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With two hours of rare and underrated songs of the past, how else would you want to spend the first and last nights of the work week? What’s old to us, is new to you. For new episodes of Songs From the Basement, check back here on Podomatic every Monday and Friday morning @ 8 AM to hear the latest and greatest show. Turn off your mind, relax, and float down the grooves with Stuart Held on Songs From The Basement!

With two hours of rare and underrated songs of the past, how else would you want to spend the first and last nights of the work week? What’s old to us, is new to you. For new episodes of Songs From the Basement, check back here on Podomatic every Monday and Friday morning @ 8 AM to hear the latest and greatest show. Turn off your mind, relax, and float down the grooves with Stuart Held on Songs From The Basement!


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With two hours of rare and underrated songs of the past, how else would you want to spend the first and last nights of the work week? What’s old to us, is new to you. For new episodes of Songs From the Basement, check back here on Podomatic every Monday and Friday morning @ 8 AM to hear the latest and greatest show. Turn off your mind, relax, and float down the grooves with Stuart Held on Songs From The Basement!




Episode 31: Basement Beatles # 2

Hi Basementeers.... Today we have a show we posted as a test last year but we have it again and now we will be posting more of our new series once a month called: Basement Beatles. On this show we will be playing various songs the Beatles and artist related to the Beatles made on record. This is the beginning of our Beatles series. Intro: She Love's you-George Martin 1. Little Child-The beatles 2. Kansas City-Pete Best 3. Yellow Submarine-The Black Dyke Mills Band 4. Love Me Do-Badfinger 5....


Episode 31: Spotlight Show - Linda Ronstadt # 1

Hi Basementeers.... Today on this episode of SFTB we have one of the devas of 60's/70's rock, her name is: Linda Ronstadt. We will go thru her classic period of her recordings. 1967 to 1989. Intro: Your No Good 1. I Can't Get Go 2. Rescue Me 3. Heatwave 4. She's A Very Lovely Woman 5. Lose Again 6. New Hard Times 7. Mr. Radio 8. Within The Sound Of My Voice 9. Look Out For My Love 10. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me 11. The Fast One 12. Love Sick Blues 13. All That You Dream 14. Baby You've Been On My...


Episode 30: Un-Cloudy Basement

Hi Basmenteers. Well here we are with another fresh new show. We have on deck for this episode of old music thru the basement records.... We have music from: Stephen Stills / Easy Street / Dr. Feelgood / America / Shawn Phillips and Rockpile..... So the music id cued up and let's go. Intro: There's No Biz Like Show Biz-Stanley Black 1. Southbound Train-Steel River 2. Take Me If You Want Me-American Breed 3. What Do You Know About Love-Apple & Appleberry 4. One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's...


Episode 30: Twin Bands With The Same Name # 1

Howdee Metal Hedzzz.... So we have a new special show for the Metal series (a concept show) I didn't what to call the thing so it's called: Twin Bands With The Same Name. I will play 2 songs from 2 bands with the same name spelled the same way, one catch most of the time these bands come from different countries. Us Metal Hedzz in the Basement think it's a neato concept to try so that's what we have for you on this show. Songs will be from groups like: Fair Warning / Arrow / Overdrive /...


Episode 29: Spotlight Show - Redwing

Hi Basementeers... Yes were back with another Spotlight show on a band highly under-rated in the country/rock field, It's REDWING. If you like Poco/Eagles ect you will love this band. They had a link to both bands. Redwing had 6 albums and there were great songs of all albums. The lp's are getting hard to find, but if you comb thru your local used record stores, you might find there albums. Intro: Fingerlickin' 1. Shorty Go Home 2. Shape Of Things To Come 3. Lost Highway 4. Soul Theft 5. The...


