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The members of Blaggards, a band based out of Houston, Texas, talk about what they're up to, where they've been, where they're going, and whatever the hell else they want.

The members of Blaggards, a band based out of Houston, Texas, talk about what they're up to, where they've been, where they're going, and whatever the hell else they want.
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The members of Blaggards, a band based out of Houston, Texas, talk about what they're up to, where they've been, where they're going, and whatever the hell else they want.






Episode 24: No Sleeves, No Service

Patrick and Chad recount the band's weekend of shows: two nights at O'Malley's in Weston, Missouri, and a house concert in Omaha, Nebraska. Blaggards playing a house concert in Omaha NE (Photo by Sienna Oehler Nania) ( Show notes LIVE from O'Malley's Pub, Weston MO, July 13, 2019...


Episode 23: Jamaican Lucky Charms

More Mike and Paddy with O’Malley’s owner Michael Coakley. ( Patrick, Chad, and Mike sing the praises of O'Malley's Pub, an amazing music venue, pub and brewery in Weston, MO, where we'll be playing this weekend (July 12 & 13, 2019), as well as in October for Weston Irish Fest. Then we spend some time musing at the many odd fake...


Episode 22: Dance To Live Music with José Figueroa

More Our first actual guest on the show, artist and filmmaker José Figueroa of Dance To Live Music, joins us for an epic discussion about Houston’s vibrant music scene... and José’s upcoming documentary film about that very subject. Dance To Live Music on Facebook ( Dance To Live Music on Instagram (


Episode 21: The Man From Omaha

Patrick, Mike and Chad tell the story of our dear friend Jeff Quinn—the subject of our song "The Man From Omaha"—who passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in February 2015. Jeff’s spirit was so strong that it’s still hard to believe he’s gone. In the short time we knew him, every second of his life was a celebration, and we were honored to be a part of it. He loved to laugh and was always smiling. His friendship also gave us a whole new extended family and second home in Omaha,...


Episode 20: Duct Tape Grandma to the Chair

Less than a day after getting home, Patrick and Chad recount the band's two-week West Coast tour through Las Vegas, San Diego, Bullhead City and Phoenix. Also, we get some insight into Patrick's family history and give a lot of love to our hometown of Houston. A receipt from the store of Patrick's grandfather and namesake (Photo by Mike McAloon)...


Episode 19: MacGyver & Wonder Woman

More At long last, Mike and Wes have their debut on the show and share a bit about their musical histories. Also: stories of our experiences in Las Vegas and last year's trip to Philadelphia, and a few crazy incidents with drunk people at our shows. Blaggards and Sean South CSC from Ireland at June 8, 2019, at Ri Ra Las Vegas....


Episode 18: Epiphany's Little Sister

Hello from Las Vegas! This week, Paddy and Chad talk about how Blaggards ( got booked in Las Vegas by the legendary Derek Warfield, the band's longtime relationship with Celtic FC supporters, their unique arrangement of Fields of Athenry, the perils of people-pleasing in the arts, and a tip of the hat to the remarkable bravery of stand-up comedians. Blaggards with Derek Warfield in February 2009 (Photo...


Episode 17: Hold Me

Chad waxes nostalgic about Fitzgerald's, one of Houston's oldest music venues that closed last year... and was torn down last week to make way for a parking lot. Show notes Irish Aires ( — KPFT 90.1 FM ( End of an Era: Fitzgerald’s in Houston Closing at Year’s End ( — Texas Monthly Dana Cooper ( Pancho Villa (Live, 2014)...


Episode 16: Chocolate is a Vegetable, Right?

Patrick and Chad talk about their interests outside of music, how they "wind down" between shows, how the band has held together for so long, favorite foods, and the joys of Houston humidity. Also plenty of odd diversions, including a story about Chad's unlikely-but-true connection to the '90s movie "Reality Bites". Show notes ‘Get the Gimp’: Breaking Down ‘Pulp Fiction’s Most Notorious Scene...


Episode 15: Sandwich Time

What would Paddy and Chad be doing now if Blaggards had never happened? A very good question with a very long answer. The discussion takes us down the winding road of Houston history and the dramatic changes the music industry has seen in the digital era. Show notes Trains finally roll in Houston rail system ( — CNN, 2004 Diedrich Coffee departure has patrons brewing a revolt...


