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Be entertained with a song and an extended chat, ranging from off the cuff banter/ humour to life observations and song analysis.

Be entertained with a song and an extended chat, ranging from off the cuff banter/ humour to life observations and song analysis.


Mount Eliza, VIC


Be entertained with a song and an extended chat, ranging from off the cuff banter/ humour to life observations and song analysis.






King Edwards Park.

Episode # 66 King Edward's Park ( Song starts at: ) This song (# 380 ) reminds me of how it felt to be sitting in King Edwards Park all those years ago, back in New Plymouth, NZ. I can recall the mood, the sounds of ' the ducks chattering in love', the sights ... just a few people strolling by, a monarch ( butterfly) floating by on the breeze... the most peaceful kind of scenes: late Autumn & the seasons seemed to have been paused. I was sitting on the old wooden park chair, writing the...


Visions Of Sleep

Episode # 65 Visions Of Sleep (Song starts at 5.48) Hi and welcome to another episode of fun, exploration and ...intrigue. Where did this song (song # 406) come from? It came from a dream. There you go. It was early (ish) in the morning, after all, I'm a musician. It would've been sometime before 11am. Probably. Anyhow, I woke from this dream as if someone lightly shook me. So I wrote those words in my diary and then they became lyrics. The rest of the lyrics came from my casting my mind...


Memory Of The Day

Episode #64: Memory Of The Day (Song starts at 7:28) This episode’s song was fully inspired by some words that came to me out of thin air. Actually, it was like it was whispered to me somehow…in my mind. That’s quite an admission to make publicly, but, as a creative, these things seem to happen. Maybe it comes through your DNA, something from your past or ancestors....or maybe there's more. I think there's more to it - and as a matter of fact I'm pretty comfortable with that. I'm open to...


A Tincture of Time

Episode #63: A Tincture of Time (Song at 26.58) (Song plays at 26.58 - you can scroll easily. Each episode is approx 30mins long). Hi there and welcome! This episode, we have a have a different sort of a format: I'm looking closely at how this song came together, rather than what inspired it. On that note I can you tell exactly what inspired this song… I've been receiving some very nice, ongoing, positive feedback regarding my Song and a Chat podcast, courtesy of Roger from Adelaide,...


Close To Me

Episode #62: Close To Me (Song at 4.43) It was a bit chilly in the studio tonight.. Winter seems to have arrived. Don't you love the change in seasons? I took a walk today down the road. Where I live, I'm close to nature and for that, I'm very thankful. It's great to get out and get a breath of fresh air. Today's song, Close To Me, talks about the beginning of a relationship. Then it talks about how naturally the two peoples lives combine like the currents of a river - and the currents (and...


With The Flow

Episdoe #61: With the Flow (Song at 5.22) Welcome along to another episode. This week we are looking at a song I wrote back in 2016. The day I wrote this one, I was teaching piano. In fact, I was teaching 17 students on a Monday - followed by another 15 on Tuesday! I've ‘reeled it in a bit’ now to 26 students. Either way, that's a lot of private lessons in one day. As I teach these lessons, I aim to entertain the students & make it as much as fun as I can - yes, I'm in a creative state. As I...


I’d Do It Again

Episode #60: I'd Do It Again (Song at 6.44sec) As usual, this week I examine a song I've written, I endeavour to put you in the shoes of a songwriter. I'm looking to entertain and inform on this podcast (6.44 is the time where the songs kicks in). I can't believe I'm up to episode number 60. Here's a shout out to Brent Vaarstra for his podcast that got me cracking on my path of sharing all of this online content on a weekly basis...he...


Ghosts and Lamp Posts

Episode #59: Ghosts and Lamp Posts (Song at 5.45) Welcome to another episode packed with information, humour and mystery! I actually said something like that as I introduced this week's podcast episode and as I said those words, the lamp I picked up from the side of the road ( someone was throwing it out) recently went out. It's one of those ones you tap 3 times to get different levels of light. Anyhow, given the subject matter of ghosts, that was quite a moment, here in the middle of the...


These Bills

Episode #58: These Bills (Song at 5.35) This is the podcast where each week I'll put you on the shoes of being a songwriter as I attempt to figure out where/ how a song came to Let’s find out what the inspiration for this week's song These Bills (written in 1991) was... It's a great idea to study other songwriters. So, although I’d already written 190 songs, I decided to buy a Bob Dylan sheet music book and analyse and emulate his style for a song or two. Great move. You learn so...


