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Carsie Blanton “Vim and Vigor”

This episode I’m shining our lights on New Orleans own, Carsie Blanton Blanton is set to throw a brick through the Man’s corner office with her empowered feminist lyrics. Her ...


Banks and Steelz “Anything But Words”

Former Song Spotters co-host Adam Gillespie returns to the show to share his love for the new Banks and Steelz album. Recorded in a bustling local brewery, this is a ...


Future Generations “Thunder in the City”

The freshly graduated college friends from Fordham University that form the band Future Generations make cleanly produced indie pop in the vein of MGMT. It's that same catchy high pitched synth hooks blended with smooth laid back vocals. The guys first met in the practice room of their college, recording a spontaneous song on the spot the same day they me and continued bond over what they call a “ a nerd-like, academic appreciation of all forms of pop music." Future Generations "Thunder in...


CHUCK – Oceans

Typically, I pick the songs I spotlight from the Fresh Cuts new music playlist I help curate at So that means I don’t even start weighing my favorites until the full album has been released. I like it that way for a variety of reasons. I do get quite a bit of email from small record labels and marketing type folks. I usually ignore them..for a variety of reasons. I make exceptions though. When Jamie Halliday emails me a new artist...I pay attention. Jamie runs the very...


Society “The Fear The Hate”

Society is a big name for Jamie Girdler and producer Brendan Lynch..but they make big sounds with the big picture of the culture in which we live in mind. In 2012 the band released their first single...which was (at the time) the only song they’d written. Well..they’ve made a few more songs now and that very first song called “All That We’ve Become” is now the title track to their debut album. You should listen to that song...hell, you should listen to the whole album. But I’m spotlighting...


William Ryan Fritch “Entirety”

There are times when words just no longer mean what they used to..leaving us with a linguistic void when we need to a word to mean what an overused word USED to mean. For instance “prolific”. It means releasing a lot of content. But we talk about an artist being “prolific” when they release an album a year. And that IS a fast pace. But, What then to do when it’s time to talk about San Fransisco’s Psych-Folk composer William Ryan Fritch? He’s averaging 3 albums a year. 3 full albums a year....


Alright Alright “Black Sheep”

This episode, I’m shining our lights on the Denver-based duo of Alright Alright. They are China and Seth Kent, a husband and wife duo that have been making music together on and off for over 12 years...with some interruptions in the creative flow for child raising. Jesse and I both fell in love with their single “Black Sheep” from their new EP entitled “Far Away”. I was able to sit down with China and Seth via Skype recently to discuss their music, their studio converted from a shipping...


Numenorean “Thirst”

Long time listeners know that I have, for the past few years, been grappling with the heavier end of the music spectrum. Black Metal, Sludge Metal, Doom Metal, Post-Metal, Meta-Metal. Ok..I made the last one up but mark my words it’ll be a genre soon. The point is that I’m fascinated by the complexity and raw emotions of these heavy genres, but I’ve yet to really internalize the art form to a degree that lets me tell you that i really GET it. I mean..I’m at the point that where I can...


Trevor Sensor “When Tammy Spoke to Martha”

It’s important to note right off the bat that Trevor Sensor has... a horrible voice. I’m not insulting him...he’ll tell you the same. And he takes a perverse pride in it, using it to make what he calls “ugly music” Sensor himself describes it this way in a interview: Back in the day, it used to be about how much soul you had in a song and what you were trying to say. I think now we’ve made a lot of things very plastic, and it’s all about, “Is it pretty? Does it make me feel good?” I’m not...


Hanni El Khatib “Mondo and His Makeup”

Even if his music weren’t as stunningly amazing as it is, I may well have still spotlighted Hanni El Khatib….simply because I love saying “Hanni El Khatib” . But luckily, you don’t have to spend the next 5 minutes hearing me extol the virtues of his name...because the music he makes is some of my favorite being made right now. It’s vintage blue rock swagger. Khatib is originally from San Francisco and currently living in LA. Ground zero for the vintage vinyl garage DIY revolution. His...


Blu & Nottz “Heaven on Earth”

On this episode I’m spotlighting the new release by West coast rapper Blu and East Coast producer Nottz. Their new “Titans in the Flesh” album reunites the pair for their second collaboration, following 2014’s “Gods in the Spirit” EP. Blu has a habit that I really like of picking one producer for each project and really catering the album to that producers sound. So often the production credits for an album are different for each track on it. And that’s fine, but for me personally, I like...


The Avalanches “Frankie Sinatra”

16 years is a long time to work on an album. And MOST the examples I can think of that took that long...didn’t benefit from that extra incubation time. BUUT, there are exceptions. And I’m happy to spotlight one such exception on this episode. When the Australian duo of Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi released their debut album as The Avalanches back in made waves. That album “Since i Left you” was named the #4 best Australian album of all times. Pitchfork named it the #10 album of...


Ally Mattson “Out of Touch”

On the surface of things, Ally Mattson is just another gifted singer/songwriter from the insultingly amazing Minneapolis/St Paul music scene. As my Audio Bonsai partner and Twin Cities local, jesse constantly reminds me….the outstanding music scene up there means you can’t walk into any club or coffee shop without finding a troubadour impress you. But, I’m going to contend that Ally Mattson’s new debut album “The Bones of Bandits" album is different. "Out of Touch" from that album was...


Republican Hair “Birthday Suit”

For the first single song episode...I’m spotlighting an Oklahoma native who now calls Nashville home. He..he tried very hard to keep his identity a secret. While It’s not like the name Luke Dick is a household name or anything...those who do know the name, know him as a songwriter who has penned hit songs for the likes of Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley to name just a few. Pop country music. And since his new solo project has NOTHING to do with pop country...he tried (but...


New Format and Podcast Update

Welcome BACK to Song Spotters. It’s been awhile since our last episode and before we launch back into new episodes I wanted to take a moment to tell you what’s happened while we were away. First, the bad news. The grueling schedule of keeping up with the newest releases has ground yet another poor co-host into dust. First Jesse, and now Adam. That’s right, Adam has stepped down as co-host of Song Spotters. I have every expectation that he’ll be back from time to time as his life allows,...