Episode 14: Julie Andrews Called Me

Patrick and Chad talk about wireless guitar systems, mandolins in Blaggards music, why Blaggards doesn't have a fifth member, our favorite movie soundtracks, and the often hilarious obsession our fans have with Patrick's hair. Patrick wirelessly roaming O'Malley's Pub (Photo by Kelly Howe) ( Show notes XVive Wireless Guitar System...


Episode 13: Allergic to Sleeves

Paddy and Chad talk about the artful placement of slow songs, set lists, sound checks, stolen gear, and other forms of chaos. Show notes The coffee mug that Chad uses during this episode ( Green Fields of France ( - The Fureys & Davey Arthur QSC TouchMix 16 ( - Compact Digital Mixer Flight 666 ( - Iron Maiden documentary Finnegan Auto Group ( -...


Episode 12: Fried Chicken Tech for Meat Loaf

What are some of the most ridiculous song requests we've received? What are some of our favorite venues to play? What venues do we miss that have closed? What guitars does Patrick use? Will we ever hear Blaggards on vinyl? Show notes The coffee mug that Chad uses during this episode ( Blaggards at Brian O'Neill's, 2005 ( (featuring Patrick's Parker Fly guitar) Blaggards at Brian...


Episode 11: 666 Acacia Avenue

After a brief conversation about David Lee Roth's new podcast, Patrick and Chad talk about their experiences in the recording studio, sing the praises of great sound engineers, and also share a few pointers for fledgling musicians of all ages. References for this episode The Roth Show ( — David Lee Roth's new podcast RBI Recording ( — where Standards and "Kerfuffleful" were recorded Beebe Gunn...


Episode 10: Just Kidding, Lars

Two listener questions take us an entire episode to answer... first, we compare Shane MacGowan of the Pogues to Ronnie Drew and Luke Kelly of the Dubliners. Then follows a ridiculously long discussion of our top five(ish) desert island discs. References for this episode Leaving of Liverpool - The Dubliners ( — Ronnie Drew on lead vocals The Town I Loved So Well (Live) - The Dubliners ( — Luke Kelly on lead vocals Dirty Old Town (Live)...


Episode 9: Fifteen Dead Bodies

Why did Patrick choose guitar? Why did Chad choose bass? Why did they both stop using amplifiers on stage? Do they still get nervous before a show? When the hell are Mike and Wes going to be on the show? All these questions and more are sort-of kinda answered this week on SLAPPERCAST... References for this episode Psycho Killer ( - Talking Heads (from Stop Making Sense) Young Ned of the Hill ( - Ron Kavana LIVE at...


Episode 8: Gerbil on Cocaine

Patrick and Chad of Blaggards ( begin a long discussion about their musical influences, to be continued next week in Episode 9. References for this episode Stop Making Sense ( - 1984 concert film by Talking Heads No Other Baby ( - Davee Bryan, with Chad on backing vocals Rifles of the IRA ( - Wolfe Tones We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions (Live)...


Episode 7: Surgery Falling Out of a Plane

Paddy and Chad talk about how different Saint Patrick's Day is in Ireland compared to the USA, how they first started playing at O'Bannon's Taphouse in College Station back in 2005, and how they've been playing Paddy's Day there every year since 2011. References in this episode O'Bannon's Taphouse ( - College Station, TX Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. ( - College Staton, TX Blaggards' first show at O'Bannon's Taphouse...


Episode 6: Before Jesus Had Teeth

This week, an old list of Blaggards show dates from the band's first East Coast tour in March 2006 triggers a slew of memories, including a detour into the early days of MySpace. We also reminisce about our first gig at Fadó Irish Pub in Austin, and how Chad earned the nickname "Mr. Whiskers". References for this episode Shite N' Onions ( The Inn ( - Long Beach, NY Photo album of Blaggards St. Paddy's Day Tour 2006...


Episode 5: Kerfuffleful

Patrick and Chad tell the story of how the band's instrumental tune "Kerfuffleful" was written and recorded for the movie How To Be Single, how "Drunken Sailor" and "Big Strong Man" came to be featured on an episode of the CBS series The Good Wife, and how "Big Strong Man" was used in the British film The Kid. We also take a look at how podcasting and internet radio has helped us get our music out there throughout the years. References for this episode Kerfuffleful...