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The Midnight - Silent Studios

In this episode, I am lucky enough to be chatting with one of my all-time favourite bands, The Midnight. The band is made up of Songwriter, Tyler Lyle, and Producer, Tim McEwan, and this duo was born when the two met during a co-writing workshop in California. Over the last few years, The Midnight has been gaining great momentum, taking their unique style of nostalgic driven "Synthwave" on a global tour. I found Tyler and Tim in their hotel room on their way through Sydney.


Pawel Blaszczak - Silent Studios

Pawel Blaszczak is a professional Music Composer for AAA video games, indie games and movies. Working on video games such as Dying Light and The Witcher, places Pawel towards the summit of the current video game music composition industry. In this episode, Pawel discusses his love for gaming, synths and the humble beginnings of his musical journey.


Big Merino - Silent Studios

Formed a little over two years ago, Big Merino play original songs that blur the lines between rock, country, blues, roots, soul, funk and grunge, while occasionally making forays into lesser-known genres such as New Orleans 2nd Line. In this episode, Alex and Collin walk us through the track "Black Cockatoos" lifted from their current Suburban Wildlife album.


Keelan Mak - Silent Studios

Keelan Mak’s music is a smoky, sultry mixture of himself and the inner city. There is a push and pull between melancholy and enlightenment, breaking apart into tiny explosions of sound and feeling. Combining blissful songwriting with atmospheric production, Keelan Mak seamlessly blends indie and electronic music to create a unique artistry in the music industry landscape.


I Know Leopard - Silent Studios

I Know Leopard fluently create dreamy, indie-pop music that stirs up all the feels. In this episode, Luke O'Loughlin, the band's singer and songwriter, walks us through why their newest single "Landmine" created a buzz amongst fans and helped the band spread their creative wings.


Not A Boys Name - Silent Studios

"Not A Boy’s Name" is the latest indie pop solo project from Sydney’s Dave Jenkins Jr. It is the culmination of several years of artistic refinement, much of which has been happening in the shadows while Jenkins Jr performed and collaborated with the likes of Daniel Johns, Kirin J Callinan and Vera Blue. Jenkins Jr has a fiercely independent creative edge and multi-instrumentalist capacity, which brings us to "Hazard Perception Test"


Milan Ring - Silent Studios

Milan Ring is a one-woman powerhouse in every sense of the word. A Sydney-based singer, rapper, guitarist, producer, mix & mastering engineer, Milan also heads up MXMAY, a record label fusing forward-thinking music with art & fashion. With the release of her new single 'Drifting', Milan continues to explore new realms within her unique blend of R&B and neo-soul.


Exhibitionist - Silent Studios

Exhibitionist is the latest project from Sydney-based artist Kirsty Tickle. Kirsty's Skills as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter leave nothing to be desired. Combine that with the production chops of Sydney's own, Jonathan Boulet, and you get the impressive project that is Exhibitionist.


The Preatures - Silent Studios

Since the formation of The Preatures in 2010, the band has gone from strength to strength with the success of their single "Is This How You Feel?", to touring the worlds biggest festivals and working with some of the music industries biggest names. In this episode Jack Moffit, the band's Lead guitarist and Producer walks us through his creative process and reflects on how one of their latest tracks, "Yanada", which was co-produced with Burke Reid, gave so much to the group and the wider...


Sunscreen - Silent Studios

Sydney band, Sunscreen, is made up of friends Sarah, Alex and Hugo. With the later addition of their talented bass player, Jett, the Sunscreen we hear today was born. Describing their music as indie rock with a pinch of "dream-garage," hits pretty close to the mark. Sarah's vocals dance with Alex's catchy guitar hooks to produce a colourful and engaging yet chilled window into the Sunscreen world.


Jordan F - Silent Studios

Jordan F is an 80's inspired music producer based in Sydney. Labelling his music as "Synthwave" or "Retro" misses the mark somewhat. While Jordan does use the 80's as a sound palette, he has repurposed these sounds for a modern audience, all the while keeping that nostalgia that we love. If you ever dream about hitting a lonely road at sunset and just driving, Jordan F is the soundtrack to that dream.

Touch Sensitive - Silent Studios

Michael Di Francesco, AKA Touch Sensitive, loves his bass, his synths and his cats. When he isn't producing, remixing or touring, he might be found refurbishing old gear or sourcing obscure samples to use in his next project. Michael's latest success with his album "Vision's", proves he is in his element and that the future of Touch Sensitive is neon bright.


Michael Carpenter - Silent Studios

Michael Carpenter has many strings to his bow. He is Solo Artist, Studio Owner, Producer & Engineer and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. In this episode, we take a glimpse into his creative world and the path he took when attacking one of his many country music projects.


Paul McKercher - Silent Studios

Paul McKercher is a five-time Aria winner and audio producer. He has worked on some of the greatest music albums produced in Australian history. The likes of Josh Pyke, Bertie Blackman, Sarah Blasko, Art vs Science, The Vines, You Am I, Andy Bull and Augie March are just a hand full of the amazing artist Paul has worked with. I was lucky enough to sit down with this audio genius and pick his brain.


Mammals - Silent Studios

Mammals is the indie/electronica project masterminded by Australian artist Guy Brown. During this podcast, we will hear how Guy's writing style has developed over time and how allowing new influences into his world has led to untapped inspiration.


Tropical Zombie - Silent Studios

Tropical Zombie is a high-energy 6 piece outfit based in Sydney. They are renowned for their explosive live performances and Holiday Rock jams. Rob takes a break from recording to run us through some of the bands writing methods.


Lime Cordiale - Silent Studios

Brothers Louis and Oli Leimbach, better known as Lime Cordiale, have been writing and performing music since high school. Since then they have performed at Bluesfest, Homebake, SXSW and toured across America's North. Drawing influences from The Beach Boys all the way to The Strokes, Lime Cordiale have discovered a sound of their own and this sound runs deep through their Debut album "Permanent Vacation".


PJ Harding - Silent Studios

PJ Harding is one of Australia's monster songwriters​ and has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. He is kicking goals with his latest project, Thief, whilst writing, producing & composing for other well-known artists and acts.


Iluka - Silent Studios

Sydney singer/songwriter Iluka has a voice that turns heads. Couple that with her unique sound pallet of, what some call, space, soul-pop and you have the formula which has made her one of Sydney's most exciting up and coming female artists.


Art Vs Science - Silent Studios

Art Vs Science is an ARIA Award-winning electronic dance band based in Sydney. Band member Jim Finn walks us through the bands writing techniques and shares some insight into this trio's energetic creativity.