Episode 28: Basement Metal # 81

Hi Metalll HEDZZZ.... Well were here once again with some more kikkin' songz for u All. On this show we have songzzzz from: Skid Row / Motley Crue / Poison and Ground Star... So letz git going varrooommm..... Intro: Still In Love With You-Thin Lizzy 1. Hear Me Calling-Slade 2. Lady Luck-Deep Purple 3. Something For Nothing-Motley Crue 4. Tell Me You Love Me-Frank Zappa 5. Here I Am-Skid Row 6. Fallen Angel-Blue Oyster Cult 7. Mad About You-Slaughter 8. Through The Mist Of Time-AC/DC 9. The...


Episode 27: Dance Between The Basements

Hi Basementeers.... Here we go with another show yeah a new one. On this episode we have songs from: The Electric Prunes / The Peanutbutter Conspiracy / The Beatles / Supertramp and Chase and a few more..... Ready let's dancin' ... Intro: There's No Business Like Show Business - Stanley Black 1. It Comes Out In My Song=Jerry Butler 2. Dream Me Home-Mac Davis 3. Dile-Lorenzo Antonio 4. Awaiting On You All-George Harrison 5. Rocky Road Blues-Ronnie Self 6. Raindrops-Zephier 7. It's Not The...


Episode 26: Basement Reggae # 30

Hello Reggaementeers all over.... Were 2 days late but the sun shines anyway so here's one to enjoy for the weekend. On this show we have music from: Louie Culture / Half Pint / Duke Harris / Freddy McGregor and more. So think warm thoughts and let get the tunes going shall we ???... Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension 1. In His Mind-Mikey Spice 2. Minoi, Minoi-Eddie Lund 3. Come Together-The Israelites 4. Hilawee-The Islanders 5. I Don't Know-Freddy McGregor 6. Song Of The Islands-Diamond...


Episode 25: Spotlight Show - Bonnie Raitt

Hello Basemeneteers all over... Today we have the music of Bonnie Raitt This lady made some fine music over the years. Well hear is a sample of her work. Bonnie is very under-rated but if more people hear her stuff, there will be record sales for her increasing for a long time. So here we go with the music of Bonnie Raitt. Intro: You Told Me Babe 1. Bluebird 2. Me & The Boys 3. Gamblin' Man 4. Love Me Like A Man 5. What Is Success 6. Real Man 7. I Thank You 8. No Way To Treat A Lady 9. Good...


Episode 25: Basement Metal # 80

Hola Metalll Hedz..... On this show we got some kikkin' songz on this show. On those episode we have songz from: WASP / The Regime / Gentle Giant and Avalon and a few more. Readdy 2 ROKKKK Letz goooo.... Intro: Still In Love With You-Thin Lizzy 1. Rolling Thunder-Molly Hatchet 2. Memorative-Heliosaga 3. Rough Justice-Rolling Stones 4. She's No Angel-Wrathchild 5. Sleep Alone-Heart 6. Burning Down The House-Avalon 7. Master Of The Universe-Hawkwind 8. Dance With Death-The Regime 9. Little...


Episode 24: The Backyard Party

Hi Enviornteers..... This is the Environmental series, The Third show in this series. This is a tape of a backyard party. The party had at least of 30 people. For people who have not been to a party in a year, you can hear this party and have the ambience of an outside backyard party. This environment series is for people who do not wish to interact with people because of the coved stuff. BUT miss the atmosphere of a party attend our audio party without leaving your home. So have fun at the...


Episode 23: Spotlight Show - Bruce Springsteen

Hi Basementeers all over.... Well as our computer system hits growing pains we still will have another spotlight show, and this week is Bruce Springsteen and his music. We have a variety of music from his classic lp's. So if you like the sound from New Jersey you will like this show. Intro: Jungleland 1. Lucky Town 2. Blinded By The Light 3. I'm Going Down 4. Roulette 5. Atlantic City 6. Held Up Without A Gun 7. Night 8. Darkness At The Edge Of Town 9. E Street Shuffle 10. Two Hearts 11....


Episode 22: Valentine's Day Special - Hard Times For Young Basements

Howdy Basementeers all over.... R U In love ??? well STOP!!!..... We have a show for everyone who just broke up with there no former lovers. Well we feel there's enough love in the air, so for the people who are single, here's a show for you. For anyone who is NOT in love, we picked some very special songs to post on this show of SFTB. Songs will be from: Z.Z. Hill / The Satisfactions / Irma Thomas / Eddie Hodges / Johnny Taylor and many more.... So maybe you'll find love later in the year,...


