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JEM GODFREY and JOHN MITCHELL Talk Recent FROST* Album “Day and Age”: ‘We Were a Little Bit Nervous That Perhaps We’d Gone Off Too Far in A Strange Direction. But Now We’re Feeling Very Vindicated and Relieved’

Frost* came onto the scene in 2006 with their acclaimed debut album “Milliontown”. Comprised of a formidable group of musicians, it was primarily led by Jem Godfrey with John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, Kino, It Bites) closely in tow. These two have weathered several changes in the band during the intervening years and, accompanied by longtime [...]


INTERLOPER’s Guitarist/Frontman ANDREW VIRRUETA Talks Band’s Debut Album: “We Discovered the Level of Organic Sound Development We’re Capable Of”

The development of progressive pioneers INTERLOPER has not been an instant nor mundane process to say the least. On the contrary, it has procured particular expertise in creating endless layers of transcendent sound. Initially set as the title of one of the album’s most vibrant tracks, it quickly became obvious that the feel of “Search [...]


SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE Singer DAVIDAVI DOLEV Talks Just Released “Mountain Fever” Album: “There Was Always Another Idea Waiting Around the Corner While Working on This Record”

“Shai is a lobster.” This is the regard in which new-ish Subterranean Masquerade front-man Davidavi Dolev holds his bandmate, keyboardist Shai Yallin. Lobsters, you see, have evolved an impressive pair of eyeballs that not only enable them to see just fine several hundred feet below salty sea surfaces, they also have a 180° field of vision. But that’s not what “Vidi” is talking about. [...]


BLACK SABBATH and ROB ZOMBIE Drummer TOMMY CLUFETOS reflects on the debut of TOMMY’S ROCK TRIP: “I took this album as a challenge to myself”

Tommy Clufetos has already carved his name in the history of rock and metal by working with reputable acts such as Rob Zombie, Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper. The cherry on the cake of such an illustrious touring career was being handpicked by Ozzy to join his band and to replace Bill Ward in Black [...]


RIOT V Vocalist TODD MICHAEL HALL Talks “Sonic Healing” Upcoming Solo Album: “This Album Was Inspired by the Music I Grew Up Listening to”

Todd Michael Hall of Riot V will be releasing a solo album entitled “Sonic Healing” on May 7th via Rat Pak Records. Todd and Kurdt Vanderhoof of Metal Church collaborated on the songwriting, and Kurdt also produced the record. With thought provoking lyrics and rock solid guitar riffs, “Sonic Healing” delivers all the power and punch that [...]


JEFF PILSON Reflects on The Sophomore THE END MACHINE Album: “Having to Work Remotely Helped Us Keep the Material More Direct”

The staying power of 80’s hard rock is undeniable. After its rise to fame and being almost completely erased from the airwaves by grunge, there seems to be a resurgence of the genre, and many of the same bands who were part of the “first wave” are still around. Granted, the days of filling stadiums and [...]


JANE GETTER Talks Recent Studio Album “Anomalia”: “I Chose this Album’s Name Because of the Eclecticness of The Music On It”

Rock, metal, jazz, songwriter material, progressive rock, finger style guitar – Jane Getter does it all, including vocals. On her new album “Anomalia” with her musical project Jane Getter Premonition, she employs all of these styles with her all-star band and a few choice special guests. The result is a devastatingly hip recording which will [...]


AMORPHIS’ Guitarist ESA HOLOPAINEN Reflects On His Upcoming Solo Project SILVER LAKE: “I Wanted to Have a Proper Project Name and For it to Be Someway Connected with Nature”

Guitarist Esa Holopainen has been making music with Finnish melodic death metal act Amorphis for over 30 years. Thanks to the metallic and melodic beauty of such classic albums as “Tales from the Thousand Lakes”, “Elegy” and “Skyforger”, Holopainen‘s magnificent abilities to create enchanting atmospheres and innovative riffs have become widely known within the worldwide [...]


TOM FRAYNE of THE STRANGER Talks Just Released “Kaleidoscope” Album: ““I Love If Someone Is Getting Something Out Of Our Music, That Is The Point Of Songwriting””

Over the years, the Australian progressive metal scene has brought much joy to fans of the genre throughout the world. In recent years, the frequency of appearance of exciting and innovative bands has accelerated, and the quality has remained at a very high level. On April 9, the Brisbane-based progressive metal band The Stranger released their [...]


Guitarist RUFUS MILLER Reflects On Keeping Himself Busy During Lockdown: “I Used the Pandemic to Reconnect with My Musical Roots”

Talent surely runs in the family when it comes to Rufus Miller. His interest in electric guitar came from his father Dominic, an accomplished musician with several solo albums, who has been collaborating with Sting since 1991. Slowly but surely, Rufus started to learn basic chords and to play grunge songs, which to this day [...]


