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Sounds Spectacular is the new show from New York producer and DJ Ursula 1000 where our host blends an exotic cocktail of aural delights.

Sounds Spectacular is the new show from New York producer and DJ Ursula 1000 where our host blends an exotic cocktail of aural delights.
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Jersey City, NJ


Sounds Spectacular is the new show from New York producer and DJ Ursula 1000 where our host blends an exotic cocktail of aural delights.




Yearly Dearly Show from Jan 16, 2020

Corduroy - "January Woman" Lilys - "February Fourteenth" Saint Etienne - "Spring" The English Beat - "March Of The Swivel Heads" The Jesus And Mary Chain - "April Skies" Spacemen 3 - "May The Circle Be Unbroken" Seals and Crofts - "Summer Breeze" The Smashing Pumpkins - "Bye June" Sweet - "4th Of July" Hall & Oates - "August Day" Klaus Nomi - "After The Fall" Bangles - "September Gurls" Pet Shop Boys - "My October Symphony" The Hollow Men - "November Comes" Felice Taylor - "It...


The "The" Episode! from Jan 9, 2020

Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers - "The Groover" Sweet Charity Soundtrack - "The Rich Man's Frug" The Banana Splits - "Doin' The Banana" Bo Diddley - "Do The Frog" Sherman Evans - "The Craze" Kennard Gardner - "Do The Skin" Kim Melvin - "Doin' The Popcorn" Ann Margret - "The Swinger" Boyce & Hart - "The Ambushers" Puzzle - "Do You Feel The Pain" Sweet - "The Juicer" Kenny - "The Bump" The Sonics - "The Hustler" Barry Jones - "Let's Do The Funky Boogaloo" Charles Lattimore - "Do...


Winter Wonder Land! from Jan 2, 2020

Aztec Camera - "Walk Out To Winter" Don Armando's 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band - "Winter Love" Arthur Lyman - "Winter Wonderland" Yazoo - "Winter Kills" Kool & the Gang - "Winter Sadness" Gichy Dan's Beachwood # 9 - "Winter On Riverside Drive" Scott Walker - "Winter Night" Bangles - "Hazy Shade of Winter" RAH Band - "Winter Love" Saint Etienne - "Sometimes In Winter" Grey Parade - "Winter" Ultra Vivid Scene - "Winter Song" Vashti Bunyan - "Winter Is Blue" Asylum Party -...


LIve from Miami! from Dec 26, 2019

Jan Hammer - "Miami Vice Theme" KC & The Sunshine Band - "Get Down Tonight" Niteflyte - "Anyway You Want" Foxy - "Get Off" Company B - "Fascinated" Expose - "Point of No Return" Debbie Deb - "Everybody's Jammin'" Anquette - "Do The 61st" L'Trimm - "Cars With The Boom" Poison Clan - "Dance All Night" Miami - "Chicken Yellow (Let Me Do It To You)" George McCrae - "Rock Your Baby" Jimmy Bo Horne - "Spank" T-Connection - "Groove To Get Down" Intruder - "U Got Me" Jan Hammer -...


Come MOOG With Me! from Dec 19, 2019

Perrey and Kingsley - "One Note Samba / Spanish Flea" Dick Hyman - "The Moog And Me" Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra - "Moog Power" Claude Denjean - "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him" Baker St. Philharmonic - "Daydream" Dick Hyman - "Give It Up Or Turn It Loose" Electronic Concept Orchestra - "Grazing in the Grass" Elektrik Cokernut - "Jeepster" Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - "Bond Street" Martin Denny - "Midnight Cowboy" Chicory Tip - "Son Of My Father" Stereolab - "Moogie...


More Punk Funk! from Dec 12, 2019

Papas Got A Brand New Pigbag - "Pigbag" The Raincoats - "Animal Rhapsody" Shriekback - "My Spine Is The Bassline" Ministry - "Cold Life" Christiane F. - "Wunderbar" Ruts DC - "Push Yourself-Make It Work" Minimal Compact - "Statik Dancin'" Electric Guitars - "Night Bears" Cia - "Hjältar" Unkown Gender - "Boys/ Girls (Dance)" Method Actors - "Detective" Lora Logic - "Stop, Halt" The Attendants - "Verandah Serenades" Scream and Dance - "In Rhythm" Ricci - "Strangers In The Night"...


Punk Funk! from Dec 5, 2019

Zeitgeist - "Stop 2" Marine - "Same Beat" Delta 5 - "Mind Your Own Business" Medium Medium - "Hungry, So Angry" The Apollinaires - "Put People First" Animal Magic - "Standard Man" A Certain Ratio - "Lucinda" Boots For Dancing - "Hesitate" Liquid Liquid - "Cavern" The Bloods - "Button Up" Bush Tetras - "You Can't Be Funky" ESG - "Erase You" Crime - "Gangster Funk" Gang Of Four - "He'd Send in the Army" APB - "Shoot You Down" Pulsallama - "The Devil Lives In My Husband's Body"...


The Thank U Show! from Nov 28, 2019

Massive Attack - "Be Thankful For What You" Patrick Cowley - "Thank God For Music" Sparks - "Thank God It's Not Christmas" Led Zeppelin - "Thank You" The Charlatans - "Thank You" Pizzicatto Five - "Thank You" Sly and The Family Stone - "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" Cabaret Voltaire - "Thank You America" Talking Heads - "Thank You for Sending Me an Angel" The Gruesomes - "Thanks For Nothing" Small Faces - "Wham Bam , Thank You Mam " Chaz Jankel - "Thank You Very...


Spazzy New Wave! from Nov 21, 2019

The Revillos - "Rev Up" The Fall - "Totally Wired" Magazine - "Model Worker" Screaming Sneakers - "Violent Days" The Front - "Aluminum Room" Human Sexual Response - "What Does Sex Mean to Me?" Lene Lovich - "New Toy" The B-52s - "52 Girls" Pylon - "Beep" Delta 5 - "You" Joy Division - "Digital" Los Microwaves - "La Voix Humane" Felony - "The Fanatic" The Plastics - "Copy" The Dance - "Guerilla Love" The Bongos - "Telephoto Lens" Altered Images - "Disco Pop Stars" Thomas...