Episode 21: Basement Metal # 56

Hi Metal Hedzzz... This is actually by mistake, This was not to be posted , but you know what ??? I flubbed so why not have 2 matal showzzz post this weekend, so this is the older one. Hope you will all like once more. So on this show we will spin songz from: The Golden Earing / ZED / Queen / Robert Plant and Trapeez..... Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath 1. Got To Get Out-Nick Gilder 2. No Prizioners-ZED 3. Some Thing Moved-Ace Frehley 4. Rather Be Rockin'-Tantrum 5. Dead On Time-Queen 6. Bounty...


Episode 20: Basement Jazz # 26

Hi Jazzmenteers... Yes were back and coming back soon in full motion. It's just been a bad busy 3 months away from the podcasting but were trying to at least let you know we have not shut down..... So on this show we have music from: Erroll Garner / Jimmy McGriff / Dick Shory and Joe Puma Intro: Jingle Jangle:Ron Frangepane 1. Greaze On Down The Road-Chris Gallaher 2. Swahili-Clark Terry 3. The Bird Wave-Jimmy McGriff 4. Oh No-Nat Pierce 5. This Song Is For You-Julian Adderly 6. The...


Episode 19: Soul Show # 1

Howdy Basementeers... Well I had a request for a Black History show, and we have a few, so a few years ago we made a soul/rhythm & blues series and why not play then through the month. So will start with show No # 1 On this show we have songs from: Howard Tate / Dave Turner / Luther Ingram / Jerry Butler and The Kit Kats and many more.... Intro: Easy Now-Willie Mitchell 1. baby I Need You Now-Lou Courtney 2. Hand & Glove-Arthur Conley 3. Jump, Shake & Move-Noland Strong & The Diablos 4. Take...


Episode 18: Basement Metal # 79

Howdee Metalll Hedz.... Yeah wrr bac 4 moor noiz...... So on this show we have songz from: GUN / Thin Lizzy / KISS and The Who.... Should we roll ?? ...Letz du itt. Intro: Still In Love with You-Thin Lizzy 1. Shotgun-Vanilla Fudge 2. Back To The Stone Age-KISS 3. Success Story-The Who 4. Come On Home-The Buckingham's 5. Get It Together-The Grassroots 6. Race With The Devil-GUN 7. Southbound-Thin Lizzy 8. Heaven Only Knows-Electric Light Orchestra 9. No Help From Me-The Lemmon Pipers 10. I've...


Episode 17: Spotlight Show - The Bar Kays

Howdy Basementeers all over.... We pulled out an oldie that has not been posted in over 7 years, so here's one by the funky soul group: The Bar Kays. They were the back up group for Otis Redding and had success on their own. This is one band you need to hear there music if you like (Tower Of Power/Parliament/Ohio Player or even James Brown) So let's get on the funky sound of - The Bar Kays - .... NOTE: We are still working on getting new Spotlight shows out to you, they will be coming...we...


Episode 17: Good Morning Basement

Hellooo Basementeers... Well here we are with another archive show that needs some attention. We had some good songs on this show, a great variety. Songs were from: Temptations / Billy Holiday / Otis Day & The Nights / Creedence Clearwater Revival / Badfinger and The Rolling Stones and many more... So let's get rolling NOTE TO ALL SFTB Basementeers... In February we will start rolling out all the newer shows we have been working on the last 4 months and 2 new series will re-debut on our...


Episode 16: Just Walked In The Basement

Hi Basmenteers all over... Yes pulled this one out of the archives. Yes we have new shows coming on the way in February. We have installed a new computer system, that's is well....that's what is taking so long to get new product out to you....well it's the new material that is the problem to post that's what is holding things up...were going back to the what really worked in the past for the show....The Hamster and the wheel..... Sooo, on this show we will have songs from: Alice Cooper /...