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Grease 2: Girl for All Seasons

Our fourth episode looks at "Girl for All Seasons," the Pink Ladies' entry into the Rydell High talent show. Host David Levy is joined by playwright and calendar auteur Duncan Pflaster and songwriter/comedian Dyan Flores, and they discuss why teenagers in 1961 are doing a follies pastiche, what exactly is happening when Stephanie zones out to sing a totally different song, how the theme of time plays out in Grease 2. Keep up with the podcast by following us on Facebook at...


Grease 2: Reproduction

Our third episode looks at "Reproduction," in which former teen heartthrob Tab Hunter attempts to teach current "teen" wanna-be heartthrobs about doin' it. Host David Levy is joined by sex educator/artist Cristina Pitter and podcaster/stage manager Liz Richards, and they discuss how to make a baby, whether or not classrooms make for good drama, where this song falls on the kitsch to camp spectrum, and what this song is doing in this movie in the first place. Keep up with the podcast by...


Grease 2: Cool Rider

Our second episode looks at "Cool Rider," Michelle Pfeiffer's first big solo. Host David Levy is joined by performance artist Ariel Speedwagon and writer John DeVore, and they discuss how this song works as an "I Want" song, how it relates to both "Summer Nights" and "Greased Lightning" from the first Grease movie, and whether you can straddle a ladder with dignity. Keep up with the podcast by following us on Facebook at You can find each of the...


Grease 2: Back to School Again

Welcome to Soundtrack: Song by Song! On our first episode, we dive right in to examining the music of Grease 2 starting at the beginning, with the film (and album's) opening number, "Back to School Again," written by Louis St. Louis and Howard Greenfield and performed by Levi Stubbs and the Four Tops. Host David Levy is joined by Sophie Oberfield, a high school teacher and musical theater lyricist, and actor/singer Larry Owens. If you enjoyed hearing Larry Owens on the podcast, come see...