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Extensive Interviews with GEOFF DOWNES and CHRIS BRAIDE of DBA: “This Album in Particular Very Much Bears Mine and CHRIS’ Souls”

In his in spare time between work with Yes and Asia, Geoff Downes began a new project with noted singer songwriter Chris Braide. Ten years later, the fourth release from the Downes Braide Association (DBA), “Halcyon Hymns”, is a beautifully textured album, as colorful as the Roger Dean cover art which adorns it. You can [...]


STEVE LUKATHER Talks New Album “I Found the Sun Again”, Friendship with EDDIE VAN HALEN and More: “Musically Speaking This is a 70’s Album, But With a 2021 Fidelity””

Over the course of five decades Steve Lukather has placed an indelible stamp on pop culture. Alongside his tenure as the only member of Toto to never take a hiatus from the band, he has performed on thousands of albums as a session musician. Amongst these musical contributions are some of the most successful, influential [...]


Former IRON MAIDEN, LIONHEART Guitarist DENNIS STRATTON Talks Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nomination: ‘I’m Honored to be Nominated and I Ask the Fans to Vote!’

Earlier in the month, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced their 2021 list of nominees. Among the illustrious group of artists was heavy metal favorite; Iron Maiden! It was a long-overdue recognition for the band as they are arguably one of the world’s biggest metal bands, selling over 100 million albums worldwide during [...]


BLAZE BAYLEY Talks New Album “War Within Me” and Time in IRON MAIDEN: “Being in MAIDEN Was A Crazy and Wonderful Time, It Gave Me Incredible Confidence in My Songwriting And I Got No Complaints or Hard Feelings Whatsoever”

Bayley Alexander Cooke, (widely known as Blaze Bayley), is a survivor. From his early days with WOLFSBANE, through his tenure with IRON MAIDEN and his prolific solo career, he has faced more than the usual share of hardships. A motorbike accident, the loss of loved ones, and criticism from the IRON MAIDEN fanbase who never [...]


SYMPHONY X Drummer JASON RULLO Dives Deep About His 3 RULES Band: “This Is a Real Band for Us, Not Just a Project”

Drummer Jason Rullo, from the internationally acclaimed prog metal band Symphony X, is venturing into new territories. His new band 3 Rules, with Ron Sanborn on guitar and Artha Meadors on bass, is focused on instrumental music with no boundaries. The end result can sometimes be heavy, melodic or jazzy, depending on what goes through [...]


MR. BIG’s Front-man ERIC MARTIN Discusses Plans for New Live Releases: “They Are Coming Out, with Some of the Last PAT TORPEY Shows”

Owner of one of the most distinctive voices in rock, Eric Martin has had an unstoppable career. Best known as the longtime vocalist for the Los Angeles-based hard rock group Mr. Big, he found chart-topping success with the band in the early ‘90s with the ballad “To Be With You.” Since his early efforts with [...]


NATHAN JAMES Discusses INGLORIOUS’ New Album “We Will Ride”: “Lots of People Thought This Album Wouldn’t Happen or the Band Was Falling Apart. This is a Middle Finger to Anyone Who Didn’t Believe”.

Even earlier than many people thought, the British hard rock band Inglorious is back in the game with a new album under their sleeves. “We Will Ride” sees Inglorious riding to lands farther from those previously ridden, and they do it commanded by the prodigious voice of Nathan James, as well as killer riffs, prominent musicianship, and high concentrations of energetic hard [...]


STEVEN WILSON Reflects Upon Just Released Album “The Future Bites” and More: ‘My Heroes and Inspirations Were Always the Kind Of People That Were Constantly Surprising Their Fans’

Steven Wilson may have originally made a name for himself through his band Porcupine Tree but his subsequent solo career has seen his influence and impact grow exponentially. Having made music with a variety of projects and bands over the past three decades, Wilson has long pushed his edge of being a big fish in [...]


QUEENSRYCHE’s Frontman TODD LATORRE Talks Debut Solo Album “Rejoice In The Suffering” Creative Process: ‘I Want What’s Best For The Music and the Songs’

Todd La Torre, vocalist for Queensrÿche, will be releasing his debut solo record, “Rejoice in the Suffering”, this Friday February 5th via Rat Pak Records. As global touring came to a sudden and unexpected halt earlier this year, Todd used the pandemic downtime to put the finishing touches on his debut solo record. He and Craig [...]


MICHAEL SCHENKER Talks Upcoming MSG Album and Career: “I Declined OZZY OSBOURNE, DEEP PURPLE and Many Other Bands for The Only Reason To Be Myself”

Not many can say they had a stellar 50 year career in any line of work, let alone one in a competitive market such as the music business. Michael Schenker is a survivor, who went through every trend, fad and style through the years, and remained a respectable force in the guitar realm. From his [...]