MEGADETH’S Basist DAVE ELLEFSON and DREW FORTIER Reflect on Their Collaboration on Books, Movies and Music: “We Really Found a Collective Voice Together”

One of the most enduring metal acts on the planet, MEGADETH has been recording a new album in the last few months, and updates have been given by their main-man Dave Mustaine from time to time. While the new songs are being honed in the studio, the band’s bass player, Dave Ellefson, aka “Junior”, is [...]


RONNIE ROMERO Reflects on His Involvement in SUNSTORM’s “Afterlife” Album: “As Musicians We Always Try To Prove Ourselves, and I Took This Record As a Challenge”

The new chapter of SUNSTORM is here! Originally designed to showcase a musical style similar to singer Joe Lynn Turner’s Melodic Rock/AOR roots, the band now has a new face on the front-man’s seat, in the form of LORDS OF BLACK and RAINBOW singer Ronnie Romero. His debut with the group, “Afterlife” was recently released [...]


GEOFF TATE Talks SWEET OBLIVION Sophomore Record: “The Whole Album Concept Deals with the Relentless March of Time”

Very few people who are called an “icon” in the metal community deserve such title, but Geoff Tate is surely worthy of that denomination. Tate fronted the prog metal pioneers Queensrÿche from the band’s inception through the peak of their success with albums like “Operation: Mindcrime” and “Empire”, all the way to a controversial exit [...]


HUMAN FORTRESS Singer GUS MONSANTO Reflects On Recent Compilation Album: “A Good Singer Is Like an Artist ,You’ve Got To Be A Good Storyteller”

Coming from Hanover, Human Fortress has been flying the flag of power metal and taking no prisoners since their inception in 1997. After several lineup changes and eight albums, things seem a little bit more stable since Brazilian singer Gus Monsanto joined them in 2013. The band recently put out an album entitled “Epic Tales [...]


RICHIE KOTZEN Talks Upcoming SMITH/KOTZEN Debut Album: “It’s A Big Deal for Me To Have My Name Alongside ADRIAN SMITH’s Name on an Album Cover”

Smith/Kotzen, the collaboration between guitar giants Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen, has been teased with cryptic posts on social media in the last few months. More recently, three singles have been revealed: “Taking My Changes”, “Scars” and “Running”, which carry both players’ early influences on their sleeves. On March 26th fans will be able to [...]


MAGNUS KARLSSON of HEART HEALER Discusses “The Metal Opera” Debut Album: “I Wanted to Work More with Female Singers, and This Was a Great Opportunity To Do It.”

The unstoppable creative force known as Magnus Karlsson is back with a new project that stands out from the previous work he has done before. This time, his impressive mastery focuses on creating a symphonic metal opera under the Heart Healer moniker, which is set to release its debut album titled “The Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson” on March 12, 2021. [...]


JOHN YOUNG of LIFESIGNS on New Album “Altitude”: “We’ve Always Been In Charge of Our Own Destiny”

For decades John Young has played with an amazing array of rock’s best musicians and performers, making a living as full-time professional musician in esteemed company. From Asia to The Scorpions to The Strawbs to Bonnie Tyler and much, much more, he has covered a wide terrain while being one of the nicest guys you’ll [...]


ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN Talks Recent Album “The Darkest Skies are the Brightest” and Inspiration Behind it: “You Have to Go Through Darkness In Order to Get To The Light”

“This album is all about growth,” she continues. “Every cloud has its silver lining, and there’s always light at the end of a dark period.” “If you look for it,” she adds. Anneke van Giersbergen is no stranger to facing daunting odds with a self-assured smile. Indeed, she penned one of her former band’s most [...]


Extensive Interviews with GEOFF DOWNES and CHRIS BRAIDE of DBA: “This Album in Particular Very Much Bears Mine and CHRIS’ Souls”

In his in spare time between work with Yes and Asia, Geoff Downes began a new project with noted singer songwriter Chris Braide. Ten years later, the fourth release from the Downes Braide Association (DBA), “Halcyon Hymns”, is a beautifully textured album, as colorful as the Roger Dean cover art which adorns it. You can [...]


STEVE LUKATHER Talks New Album “I Found the Sun Again”, Friendship with EDDIE VAN HALEN and More: “Musically Speaking This is a 70’s Album, But With a 2021 Fidelity””

Over the course of five decades Steve Lukather has placed an indelible stamp on pop culture. Alongside his tenure as the only member of Toto to never take a hiatus from the band, he has performed on thousands of albums as a session musician. Amongst these musical contributions are some of the most successful, influential [...]