Post The Picture

Episode #57: Post The Picture (Song at 6.58) Where does a song come from? It's a bit like how long is a piece of string… For me, my songwriting (and my painting) comes from a combination of what is happening in the moment around me - and within - and memories. My lyrics lead me across time, like a time traveller. How does that feel? It makes me feel free - free to express whatever I'm feeling. When you're writing a song it doesn't feel like you're doing it alone. There some sort of cool...


A Little Light

Episode #56: A Little Light (Song at 4.56) Hi there, welcome to another episode packed with anecdotes, songwriting insights & humour. Even if you're not overly into songwriting, you might enjoy this - the focus is on information and entertainment! So sit back and have a listen as I chat, touch briefly on concepts, before moving on to the next thought. I record these episodes without any notes. As soon as I settle on the song and flick the mic on, all sorts of possibilities come into my...


Don’t Miss The Bus

Episode #55: Don't Miss The Bus (Song at 7.22) Written in 2013, this one came to me in a series of verses... ‘on the ether’, as it were. It really felt like I was just sitting, taking notes. Words - lots of words - kept on coming through. When I thought it was finished, more words kept on coming through. The mystery of where these songs come from is something that comes up often in these podcast episodes. You can read the lyrics on my blog here (each week the lyrics to the featured songs are...



Episode #54: Falling (Out The Back Of My Mind) (Song at 5:50 and 28:28) Last week I touched on the idea that the most important thing about songwriting is that you want to convey feeling. I do think it's actually more important than the message. 'Falling' is a song that fits that description to a 't'. A friend of mine listened to the song the other week. She got back to me, said it made it her cry. She wasn't sure what the song was about.....but it got to her - she really liked it. Job done!...



Episode #53: Everlasting (Song at 5.48) Hi there, Welcome to another episode. If it's your first time here, thanks for stopping by. My plan is to try and put you in the shoes of a songwriter - both in general terms and also what I was thinking and feeling when I wrote the song featured in each episode. I'm having a fun week. I inherited a very nice old writing desk. Being a writer, I am stoked with this. I also picked up a cool lamp for my studio (from the grass verge). I actually talked to...


Talk In Riddles

Episode #52: Talk In Riddles It's an interesting thing for me to consider how I came to be a songwriter. It's not something I really set out to be, but listening to the likes of Elton John, Neil Young and Neil Finn, something sparked in me. And it burst into flame and its still burning strong after all this time. 800 songs later and I'm still enjoying the whole process very, very much. This is song #283, from 1993. I see I wrote the lyrics in Auckland, NZ. This was the week I went to see...


Unzipped Heads

Episode #51: Unzipped Heads (Song at 5.40) Hi there, welcome to another episode! This week's song is a bit 'mad' in a slightly wild sort of way. It came from looking at a picture of a pig which my wife had put on the fridge door. I thought I'd have a bit of fun. So straight away I felt like I'd give it an up sort of swung feel in the chorus... It's a great idea to try different styles - and we can open our minds by listening to all sorts of songs (being guided by artificial intelligence as...


Climbing Mountains

Episode #50: Climbing Mountains (Song at 6.08) Welcome to another 'songwriter speaks' episode. In fact, (Ta dah!!! ) this is my 50th episode. I really look forward to turning the mic on, having a chat and sharing a song (a demo) each week. You can check out this week's song on YouTube ( Pete Pascoe Art and Music ) too - I videoed myself singing and playing 14 songs on Valentine's Day ( I went 'live' for the 1st 5 songs on Instagram). I particularly liked the version of this song. So I...



Episode #49: Original (Song at 6.24) Hi, I'm Pete Pascoe. I'm a songwriter (800+songs), a painter, a pianist, cartoonist and a writer. I'm enjoying recording these episodes, talking about the creative song writing process that goes on...amongst other things. Welcome to another episode of exploration, experimentation, information and fun... This is the podcast where I feature a demo of a song I've composed. Each week, I endeavour to shed some light on where these songs come from. It's a...


In My Own Time

Episode#48: In My Own Time - (Song at 7.38 & 20.35) Sometimes the cliche of ‘a dark time in a life being the time where seeds can be planted and eventually grow into something new’....happens. This is what happened with In My Own Time. One dark night long ago, I wrote down exactly the thoughts that came into to my mind- stream of consciousness style. The music does reflect the mood of those words. But there's an underlying sort of uplifting lilt that comes through, almost despite myself. It...


I Wish

Episode #47: I Wish (Song at 5.44) If you had one thing you could wish for, what would it be? There are people that come into your life, sometimes very briefly, who just seem to have the words to say that are exactly what you need to hear at that time of your life. It's a knack these people have. They are generally great listeners. They don't say much, but what they do say is worth listening to. I think they are generally very empathetic people, they keep an eye open where they can help out...