much anyone that has anything to do with music, most times to comedic effect.
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Steve Dickson interviews musicians, journalists, producers, songwriters, music fans, promoters, drummers..........pretty much anyone that has anything to do with music, most times to comedic effect.






Jeff Perry of The Unlucky Stars

Steve talks to Jeff Perry, vocalist of The Unlucky Stars about influences, songwriting, fans, studio work and the like. Send all bitchy rebuttals to; Please Subscribe and leave a review.



Steve talks to Mario, Sarah & Chris of Spotlights about touring, songwriting, burping into the microphone and MORE! Send all complaints, condescensions, coercions and the like to; And, Please, if you like what you hear, SUBSCRIBE and leave a review.


Nat Fitzgerald of SPACESHIPS!

Nat and Steve discuss songwriting, the creative process, enormous pedal boards, Spotlights, barking dogs, SPACESHIPS and MORE! Email us at; And, as always,PLEASE, hit that SUBSCRIBE button! Late in this episode you will hear 2 dogs barking in the background, and at one point I have to stop to see whats going on. One of those barking voices is my sweet Dixie, who had to be put to sleep 3 days after this episode was recorded. Rest in Peace My Sweet Girl. You were one of...


Fan Emails and Upcoming Episodes!

Steve reads fan emails, tells you about upcoming episodes and talks about past lived glory! Send all compliments, condescension and corruption to; And, as always, SUBSCRIBE!



Steve sits down with Brett and Casey from Astronoid before their show at Reggie's in Chicago, IL on June 22, 2019. We had a few audio issues because of a glitch with the handheld recorder that caused us to put this out a week later than usual, it turned out great as far as the interview so we hope you enjoy it! As always, hit that SUBSCRIBE button. Drop us an email at Thanks!


Josh Czuk from Signal!

Josh and Steve talk about beating up their ex singer, playing cool shows, beating up audience members, writing songs, almost beating up each other, and much more from their shared past in the band Signal. Send all concerns about Josh and Steve's PTSD to; And, as always, HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!


The Artemis Interlude

This week we're ripping off Song Exploder because our scheduled guest cancelled at the last minute, Fuck it, I'm not going to lie. We dissect the writing and recording process of a song off of the forthcoming ChokeSetter album entitled 'The Artemis Interlude', written by Yours Truly. Anyone who can pinpoint the exact moment in this song, give or take a second or 2, where my dog makes a guest appearance, will win a shiny wooden nickel! Or maybe an SMS T-shirt, whichever comes...


Valley of the Sun

Recorded at the last stop of their US tour for their new album 'Old Gods'(out May 24th) Live at Reggie's in Chicago, Illinois. I sit down with Ryan, Chris and Aaron of VotS for a fun, informative chat. If you like what you hear hit the 'SUBSCRIBE' button. Send any emails to


Episode # 2, Season 2 with Greg Wood and Jorge Law at BJJ in Paradise

Another year, another BJJ in Paradise episode! Today we talk to Greg Wood, Berkley Alumni and seasoned veteran of all things music! This episode is co-hosted by Mr. Jorge Law of The Great North Eastern BJJ Podcast, amongst others. Jorge recently started playing guitar and adds some unique perspective to the conversation. Email us any questions, comments or Long Island Iced Tea recipes @; Get your 20% off at when you put in the code, 'PODCAST' at...


We're Back!!!

We explain our Season 2 false start, our failed interviews with Jason Bonham and Warrior Soul's Kory Clark. A story about Brian Blush of The Refreshments and we answer some fan emails. We unveil our new, shorter, easier email address; email us at; (Yes, our old one still works, if you really like typing that $10 handle) and as always, SUBSCRIBE!!


Season 2 Preview!

We are BACK! A little taste of the guests we have lined up for Season 2! Enjoy! If you like what you hear, please hit that SUBSCRIBE button! Email any questions, comments or suggestions to;


Episode # 12 with Jason Funkhouser - Part 2

Steve and Jason review the Mastodon/Primus show from 6/6/18 in Chicago, IL. They talk about discovering old music, writing songs, the communion between musicians who create together and all kinds of other crazy shit, all while they're supposed to be recapping Season 1. It was hot as BALLS the day this was recorded so please forgive the background noise as we needed fans so we didn't melt into a puddle. THANKS FOR LISTENING. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Email us @;


Episode # 11 with Jason Funkhouser part 1- Season 1 recap ROADTRIP EDITION

Steve and Jason try to recap Season 1 of the podcast but end up veering off sideways and talking about a whole bunch of other things on their way to a show in Chicago in part 1 of this 2 part series. Send all inquiries to: And, as always, if you like what you hear SUBSCRIBE


Episode #10 with Duncan Watt part 2

Steve and Duncan continue their conversation from the previous week over beers and lunch while looking at the crazy waves at Playa Zicatela. If you like what you hear please SUBSCRIBE! Email us at


Episode # 9 with Duncan Watt, Part 1

Steve interviews Berklee Professor and Composer of Video Game Music, Mr. Duncan Watt. They discuss Duncan's formative years, different approaches to composition, influences, a little Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (not too much) and just about anything else you can imagine, all while getting sun burnt in an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Oaxaca, Mexico, in part one of this 2 part podcast. Please SUBSCRIBE if you like what you hear. If you don't like what you hear, Go Fuck Yourself! OR...


Episode # 8 Book Reading # 1 FIXED

Steve reads the Prologue, Intro and Chapter 1 from his 'still in process', unreleased tome.......actually, Steve stutters and stumbles his way through the pages of his scattered and disjointed ramblings would be a more apt title, but Hey, we're trying to be professional here. It's short, give it a shot. Drop us a line, PLEASE, we're so lonely at; and for Fuck Sake, SUBSCRIBE!


Episode # 7 with Gavin McGuire

Steve and Gavin discuss The Rules of Touring, Gavin's days in Ireland, Cousin It, Mike Got Spiked, The Jerry O' Fonics, Beauty Behind The Wreck, Eiffel Towers, songwriting, amorous bandmates, safe practices for shaving your chest and anything else you might imagine in THE LONGEST EPISODE YET! Send all Friend Requests,SausageGrams and booty pics to; And for GOD SAKE, SUBSCRIBE!


Episode #6 with Joe Feingold of Dark Trilogy

Joe and Steve talk shit about Clint, discuss teaching, continuing education, cover musicians, starting a Rudy Sarzo fan club, why you should love Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Aerosmith AND all things GUITAR! Including a guest solo on a Dark Trilogy track by Michael Angelo Batio! Send all Love Notes, Heartagrams, spells and incantations to; If you like what you hear, SUBSCRIBE!


Episode#5 - Bass Talk With Clint Pagel of Dark Trilogy

Steve and Clint discuss Hair Metal, Virtuosity, what it takes to make a great song, why the 90's sucked (according to Clint), why Clint thinks Dream Theatre never chose musical masturbation over song craft and some thoughts on cover bands. If you like what you hear, please hit the 'SUBSCRIBE' button. If you don't like what you hear, I don't know what to tell you, it's only episode 5 and I'm new at this shit, give me break. Please email us with any and all ideas, suggestions, diatribes and...


Episode #4 with Guitarist Dave Cohen

Steve interviews Dave about his time at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, his original band Walking Man, the story behind the Hamms jingle, growing up in Evanston, IL, and nightmare bandmates! If you enjoy what you hear, Please SUBSCRIBE. Forward all complaints, thoughts and salutations to