JOEL HOEKSTRA Reflects on Upcoming JOEL HOEKSTRA’S 13 Album: “It’s a More Focused Album This Time Around”

Joel Hoekstra does know how to keep himself busy. Aside from being one of David Coverdale’s gunslingers in Whitesnake, he has done tours with Cher and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. In 2015 he created a solo project entitled Joel Hoekstra’s 13, and released the debut album “Dying to Live”. February 12th sees the release of the band’s [...]


ACCEPT’s WOLF HOFFMANN Reflects on The Importance Of Releasing New Material: “We Never Want To Be A Nostalgia Band And Live Off Of Our Past”

Accept are back with another killer record, the aptly titled “Too Mean to Die”. Since their reformation in 2010, now with Mark Tornillo on vocals, they have experienced quite a resurgence, with a string of very successful albums, beginning with 2010’s “Blood of the Nations”. “Too Mean to Die” follows the same tradition of their [...]


VOIVOD’s Singer SNAKE Talks Recent Live Album and Memories of Opening for RUSH: “We Returned Backstage to Find a Bottle of Champagne and a Sweet Note Signed by NEIL, ALEX and GEDDY”

Throughout its almost forty years of existence, change has been the only constant in VOIVOD’s trajectory. From their punk beginnings, evolving into thrash, incorporating prog influences, odd time signatures and melodic sensibilities, they seem to be always on the move. The release of 2018’s “The Wake” finally brought them much deserved recognition, with the band [...]


Armageddon in Retrospect: SONIC PERSPECTIVES Looks Back at 2020

Much has been written about the impact 2020 will have in both the near and distant future, and live music fans have certainly felt its sting since March at least. We’ll leave more cerebral analysis to the experts and instead cap off a grueling year with an hour of thoughts and observations from Sonic Perspectives [...]


SILENT SKIES / REDEMPTION Keyboardist VIKRAM SHANKAR Talks Recent Album: “The Best Thing A Songwriter Can Do Is Honor The Song’s Soul”

The casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that multi-instrumentalist virtuoso Vikram Shankar‘s recent rise to prominence in the prog-metal scene happened overnight. He did, after all, recently appear on Redemption‘s long-awaited live album, which documents his live debut with the band. And very soon after that, he’s also released the debut from the absolutely [...]


IRON MAIDEN’s Guitarist ADRIAN SMITH Discusses Recent Book and Life Lessons: “I Don’t Think I Was Grateful for My First Tenure In The Band, And I’m Glad I Got a Chance For a Second Wind”

IRON MAIDEN… Arguably the most seminal heavy metal band in the annals of music history. The solely mention of its name strikes joy in the hearts of millions of metal fans, and immediately your mind takes you back to one of their gigs, with of giants columns of pyro, Spitfire planes flying overhead the frenzy [...]


KREATOR’s Bassist FRÉDÉRIC LECLERCQ Talks His New Project AMAHIRU: “I Like to Work with People I Connect with On A Human Level”

Whenever a metal band chooses to go off the beaten path, it always causes polarizing views: old school fans refuse to embrace it, while a younger generation is quicker to give it a chance. From a combination of the powers of Frédéric Leclercq (Kreator, Sinsaenum, ex-Dragonforce) and Saki (Mary’s Blood) comes Amahiru, a band that [...]


KING CRIMSON Guitarist JAKKO JAKSZYK Talks “Secrets and Lies” Album and More: “FRIPP Would Say: ‘I Love This! This Is an Ideal Track for Your Solo Album”

Guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and producer Jakko Jaksyzk has experienced an amazing career which has culminated this past decade in his joining King Crimson. Filling the shoes of such legends as Greg Lake, John Wetton and Adrian Belew is not for the faint of heart but Jaksyzk has the talent and experience to be able to [...]


RUSH and DREAM THEATER Engineer RICHARD CHYCKI on The Surround Remixes Of RUSH’s Back Catalogue: “The Intention Was NOT To Reinvent The Wheel”

Throughout his lengthy career as a multi-platinum mixer, sound engineer and producer, Richard Chycki has helped to materialize the sonic visions of artists such as Rush, Dream Theater, Mick Jagger, Aerosmith, Jeff Healey and many more. Known for his pioneering mix work in multichannel audio, prog legends Rush entrusted Chycki to remix the multi-million selling [...]


Singer NEIL STARR of PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS Reflects On The Band’s Writing Process: “We Don’t Feel Restricted to Writing a Certain Style of Music. There’s A Lot of Variation on This Album.”

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons are back with another killer release, the boldly titled “We’re the Bastards”. What started as an excuse for Phil to play with his sons soon evolved into its own entity, and the band has moved from playing a set of covers in the afternoon slots at European summers to [...]